1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 479 (Season 3 – Episode 158)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 479 (Season 3 – Episode 158)
Episode 479 (Season 3 – Episode 158): Sixth Sense Trip – Part One: January 15, 2017

Today’s filming takes place in Geochang City which is located in South Gyeongsang Province. 

Yoon Dong-gu is the first to arrive. Of course he’s always the early bird. Kim Joon-ho arrives shortly after, and they wish each other Happy New Year. Defconn then comes in looking for “Kim Daesang.” Kim Joon-ho reminds him that the protagonist always comes last. 

Finally, Kim Daesang arrives and the five cast members head to shoot the opening scene. They walk towards a stream. They hate it already. Nothing good ever comes from bodies of water. During the last trip, Defconn and Kim Joon-ho had to jump into the sea for the New Year greeting and the trip before that, half of them ended up sleeping on a tent in the water. Instead of admiring the beautiful scenery, they note that the rock they’re told to stand on is the perfect height for diving off of. Uh oh. That’s not good.

The PD tells them that this area is called Susengdae. The name Susengdae comes from the idea that it is a place so beautiful that all mundane worries are forgotten.

There are some Chinese characters carved into the large rock behind the MCs. It’s called Turtle Rock, and many famous scholars wrote poems on it. Even Yi Hwang, a famous Confucian scholar from the Joseon Dynasty, wrote a poem on Turtle Rock. Ever since the Three Kingdoms Period, scholars would come here to relax and write. This area is right on the border of Silla Kingdom and Baekje Kingdom, so there were a lot of travelers passing by here. 

Cha Tae-hyun asks, “Why are we here?” The PD tells them that they came here to wake up their senses. Today’s theme is “The Sixth Sense Trip.” Cha Tae-hyun asks incredulously, “The Retard Trip?” (In Korean, the words for sixth sense (yook kam) and retard (yook-kab) sound similar.) 

First Game of the Day: King of the Sixth Sense 

The sixth sense is usually considered intuition, so they’ll be playing various games related to that. The first game will be to decide on the King of the Sixth Sense. I wonder if they’ll have to use their intuition at one point to find their “sixth cast member.” We already know from last week’s previews that Jung Joon-young is finally coming back.

Everyone will be blindfolded, and only one person will be given a dried persimmon to eat secretly. The MCs will need to use their intuition to figure out who ate the dried persimmon. The one who guesses correctly will be the king. If no one guesses correctly, the person who ate it will be the king.

Kim Joon-ho says they’ll know who ate it because there will be some fruit stuck in his teeth. Yoon Dong-gu says they can tell if they kiss each other. Are you sure you want to kiss them?

Everyone puts on their blindfolds. The staff members then try to move the cast members around so that they are standing spaced out evenly. Kim Jong-min sneakily takes off his eye mask and leads Kim Joon-ho into the water. Kim Joon-ho yells out in surprise. Cha Tae-hyun is paranoid about being pushed even though no one has touched him yet.  

Not wanting to be the only one to suffer, Kim Joon-ho then leads Defconn into the water, but Defconn catches on to what’s going on and takes off his eye mask just in time. He then instead throws Joon-ho into the water. Defconn, “Are you going to do that again or not!” He holds him in the water until Kim Joon-ho surrenders and apologizes. Serves him right!

Since this is obviously not working, the PD just tells everyone to take off their eye masks, move into place, and then put their eye masks back on. Should have just started like that in the first place.

Cut to black.

It’s a few minutes later and everyone is told to take his mask off. Everyone is suspicious of each other. Who ate the dried persimmon? Yoon Dong-gu says that whoever ate it, would need to chew, so he can’t talk right away. Kim Joon-ho is suspiciously quiet, and Defconn notices that there’s a smudge on his cheek. He even has a tiny bit of persimmon stuck in his teeth.

Flashback to a few minutes earlier. The PD placed a dried persimmon in Kim Joon-ho’s hand. While trying to chew it quickly, he wiped his mouth with his dirty hands, getting some on his cheek. 

Defconn is proclaimed the Mukgaebi, the Eating Goblin, and in a nod to <The Lonely Shining Goblin>, we get a CG baguette lodged in his chest. Cha Tae-hyun says, “If he pulls it out, or eats it all, he’ll die.”

Meanwhile, at a rest stop in Jirisan Mountain, a man gets out of a car. It’s Jung Joon-young! He looks way under-dressed for winter though. He says he’s been spending his free time reading. He’s excited to be back.

He was here before three years ago for the Namwon Tour Special. It was winter back then too. The PD tells him that the other cast members are 82 km away, and don’t know that he’s back on <1N2D>. Jung Joon-young will have to hike up Jirisan Mountain, and he can only stop and join his cast members after the other MCs call his name a given number of times. 

There’s a montage of the numerous times the 1N2D cast members talked about Jung Joon-young while he was away. They really felt a big loss. If they don’t call him enough times quickly enough, Jung Joon-young will have to finish the hiking course. 

Back to Suseungdae. The PD tells Defconn, the Sixth Sense King, to pick a piece of paper from a pot. He has no idea what it’s for. The paper says 30. Yoon Dong-gu guesses that it means they’ll get an allowance of 300,000 won. The PD says they’ll find out through the course of the trip what the 30 signifies. Defconn opens the other papers. They have written on them, 15, 10, 20, and 25. Oh no! 30 was the highest one. Cha Tae-hyun insists that 30 is the best one. Kim Joon-ho agrees as if they’re trying to convince each other that 30 is good, but they have no idea what it means yet.

It’s bad though. Very bad. I hope Jung Joon-young doesn’t freeze and get sick. 

Meanwhile, the other PD tells Jung Joon-young that they picked 30. He just laughs. He assumes that this means he’ll be hiking all the way to the top. The PD says that if they don’t call his name 30 times, he might not even be able to join them this episode. 

Jung Joon-young is headed to Manbok Peak of Jirisan Mountain. It’s 1,438 meters above sea level, and it’s named so because it brought luck to many people. It’ll take 3.5 hours to reach Manbok Peak, and at the one and a half hour point, the slope will suddenly get steep. He’ll have to pace himself well to conserve energy. 

Jung Joon-young takes out hiking poles and he has on cleats too. Hiking is really dangerous in the winter. On top of that, it’s already steep and difficult from the start. Poor Joon-young. After 30 minutes of hiking, he asks the PD if they called his name yet. Nope. Not even once.

At Susaengdae, the cast members continue to wonder what the “30” is supposed to mean. Maybe there’ll be a relay race 30 meters long? Yoon Dong-gu says 30 makes him think of Joon-young who’s turned 30 this year. Dong-gu is 32 already? I keep thinking he’s in his early twenties, but none of the cast members are in their 20s anymore. While they debate the meaning of 30, Joo PD writes down every time someone mentions Jung Joon-young’s name. 

Jung Joon-young gets told that his name was called twice. 28 more to go! He says he’ll try to think positive.

Cha Tae-hyun announces that Kim Jong-min will buy dinner for everyone tomorrow, so they shouldn’t leave right after the filming ends. I think he’s buying dinner to thank them for his Daesang win. The MCs joke that they should all call a designated driver to drive them back home to Seoul. That’ll be 300,000 won per person times 100 people, so it’s 30,000,000 won (~30,000 USD) in total. They joke that the KBS Director should pay. If he doesn’t, Kim Jong-min should transfer to another channel like a free agent. 

Kim Jong-min sends a video letter to the KBS Director, “Sir, thank you for the award. If 1N2D gets 20% ratings three times in a row, send us and the staff too.” The other MCs ask, “Send us where?”

Lunch Bok-Bul-Bok

It’s time for them to move locations. They walk past the ice cold river and head to a sledding slope. Kim Jong-min wonders if the 30 refers to a 30 second limit. If so, that means they picked a good number because 30 was the highest. Yoo PD just laughs.

Yoo PD announces that the lunch bok-bul-bok will test the intuition category of sad premonition. I’m not really sure what sad premonition has to do with a sled slope. Isn’t sledding supposed to be fun?

There is a banner at the top of the slope that reads “1 Night 2 Days, The First Mount Everest Climbing. “

During their last filming, each cast member filled out a survey and one of the questions asked about three things they would bring to Mount Everest. They wrote

  • Kim Joon-ho – helicopter, slave, money
  • Cha Tae-hyun – oxygen tank, heating device, snowboard
  • Defconn – Climber Uhm Hong-gil, military standard rations, padding set
  • Kim Jong-min – warm sleeping bag, tent, burner
  • Yoon Dong-gu – hot drinks, camera, hiking backpack

The MCs will have to climb to the top of “Mount Everest” which is just the top of the sledding slope. The three with the fastest time to plant a flag at the top will get to eat lunch which is Geochang Korean beef short rib stew.

Each MC gets the items they asked for. 

Kim Joon-ho’s helicopter is just a toy one, and his money is a sack of coins. 

Defconn gets a life sized cardboard cutout of the climber Uhm Hong-gil. Yoo PD says that they tried really hard to get him on the show, but he was already booked for <Immortal Songs> which was being filmed on the same day.

Kim Joon-ho looks around for his slave. Yoo PD tells him to sing his favorite song, and the slave will appear. He sings the theme song to <The Slave Hunters>. 

While he’s turned around, Yeon Kyu-tae PD, dressed as Jang Hyuk from <The Slave Hunters> walks up and gives him a back hug. Kim Joon-ho asks, “Are you trying for Jung Joon-young’s spot. Why do you keep coming on camera?” (That’s one more point for Jung Joon-young!)

The cast members will race two at a time. The first group is Kim Jong-min and Dong-gu, but first they get icy white makeup to look like they’ve been hiking Mount Everest.  

Yoon Dong-gu must have at least 1/3 of his black coffee when he gets to the top. The time starts. They both start running, and Dong-gu starts spilling his coffee right away. We now find out that this isn’t a simple run. There are four obstacles along the way to the top.

  1. a rope obstacle to limbo around
  2. a net to crawl under
  3. a rock slide (soccer balls) to avoid
  4. a huge fan blowing flour and gym balls 

Yoon Dong-gu gets his flag in first. Kim Jong-min has a long way to go. Gym balls are flying left and right. 

Unfortunately though, Dong-gu’s cup ripped in the bottom, and there isn’t a drop of coffee left. Does this mean he’s disqualified?

Cha Tae-hyun and Defconn are up next. Both of them have some bulky, useless items. Cha Tae-hyun with his snowboard and Defconn with his cardboard cutout of climber Uhm Hong-gil. They both pass the first obstacle faster than expected. Next, Defconn throws his cardboard over, so he can crawl under the net more quickly. 

Defconn is dedicated to winning. He deftly kicks the soccer balls headed his way, but then he slips and falls backwards due to the fan. It must be really strong to blow even heavy Defconn back. Cardboard Uhm Hong-gil gets bent in half. Kim Joon-ho yells at Defconn to make sure he reaches the top in one piece. Cha Tae-hyun passes by Defconn now. He and Defconn are neck and neck. Defconn drops his flag and needs to go back to get it, but he still manages to get to the top first. Cha Tae-hyun isn’t too long after.

Kim Joon-ho is up last. The MCs who are already waiting at the top plan to attack his slave with gym balls. The slave doesn’t have an incentive to climb since he’s not the one with lunch on the line. Kim Joon-ho warns his slave that if he doesn’t take this seriously, he’ll plant the flag in his chest and turn him into slave-goblin. (Gong Yoo’s goblin character from <The Lonely Shining Goblin> has a sword stuck in his chest.)

Kim Joon-ho pulls his slave along with a rope. He’s slow, but at least the slave carries the coin sack and toy helicopter for him. They’re doing well so far because they don’t have any heavy items to carry. As soon as they get within range, the other MCs start throwing big gym balls at them. The slave uses his master as a shield. Kim Joon-ho then grabs the slave and yells at him to go in the front. They fall over and over each other. They’re almost at the top now, but then Kim Jong-min throws his sleeping bag. It’s a direct hit and knocks them over again. Kim Joon-ho is so frustrated he throws a ball at his slave. 

Eventually, Yoo PD congratulates them for all making it to the top. Dong-gu cheers enthusiastically. Cha Tae-hyun warns, “You have to be more considerate of our age.”

It’s results time.

  1. Defconn – 1 minute 49 seconds
  2. Yoon Dong-gu – 1 minute 57 seconds
  3. Kim Jong-min – 1 minute 59 seconds
  4. Cha Tae-hyun – 2 minutes 21 seconds 
  5. Kim Joon-ho & Slave – 3 minutes 50 seconds

Yoon Dong-gu was actually the fastest, but got a penalty of 30 seconds for spilling all of his coffee.

They then have fun sledding down. Defconn sleds down on his cardboard cutout. When he gets to the net obstacle, he just lies down and slides under it. Cha Tae-hyun goes down on his snowboard. The other three MCs have the slave pull them. The slave cries out, “Oh my back!”

Meanwhile, one man is climbing a mountain. His steps look heavy and he’s panting for breath. Jung Joon-young asks, “Haven’t they called me yet? Why aren’t they calling my name?” He’s already walked 1 km. 

The PD asks him if he talked with the cast members a lot while on break. He says they did because they have a group chat room open on Kakaotalk. Also, as soon as he came back to Korea, they met up, and even Joo-hyuk hyung came. He’s seen them 2 or 3 times since. Aw.

Now he’s about to start the steep part of the trail. He’s at a loss for words. Jung Joon-young, “This isn’t an intermediate trail!!!”

There are about five other staff members trailing Jung Joon-young. They all complain with him. Ironically, Jung Joon-young calls it Mount Everest, and after 2 hours and 30 minutes of hiking, they decide to take a rest since everyone is exhausted.

There’s a beautiful view. The rest stop is Gori Peak which 1,248 meters above sea level.

After the lunch bok-bul-bok, the five MCs get back on the bus. They talk about having drinks together and Kim Joon-ho protests that he can’t drink for 10 days because he needs to get liposuction for the fat under his eyes. He wants to get it done because everyone tells him he looks tired even when he isn’t. Defconn makes fun of him for getting plastic surgery.

Cha Tae-hyun jokes, “Be careful of the side effects, you might end up with a third eye.”

Kim Joon-ho laments, “Why oh why did I tell you guys about this? It’s not plastic surgery!!!”


They arrive at a local restaurant, and the food is daebak. Kim Joon-ho is stressed about not getting to eat. The beef here comes from cows raised on mugwort. I’ve heard of grass fed cows, but this is the first time I’ve heard of mugwort raised cows. I wonder if it’s a common thing, and I just don’t know about it.

The three MCs who get to eat proclaim that the short rib stew delicious. The steamed short ribs are delicious too. 

A starving Kim Joon-ho yells at Mr. Daesang for saying it’s delicious. A Daesang winner should be more expressive and eloquent than that.

Cha Tae-hyun suddenly says, “Mr. Daesang is greedy. Check his pockets.” Kim Joon-ho finds a roll of kimbap in his jacket. Yoo PD looks on shocked with his mouth open. He can’t fathom why Kim Jong-min would sneak food when he won the lunch bok-bul-bok.

Flashback to the bus. Cha Tae-hyun handed the kimbap to Kim Jong-min who secretly snuck it into his pocket without hesitation. He was tricked into cheating. Kim Joon-ho pulls him over to the losers table. 

Yoo PD gives Kim Joon-ho and Cha Tae-hyun special food for working hard. It’s one persimmon each and some persimmon flavored vinegar. We’re getting a lot of persimmons today because in Korean, persimmon and sense are homonyms.

Since there’s one slot opened up at the lunch table after Kim Jong-min got kicked out, the first to drink up the persimmon vinegar gets to eat lunch. About five years ago, it was really trendy to drink fruit flavored vinegar for health reasons, so there’s nothing wrong with chugging fruit vinegar. Cha Tae-hyun finishes first. As the winner, he gets to chase it down with some beef. Meanwhile, Jung Joon-ho gets nothing but air. 

Defconn offers to give a lettuce wrap to the winner of another vinegar chugging round. It’s Kim Joon-ho versus Kim Jong-min. While Joon-ho’s not looking, Jong-min secretly pours his vinegar into Cha Tae-hyun’s empty cup and pretends to be done drinking his vinegar. Kim Joon-ho suspects he spit it out, but there’s no where to spit it. Kim Joon-ho finally finishes his vinegar.

Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young snacks on gimbap. He’s cold and lonely. He wonders if this is a hidden camera mission. How many times have they called his name? It’s still just three times. He’s sad because they’re almost at the halfway point already. Jung Joon-young says, “We haven’t even gone half way? That’s so shocking.” 

On the bus to the next location, one of the VJs complains that Kim Jong-min stole his gimbap, and he had to starve during lunch. Kim Jong-min promises to buy him food tomorrow. Defconn asks for one minute to go to his car for medicine. Is he sick?

Kim Jong-min falls asleep and Dong-gu tries to pour water on his face, but misses. Kim Joon-ho does it again, and Kim Jong-min wakes up with an exaggerated reaction fit for a Daesang winner. 

Cha Tae-hyun notes that they need one more person on the team to even out their games. Jung Joon-young gets another mention. They look over a message Jung Joon-young sent them a few days ago saying he brought them presents.

Hot Sauna Mission

They then arrive at the next location and while every one else gets out to admire the view, Kim Jong-min is still on the bus sleeping. He mentioned on <Infinite Challenge> that he’s been super busy ever since his Daesang win. Poor guy. 

They’re at a hot spring called Nocheon Tang which is surrounded by Mount Deogyu, Mount Gaya, and Jirisan Mountain. 

For the next mission, they first need to change clothes. Yoon Dong-gu is like  “Go, go!” He’s so positive. 

They put on flower patterned shorts and white T-shirts with the backs cut out and get in the hot water. It’s hot, but nice once they get used to it. Yoon Dong-gu says that it’s slippery which means that it’s good water. I think it’s slippery because of the minerals. This place is known for it’s high alkalinity. 

The next mission for the Sixth Sense Special tests their sense of insults. The staff members will draw a panda on each MC’s back. They will then battle each other 1 vs 1 to rub as much of their opponent’s panda off as possible. They will have three minutes per round. The loser has to jump in the cold tub while the winner gets to be emperor. Cha Tae-hyun says to bring in a sixth member or else Yoo PD has to play to even out the matches. 

To determine the lineup, the MCs are told to pick a bowl. There is a colored scrub under each bowl and the ones who pick the same color will play against each other. The one who gets the sole color moves up automatically to the next round. They play rocks-paper-scissors. Yoon Dong-gu wins, so he assigns which bowl everyone gets. 

  • Yellow scrub → Kim Jong-min vs Defconn
  • Green scrub → Cha Tae-hyun vs Yoon Dong-gu
  • Pink scrub → Kim Joon-ho

Round one is Kim Jong-min vs Defconn. Since he’s so strong, to even it out, Defconn gets two poofy loofahs while everyone else gets rough scrubbing towels. Kim Jong-min wants revenge for the black soot game they played two episodes ago. Defconn tries to intimidate Jong-min by rubbing himself vigorously with the loofa. 

Kim Jong-min attacks by rubbing soap in Defconn’s eyes. Sneak attack! Defconn can’t wipe soap out easily because both of his hands are in the loofahs. He tries to get the soap off by dunking his head in the water. The pandas don’t seem to rub off easily. The two wrestle each other in the water. 

Results time. Kim Jong-min’s panda is almost entirely gone while Defconn’s is mostly gone. Defconn wins.

As the other MCs rub dead skin cells off each other, Jung Joon-young is practically shooting a nature documentary. It’s been 4 hours and 30 minutes since he started hiking. There are just 300 meters left until the top. He finally arrives at the Manbok Peak. “Thanks” to the cast members, he reaches the top. 

Jung Joon-young says, “I wish to have more fun this year and stay healthy together while filming. The hyungs have been waiting for me, so I hope we have better chemistry than last year.”

Next Week: The insult match continues while Jung Joon-young continues to wait. 



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