1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 477 (Season 3 – Episode 156)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 477 (Season 3 – Episode 156)
Episode 477 (Season 3 – Episode 156): New Year Act Your Age Special: January 1, 2017

Today’s episode starts in the KBS headquarters in Yeoido. It’s December 24th, the night of the KBS Entertainment Awards.  (You can read the KBS Entertainment Awards Show recap here.)

Kim Jong-min nervously sits in the waiting room. He’s a Daesang candidate, and Yoon Dong-gu approaches him to see how he’s doing. Comedian Kim Sook also goes to congratulate him saying she expects him to win and hilariously just passes by Kim Joon-ho who’s also nominated for the Daesang (Grand Prize). She asks him if he has a speech prepared. He doesn’t have a full speech since he doesn’t know what to say, so Kim Sook and Kim Joon-ho tell Jong-min to spend five seconds hugging each cast member.

Cha Tae-hyun joins the conversation asks Kim Joon-ho what he’d do if he wins. Kim Joon-ho, “I’ll tell them to give it to Kim Jong-min, otherwise I’ll take off my clothes.”

Kim Sook tells Kim Joon-ho to tell the KBS officials about his concession beforehand. Kim Joon-ho, slyly replies “Well just in case . . .” The others goad him into asking if he’s prepared his own acceptance speech, Kim Joon-ho, “Just a little.” hehe.

The award ceremony starts and all the <1 Night 2 Days> cast members sit together. Yoon Dong-gu gets the Male Rookie Award. He says he’ll work hard as Yoon Dong-gu to entertain the viewers. Writer Jeong Sun-young also got an award, and <1 Night 2 Days> gets the best program award with 39.1% of the votes. That’s two years in a row. This show is on a roll. 

Now it’s down to the Daesang (Grand Prize). All the <1 Night 2 Days> cast members are fidgeting. It’s of course given to Kim Jong-min, the original 1N2D member who’s been working with the show for nine years with his unique sense of humor and charm. Shin-ji goes up on stage and gives Jong-min a hug and a bouquet of flowers.

Kim Jong-min says for his speech, “I thought about it a lot and being nominated is nonsense. It’s too much compared to my ability. I thought a lot about the past nine years. Thank you to Na PD who believed in me during my hard times, Season 2 members and director, and everyone said Season 3 wouldn’t work but thank you to those who believed including Lee Yoo-jin PD and my cast members. I want to see Jung Joon-young so much. I want to give this award to my viewers. Thank you and be happy.”

It’s good to see the cast and staff members backstage congratulating Kim Jong-min again.

We flashforward to the new year. It’s 7 am in Dongmyeong Port in Sokcho city. The cast members are here to see the first sunrise of the New Year. The waves are huge. They’re amazed at the beauty of nature, but then suddenly all start complaining about how cold it is. It’s 2017! 

For the opening, Yoo PD mentions Kim Jong-min’s Daesang. Kim Joon-ho says he’s emotional for him, but the others joke that it’s because he’s bitter about not getting it himself. The PD tells the cast members to formally greet their viewers for the new year. 

Kim Jong-min says, “Hello I’m Kim Daesang. Please give 1N2D a lot of love in 2017.” The other members order him to take off his clothes because it’s rude to be dressed so casually. They take off his jacket and his hoodie. Then Kim Joon-ho yells at him for greeting their viewers in long underwear, force him to take take that off too. 

Eventually, Kim Jong-min is shirtless and finishes the greeting with a deep bow. 

It’s 7:30 AM and sunrise is at 7:39 AM. Yoo PD tells them to each silently make a wish. 

Yoon Dong-gu wishes to, “Make people laugh once.”

Kim Jong-min, “Become a millionaire by winning the lottery”

Kim Joon-ho, “That times two. I needs to make twice as much as Jong-min. 

Yoo PD asks the MCs for some well-wishing remarks.

Yoon Dong-gu to Defconn, “Puconn told me he doesn’t need to date. He looked really sad. Meet someone.”

Kim Joon-ho, “Since Joon-young isn’t here. Mine will be to him. You suffered a lot last year. We don’t know when you’ll return. But you’re here with us in our heart. You can come back any time.”

It’s 7:39. The sun rises. The MCs turn around to watch. 

Yoo PD then gives them each a questionnaire to fill out in 10 minutes. The questions are super harsh. There are 33 questions and the last one asks for the three things you want to take when you go to Mount Everest. Does this mean that 1N2D is going to Nepal in 2017? Kim Joon-ho writes “servant, money, and helicopter.”

Now that they’ve seen the sun rise, they can move indoors. They head to a seafood market. It’s now four years since season three started. Yoo PD gives them a test. They’re told to uncover the two thick blankets in front and behind them. They find dominoes for the lunch bok-bul-bok mission.

Kim Joon-ho complains that this is going to take a long time. Cha Tae-hyun isn’t happy either. He plays dominoes often with his kids which has led to domino trauma. Defconn wishes Jung Joon-young was here since he’s good at this kind of thing.

They have just five minutes. Kim Jong-min wants 50 minutes. If they get this set up in time, they all get to eat lunch. Kim Joon-ho tells Defconn to be careful of his fat fingers.  

Each member is in charge of a different part. Time is ticking. At one point, Kim Joon-ho knocks over his section. Time’s up.

Meanwhile, there’s a woman watching the MCs through a monitor and taking notes. Captions on the screen read “Actually this mission. . . “

They’re almost finished when Kim Jong-min knocks the dominoes over. Everyone’s angry. Even Dong-gu is looking frustrated. The MCs each smack Jong-min on the head with a metal food tray. 

It’s so hard that the Yoo PD offers to take out the side parts of the set. They just need to get the main 1N2D sign. Cha Tae-hyun dumps a bowl off dominoes on Jong-min’s head and rolls him over the pieces since he was the one that didn’t finished. Ouch!

They get one last chance at the dominoes. Kim Joon-ho knocks a few over, but they still have time. They finish stacking. Now it just needs to topple over properly. It does. Yay!

Now, Yoo PD tells them that the domino mission actually wasn’t a lunch bok-bul-bok. That and the questionnaire they did earlier was to test their mental age. Kim Jong-min, “Isn’t the younger the better.” Defconn wants to be 16-17. Kim Joon-ho wants to be 24. Like Christmas Eve.”

Yoo PD says today’s arc is the “New Year Act Your Age Special.” Neuropsychiatry Professor Kim Hyung-jeong comes out and hands each of them a clipboard with her notes. 

Cast Member Actual Korean AgeMental AgeNotes
Kim Joon-ho4335shows regression and childlike mentality, but has maturity through his use of humor to deal with struggles 
Cha Tae-hyun4238is generally carefree and calm which shows his maturity but overthinks things which makes problem solving difficult and is sensitive
Defconn4125is very conscious of others, shows off, overreacts, and fusses which is immature for his age. recommend exercise to deal with his tension
Kim Jong-min3921is not conscious of others and unable to relect on himself. is similar to a teenager due to his overreactions
Yoon Dong-gu3242controls his emotions well and shows altruistic behavior making him mature, however this can lead to stress and mental health problems

The MCs make fun of Dong-gu for being so old, but that actually turns out to be a good thing because they sit in order of age. The youngest has to speak formally to the oldest and listen to their elders. It’s time to hit the slate. Yoon Dong-gu runs out, but the others instead yell at maknae Kim Jong-min to do it.

They MCs take a break and go outside by Mulchi Harbor to watch the waves crashing on the shore. The waves are so strong that they come over the fence and get everyone wet. 

It’s lunch time. There’s some delicious seasonal food from the East Sea including, assorted sashimi, moray stew, clam and mussel porridge, sailfin sandfish, sea squirts, grilled flat fish, and sweet and sour pollack. 

The oldest hyung gets to eat first, and the leftover food gets relayed down by age. Yoo PD asks Kim Jong-min what he wants to eat. Maknae Kim Jong-min doesn’t ask for much, he just hopes that he gets something to eat. 

Yoon Dong-gu starts by piling up the food on his plate. The food table is behind a panel, so the others can’t see how much food is left. Yoon Dong-gu goes, “Daebak!” The food looks delicious. He goes for three plates of food. 

Cha Tae-hyun is up second and jokes that there’s no food left. Oh wait, he wasn’t kidding. How much food did Dong-gu take. It looked like so much at first, but now there’s barely any left.

After Kim Joon-ho, there really isn’t anything much except for some lettuce. Defconn is next.

Maknae Kim Jong-min is left with some lettuce, sesame leaves, and garlic. He looks at what Defconn took and yells at him, “You PIG!” Luckily, Defconn hands over the acorn jelly because he doesn’t like it. 

For the final activity of the day, the MCs head back to the beach. There are two lighthouses behind them. To kick-off the new year, the two most immature maknaes need to jump into the sea. Elder Dong-gu says that when he was 21 like Kim Jong-min he used to go swimming all the time.

The PD brings out some special clothes for them to wear. It’s the detachable parts clothes they wore last winter.

There will be a 1 v 1 hand fencing battle where each person will try to get black soot on their opponent’s clothes. Each body part is worth a certain number of years such as 3 years for the legs and 10 years for the back and 1 year for every strand of hair pulled. They’ll add the number of years they gain through this game to their mental age to determine the two youngest members who will have to go into the water. Each fight will last 3 minutes and for every 30 seconds that are scoreless, the players will lose five years. 

The first battle is Kim Joon-ho vs Cha Tae-hyun. Cha Tae-hyun grabs the plate of black soot, but since they’re both being pulled back by staff members holding rope, it’s hard for them to attack properly. They both lose 5 years for not being able to attack within 30 seconds. Cha Tae-hyun manages to get Joon-ho’s chest and stomach. Every time the get each other with the soot, they have to pause and take off their dirty clothing parts. So cold. The results fpr the new ages are

  • Cha Taehyun 38 →  70
  • Kim Joon-ho 35 → 59

The next round is Kim Jong-min vs Defconn. They aren’t holding back. It’s rough. Both attack the arms and become sleeveless. Kim Joon-ho says from the sidelines, “Stop hitting each other. Don’t be younger than me!” They both attack each others faces, and by the end of the round, you can barely see their faces. 

  • Kim Jong-min 21 → 60
  • Defconn 25 → 59

Yoon Dong-gu gets to chose his opponent. Since everyone else has already played, his opponent will gain years for every attack and lose years for every attack he fails to defend. He chooses Kim Joon-ho who is currently tied for last place. Dong-gu falls over and it’s a free for all as the time wrestle each other on the ground. Kim Joon-ho goes for his hair. He gets one year for each hair pulled. He got 7. Ouch!

  • Yoon Dong-gu 42 → 76
  • Kim Joon-oh 59 → 59 LOL!

The two youngest, Kim Joon-ho and Defconn, go in the water and bow to the viewers as the Shining Goblin OST plays in the background. LOL. The song plays again as the two shower. 

Next Week: 1N2D goes fishing



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