1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 478 (Season 3 – Episode 157)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 478 (Season 3 – Episode 157)
Episode 478 (Season 3 – Episode 157): New Year Act Your Age Special Part 2: January 8, 2017

Last Week: The gang arrived in the coastal city of Sokcho where they watched the sunrise, made wishes for the new year, found out their mental ages, and took a dip in the freezing sea.

Defconn and Kim Joon-ho have just finished their ocean dip, and everyone is on the bus to move to the next location. PD Yoo Il-young gives everyone new name tags with their adjusted ages. Yoon Dong-gu is the oldest at 76 years old. Cha Tae-hyun is 70, and Kim Jong-min has now moved up from maknae to third oldest at 60. He smacks 59 year old maknae Kim Joon-ho on the cheek for being insolent, but flinches at Defconn is also tied for youngest at 59.  

They then arrive at today’s base camp which looks like a youth training facility. The MCs then walk into an auditorium where there’s a sign that reads “The First <Age Preparation Quiz>.” They’ll use this game for deciding dinner. It’s meant to measure their age. For every question they get correct, they’ll get older in age. There’s also a chance to steal other’s questions and take away a few of their years. 

There’s an empty seat and the MCs are convinced that it’s for announcer Jung Da-eun. Actaully, the guest presenter is KBS N sports announcer Lee Hyang. The guys are in love. Defconn tries to shield her from the other guys, and Kim Joon-ho asks about her wings. Kim Jong-min shyly asks Kim Joon-ho to ask her if there’s a cast member that she likes. They expect it to be Cha Tae-hyun or Yoon Dong-gu, but she says it’s Defconn because his face is so funny. Oh no, she meant that he is funny, not his face. She seems a bit nervous about being on <1 Night 2 Days.>

Announcer Lee Hyang starts the quiz. The first question is a comedy quiz worth five years. The first question is in the style of actor Choi Bool-am who was known for his Pu-ha~ catchphrase. “There was a potato living in Yangcheon district. It was so curious about its identity, so it went to Choi Bool-am who was the village head and asked if it really is a potato. Once hearing Choi Bool-am’s answer, it was so shocked that it collapsed. What did Choi Bool-am say?”

Everyone imitates the Pu-ha~ sound (which sounds like “You’re a scallion” in Korean), but it’s Cha Tae-hyun who imitates the sound most accurately and gets the five year points. 

The next question is an old age quiz also worth five years. The first to find a panda in a picture wins. The PD holds up a picture by the Hungarian artist by Gergely Dudas. Yoon Dong-gu is the first to get it, followed by Cha Tae-hyun then Kim Jong-min and Defconn. Kim Joon-ho gets five years for not being able to find it. What a trick. Announcer Lee Hyang said this question was aimed at the oldest person with the worst eyes, so she’s glad that the most appropriate person got it. 

Progress report

  • Yoon Dong-gu – 76 years old
  • Cha Tae-hyu – 75 years old
  • Kim Joon-ho – 64 years old
  • Kim Jong-min – 60 years old
  • Defconn – 59 years old

For the next few questions, the winner can take away 10 years from whoever he wants. It’s the Gayo Top Ten music chart. We get a cute video of baby faced Cha Tae-hyun rapping to Kim Gun-mo’s “Wrongful Meeting “on a music program.

The announcer first shows a top ten list from the second week of November 1992 with the number two song missing. It’s so hard that the announcer plays a bit of the song. Defconn correctly guesses  N.EX.T.’s “City Person.” He was a huge Shin Hae-chul fan back in the day. 

He takes 10 years from Dong-gu because he’s currently in the lead.

Kim Jong-min wins the next game and takes 10 years from Cha Tae-hyun. The next chart is from the second week of January 1997 when HOT’s “Candy” was number one. They need to find the fourth place song. It’s Juju club’s “1620.” Everyone yells it at the same time, so PD Yoo decides to give it to the person who sings the chorus the most similar. Uses naggly voice. The announcer picks Cha Tae-hyun who attacks Kim Jong-min for revenge.

The next question is a test to see how well relate to others Men in the 20s and 30s were asked when they found themselves the most charming. Kim Jong-min says for him it’s when he escorts a woman back home. Defconn says its when he buys expensive music equipment. Defconn asks the reporter, the same question, she doesn’t know what to say, so Kim Jong-min instead asks what kind of man she likes. She likes men who likes watching sports. She even likes to trash talk at games. Defconn asks her her hobbies. 

She likes building Legos. Defconn says he’ll give her a present since he likes Legos too.

The announcer reveals the tenth answer and every time an MC another one, she will give them 5 years. 

  1. When looking in the mirror after showering (Yoon Dong-gu)
  2. When sweating after working out (Kim Jong-min)
  3. When I go to a friend at dawn no matter how tired I am (Cha Tae-hyun)
  4. When I win over others with my logic (???)
  5. When I prepare an event for my girlfriend (???)
  6. When I give up my seat, give directions, or help someone carry heavy things (Yoon Dong-gu)
  7. When I perform a ceremony after scoring a goal (Cha Tae-hyun)
  8. When wearing cool clothes (Kim Joon-ho)
  9. When I sing passionately (Defconn)
  10. When I’m vocal about major social issues

It’s dinner time. They sit by order of age again. Kim Jong-min is last again. Today’s dinner is East Sea specialties. Defconn gets to pick three dishes since he’s the oldest. The second and third oldest get two dishes. The fourth gets one, and the youngest gets whatever’s left. Kim Jong-min complains that it’s too much for them to take entire dishes. At least for lunch, (in the previous episode) the youngest got to eat some of the leftovers for each dish. 

Defconn goes with the sweet and sour chicken, blue shrimp, and rockfish stew. Cha Tae-hyun picks red crab noodles and a bean jelly set. Yoon Dong-gu gets the calamari mulhoe and snow crab. That leaves Kim Joon-ho with the squid buns and Kim Jong-min is stuck with the breath mints.

Kim Jong-min must be starving, so his kind hyungs help him out a bit. Yoon Dong-gu offers Jong-min a bit of mulhoe and crab legs if he peels them open for him. Defconn also gives Jong-min some shrimp for peeling them. Unfortunately, Kim Joon-ho steals some of the food that Dong-gu gave Jong-min while he’s busy peeling Defconn’s shrimp.

After dinner, PD Yoo Il-young announces that there’s no sleeping bok-bul-bok. All of them will be able to sleep indoors. The MCs are then taken to their sleeping location. Why are they leaving the base camp? The MCs are suspicious. Yoon Dong-gu notes that Jeongdongjin Sunrise Park is just thirty minutes away. Maybe that’s where they’re headed?

They instead arrive at a harbor. It’s the Seorak Harbor which is the southernmost of Sokcho’s six ports. Here, they need to pick who’ll wake up at dawn to work tomorrow. There will be three fishing tasks at 3 AM, 4 AM, and 5 AM. It’s possible for one person to get multiple tasks.

The first task is for two people to catch cod. The MCs need to race each other to put on cod fishing outfits as fast as they can. Being the ten year 1N2D veteran, Kim Jong-min is the first to get his clothes on. He passes the official check by a local fisherman. Next is Cha Tae-hyun who passes as well. Dong-gu is next. He fails because of his pants. There’s some hope left for the others. Defconn fails because he forgot a safety strap. Kim Joon-ho fails too because he didn’t buckle his vest properly. Dong-gu is back for another checkup. He passes so Defconn and Kim Joon-ho end up having to work at 3 AM. 

Now, they’ll play another game to pick one person to catch Pacific spiny lumpsucker at 4 AM. Each of the MCs will pick someone else’s glove. The first glove that gets thrown in a bucket has to go fishing. The MCs each beg each other not to throw their gloves in the bucket. 

Yoon Dong-gu wins rocks-paper-scissors, so he decides the throwing order as Yoon Dong-gu → Cha Tae-hyun → Kim Jong-min → Defconn → Kim Joon-ho. None of that matters though, because Dong-gu gets it in on the first try which means that Kim Jong-min has to go fish.

The 5 AM fishing task is for sailfin sandfish.  There will be two people. This one is random. Each person will wrap a rope around their waist and the captain will pick two ropes. The captain says he wants Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Jong-min because agility is important for catching sailfin sandfish.

He gets Cha Tae-hyun and Defconn, although it takes a bit of effort for the captain to pull in Defconn. Lucky Dong-gu doesn’t have to do any fishing. He can just sleep in.

After getting a few zzzs, it’s time for Defconn and Kim Joon-ho to go to work. Joon-ho pretends that he’s sick. He chattles his teeth as if he has the cold. Both of the are slow as snail putting on their fishing gear.

They walk out to the ship, but the captain tells them that due to the bad weather, it’ll be difficult to go fishing. The waves are too big. Kim Joon-ho says, “That’s a shame because I was planning on working really hard.” Defconn says, “Me too. I was even going to use all of my toes as bait.” They go back to bed pretending like they just came back from a hard morning of fishing. 

It’s 4 AM. Time for the second fishing task. Kim Jong-min goes out alone. It starts to snow. Defconn offers to go with him. Kim Jong-min is suspicious, it’s not like Defconn to be so considerate. They then wake up Cha Tae-hyun and all four of them go out for a walk in the snow. 

Meanwhile, Dong-gu wakes up at 6 AM and makes some ramen for his cast members who he thinks got up early to go fishing and were hard at work. 

After making breakfast, he goes back inside to wake up the four other MCs. He feels bad waking them up, that is until Kim Joon-ho comments that Dong-gu’s the only one who did work that morning. Dong-gu is confused because Joon-ho’s face looks so pitiful, like he did some manual labor.

Next Week: Jung Joon-young is back.



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