1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 481 (Season 3 – Episode 160)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 481 (Season 3 – Episode 160)
Episode 481 (Season 3 – Episode 160): Sixth Sense Trip – Part Three & New Year’s Clothes and Bow Tour – Part One: January 29, 2017

Last Week: Jung Joon-young finally reunited with his <1N2D> cast mates. If you haven’t seen the first two parts of this arc, you can click the following links to read the recaps for Episode 479: The Sixth Sense Trip – Part One and Episode 480: The Sixth Sense Trip – Part Two

After being reunited with his crew, Jung Joon-young says hello to the staff members as well. The six of them then head inside for dinner. There’s a jaw dropping feast of vegetables from Jirisan Mountain including sides dishes of dried radish greens, bamboo shoots, seasoned aster, boiled black pork, and yellow safflower rice. The MCs all note how full the table is with six people. 

Since this is a special day, Yoo PD plays nice and lets everyone eat dinner, including the losers of the dinner bok-bul-bok. There’s only four bowls of rice, but the six of them are happy to share. It’s been a long time since everyone ate together. Cha Tae-hyun asks Jung Joon-young, “What would have happened if we hadn’t called your name during the sensory game?” Joon-young replies that he would have had to wait until they called his name 30 times. Jung Joon-young thought they’d all know right away during the sensory game that it was him especially because of his special hair whatever that means, but the MCs say it was too unexpected for them to have known. 

Jung Joon-young says he was touched watching the <1N2D> episode where Cha Tae-hyun intuitively broke a chocolate bar into six pieces, but once Kim Yoo-jung guested on the show they forgot all about him.

The heartwarming welcome back is over now. Kim Joon-ho tells the PD to edit out the cursing that Jung Joon-young must have done while hiking all the way to the top of the mountain, but Jung Joon-young just smiles angelically, “Swear? I don’t swear.”

Yoon Dong-gu tattles on Kim Joon-ho who had complained, “Now we have one more mouth to feed.” Cha Tae-hyun says he was able to come in third place often because Jung Joon-young was gone, and laments that it’s no more. The MCs note that even Yoon Dong-gu can’t win easily anymore with Jung Joon-young back.

Kim Jong-min wants to take the IQ test again because he’s curious how Joon-young would do. Jung Joon-young snickers, “I heard you came in below 100.” It seems he’s been watching every episode. They then tease him about all the great challenges that they did while he was away. They even went to “Mount Everest” with climber Uhm Hong-gil. Jung Joon-young doesn’t miss a beat and says he wishes climber Uhm Hong-gil had been with him when he went up Jirisan Mountain. 

Jung Joon-young notes that his album is coming out on February 21st which is his birthday. It’s been about three and a half months since he left. During his time away from <1N2D>, he went from being in his 20s to his 30s. Time sure flies.

After having a tasty meal, Kim Joon-ho tries to use Jung Joon-young’s return as an excuse to get some coffee. Yoo PD doesn’t fall for it. 

Sleeping Bok-Bul-Bok

The MCs then go back outside to play the sleeping bok-bul-bok. All of the can sleep inside tonight. However, the rooms there are small, so there will be sleeping in three different rooms. The MCs then notice that the rooms behind them are labelled 1, 2, and 3. 

The PD tells them to decide among themselves who gets to choose his room first. They simply decide to choose in the order that they’re currently standing, from left to right. 

Kim Jong-min is first and decides to enter room? The others have their backs turned, so they don’t know which one he chose. Yoon Dong-gu is next followed by Cha Tae-hyun and Jung Joon-young. With Joon -young we get a short montage of his scenes with Jong-min. Will these two lovers be together tonight? With that, Yoo PD announces that rooms 1 and 2 are now full. Kim Joon-ho and Defconn have no choice but to sleep in room 3.

The two of them then check out all three rooms. They first head to room 3 which contains Kim Jong-min. It’s a normal room with three blankets on the floor. Defconn and Kim Joon-ho are suspicious of how normal it is. They then head to Room 2 to find Yoon Dong-gu and Jung Joon-young, and it contains soybean lumps on the wall. It stinks. Room 1 has Cha Tae-hyun who has both soybean lumps and peppers in his room. It stinks and his eyes will sting. It looks like he won’t be able to sleep tonight. 

As predicted, Cha Tae-hyun is up all night trying all ways to deal with the stink. He notices that one of his walls opens up to the adjacent room 2, so he opens it up and tries to sleep with his head next to Dong-gu and Joon-young, but this just makes his back hurt. He then tries to block his nose with his hat strap and breathe with his mouth. Eventually, Cha Tae-hyun sleeps in the cold, with the room door wide open. 

In room 3, Kim Joon-ho, Kim Jong-min, and Defconn talk about how nice it is that the six of them are reunited. In room 2, Yoon Dong-gu reminisces about his first day on <1N2D> and how he and Jung Joon-young slept together in the haunted house. Back then, at least the weather was nice. Yoon Dong-gu asks Joon-young if there was a time he wanted to return. Jung Joon-young says he did whenever he watched the reruns. 

Opening: New Year’s Clothes and Bow Tour – Part One

It’s now January 20, 2017, and the MCs are all waiting in their cars at the KBS Headquarters in Yeouido District. The PD tells them to come out of their cars, but Kim Joon-ho doesn’t want to come out, complaining that not everyone’s here yet. Kim Jong-min throws some snow at Kim Joon-ho through his car window. It’s a direct hit.

In the opening, Yoon Dong-gu greets Mr. Daesang again saying he’s all over the TV these days. It feels crowded now with six of them standing on the KBS steps. They’re not fully adjusted to Jung Joon-young being there just yet.

Cha Tae-hyun notices that Kim Joon-ho looks strange. He got plastic surgery? Joon-ho complains once again that it’s not plastic surgery, it’s just a simple procedure. His eyes are a bit swollen though, and he also dyed his hair blond. He says that his comedian juniors make fun of him that he looks like dried shredded fish. 

Yoo PD also congratulates Kim Jong-min saying that his Daesang win made him 2nd place in this month’s celebrity brand rankings. #1 is of course Yoo Jae-suk. Kim Jong-min is so popular these days that he even shot an electronics store CF. He’s never shot a solo CF before.

The MCs then complain about the homework they got three days ago. Yoo PD had called them about some clothes. Flashback to Yoo PD video calling each of the MCs individually. He asks Kim Joon-ho if his surgery went well. Joon-ho has some bruises. Yoo PD tells them that they need to each design some New Year’s clothes. Jung Joon-young asks, “What are New Year’s Clothes?” Yoo PD is like, “Your mom never bought you clothes for new years?” Uh . . . is it just me? Because my mom didn’t buy me clothes just because it was a new year.  😥 

Yoo PD says he put them in pairs, so that they can design clothes for each other. The teams are

  • Jung Joon-young & Yoon Dong-gu
  • Kim Joon-ho & Cha Tae-hyun.
  • Kim Jong-min & Defconn

Jung Joon-young wonders if he can make a dress or add fur. Yoo PD, “You can do whatever you want.” Kim Jong-min wants to design something like an animal. Kim Jong-min, “Does it have to be actual clothes?” He’s excited, but I’m worried for Defconn. Meanwhile, Defconn is like, “Mr Daesang doesn’t get cold easily, so muhahahaha.” 

We’re back to the opening on the KBS front steps. Dong-gu says he was up until 5 am making his clothes. Cha Tae-hyun and Defconn chide him that he should have just found a design online and copied it. 

Yoo PD announces that their designs have arrived. It’s time for them to change into their outfits and put on a fashion show. They move “backstage” to change. But first, they do each other’s hair and makeup.

As Kim Jong-min does Defconn’s makeup, Defconn warns him that he’s up next. Jung Joon-young tells Dong-gu that his mustache is the main point. Dong-gu tries his best to make Joon-young look like a cute chicken. OMG! Cha Tae-hyun’s fake eyes are hilarious. They’re having a lot of fun picking out each other’s wigs as well.

Next, they put on their clothes. Defconn complains that his clothes are too warm. Um . . . too warm for the middle of the winter? What could that be?

The MCs then walks to the front steps of the KBS Building for the fashion show. There’s a red carpet, and everyone is dressed in black gowns covering their outfits as they each come out one by one from behind a white panel.

Kim Jong-min is Rei Ayanami from Evangelion. Defconn is Bayaba from the cult classic <3040>. Jung Joon-young is a chicken with a basket of eggs, which is perfect for 2017 since it’s the year of the chicken. He throws some eggs at his fellow cast members, and Dong-gu warns him that they’re expensive so he shouldn’t fool around. Because of the avian flu, I’ve been cutting down on my egg consumption as well. They’re like 2-3 times as expensive as they usually are. 

Yoon Dong-gu is Thor, and walks out smashing his tiny hammer on the ground. Cha Tae-hyun is the Cha-gaebi. His clothes look surprisingly normal for his makeup. He closes his eyes to emphasize his makeup eyes, so he can’t actually see as he walks down the steps. He just feels around with his feet. He then takes off his coat to unveil a backless purple velvet suit. LOL. That’s more along the lines of what I was expecting from designer Charlie Kim. It’s hilarious how Charlie Kim is so proud of his “sexy back” design.

Kim Joon-ho is a bunny wearing a chicken outfit since Joon-ho was born in the year of the rabbit. 

Yoo PD then tells the MCs that they have to wear these outfits for the whole day as they find three elders to do New Year’s bows to. Usually kids will bow to their elders on Lunar New Year’s and get some words of advice and pocket money. Yoo PD says they can use the money they receive for their lunch.

The MCs brainstorm some people they might bow to such as actor Choi Bul-am, Lee Soon-jae, and Song Hae. Yoo PD then brings out the bok-bul-bok wheel which lists out the kind of elder they need to seek. The options are

  • A celebrity who seems like he’d spend Lunar New Year’s alone
  • A celebrity associated with a chicken
  • A hyung you know
  • A legendary Daesang winner like Mr. Kim Daesang
  • An elder who’d ask, “Why did you come to do a New Year’s bow?”

Just as they’re about to spin the bok-bul-bok wheel, the MCs see actor Choi Bul-am walking up the KBS steps. He’s here to film for a cooking show. He says hello to each MC and says that he read in the newspaper that Kim Jong-min won the Daesang. He’s so polite and kind. I bet he’d make an awesome grandpa. The MCs then ask Choi Bul-am if they can bow to him. He’s like, “What? Here? Outside?” He’s worried that he’s interrupting their filming.

As the <1N2D> cast members bow to him, he bows right back. He tells him he wishes their hopes for the new year come true. They then put their hands out for money. He grabs their hands to warm them up. What a jokester. He then takes out his wallet and offers 100,000 won (~100 USD), but they protest that it’s too much. Kim Joon-ho takes the money because he’s the oldest, but returns half. Choi Bul-am gives back 10,000 won so that way they can split the 60,000 won evenly between the six of them. 

Yoo PD asks if he had heard about the recent episode where they imitated him. He says he missed that episode. Everyone does the puhahaha laughing imitation. Choi Bul-am says he learned to laugh like that because he didn’t want his mom to hear him laughing, so he’d block his laughter with his hands, and the laughter would explode out like puhahaha. 

After Choi Bul-am leaves, the MCs go back to their spinning wheel. They have enough money for lunch, but still need to find two more elders to bow to. They spin and throw the dart which lands on “A celebrity who seems like he’d spend Lunar New Year’s alone.” They call Kim Joo-hyuk! He’s getting ready for an interview, and tells them to come to his hair salon by 11 am. Kim Jong-min tells the others to make sure Kim Joo-hyuk brings some money. Defconn and Kim Joon-ho are like, “Of course he’ll have money on him.”

They have some time to kill, so first they get some coffee with the money they received from Choi Bul-am. They then get in a van to head to Kim Joo-hyuk’s hair salon, and Kim Joon-ho barely gets his rabbit head inside the car. 

The theme song from <Harry Potter> plays as the camera pans through these mysterious looking characters. The song breaks as Kim Joon-ho complains that he’s tired and Defconn complains that he’s hot.

Once they arrive at the hair salon, Kim Joo-hyuk is shocked and needs some time to adjust to their shocking visuals. Kim Joo-hyuk asks, “What is this concept?!” Defconn tells him that they came because they needed to bow to a celebrity who seems like he’d spend Lunar New Year’s alone. Cha Tae-hyun teases, “Maybe not since he has a girlfriend now.” Kim Joo-Hyuk warns, “Calm down!”

They ask doesn’t he have to come on the show to promote his new movie? The want him to come on <1N2D> as a guest to promote <Confidential Assignment> along with co-star Yoo Hae-jin who was also a former <1N2D> season two cast member. 

Kim Joo-hyuk then sits on the floor to receive his bow. As they bow, Kim Joon-ho jokes, “Thank you for living so long.” Defconn says, “I want to meet my nephew next year.” Kim Joon-ho counters, “No, I want a nephew this year!” 

Kim Joo-hyuk then says, “Don’t call me on Fridays. <1N2D> is doing well . . . . You’re working hard especially since it’s winter and it snowed a lot today. I hope there are no bad incidents.” Nobody’s listening to him though since they just want the money and put their hands out. Kim Joo-hyuk takes out his wallet, correctly guessing that the money they get from bows is their allowance for the day. 

Yoo PD stops him because things aren’t turning out the way he expected. They’re getting the money too easily!!!  Yoo PD tells them that they’ll be doing an envelope bok-bul-bok and gives them several envelope containing between 1,000-50,000 won which includes the leftover money they already got from their first bow. Kim Joo-hyuk picks an envelope for them, but since everyone knows how unlucky he is, they instead have Jung Joon-young picks an envelope on behalf of the team. It’s a bad move because they end up with a measly 1,000 won (~1 USD). Everyone’s mad at Kim Joo-hyuk. It was a waste of time coming all the way to Gangnam to see Joo-hyuk since they pretty much just ended up losing all their money.

Yoo PD says he has a Lunar New Years present for Kim Joo-hyuk. He’ll spin a bok-buk-bok wheel to decide what he’ll get. The possible options are a bag of rice, a Korean beef set, a canari set, mountain ginger, a dried persimmon set, and fail. Kim Joo-Hyuk throws the dart and lands on “fail.” Pft.

They then have Kim Joo-Hyuk throw a dart to choose the next person they need to bow to. It lands on “An elder who’d ask, “Why did you come to do a New Year’s bow?”” They consider seeking out singer Kim Heung-gook who was part of a meme where during an episode of <Sebakwi> he chastised Comedian Jo Se-ho for not attending actor Ahn Jae Wook’s wedding. Jo Se-ho was flabbergasted because he doesn’t even know the actor, so he certainly wasn’t invited either. This reaction from Jo Se-ho was so legendary that it’s often credited for reviving his career. 

Before they go, Kim Joon-ho asks the stylist there to redraw his bunny whiskers. Kim Jong-min asks someone to brush his hair and give him some hair spray. While the others wait, Kim Joo-Hyuk asks Joon-young how long it took him to hike up the mountain. Aw. He’s been watching the show! He says he watched every episode since he left. 

Right after Jung Joon-young gets reunited with the <1N2D> crew, we get an episode with Kim Joo-hyuk. What a treat!

Also, I was kind of worried that Jung Joon-young would have a hard time fitting back in. After all, even Kim Jong-min got a lot of flack when he first returned to <1N2D> for losing his comedic touch. Most people would have gotten cold after going through such a scandal, so I thought Jung Joon-young also might have lost his sense of comedy, but he’s been doing a really good job handling things.

I can see how smart he is with the way he apologized to the viewers as soon as he joined the group, and the little comments he makes here and there like how he doesn’t swear anymore. I’m super impressed with Jung Joon-young and how he has such a good grasp on his TV personality. 

*Bonus: For another perspective on this episode check out Variety Recap’s post here.



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