1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 482 (Season 3 – Episode 161)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 482 (Season 3 – Episode 161)
Episode 482 (Season 3 – Episode 161) – New Year’s Clothes and Bow Tour: Part Two – February 5,  2017

Last Week: The cast members designed clothes for each other and then began their quest to find elders to bow to and get Lunar New Years money from. They bowed to actor Choi Bul-am who gave them a whopping 60,000 won and then Kim Joo-hyuk who unintentionally gave them a measly 1,000 won. If you haven’t seen the first part of this arc, you can click the following link to read the recap for the New Year’s Clothes and Bow Tour: Part One

For their next New Year’s bow, Kim Joon-ho calls Kim Heung-gook telling him about 1N2D’s current mission and how he and his fellow cast members want to do a New Year’s bow to him. Kim Heung-gook is currently at home in Gimpo City, but he’s on his way to his office in Yeouido district in Seoul. The crew decides they can stop by Kim Joon-ho’s house in Yeouido while they wait for Kim Heung-gook. 

On the way back to Yeouido District, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jong-min, and Defconn decide to erase a bit of their makeup, so that they will look a little bit more humble. Afterall, they don’t want to shock Kim Heung-gook too much. Kim Heung-gook arrives first in his white van, and everyone gets out of their cars to greet him. Since it’s too cold to bow outside, they walk to Kim Joon-ho’s apartment which is luckily nearby. They all get on the elevator, but it’s full, so Defconn of course gets off because he’s the heaviest, and Yoon Dong-gu gets off too because he’s polite. 

As soon as Kim Heung-gook gets inside the apartment, he plops down on the couch. LOL. It’s hard being old. The rest of them then try to figure out the set up for bowing, but there’s no room, so Kim Heung-gook sits on the coffee table while everyone bows in front of him. Kim Heung-gook tells them, “Good luck with <1N2D>, the nation’s best program. Euh ah!” They ask for some allowance, and Kim Heung-gook pretends like he doesn’t understand. 

Yoo PD changed the rules though because the elders before him kept giving out too much money. Thus, Cha Tae-hyun hands Kim Heung-gook five envelopes to choose from to determine how much allowance they will get. The envelopes each contain a different amount of cash between 1,000 – 50,000 won (1-50 USD).

Kim Heung-gook says that he has a lot of luck this year, especially since he is 59 years old now and had a song titled, “Wangsimni 59 Years.” (*Note: Wangsimni is just the name of a district in Seoul) He says he can find the 50,000 won, and holds out an envelope. 

Kim Jong-min opens it, and it really does contain the 50,000 won bill! What good luck! The cast members announce that they have a present for him as well. They take out the spinning wheel with the possible options of a bag of rice, a Korean beef set, a canari set, mountain ginger, a dried persimmon set, and one fail slot. He throws the dart, and it lands on the Korean beef set. What a difference from Kim Joo-Hyuk last episode who gave them 1,000 won in allowance and landed on the fail slot. 

Kim Heung-gook then leaves without looking back. He’s a busy man.

So far, the crew has accrued 60,000 won (Choi Bul-am) – 13,000 won (coffee) + 1,000 won (Kim Joo-Hyuk) + 50,000 won (Kim Heung-gook) = 98,000 won.

They need to do one more New Year’s bow. The remaining options are

  • A celebrity associated with a chicken
  • A hyung you know
  • A legendary Daesang winner like Mr. Kim Daesang

Before spinning the wheel to determine who they have to bow to, they first brainstorm some possible candidates. Yoo PD gives them the Daesang list which includes winners in entertainment, acting, and music. The cast members discuss potential guests such as Go Doo-shim, Seo Tae-ji, and Kim Hee-ae. As this year’s KBS entertainment winner, Kim Jong-min calls Kim Hee-ae. He’s never met her in person, so he’s pretty nervous. She doesn’t pick up though. Phew!

Next, Jong-min tries Kim Gun-mo who he is close friends with. The connection isn’t good, so he calls back. Kim Gun-mo says the call isn’t good again and wonders if Jong-min’s calling from a tunnel. He says Kim Jong-min’s voice keeps getting cut off. Nope, that’s just the way Kim Jong-min stutters. Kim Gun-mo isn’t feeling too well though and was sleeping since he was up late the night before. 

The cast members also brainstorm who they’d bow to if they get the chicken one. They pick actor Lee Kye-in for chicken. He’s famous for liking chicken so much and even raises them himself.

They then throw the dart and it lands on “a celebrity associated with a chicken.” Kim Joon-ho calls Lee Kye-in who asks almost angrily, “Why did you call me out of the blue?” Kim Joon-ho tells him about the mission. It snowed a lot recently, so Lee Kye-in is at his chicken coop cleaning it out. That’s great timing for this mission.

Lee Kye-in doesn’t want them to come though because of Defconn. They ask, “You don’t like Defconn?” Lee Kye-in replies, “Well I don’t necessarily like him.” Defconn tries to coax him by saying that they have a gift for him, and Kim Heung-gook even got a beef set. Cha Tae-hyun estimates that they’ll be able to make it to his house by 3 PM. Lee Kye-in replies that it doesn’t take that long to get to his house in Namyangju City. LOL. It looks like he was convinced by the promise of a present.

Everyone leaves for the bus, except for Kim Jong-min who stays behind to text Kim Gun-mo an apology for waking him up and says he’ll stop by another time since he seems tired. Aw. 

As they all get on the van, Kim Joon-ho has trouble getting his bunny ears inside again. Poor To-dak (rabbit chicken). On the drive over to Lee Kye-in’s house, Kim Jong-min sings them “That Person” from <King of Baking, Kim Takgu>. Everyone falls asleep except for Jong-min and Yoon Dong-gu who’s driving.

They arrive in Namyangju City which is just a little bit east of Seoul. Actor Lee Kye-in’s house looks huge. He shows them his chicken coop, and they lock Kim Joon-ho inside since he’s dressed as To-dak (rabbit chicken) and joke about cooking him today. 

They then check out Lee Kye-in’s house, where he has a large rock collection. Lee Kye-in says that whenever he has a filming in the countryside, he collects some. 

The cast members explain that they are wearing special New Years clothes, so Lee Kye-in goes to his room to change into a hanbok. They bow. Lee Kye-in says to them, “I won’t tell you to be healthy since that’s boring.” He wants a new tradition. He wants them to repent for last year’s sins instead.

For example, he wants to know if Kim Jong-min’s laughter is fake or real. Kim Jong-min admits, “Sometimes I laugh on purpose.” He tells them to do <1N2D> for 30 years just like his classic TV show <Countryside Life>. Kim Joon-ho laments that he would be 73 years old then. 

This time, since they have way too much money, instead of getting an allowance, the PD gives Lee Kye-in three envelopes containing +, -, or ÷. That will decide whether the money the cast members got from their first two bows will be added to, subtracted from, or divided by the 50,000 won they got from their third bow. It’s pretty unfair because two out of three are bad. Kim Jong-min threatens the PD to change his mind or else his fans will be furious.

Luckily, Lee Kye-in chooses “+.” Everyone screams out in happiness. For his present, Lee Kye-in gets the mountain ginger, but he’s more interested in the moss packaging because he needs some for his dying plants. He wonders if he can cook his chicken with the ginger. Defconn is like, “No it’s okay, you don’t need to serve us chicken.” Lee Kye-in responds, “I was talking about for myself!”

He instead gives them ten fresh eggs. Defconn says sarcastically, “It’s unfair that we gave you measly mountain ginger, and we’re getting such precious eggs in return.” While looking at Defconn, Lee Kye-in says his arms are uneven from punching a wild hog. Kim Joon-ho looks at Defconn and advises to Lee Kye-in, “Why don’t you use your left arm to hit another wild hog and even them out?”


Now it’s time to eat lunch. They have a whopping 98,000 won to spend. The cast members are on the bus and decide to stop when they pass by someplace nice. They notice a restaurant and send Defconn to check the prices on the menu. It’s fine. As a reference point, Defconn tells his team that the spicy soft tofu stew set is 7,000 won.

They spend all their money there down to the last won and even ask the restaurant owner if she can fry their eggs from Lee Kye-in. They order tons of hearty Korean food. Defconn who’s dressed as Bayaba has trouble eating because of his hair though. Kim Joon-ho also has trouble eating because of his sleeves. 

They thank Choi Bul-am, Kim Heung-gook, and Lee Kye-in for the food, but not Kim Joo-Hyuk though because all he contributed was a measly 1,000 won. But then, Kim Joon-ho and Yoon Dong-gu admit that he paid for a can of soda or maybe a bowl of rice.

After lunch, the cast members get back on the bus and the PD tells them that Kim Hee-ae checked her phone and asked that they message her before calling her back. Kim Jong-min sends her a text saying, “Hello maam, this is the excited idiot Shinba Kim Jong-min. I want to talk.” Defconn insists that he add a “haha,” but Jong-min instead adds “Ah haha.”

Kim Jong-min wonders what he should say to her once she picks up. The PD tells him to say that he has a Daesang special episode prepared and to pretend like Jong-min’s planning it himself.

Kim Jong-min gets a reply. Kim Hee-ae responded, “Yes ^^.” How chic of her.

He then calls her. She says she was busy watching a movie earlier and missed his call. Cha Tae-hyun then takes the phone and tells her they wanted to send her New Years bows and would love to have a Daesang special with her in the future if possible. She says of course. Kim Joon-ho says, “I really love you.” She replies that she loves him too. How kind.

PD says he’ll trust that Kim Jong-min will make the Daesang special happen. No pressure right?

Dinner Bok-bul-bok: The First Mayoral Owolri Ice Sports Games

They arrive at their basecamp in Chuncheon City and are finally allowed to take off their New Years clothes.

The next part of the trip takes place on a frozen pond. Suddenly, there’re some cracking sounds and Kim Jong-min runs away. Kim Joon-ho quickly follows him off the pond. The PD tells them it’s the sound of ice freezing, not breaking. Cha Tae-hyun yells at the silly Daesang winner and the past Daesang winner to come back. 

The Owolri Riverside is shallow, so it freezes early. Every year, there’s an ice festival here with ice sledding and ice fishing. 

Today’s concept is “a lot, a lot of New Years Greetings” so the PD tells them that the will be choosing “manitos.” (a lot = mani in Korean). Basically they are secret admirers, and this is a chance to test their friendship.

Defconn comments that they already saw how strong their friendship was. Two of them just left the others behind to try to save themselves.

For the next mission, they will be playing games to help their manito (secret admireree) win. However, if they make it too obvious and get caught by the manito, then they will get a harsh punishment. 

The choose manitos one at a time, by picking names on a slip of paper.

  • Kim Jong-min gets someone who was a big help in him getting the Daesang.
  • Kim Joon-ho gets a “brother.” He says he’ll pick a fight with him to help him.
  • Cha Tae-hyun says he’s always good to this person.
  • Defconn says it’s someone he gets along with easily, but he’s also really sulky.
  • Yoon Dong-gu says it someone who has trouble getting on ice.
  • Jung Joon-young’s is someone who is slow witted. (Ok, so Kim Jong-min right?)

It’s the First Mayoral Owolri Ice Sports Games. They complain that there’s no mayor or opening ceremony. The game is a 3 vs 3 team battle. The one whose manito is on the winning team gets to have dinner which is a set of famous Chuncheon delicacies. They play rocks-paper-scissors to decide the team captains which are Kim Jong-min and Yoon Dong-gu. The two teams are

  • Kim Jong-min → Kim Joon-ho, Defconn
  • Yoon Dong-gu → Jung Joon-young, Cha Tae-hyun

The first game is swimming. They have to “swim” on ice freestyle for 15 meters, then backstroke the next 5 meters until they reach end of the lane. The first to grab the rubber chicken at the end of the lane and squeeze it to make a sound wins. The uniforms are flower print swimming trunks, goggles, and headphones ala swimmer Park Tae-hwan. 

Round one is Kim Joon-ho versus Cha Tae-hyun. Neither of them are necessarily trying to win because they just need their manitos to win. Cha Tae-hyun arrives first after a slow swim.  

Round 2 is Defconn vs Yoon Dong-gu. Both are pretty slow. Dong-gu is way farther ahead though. Kim Joon-ho says Defconn isn’t pretending to be bad, he just is bad. However, Defconn manages to win from behind. Dong-gu’s manito must be on the other team since it looks like he lost intentionally.

Round 3 is Kim Jong-min vs Jung Joon-young. Kim Jong-min announces the athletes like it’s a UFC battle. hehe. Kim Jong-min flails his arms around and doesn’t move forward. Jung Joon-young just stops and watches. Both get to the chicken and try to stall for time. Jung Joon-young wins. 

We now find out that the manitos (secret admireees) for each person was

  • Jung Joon-young → Kim Jong-min
  • Kim Jong-min → Cha Tae-hyun
  • Cha Tae-hyun → Yoon Dong-gu 
  • Yoon Dong-gu → Defconn
  • Defconn → Kim Joon-ho
  • Kim Joon-ho  → Jung Joon-young

The next game is called Icy Icy Hands and is a bunch of silly activities. The cast members are told to take off their gloves and

  • peel stickers
  • take off the labels on frozen bottles of water
  • unwrap the ends of a tied plastic bag

The first team to finish wins. It’s super easy, but everyone takes their time because they want their manitos to win instead. Team Yoon Dong-gu is finished first, and tells the other team to hurry up. Oh wait, Jung Joon-young had one more water bottle hidden in his pocket. What a sly fox.

Kim Joon-ho says he had one more untied plastic bag, but he actually just secretly went back and retied it after finding out about Jung Joon-young’s tricky maneuver. For the tie breaker, one person from each team has to peel a sticker. It’s Cha Tae-hyun vs Kim Joon-ho. Cha Tae-hyun finishes first.

That means Yoon Dong-gu’s team wins both the swimming and the icy icy hands game for a score of 2:0. The team with a manito on Yoon Dong-gu’s team gets to eat dinner. That means that Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jong-min, and Kim Joon-ho get to eat.  

I liked the first half of this episode with the New Year’s bows, but I found the games in the second half to be a bit boring and the pacing was a bit weird too. Oh well. I guess they can’t all be legendary episodes. 

Next Week: Lee Soon-shin and Tongyeong City

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