1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 476 (Season 3 – Episode 155)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 476 (Season 3 – Episode 155)
Episode 476 (Season 3 – Episode 155): Flower Boy Winter Camp Part Two: December 25, 2016

Last Week: Three pretty boy actors from the drama <Hwarang> joined the <1N2D> crew. Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, and Choi Min-ho along with the <1N2D> MCs ranked themselves according to attractiveness and somehow Park Seo-joon ended up in last place. They also played throw the shoe to decide who would eat what for lunch. 

This episode picks up right after lunch time ends. Park Seo-joon and Defconn didn’t eat anything because all they got were bitter snails, so they drool as they pass by a restaurant with photos of kimbap and kimchi fried rice. Defconn argues at Yoo PD to give their maknae Seo-joon something to eat. This is no way to treat a guest.

Yoo PD gives in and hands them some hot chocolate once they get on the bus. Kim Jong-min is still holding out for Go Ara to show up. Park Seo-joon wants the morning angel to be a singer to wake him up. He really liked Girl’s Generation’s “Gee” when he was in the army. Whenever that song was his wake up call, he would be in a good mood getting up, but now he likes Twice more, especially Sana. 

Park Hyung-sik wants AOA’s Hye-jeong to guest. Choi Min-ho says that after watching 1N2D, he liked Han Hyo-joo even more. She seems pure and has a great smile. 

They relocate to a parking lot? As they walk around, they wonder if the people in canoes are staff members. Kim Joon-ho notes, “No, those are our enemies.” The guests and MCs also find some space heaters and a campfire along the shore, which they guess are for warming up the people who’ll end up in the water. 

They’re at Namdae Stream in Muju city, and will be doing a bok-bul-bok here for dinner. Four out of eight of them have to go in the water. Kim Jong-min wonders if they have to push each other off the platforms in the river. Defconn takes out his cellphone. The others do as well. This isn’t going to be pleasant.

The MCs and guests move to the floating platform in the water by getting on mini-rafts. It’s four people per raft. Defconn’s side is sinking. Kim Joon-ho gets his legs wet. It must be freezing. The two groups struggle as they paddle to the platform in the middle of the race. The mission hasn’t even started. 

Dinner Bok-bul-bok: Flower Boys Leapfrog

On the large platform, the guests and MCs will play rock-paper-scissors. The winner stays still while the loser leaps over him towards the end of the platform. The same two people will play again and again leaping towards the end of the platform until there’s no more space left. The person who leaps just before the edge has to jump in the water. Only the four people who don’t fall in the water get to eat dinner which will be a Korean pork set. 

The three guests get to choose their opponents. The two MCs that don’t get pick will end up battling each other. 

Choi Min-ho is first and picks Cha Tae-hyun. Cha Tae-hyun loses the first round of rock-paper-scissors, but it’s fine since it’s just the first round and there’s plenty of space left on the platform. They play rock-paper-scissors again and again until there’s just a little bit of space left. Choi Min-ho manages to jump onto the very end spot.

Now, the next loser will probably fall in the water. It’s Cha Tae-hyun who takes a courageous leap into the river. Splash! A motor boat takes him back to the shore to dry up. Cha Tae-hyun says the water was so refreshingly cold that it could be a miracle cure for illnesses. 

The next round is Park Seo-joon against Kim Jong-min. Jong-min loses four times in a row, but there’s still plenty of space left. The next one could fall in or not, depending on how tightly he jumps. Park Seo-joon comments that <1N2D> gave him snails for lunch. He hasn’t been lucky so far. Kim Jong-min wins. so he gets a chance to squeeze in one more leap. He just barely makes it in without falling over. The captions read “The Daesang winner is of another league.” kekeke. That means that the next loser will have to jump in the water.

There’s no more room left. Park Seo-joon loses rock-paper-scissors and yells out, “MOM!” before making the plunge. Seo-joon jumps in with a large splash. A boat takes him back to shore to dry. 

The third round is Park Hyung-sik versus Kim Joon-ho. It’s getting dark now. Kim Joon-ho kicks Hyung-sik as he leaps over. Was it on purpose or was it just accidental because he’s too short? They’re at the very end of the platform now, Park Hyung-sik tries to not fall in, but loses his balance and makes the most hilarious wobble as he falls into the water. We get like five replays from various angles. Hyung-sik claims he was pushed. We get a sixth flashback.

Apparently, Kim Joon-ho lifted his back at the last moment. Joon-ho reenacts how he lifted his back just barely so that the cameras wouldn’t notice. But they did notice! Poor Park Hyung-sik. So for cheating, Kim Joon-ho has to play again in the final round with Yoon Dong-gu and Defconn. 

The last round is hilarious because the platform is so crowded, especially because of Defconn’s size. He tries to leap frog jump over Yoon Dong-ju and Kim Joon-ho but falls on his butt. Defconn loses again, but he thinks he can leap frog over without falling in the water. Unfortunately, Defconn falls in head first in an upside down V formation. It’s his trademark dive. He protests that Kim Joon-ho pushed again, but this time Joon-ho didn’t. 

Choi Min-ho wants to do one more round against Kim Joon-ho to get revenge on behalf of his cast mate Park Hyung-sik. It’s a sudden death match. There’s only one round of rock-paper-scissors, and the loser has to jump in no matter what. Choi Min-ho wins. Kim Joon-ho says, “He’s too tall. I can’t jump over him,” and just pushes Min-ho into the water. OMG!

Kim Joon-ho then quickly also jumps in himself because he has half a conscience and because he’s afraid of Shinee fans. As a boat takes the two of them to the shore to dry off, Kim Joon-ho wraps him in a towel and signals for his stylist to hurry over. 

The final winners of the bok-bul-bok dinner are Kim Jong-min, Yoon Dong-gu and Choi Min-ho. 

It’s time to relocate to the base camp which is a nearby motel, but the bus leaves without Kim Jong-min. Pfft! That’s no way to treat a Daesang winner. On the bus, Kim Joon-ho tells Min-ho that he only pushed him because Kim Jong-min told him to do it. Yoon Dong-gu says it’s true, and they even get the audio team to play the recording back as evidence. 

At the motel, Choi Min-ho confronts Jong-min that he heard he was the one that goaded Joon-ho to push him. Kim Joon-ho, “I only did it because you ordered me too.” Kim Jong-min, “What did I order? Chicken?” LOL.


Kim Jong-min, Yoon Dong-gu, and Choi Min-ho are about to eat when Kim Joon-ho suddenly objects. He says that Kim Jong-min doesn’t deserve to eat because he told him to push Choi Min-ho into the water.

Yoo PD asks Choi Min-ho what he thinks. Min-ho says they are accomplices, so Kim Jong-min shouldn’t get to eat either. Now only two people get to eat dinner.

Yoo PD isn’t too evil today though. He says that Park Hyung-sik and Defconn lost due to their opponents’ cheating, so they can pick a cut of pork. Yoo PD will give them five pieces each of that cut. 

Kim Jong-min and Kim Joon-ho also gets five pieces because they worked hard to be entertaining. 

Chae Tae-hyun and Park Seo-joon also get five pieces for their excellent dives. They get five slices of bacon and some rice. They make some bacon fried rice. While everyone’s busy cooking their food, Cha Tae-hyun gets Park Seo-joon to swipe some sesame oil for their fried rice. It’s so delicious that when they’re through eating, there’s not a grain of rice left.

Park Seo-joon suggests that they do a lettuce warp bok-bul-bok. They won’t know what’s inside until they eat it. He’s smart. What a good way to get a little bit more food. The six losers of the dinner bok-bul-bok play rock-paper-scissors to decide who will eat which lettuce wrap while the winners, Yoon Dong-gu and Choi Min-ho, make 6 wraps for them to eat. Cha Tae-hyun wins, so he assigns who eats which one.

Park Seo-joon picked the one with capsaicin. Deffcon’s had raw garlic, while Kim Joon-ho had red chili paste and raw garlic. This really isn’t a good day for Park Seo-joon. 

Sleeping Bok-bul-bok

It’s the final bok-bul-bok of the day. The losers need to sleep on a tent on a raft in the river while the winners get to sleep indoors. 

The guests are shocked at how cruel the punishment is. Yoo PD, “The 1N2D members are used to this.” Kim Jong-min, “Uh . . . no we’re not.”

The game is called flower boy box dance. The guests and MCs will split into two teams. The first and last place members in the looks ranking get to choose three people each for their teams. Park Hyung-sik was in first place while Park Seo-joon was in last. Nobody wants to be on Seo-joon’s team because he’s bad luck. After being yelled at by everyone to not pick them for his team, Park Seo-joon pouts, “I’m starting to get upset.”

The teams are

  • Park Hyung-sik → Choi Min-ho, Cha Tae-hyun, and Yoon Dong-gu
  • Park Seo-joon → Defconn, Kim Jong-min, and Kim Joon-ho

The PD calls out for some flower shoes. They’re made of rubber, so the shoes will help keep them from getting too wet.

The production staff sets up four boxes and some of them contain water. Four people will play at a time, two people from each team. They will all dance while music plays, when the music stops, they will each then pick a box, and then jump on it. The ones who step on a box filled with water are eliminated while the ones that step on an empty box move onto the next round. After several rounds, the team with the last member standing wins. 

On the count of three, all four jump on the boxes. Dong-gu’s is filled with water. For round two, Kim Joon-ho and Cha Tae-hyun get the water boxes. Of course Park Seo-joon also ends up jumping on water too in round three.

Now there are two people left on each team. It’s Deffcon & Kim Jong-min versus Choi Min-ho and Park Hyung-sik. In this round two out of the four boxes contain water. That means this round will either end in a tie, or with a victor. 

Deffcon and Kim Jong-min jump on water. Park Hyung-sik’s team wins! Cha Tae-hyun calls in Seo-joon’s talent agency’s CEO saying that Park Seo-joon has found his calling. He needs to be a variety star. Defconn, “We’ve never had a guest this unlucky.”

Park Seo-joon, “I realized today that even if I can’t act, I have a way to make a living.”

The losers take a shuttle bus back to their tent on the river. They’re given a chamber pot since they’re not supposed to contaminate the river. Poor guys. Defconn sleeps in the middle in order to keep the raft balanced. 

Meanwhile, the good looking team sleep in peace inside the basecamp. 

The next morning, the indoor team is woken up with some traditional music. No morning angel today? The indoor team then heads towards the river to wake up the others. They’re fast asleep in the tent. I was kind of expecting them to be let indoors after a few hours. Afterall, it is the middle of winter, but it looks like Yoo PD really did make them sleep outside all night long. Park Hyung-sik wakes them up by jumping up and down on the platform. 

This isn’t the end of the suffering of the Flower Boy Winter Camp. As the group paddles back to the shore, Park Hyung-shik throws a rock at Kim Jong-min and Kim Joon-ho who fall off the raft and into the water. Revenge!

The trip ends with a flower dance. 



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