1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 475 (Season 3 – Episode 154)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 475 (Season 3 – Episode 154)
Episode 475: Flower Boy Winter Camp: December 18, 2016

The MCs walk across a scenic bridge to get to today’s opening. The water is really clear.

The PD tells them that the area was chosen as one of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Korea by CNN. They are in the city of Muju and the bridge they just crossed is the Namdae Stream bridge which is a temporary bridge made out of bamboo, mud, and pine branches that the locals cross from early winter until the summer, when heavy rains wash the bridge away.

Yoon Dong-gu, “So this is where Park Hyung-sik falls in the water and  . . .”

Cha Tae-hyun adds that they already saw in the news who today’s guests are. The MCs are all disappointed that they’ll have male guests. Defconn wants the guests to be the female actresses from <Hwarang>, Seo Ye-ji and Go Ara.

They watch a palanquin being carried towards them across the bridge. This kind of thing is usually for women, but the MCs aren’t fooled. They expect there to be men inside.

As they watch the palanquin come closer, three men sneak up behind the MCs. It’s the three males leads from the drama <Hwarang>, Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, and Choi Min-ho. The palanquin was empty the whole time except for a few photos of Go Ara. 

Flashback to the three actors arriving on location. The PD told them to hide behind the staff members and wait for the opening to sneak up on the MCs. 

However, Cha Tae-hyun and Yoon Shi-won are more interested in the photos of Go Ara than they are in their actual guests. Defconn says that if they didn’t know they were coming they’d have been excited. Cha Tae-hyun, “Don’t lie! If we didn’t know, we’d have been even more disappointed.”

Kim Joon-ho asks, “What are we supposed to do now? Fight?” The loser can jump off the bridge.

Today’s filming takes place by Deogyusan Mountain National Park which is known for its snow, hence today’s themes will be “Flower Boy Winter Camp.” Chae Tae-hyun tells Yoon Dong-gu to go stand by the pretty boys. It’ll be Team Hwarang vs Team Hwasang. (Hwasang refers to a burn or scald.)

The PD then announces that they have uniforms. Cue scary music as we flashback to the fur suits from the Harbin special. It’s not as bad, but it’s pretty close. The uniforms are tacky looking flower patterned snow suits. Cha Tae-hyun really likes them though. Cha Tae-hyun, “Daebak!” 

Flower Boy Rankings

The PD says that four of them are obviously flower boys, but the other guys are also relatively good looking in their neighborhoods. Kim Joon-ho says he’s the top in Yeoido. We get to see some photos of the four not quite flower boy MCs in their heyday. 

The PD wonders who’s the best flower boy. The eight of them are each given a notebook and told to write down their personal ranking for looks out of the eight of them. 

Defconn, “Now that we’re wearing these outfits, we’re all around the same level.” Defconn gets called the Pigeon lady from <Home Alone.>

The good looking guys write their rankings quickly, while the four Hwasang (burn) visual members take a long time to think it over. 

Choi Min-ho reveals his first. He put himself at third place. In his opinion, Park Hyung-sik is in first, and Park Seo-joon is second. Yoon Dong-gu is fourth. Since the top four are a given, the older guys are more interested in fifth place. Choi Min-ho says that originally it was Cha Tae-hyun, but after putting on the flower jackets, it changed to Kim Jong-min. Kim Jong-min, “Hahaha, you uglies.” 

Park Seo-joon puts himself at fourth. Cha Tae-hyun asks him who’s in last place. He shyly looks at Defconn.

Park Hyung-sik wrote down number one. They ask who’s in fifth place again because the top four are a given. He picks Kim Joon-ho for fifth. He’s so proud that the other MCs draw lines on his face with marker to take him down a notch. 

Yoon Dong-gu puts himself at fifth. That’s pretty modest of him. When asked who’s in last place, he looks at Defconn again and Defconn looks to see if there’s anyone behind him.

Kim Joon-ho says he’s fifth and Defconn is in first. Everyone laughs when he adds that Kim Jong-min is in second place. He says last place is Park Seo-joon. Kim Joon-ho, “He’s young so he looks good now, but his eyebrows are starting to sag.”

Cha Tae-hyun puts himself at third place. Kim Joon-ho, “You raised it a lot. ” Chae Tae-hyun adds that Choi min-ho is first and Dong-gu is second. “Everyone else is below me.” Last place is King Jong-min. Jong Min shakes his head at that, but it just looks like he had a spasm.

Defconn places himself at sixth. Below him are Kim Jong-min and Park Seo-joon. 

Kim Jong-min says he honestly thinks Cha Tae-hyun is below him. It’s just that he has a good image, so people are fooled into think he’s good looking too. He ranks himself at fourth place and above him are Choi Min-ho, Park Hyung-sik, and Yoon Dong-gu. Then it’s Park Seo-joon and Cha Tae-hyun. He’s confused who’s last between Kim Joon-ho and Defconn. They’re both ugly, but in different ways.

Now, the PD tells them to stand in order by rank. There can be no ties so Park Seo-joon and Kim Jong-min, who both put themselves at forth, need to battle it out. The other members vote who’s the real fourth place. They vote for Kim Jong-min, so Park Seo-joon now needs to battle it out for fifth place. 

Fifth place is now a battle between Park Seo-joon, Yoon Dong-gu, and Kim Joon-ho. Park Seo-joon is looking sad. Dong-gu says that old people like his features. Kim Joon-ho says that he’s 42. He’s good looking for his age. He even has three hairs per pore. Park Seo-joon says he has a lot of hair too. Kim Joon-ho, “You’re young though, so it doesn’t count.”

Dong-gu wins. Park Seo-joon has to move back down the line. He wonders if this is a hidden camera segment.

For sixth place, It’s Defconn vs Park Seo-joon vs Kim Joon-ho. Defconn takes off his glasses. Defconn wins with three votes. Puhahahahaha. Seventh place got just one vote. The final ranking is . . . Park Seo-joon tells the PD not to smile.

Park Hyung-sik → Choi Min-ho → Cha Tae-hyun → Kim Jong-min → Dong-gu →  Defconn → Kim Joon-ho → Park Seo-joon 

Since he might be sad that he’s in last place. Park Seo-joon gets a certification to prove he is indeed a flower boy. It’s a huge pink carnation.

During a break, Park Seo-joon has his stylist retouch his makeup. All this talk about him being ugly must be getting to his head. 

After the break ends, Park Seo-joon has to do the slate as the maknae. 

The PD then reveals the schedule for the day. There are a lot of buk-bul-boks. Choi Min-ho notes that dinner is right after lunch. Cha Tae-hyun, “It’s usually like that. The games take a long time.”

  1. Scenic photo bok-bul-bok
  2. Lunch bok-bul-bok
  3. Lunch
  4. Dinner bok-bul-bok
  5. Dinner
  6. Break
  7. Accommodation bok-bul-bok
  8. Sleep
  9. End work bok-bul-bok
Crossing Off a Camp Activity

The PD offers them a chance to work on their power of unity and practice their teamwork. They will do a team jump rope for the chance to get rid of some of the bok-bul-bok activities. 

During the team jump rope, each of the eight men will take off an article of clothing, one person at a time. Every time they finish the undressing without getting stuck on the jump rope, they can cross off an item from the schedule. Every time, they fail, they have to take off an article of clothing. 

During the first attempt, try they get stuck when Dong-gu enters the jump rope. They all take off their pants to try again. They also decide to take off their jackets too, since they get in the way. 

For the second attempt, Kim Jong-min gets hit in the head with the rope. It was actually Choi Min-ho’s fault though, because the rope hit his foot and then Jong-min’s head, but he pretends like he didn’t do anything wrong. They take off a sweater. 

After a few more attempts, they take off their shoes. Fourth attempt. Dong-gu gets stuck while taking off his shirt. Socks are coming off. Kim Joon-ho decides to take off his pants and all he has on are his long underwear. His underwear is sticking out of his pants and the other MCs note that he put it on inside out. Kim Joon-ho in just long underwear is so unseemly that a staff member has to take off his jean jacket to wrap around Kim Joon-ho’s waist.

They succeed and get rid of end work bok-bul-bok. They go for another attempt. 

Success again. The MCs get rid of the scenic photo bok-bul-bok. They can keep going and try to cross off as many bok-bul-boks as they want, until they run out of clothes to take off. This time Defconn takes off his pants. Choi Min-ho gets caught just as they’re about to finish. They end up finishing the team jump rope with two bok-bul-boks crossed off.

It’s a mess putting their clothes back on. Everyone threw their clothes in a big pile, and people are confused which one is who’s. The stylists come out to help them. Park Seo-joon takes extra care with his make up again. 

Before moving to the next location. The men are told that they have to do a chant. Everyone gets two flower fans. Seven of them will use the fans to make a flower circle and the ugliest member (Park Seo-joon) gets to be the inside while he changes “Flower boys winter camp!” 

They move on to the next location by bus. The bus is completely full with eight adult men. 

Kim Joon-ho states that its almost time for lunch. Kim Jong-min tells him that they really don’t get to eat if they lose. The Hwarang team says that Min-ho didn’t know he’d have to undress from the start. Park Seo-joon says when he films for dramas, they have to get special permission. Min-ho adds that in dramas, they even give you time to pump up your body. 

Kim Joon-ho falls asleep and gets water thrown at him. He claims he wasn’t sleeping, “I was just thinking with my eyes closed.”

They finally arrive at a ski resort. It’s really cold at the top. They are at Deogyusan Mountain about 1,500 meters above sea level. Because it’s possible to get to the top of this particular peak by gondola, it’s a common tourist attraction.

For the scenic photo bok-bul-bok, they would have had to climb to the top of the mountain. The MCs are so excited they don’t have to.

Now it’s time for the lunch time bok-bul-bok. It’s shoe throwing and the ones to throw their show farthest gets to choose first what they’ll have for lunch.

Kim Joon-ho goes first and his shoe goes so far that it falls past a cliff. The PD then announces that they need to go get their own shoes. Kim Joon-ho has to hobble over half barefoot. Kim Jong-min throws the sneakers he got from Lee Seung-gi. He throws them super far saying the farther he throws it, the farther Seung-gi will go in life. 

Everyone’s throwing their shoes so far that the PD wonders if they don’t care about their shoes. Defconn clearly cares about his though, because he wraps his up in plastic. They go up super high, but not very far horizontally. He quickly hobbles over to his baby right after throwing it. 

The ranking for shoe throwing distance is

  1. Kim Jong-min
  2. Kim Joon-ho
  3. Dong-gu
  4. Park Hyung-sik
  5. Defconn
  6. Park Seo-joon
  7. Cha Tae-hyun
  8. Choi Min-ho

There are four choices for lunch, and up to two people can pick each choice. They are chef’s selection course lunch, Asia famous seasonal food, high protein health food, and school lunch trays.

The first two go for the chef’s selection. The next two go for the high protein health food. Then the seasonal food is taken, followed by the school lunches. 

They have lunch inside the gondolas which takes 15 minutes to go down to the bottom of the mountain, and that’s all the time they have to eat.

The Asia’s famous seasonal food gondola comes up first. Yoon Dong-gu and Park Hyung-sik wonder what could be inside the thermos. It’s Vietnamese rice wraps. The catch is they have to put a little bit of everything inside each wrap. It’s not too big of a problem though.

Next is the high protein health food for Defconn and Park Seo-joon. The previews made it seem like they’d be given ginseng chicken soup or some kind of hearty meal, but they just given a bowl of snails. LOL. Park Seo-joon takes one bite, “Argh, it’s so bitter.” He and Defconn decide they would rather starve for lunch. They spend the rest of the ride not eating.

There is an actual chef inside the chef’s selection course set gondola. Kim Joon-ho and Kim Jong-min are excited. It’s a little cramped though. The course is shrimp, smoked salmon, lobster, and chocolate cake. Wow. 

Oh wait, I take that back. The chef takes his time with the plating. He starts dripping balsamic vinegar, then curry sauce, then a few more sauces. Then, he has to plate a second dish. OMG. Kim Joon-ho and Kim Jong-min are getting antsy. They can already see the bottom of the mountain before they even get a bite in. The chef must have been told to take his time with the course. 

Meanwhile, Cha Tae-hyun and Choi Min-ho have a decent lunch. It’s just cheap food, but at least it’ll be filling. 

Back in the chef’s gondola, Kim Joon-ho and Kim Jong-min have smoked salmon and just barely get to the lobster before they reach the end of the ride. It’s humongous. I’ve never seen one so big. They get a few bites in, but they’re already at the end, so Kim Joon-ho and Kim Jong-min each leave the gondola with a lobster claw to eat later. 

Next Week: More Hwarang Boys



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