1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 483 (Season 3 – Episode 162)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 483 (Season 3 – Episode 162)
Episode 483 (Season 3 – Episode 162) – I Am Your Guardian Angel – February 12, 2017

Last week, the <1N2D> cast members tested their friendship by playing games where “manitos” (secret admirers) had to help their partners win. 

The team with Yoon Dong-gu, Jung Joon-young, and Cha Tae-hyun won which meant that their manitos, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jong-min, and Kim Joon-ho get to eat dinner.

Dinner Time 

It’s time for dinner. Since the identities of the manitos haven’t been revealed, everyone will be eating alone in their own rooms. Who gets to eat the delicious Chuncheon delicacies? We the viewers know, but the cast members only know about their own fate and not each others.

The names of each MC is written on the doors to each room. Kim Jong-min walks in his room, happy to see a proper dinner. Cha Tae-hyun is happy too. There are radish greens, kimchi dumplings, various Korean style pancakes, noodle soup, broiled duck, and spicy tofu soup just to name a few of the dishes laid out in front of the winners.

On the other hand, Yoon Dong-gu walks in to see a bowl of rice and a bowl of water. There’s also a dried yellow corvina hanging on a string above him, but he can only eat it while kneeling. The fish is high up, so it’ll be tough to eat. 

Kim Joon-ho knocks on the wall asking Jung Joon-young next door if there’s anything for him to eat. The poor guy is just slurping some water and rice. Jung Joon-young tries to jump on his knees, but he can’t reach the fish. Yoon Dong-gu isn’t worried though, saying he is tall when sitting, and easily reaches his fish. Defconn is tall, but I guess he must have a short torso because he spends five minute stretching towards the fish, and just barely manages to get his first bite. Back to Jung joon-young who keeps jumping. He hasn’t gotten a bite, but he’s persistent. He watches the fish swing back and forth and times himself headbutts the fish. The whole thing falls down and Jung Joon-young enjoys his fish in peace. 

Suddenly, Jung Joon-young hears a knock. A staff member brings in a bowl of leftover noodle soup saying it’s a present from his manito (secret admirer.) Unfortunately, there’s no soup left, just soggy noodles. With that hint, Jung Joon-young is 100% confidant it’s from Kim Joon-ho.

Dinner’s over and everyone meets up again outside. Jung Joon-ho exclaims that he knows who everyone’s manito is. Kim Joon-ho bluffs that he knows as well. Ilyoung PD then tells them to write their guesses for who their manitos are. The manitors were supposed to help secretly and were warned that there would be a big penalty if they got caught. Those who get called out will go fishing at dawn, just like they were supposed to do in Sokcho a few episodes back. 

Ilyoung PD asks for those who think their manito is Kim Joon-ho to come forward. Kim Jong-min and Jung Joon-young step out. Looks like Kim Joon-ho got caught by Joon-young.

Next, Defconn correctly guesses his manito is Yoon Dong-gu.

Then, Cha Tae-hyun also correctly guesses Kim Jong-min. The editing for this part is a bit weird, I think a lot of parts got cut out, but the results are that Yoon Dong-gu, Kim Jong-min, and Kim Joon-ho get caught as manitos and have to go fishing tomorrow.

Sleeping Bok-bul-Bok

Now it’s almost time for bed. For the Sleeping Bok-bul-bok, the MCs plays a “Wrong Answer Quiz” to decide who gets to sleep indoors and who has to sleep outdoors. For the quiz, there will be six choices, five are incorrect and one is wrong. Ilyoung PD will blow a whistle, and the MCs have to run to pick up a card with a wrong answers. They will get one point for each wrong answer chosen. The two with the highest score and the winners’ manitos get to sleep indoors. The losers will sleep outside on the icy Owolri riverside. 

The game starts.

The first question asks which of the following couples are married in real life. 

Kim Jong-min is still confused about the rules of the game and asks, “We have to pick the real couple?” He still doesn’t understand. Even though he’s first to arrive at the cards, he picks up the one with actors Ji-sung and Lee Bo-young. He’s so dumbfounded, that Cha Tae-hyun wonders if he’s acting. 

The second question asks which of the words is spelled correctly. Cha Tae-hyun asks again if they’re supposed to pick the correct one or the incorrect one. Ilyoung PD is like, “How many times do I have to tell you?! Choose the incorrect one.” It doesn’t really matter though because the words are moderately tricky and the cast members aren’t the most intelligent, so they don’t even know which is correct one. They pretty much all pick cards randomly and Kim Jong-min somehow picks the correct one again. He chooses 회자정리 (a phrase meaning “those who meet must part.”)

For the third question, Ilyoung PD calls for some helpers. Six <1N2D> staff members walk out wearing silly animal headphones. It’s a dance quiz. Five of them are dancing to a ballad, while only one is dancing to an actual dance song. The correct answer is the one listening to a dance song. The MCs watch them dance for a few minutes then Ilyoung PD blows the whistle for them to choose dancers. 

Kim Jong-min picks the correct one again! He got three correct answer in a row. That means he’s in last place. Ilyoung PD kicks him out since he can’t win at this game anyways. The remaining five MCs continue playing. The fourth question is to pick a food that is a singer’s name. Cha Tae-hyun picks an onion (It’s Yangpa in Korean.) The next question is to pick the symbol for the Greek letter Sigma. Jung Joon-young picks the correct one.

The editing is weird for this game again, but the results are that Dong-gu and Defconn are tied for first place, Dong-gu was Defconn’s secret admirer and Defconn was Kim Joon-ho’s secret admirer, so the three of them get to sleep indoors tonight. 

Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Jong-min, and Jung Joon-ho head to the ice to sleep. Once they arrive at Owolri, they see the the tent is on the land and not on the ice like last time. They’re happy. Yay for small victories. PD says he’ll be back to wake Jong-min up for the fishing. 

Meanwhile indoors, Yoon Dong-gu, Kim Joon-ho, and Defconn are sleeping warmly. Defconn lies down by the door, but Kim Joon-ho suggests that he switch spots with Yoon Dong-gu, so that he doesn’t get woken up in the morning when Kim Joon-ho and Dong-gu have to go fishing.

A few hours later, a PD enters the room and shakes Defconn to wake up “Dong-gu.” He gets the two mixed up because he didn’t realized they had switched spots, but um . . . they are very different looking, and it’s not that dark. 

Eventually, the PD finds and wakes up Dong-gu, but Joon-ho pretends to be sleeping. The PD pulls off his blanket, but he still won’t get up. The PD then guilts Joon-ho by saying that the staff members are freezing in the cold waiting for him.

Joon-ho and Dong-gu then get on the bus to go pick up Kim Jong-min for the fishing task. It’s -13º Celcius, so they wonder if Kim Jong-min has frozen overnight. Kim Joon-ho calls him the “God of Ice” which is bing-shin. (They think it’s funny because byung-shin is cripple/retard in Korean)

Once they arrive at the tent, Dong-gu takes a 1N2D flag pole and uses it to poke Kim Jong-min’s butt to wake him up. Success. 

The three of them then walk over to the frozen river to do some ice fishing. Ilyoung PD says they have to catch 300 before they can go home. They complain. How are they supposed to catch 300. Ilyoung PD, “Oh alright, then catch 30.” Pft. He should have started with 30 in the first place if he was going to reduce it that easily.

Kim Jong-min finds a hole to fish through, while the other two have to poke their own holes though the ice. It’s not easy to make a hole, since the ice is thick.

An hour passes by and not a single fish.

Kim Joon-ho finally catches one, but it’s puny. It looks like an anchovy. Another 30 minutes pass. The PD tells them that the other three cast members are going to come over. If they catch one more before the others come, PD will give them immunity for the next task. Defconn comes pushing Jung Joon-young on a sled. Kim Jong-min yells, “Don’t come,” but luckily Kim Joon-ho manages to catch one just before they reach them. 

They caught a total of two fish. Wow that’s nowhere near 300, or even 30. As the PD is about to say something, Kim Jong-min catches his first fish, but Ilyoung PD says, “Doesn’t matter, the time limit is over anyways.” Dong-gu and Jong-min have to go fishing again on the next trip because they failed their mission today. 

Opening: I Still Have 12 Ships Left

It’s a new day, a new trip. 

Kim Joon-ho is sleeping in his car when Defconn knocks on his window to wake him up, “Joon-ho Oppa!”

Jung Joon-young and Yoon Dong-gu hug each other. What a lovely couple. Dong-gu is still excited about Joon-young’s return.

The cast members then all complain that today’s location is too far. They are at Tara Park in Tongyeong City which is in the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. 

Ilyoung PD asks them who Tongyeong makes them think of. They all exclaim, “Obviously, it’s Admiral Lee Soon-shin.” He had a major naval camp here as well as a famous battle. The PD then asks Kim Jong-min for a biography of Lee Soon-shin. Kim Jong-min says, “He beat foreign invaders, played an important role, broke down support lines so Japanese couldn’t get through. Battle of Myeongnyang.”

It’s the Year of the Red Rooster, and the Battle of Myeongnyang took place 420 years ago which was also the Year of the Red Rooster. (The Chinese zodiac goes through a 60 year cycle.)

Ilyoung PD notes Admiral Lee Soon-shin’s famous quote, “I still have 12 ships left” which will be the theme of today’s race. At that point in the war, the enemy had thousands of ships, so everyone told Lee Soon-shin that it was over, but he didn’t give up, and managed to win without losing a single one of his 12 ships. 

Ilyoung PD tells them that they can win even in a disadvantage situation, as long as they have a wise leader. The PD says, “You have two wise leaders.” Kim Jong-min looks around and replies, “Huh? We only have one, Cha Tae-hyun.” The others joke that Kim Joon-ho’s feelings are hurt. Kim Joon-ho pretends not to care. Kim Jong-min then adds, “I’m the leader of Koyote.” hehe.

Ilyoung PD announces that the two leaders are Kim Jong-min and Kim Joon-ho. Defconn muses, “Do I go with the fool or the sly dog?”

Actually though, he doesn’t need to worry about that because the teams are already fixed. The two teams are

  • Kim Joon-ho → Chae Tae-hyun and Defconn
  • Kim Jong-min → Jung Joon-youn and Dong-gu

Cha Tae-hyun complains that all the old men are on his team. Unfair!

The two leaders get admirals’ swords. Ilyoung PD asks them to come up with team names. Kim Joon-ho picks “Hanryang” (Hansan Region + Battle of Myeongnyang) and Kim Jong-min copies the other team name to get “Mulryang” (Water + Myeongnyang.) 

Now all they need are their twelve ships. The staff members bring out a table hidden under a black cloth. Cha Tae-hyun guesses that there will be toy ships. Jung Joon-young pulls out the table cloth to find two sets of twelve pears. (Ship and pear are homonyms in Korean.) They’re also given baskets to hold their pears.

Today’s mission is to bet their pears during various games, and at the end of the race, the team with the most pears wins and gets to eat lunch.

The schedule for today is

  • 11 AM – Lunch Battle
  • 3 PM – Battle of Hansan (must arrive at Tongyeong Boat Terminal by 2 PM)

The teams each get a scroll with a list of missions on them. They can do as many missions as time allows. Each mission takes place in a different location, and the missions are

  1. Archery
  2. New Year’s Fortune
  3. The Mission is ____
  4. Interview with Admiral Lee Soon-shin
  5. Admiral Lee Soon-shin’s Back

Before they go, the leaders decide to play rocks-paper-scissors to bet one pear. First, both Kim Joon-ho and Kim Jong-in play scissors. Then they both go for rocks. Kim Jong-min finally wins with paper. Team Kim Joon-ho is down to 11 pears while Team Kim Jong-min now has 13 pears. It’s a good start for the Mulryang team.

Lunch Missions

Both teams go off to the next location for their missions.

While driving, Kim Joon-ho lectures his teammates about the difference between a boss and leader, “A boss whips his teammates from behind, while a leader pulls them along from the front.”

Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young and Dong-gu say they both dreamed of turtles. Kim Jong-min, “It must be a conception dream.” Jung Joon-young, “Uh . . . um . . . actually it’s possible to dream conception dreams for others.” Kim Jong-min, “Ah! Cha Tae-hyun must be having another kid.”

Both teams end up going for the same mission which is New Year’s Fortune. They both arrive at Sebyeonggwan which is a famous building that was the naval headquarters during the Imjin War. Admiral Lee Soon-shin held war council meetings in this building.

Admiral Lee Soon-shin often looked at his fortune to predict the outcome of his battles. It’s pretty simple. You throw yut sticks three times, and the combination tells you your fortune. There’s a big sign on the wall with a fortune for each possible combination. 

For those unfamiliar with yut. It’s basically a board game, and yut are like the Korean version of dice. There are four stick with a rounded side and a flat side. When you throw them, the number of flat sides tell you how many points you get. That means you can get 1, 2, 3, 4, or 0 flat sides.

With yut sticks, the numbers have a special name, so people who play with yut usually call out the name of the numbers instead of just saying 1, 2, 3, etc.

The names are 

  • 1 – do
  • 2 – gae
  • 3 – gul
  • 4 – yut
  • 0/5 – mo 

Kim Joon-ho’s team throws the yut sticks three times and gets 2-2-2 which means everything will come true.

Kim Jong-min’s team gets 3-3-2. Their fortune is, “You’ll gain a lot of wealth this year.”

Now it’s time to start the betting of the pears. 

Kim Joon-ho’s team bets three pears that they’ll roll a 2. They roll a 1, and lose their pears. They try again and this time bet four pears on 2, but they roll a 4.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-min’s team bets three pears that they’ll roll 2. They get 4. Hm. Kim Jong-min wants to keep betting, but Yoon Dong-gu wisely says the more they bet, the more they’ll lose because there’s only a 20% chance of winning. Oh! How smart! Yoon Dong-gu tells his teammates to just move on to the next mission and let the other team lose all their pears here.

Unfortunately, Jung Joon-young and Kim Jong-min don’t listen and bet two more pears on rolling a 2. Dong-gu says, “In war movies, there’s always someone like me who’s against it, and they always end up losing badly.” These two maknaes are like the angel and devil on leader Kim Jong-min’s shoulder.

Kim Jong-min falls into temptation and decides to bet some more. Jung Joon-young rolls a 3. They scream out to pretend that they won. They succeed in tricking the other team, Kim Joon-ho says, “They probably only won one pear anyways.”

Team Kim Jong-min moves onto another mission. They choose “The Mission is ____.” Luckily, this mission takes place only 1.1 km away.

Meanwhile, Kim Joon-ho’s team is still betting on the yut sticks. They’ve bet so many pears that their basket is now light. Kim Joon-ho wants to keep going though. They don’t manage to win a single round and eventually are left with just three pears left. Cha Tae-hyun piles them on top of each other and remarks that the pears look like Olaf from “Frozen.”

They then decide that they have to do something they’re skilled at. Team Kim Joon-ho decides to try archery next.

Kim Jong-min’s team arrives at “99 Steps” It’s a tourist attraction located on Seopirang cliff. The steps are located in a mural village that used to be a poor fishing village. Over the past few years, a lot of old, dilapidated neighborhoods have gotten makeovers by young artists who draw on the walls of neighborhood buildings. These mural neighborhoods then become tourist attraction, and the locals benefit from the tourism because there are usually a few hipster cafes and small businesses there. 

While walking up the steps, Jung Joon-young notices some murals related to Park Kyong-ni the novelist. There’s even a small museum nearby.

The finally reach the top of the 99 stairs, and the view from the top is really nice.

PD Ilyoung tells them that this neighborhood was the setting of Park Kyong-ni’s novels “The Curse of Kim’s Daughters” and “Toji”. That’s why there are quotes from her novels along the 99 steps.

For the “The Mission is ____,” they’ll be given quotes from those steps and told to fill in the blanks. 

Unfortunately, the three of them just walked up without looking at the steps, so they bet just one pear. Jung Joon-young says to just not bet anything. Then suddenly, he makes a 180 degree change and says he’s confident because he read Toji. Yoon Dong-gu is much less confident saying there’s less than a 20% of winning since the author has a very diverse writing style. 

The first quote is, “It’s not that there aren’t simple joys, but love ____. You must love ____. You must bear with the way it is.” 

No one know what it is, so they decide to have Yoon Dong-gu guesss since he’s the most bookish. Dong-gu has no idea, but he guess, “creation.” It’s wrong. The answer is sadness.

There are just 10 minutes left until they have to start the next activity. They decide to bet three pears for one more quotation, but first they hurry back down to look at steps. 

Meanwhile, team Kim Joon-ho heads to the archery mission.

The manito stuff in the first half of this episode was so boring, that I almost stopped watching this episode. I’m glad I kept chugging through though because this new trip is really funny. I prefer the trips where they actually travel to some interesting places as opposed to playing games in one random location.

The scenery in Tongyeong is really beautiful because it’s a coastal city and there are so many pretty historic buildings to look at. I’m really looking forward to watching the rest of this arc. 

Next Week: The Pear Battle continues



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