1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 480 (Season 3 – Episode 159)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 480 (Season 3 – Episode 159)
Episode 480 (Season 3 – Episode 159): Sixth Sense Trip – Part Two: January 22, 2017

Last Week: Defconn picked a random number out of a jar and got “30” which means that Jung Joon-young’s name has to be called thirty times before he can join his cast members. Meanwhile, the five other cast members are on a trip to test their six senses. If you haven’t seen part one, feel free to check out the recap for Episode 479: The Sixth Sense Trip – Part One

Jung Joon-young has just made it to the top of Jirisan Mountain. Now, at least he’ll have an easier time going downhill than he did going uphill. He checks his text messages and sees a reply from Defconn saying, “Oh nice brother, arigato brother” in regards to the message he sent him saying that he bought him a present. It’s too bad that he called him brother instead of using his name. That would have been one more towards that goal of 30. 

They’ve been hiking for so long that by now, even the staff members are complaining about how it’s taking too long for the others to call his name thirty times. The writer says that they usually mention his name a lot more. Jung Joon-young notes that they must be busy with some tough challenges.

Jung Joon-young is quiet as he makes his way downhill. He walks and walks and walks, but he still has 4.5 km to go to get to the parking lot. That means he’s only walked 800 meters! Eventually, he sees a map, and notices that there’s a shorter path, but it’s an advanced course. Should he risk it? Well it is shorter. Joon-young decides to take the advanced course. It might have been a mistake though, because the path disappears and just turns into lots of overgrown weeds. Jung Joon-young complains that this is a jungle, not a mountain. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast members are battling each other at the sauna. It’s a continuation of the game that started in the previous episode where each MC gets a panda drawn on his back, and they have five minutes to try to scrub each other’s panda off. This game is supposed to test their sense of insults, although there aren’t really any insults involved in this game. It’s just that it takes place at the bath, and insult and bath are homonyms in Korean.

Round two is Yoon Dong-gu vs Cha Tae-hyun. Dong-gu dunks himself in the water to make it easier for his elderly opponent to scrub. How thoughtful. Once the battle starts, Cha Tae-hyun goes straight for Dong-gu’s eyes, but he’s no match for the youngster. Cha Tae-hyun runs out of energy fast, and after a couple minutes, he gets demolished by Dong-gu. Eventually, Cha Tae-hyun tries to blow a pretend whistle himself to end to game. Cha Tae-hyun has no energy and can’t do anything as Dong-gu just rubs his panda off clean.

The winners of the first two rounds, Defconn and Yoon Dong-gu, plus Kim Joon-ho who hasn’t gone yet play rocks-paper-scissors to see who automatically goes to the finals. Kim Joon-ho wins and goes to finals even though he hasn’t played a single round.

It’s the semifinals round. It’s Defconn vs Yoon Dong-gu. It’s strength versus agility. The mukgaebi’s strength is overwhelming, but he’s also exhausted. He perseveres though, and Defconn wins. Now it’s time for the final match.

While Defconn takes some time out to recharge, Kim Joon-ho puts some soap in his hair and on his body to make himself slippery.  

The final round starts. It’s Defconn’s power vs Kim Joon-ho’s slyness. Defconn splashes water which causes all the soap on Kim Joon-ho’s head to run down into his eyes. So much for that plan. Cha Tae-hyun helps Defconn by dripping more shampoo on Joon-ho’s hair. Kim Joon-ho just stands frozen in pain while Defconn scrubs the panda off his back. Defconn is the final winner. He becomes “the emperor.” For his troubles, he gets a red envelope and opens it to find a voucher for a full course scrub from a professional scrubber. 

Two losers also have to face punishment, so the rest of them play rocks-paper-scissors to decide who has to jump into the cold water bath. Kim Joon-ho and Kim Jong-min lose and have to jump into the cold water. Kim Joon-ho dunks himself in the cold bath, and then runs straight for the warm bath. Kim Jong-min jumps in the hot bath first to warm his body up before the other guys throw him into the cold water. Mr Daesang runs straight back into the hot tub too.

Now that the cutthroat battle is over, they all head to the bath again to clean up while Defconn redeems his voucher. The professional scrubber is 39 year old Lee Kwang-woo who came all the way from Seoul. He’s been doing this for 15 years and has even had a few celebrity clients like Yang Dong-geun.

He notes that it’s common for heavier clients to have more dead skin. LOL. Defconn says it’s been 20 years since he’s had a proper scrub, so he’s worried about how this will look on TV. The scrubber starts with Defconn’s arm. There’s already a lot of dead skin coming out. Defconn yells out in embarrassment, “Don’t film it.” The other cast members take a break from brushing their teeth and washing up to stare at all the dead skin. There’s so much dead skin that even the professional is getting tired. At least though, the scrubbing ends with a nice massage that Defconn really seems to enjoy. 

While the five freshen up, Jung Joon-young is still in the mountains. There’s still a long way to go. He has 2.4 km left. Ironically, he finds a ribbon tied to a tree that says, “Enjoy the challenge.” Pft. He finally makes it all the way down, but he and the staff members are super tired. The writer says this is the last time she goes hiking. 

Now that the other five cast members are all cleaned up, they get on the bus and head to the base camp. On the bus, Cha Tae-hyun complains once again about how the games are too uneven. Yoo PD asks who they’d want to play with to even out the teams. Jung Joon-young gets a bunch of mentions. They arrive at the base camp which is in Namsa Yedam Village, a traditional Korean traditional hanok village. 

While resting in their room, the five MCs watch videos of random people singing Im Chang-jung’s “The Love I Committed.” It has a really tricky high part, and is so difficult to sing that even Im Chang-jung himself refuses to sing it live anymore. Singer Kim Jong-min tries to sing it. He’s pretty decent. Kim Joon-ho and Cha Tae-hyun sing along. Their throats hurt from trying to hit the high notes. 

Yoon Dong-gu watches and says he pities the audio director.

Meanwhile, we find that Jung Joon-young’s name has been mentioned 9 times while he walked downhill. There’s still a long way to go before he gets 30 mentions, so he has to go wait near the cast members while in hiding. He arrives at the base camp by car and goes into their group bus to wait. It’s dark now.

Dinner Bok-bul-bok

The five cast members walk to another building for the dinner game. Behind them there’s a sign written in Chinese characters. Yoon Dong-gu whispers to Kim Jong-min what it says. Kim Jong-min announces that it says “Sayangjeongsa” which is a building that was used for educating children and communicating with visitors. It was built in 1920 and is used as lodgings now. 

The dinner bok-bol-bok will test various senses and each cast member will gain a point for each mission completed. The three with the most points will get a wild vegetable dinner set from Jirisan Mountain.

The first game is with soybean blocks and is called “Soybean Blocks Falling from the Rooftop.” Defconn notes that they’re soft, as if someone just hurriedly made them right before today’s filming.

Yoon Dong-gu says he’s familiar with this game because his character played with soybean blocks a lot in his hit drama <King of Baking Kim Takgu>. This game will test their sense of smell.

Each MC will take turns sitting below a soybean block tied to a piece of rope. They will then let go of the rope, and then grab it again when they think the block has fallen to within 15 cm of their head. It’s tricky because they’re not allowed to look up. They just have to guess when they think the block is close enough. Those who succeed will get one point each. Yoon Dong-gu asks, “What does this have to do with our sense of smell?” Yoo PD, “You should be able to smell the soybeans as it gets closer to your face.” Pft.

The order is Kim Jong-min → Defconn → Cha Tae-hyun → Yoon Dong-gu → Kim Joon-ho

Kim Jong-min says he’s done this many times, so he has a good sense of distance. The editing fast forwards as he talks on and on about how confident he is. He doesn’t even need to try to smell it. It’s more about intuition than the sense of smell. However, Kim Jong-min just end ups hitting himself in the head with the soybean block. He didn’t grab the rope fast enough. 

Defconn lets it fall just a couple cm and then stops it. He was way too nervous. Kim Joon-ho calls him a coward. Defconn fails too.

It’s Cha Tae-hyun’s turn now. Tae-hyun says he’s going to use his sense of smell. The soybean block falls in slow motion. It still hits him anyways. The slow motion replay shows him sniffing at the soybean and grabbing the rope, but he was too slow. 

Yoon Dong-gu says he’ll use his sense of rhythm. It’s close, but the soybean block is 21 cm away, that’s 9 cm too high. 

Kim Joon-ho is the last one to try. He covers his eyes with his earmuffs. Cha Tae-hyun drops a metal tray on his head. He’s flinches, and barely lets the soybean block drop. Cha Tae-hyun hits him again with the tray for being a coward. Kim Joon-ho says he wants to try again because Cha Tae-hyun messed up his rhythm. He drops the rope again. He does it perfectly! Yoon Dong-gu is shocked. It’s at just 9 cm which is well under the 15 cm limit. Kim Joon-ho mission clear! The other MCs complain that it doesn’t count. It’s like getting a goal in after the soccer game ends. Yoo PD let’s him have his win though and says he’ll get everyone a second chance. 

Kim Jong-min goes again. It hits him on the face so hard that he claims he broke a tooth. Defconn does it again and stops the rope way to early again. He gets made fun of for being a coward again. Cha Tae-hyun gets hit by the soybean block too. His intuition isn’t sharp enough. To make it worse, his block breaks and the smell permeates everywhere. Yoon Dong-gu is determined, but it’s not easy. The sound of the block hitting his head is so loud it causes a vibration.

Only Kim Joon-ho succeeds in the first game. He brags saying as a victory ceremony, he’ll do it again and catch the block at 5 cm. Yoo PD says he’ll give him 3 points if he can manage to get 5 cm. The guys goad him on to try again. Yoon Dong-gu sneaks a pair of scissors behind Kim Joon-ho and hands them do Cha Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun cuts the rope as Kim Joon-ho drops it. He of course gets hit in the head by the soybean block. Ouch! 

Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young is still waiting. He yawns on the bus. 

For the second dinner game, Yoo PD calls for some guests to come out. It’s a men’s choir, the Gyeongnam Primo Ensemble (and a female pianist). This game will test both sight and hearing. It’s called “Find the Nightingale.” One of the men will be lip syncing and the MCs have to figure out who it is. Those who guess correctly will get one point. Kim Jong-min says he’ll know because he of course has a lot of experience singing. 

After listening to the Gyeongnam Primo Ensemble sing a song about <1N2D>, the cast members try their hand at singing Lim Chang-jung’s “The Love I Committed.” They are shamelessly off tune. 

The first song for the game is “I Heard a Rumor” by Kiha and the Faces. The MCs watch the singers attentively. The MCs then each write down the number of the person they think wasn’t singing. It’s singer number six. Yoon Dong-gu and Kim Jong-min get it right. Yoon Dong-gu says he noticed his breathing was too even. 

It’s pretty cold outside. It is January after all, so Kim Jong-min takes off his jacket for the pianist. Aw. The others tell her to keep it.

The second song is “Unconditional” by Park Sang-chul. Yoon Dong-gu writes number five and gives a pretty thoughtful explanation for why he thinks it is him. Kim Joon-ho then reveals his notepad where he wrote 3 + 2. He changed his answer to “5” after hearing Dong-gu’s explanation. The other MCs complain that he can’t change his answer. However, the correct answer ends up being singer number three. Lucky for Kim Joon-ho that the others didn’t let him change it.

“Find the Nightingale” is now over. Kim Joon-ho is in the lead with two points while Yoon Dong-gu and Kim Jong-min both have one point. 

It’s now the last game before the dinner. Cha Tae-hyun complains that the five of them look so empty in front of the cameras. Just you wait. I can’t wait for them to find out what’s been going on behind their backs.

The third game is titled “Call My Name” and will test their sense of touch. All of the MCs will be blindfolded and given 20 seconds to touch the face of the staff member in front of him. They have to guess which staff member it is. Btw, there are about 100 staff members for <1N2D>, so this is a pretty difficult challenge.

After they put on their blindfolds, they hear a door open, so they know it’s someone who wasn’t there when they put their blindfolds on. 

Kim Jong-min says the walking steps sounds familiar. It’s Jung Joon-young!

Flashback to one of the PDs telling Jung Joon-young the new rules since the others haven’t said his name 30 times and probably aren’t going to for awhile. Jung Joon-young can join his fellow cast members if they correctly guess that it’s him in this third game for the dinner bok-bul-bok. 

Cha Tae-hyun starts with his 20 seconds. It looks really difficult. Cha Tae-hyun whines, “How am I supposed to know.” Cha Tae-hyun notes, “I think he has good skin. Next is Kim Joon-ho’s turn. He rubs Joon-young’s eyebrows. Kim Joon-ho tries to kiss him, expecting him to pull away or make a sound, but he doesn’t avoid him and Joon-ho ends up kissing him on the mouth. Kim Joon-ho is grossed out.

Yoon Dong-gu says he thinks he knows who it is. Does he? Defconn says his face is stiff. That’s because silly Jung Joon-young puffs his cheeks up. Kim Jong-min is up last. He feels his scraggly beard. Jong-min notes, “He doesn’t have a lot of fat.”

Jung Joon-young then exits the premises while skipping out and giving them one last hint with his footsteps. They take off their blindfolds. Kim Jong-min looks around at the staff members trying to figure out who’s missing.

Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young is waiting on the other side of a wall and tells the cameras that he thinks it was too obvious. However, it doesn’t seem like they knew it was him. The MCs are instead going up to the various staff members and touching their faces. Defconn says it was someone with a goldfish like face. Kim Jong-min wonders if it’s Yoo Ho-Jin PD. Kim Joon-ho says, “It would be ridiculous for Jung Joon-young to return like this right?” Everyone writes their guesses on a notepad. 

They reveal their answers one at a time, Kim Jong-min guesses it was the helicopter director. Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young peaks through the cracks in the door and is like, “OMG! How could they not know! They’re definitely just pretending not to know.”

Defconn guesses the helicopter director as well and writes his name as Park Chang-hyeong even though his real name is Choi Seung-hyeok.

Jung Joon-young is not fazed though and keeps insisting that they know it was him. 

Yoon Dong-gu says he thinks it’s Jung Joon-young! because of his face shape. Kim Joon-ho yells at Dong-gu saying he’s wrong and also insists that it’s the helicam director. Cha Tae-hyun said he had no idea, so he just wrote whatever and went with Jung Joon-young. Yoon Dong-gu keeps hoping aloud that it’s Jun Joon-young. 

Yoo PD calls for the person to come out. Jung Joon-young walks out!!! but the cast members have their backs turned, so they don’t know just yet. They’re told to close their eyes. Yoon Dong-gu chants Joon-young’s name in anticipation.

They open their eyes. The MCs scream and Yoon Dong-gu jumps on Jung Joon-young. Cha Tae-hyun grabs his face and starts feeling it. Yay! 

But first, Jung Joon-young has something to say, “Hello, I’m Jung Joon-young. I’ve missed being on this show. I will work hard, so I wont disappoint our viewers.” He bows deeply. The others tell him to bow again, so they can start beating him. Defconn even gets a good kick in.

The helicopter director Choi Seung-hyeok then walks out so that everyone can compare his face with Jung Joon-young’s. They do kind of have similar face shapes. He even has good skin as well. 

Yoo PD then informs them that the “30” that Defconn picked out of a pot earlier in the day was the number of times they needed to call Jung Joon-young’s name before he could join them. They called him 20 times on camera, plus 8 times when only the audio was rolling. 

There’s a montage of all the times they called his name with the Super Mario coin sound effect to count them. We also get the audio footage of them talking about getting drinks on Saturday, but that Joon-young couldn’t come. Also, there’s audio of Cha Tae-hyun complaining to the staff off camera about how they need an even number of MCs. He says he heard Jung Joon-young was releasing another album, so he wants to know if he’s coming back after he promotes the album. Aw. The off-camera mentions are so touching because that means that the bromance is real and not just for the show.

Kim Jong-min asks Jung Joon-young where he was all morning. Jung Joon-young answers humbly, “I went hiking.” Instead of complaining about why they took so long to call his name, which I would have definitely done, he stays humble and describes how beautiful it was because it snowed the day before.

Yoon Dong-gu says he was bullied by the hyungs, so he needs Jung Joon-young to help him. Jung Joon-young replies, “Tell me who, so I can get revenge for you.” Aw, it’s almost like Jung Joon-young is the hyung and Dong-gu is the little brother.

Jung Joon-young also bows to Mr. Daesang Kim, congratulating for his win. Cha Tae-hyun notes that five cast members is way to few people for a primetime variety show, but six is just right. Six makes a huge difference. 

It’s super touching watching the last frame of this episode as the camera pans up towards the sky to show a caption that reads “Next week the six cast members will continue to bring happiness to the viewers.”

I’ve watched <1N2D> on and off since Season One, but didn’t start following it regularly until a few months ago, which was after Jung Joon-young left to take a break following his scandal, so I I feel like I just gained something that I didn’t even realize I was missing. 

I love how honest <1N2D> is. It’s apparent how they don’t have fake set ups and the emotions there are real and not made for TV. 



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    I am also a recent fan of 2 days 1 night. I was first drawn because I was curious about the rating since the show received the highest rating on Sunday. I started off during Yoon Shi Yoon’s first episode, but then, I realize that 1n2d is genuinely funny and heartwarming. Now I get why the show receives much loves from the Koreans.. Hope that you will continue to support 1n2d and write the recap every week.

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