1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 484 (Season 3 – Episode 163)

1 Night 2 Days Recap: Episode 484 (Season 3 – Episode 163)
Episode 484 (Season 3 – Episode 163) – Battle of Tongyeong: I Still Have 12 Ships Left – February 19, 2017

I was a bit sick the past few days, so this recap is a bit late. 🙁

Last Week: The crew embarked on a trip to Tongyeong City which contains many famous tourist attractions related to Admiral Lee Soon-shin and the Imjin War. When the King tried to dismantle the almost completely obliterated navy, Admiral Lee Soon-shin famously responded, “I still have twelve ships.” That’s the theme of today’s race, where the three older cast members battle the three younger ones by gambling their twelve pears. The team that ends up with the most pears wins. For a refresher on last week’s episode, click on the link for the Episode 483 (Season 3 – Episode 162) Recap.

Kim Jong-min’s team is still working on the “The Mission is ____” where they’re supposed to try to fill in the quotes by author Park Kyong-ni. They run down back the steps to read as many quotes as possible.

They bet three pears on the next question which is “____  is a repository made up by the accumulation of experience and time.” No one remembers this quote, and with just thirty seconds to answer, they have to make a guess, so Kim Jong-min just goes with information. The correct answer was memory.

Meanwhile, Kim Joon-ho’s team heads to Lee Soon-shin Park. The park is located by the sea where Admiral Lee Soon-shin used his famous crane formation during the Battle of Hansan. He didn’t lose a single ship here, and perhaps Team Kim Joon-ho will have just as good luck.

Cha Tae-hyun isn’t too optimistic and says they can’t even do a crane formation with their pears because they only have three left. The best they can do is the chicken foot formation. Ha!

Lunch Game: Strip Ganggangsullae

It’s now 11 AM, so the PD cuts both teams off and tells them that it’s time for the lunch game. They’ll be playing for lunch and a chance to steal the other team’s pears. Lunch will be Chungmu kimbap and honey buns which are the two most famous dishes in Tongyeong City.

The lunch game is “Strip Ganggangsullae.” To trick the Japanese forces into thinking they had more soldiers than they actually did Admiral Lee Soon-shin asked civilians to dance Ganggangsullae which is where they hold hands and dance in a circle.

In this version, both teams will be stripping down and using their clothes to create a long chain. The team that has the longest chain wins. They have five minutes to strip.

Of course Kim Joon-ho wants to bet all three of his remaining pears, but Defconn is more cautious since he doesn’t wear long underwear ,and that means he’ll have fewer clothes to add to the line. 

Meanwhile, on the other side, Yoon Dong-gu isn’t confident either. He knows that the oldies wear lots of layers, and Defconn is so big that his clothes are much longer than average.

It’s time for a video call. Defconn bluffs to the other team that he’s going to bet five pears. Yoon Dong-gu is like, “Oh ho ho. Looks like you only have five left.” Defconn is caught off guard, “Uh six then?” It’s funny how neither team actually even has five pears to bet. Team Kim Joon-ho has three and Team Jong-min has four.

Defconn shows off his belt. That intimidates Team Kim Jong-min quite a bit. They hang up. 

They video call again. Cha Tae-hyun says, “We wanted to bet a lot more, but the PD said we have to bet the same amount.” They end up betting three pears each. That means it’s all in for Team Kim Joon-ho.

They start with their jackets along with socks and shoes. Kim Joon-ho is taking everything off. What a pro. He’s getting some funny looks from some tourists though.

Meanwhile, in Seopirang, Yoon Dong-gu says they should take out their insoles as well. 

There are two minutes left now . . .

In Seopirang, everyone is covering their bottom with jackets. Tourists laugh. 

Team Kim Joon-ho has taken everything off except for their underwear. With 30 seconds left, and Kim Joon-ho takes off his boxers and adds it to the chain saying, “This is a real leader.” Everyone is covering themselves with towels. 

There are five seconds left. 

The PD asks them to video call, but Kim Joon-ho wants to get it over with quickly because they’re so cold. Cha Tae-hyun says, “If I knew I’d do this, I would have filmed some sex scenes in my movies.”

Defconn then points his phone’s camera at Kim Joon-ho’s privates to the other cast members. Then Kim Joon-ho realizes, “Hey! The camera crew is watching.” How embarrassing.

Cha Tae-hyun laughs like a hyena. 

Cha Tae-hyun then notes the sign behind him saying, “No leaning, No fire, No littering.” Cha Tae-hyun says, “Yay! We didn’t break any rules, but I bet they’ll add don’t stripping after this.”

It’s results time. Team Kim Joon-ho’s chain is 29 meters and 20 cm long while Team Kim Jong-min got 32 meters and 55 cm.

Team Kim Joon-ho lost because they didn’t straighten their clothes. They get dressed. 

The two teams call each other. Yoon Dong-gu brags that his jackets detached into an outer and inner shell and even had a detachable belt. Team Kim Joon-ho hangs up on him.

Defconn mutters, “How annoying” while Kim Joon-ho laments, “We’re ghosts, have nothing to live for, just walking around.”

Team Kim Jong-min get to eat some Tongyeong delicacies. Team Kim Joon-ho gets just plain rice wrapped in seaweed. So bland. 

Meanwhile, the production team holds an emergency meeting. They didn’t expect any of the teams to lose all their pears this quickly, but it’s okay because the PDs come up with a new plan which is to loan them some pears. Kim Joon-ho and Cha Tae-hyun sing the jingle for a popular loan company.

The PD tells them they can borrow 1 to 10 pears, but later have to give back twice as many. At a 100% interest rate, that’s practically usury. Kim Joon-ho decides to take on 10 additional pears. What a gambler!

First, Kim Joon-ho bets five pears on their archery game. He’s back at it again. 

Unfortunately this game isn’t skill based. It’s bok-bul-bok archery, so it’s all about luck. Nobody wants to bite the bullet, so they play rocks-paper-scissors to decide who’ll be shooting. Kim Joon-ho wins rocks-paper-scissors, so he’s the one shooting, and the one who’ll get the blame if they lose.

He gets six balloons. Three of them are filled with water, while the others are filled with squid ink. The goal is to pick four balloons and shoot each of them at two staff members, Cha Tae-hyun, and Defconn. It doesn’t matter which balloons hit the staff members, but if he accidentally picks one of the squid ink balloons and shoots his team mates with it, they lose their bet.

Kim Joon-ho declares that he’ll aim the first two balloons at the staff members. The first one is an ink bomb, and the ink splatters everywhere. It’s so overwhelming, that Kim Joon-ho immediately apologizes profusely, even though he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, this is a good thing because that means one less ink bomb for his team, but poor, poor staff member. Luckily for the next staff member, the second one is filled with water.

Now it’s time to shoot at Defconn. It’s water, luckily. Okay, so now there one water and two ink balloons left. The odds are against them. It’ stime to shoot Cha Tae-hyun, Defconn runs away, not wanting to get splashed. It’s water! Wow! Chance favors the brave.

Since they had bet five pears, they’re now at -15 pears.

Meanwhile, Team Kim Jong-min heads to the Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway for “Interview with Admiral Lee Soon-shin.” Poor Kim Jong-min is scared of heights, so he’s too antsy in the cable car to enjoy they view of Tongyeong Port and Mireuk Mountain. Btw, this is the longest cable car in Korea at 1,975 meters long. They arrive safely, but it’s amother 15-20 minute hike to the top of Mireuk Mountain. Poor Jung Joon-young and all his hiking since he’s returned to the show. Jung Joon-young walks on all fours and looks like a black poodle with his hair.

They arrive at the Mount Mireuk Observatory. 

The game for “Interview with Admiral Lee Soon-shin” is to flip a 100 won coin and make it land on heads three times in a row since the heads side of the 100 won coin features Admiral Lee Soon-shin. Kim Jong-min exclaims, “We came all the way up here to do this?!?”

They bet just one pear since the odds are against them. 

Jung Joon-young goes first and he gets heads. Kim Jong-min is next and fails with tails. It took them like one minute to play this game and probably hours to get to the top of the mountains. puhahaha.

The PD asks if they want to try one more time. Yoon Dong-gu convinces them not to, but before they head down, they write letters to their future selves in the slow mailbox. Lots of tourist attractions have theses mailboxes that send you mail one year later. 

Jung Joon-young writes, “What are you doing these days? I’m just hanging out. Yeah! Sup!” That’s it? 

Kim Jong-min writes, ” You worked really hard in 2017 . . . with no regrets. There are many good thins in 2016, but how are you doing in 2017?” He stops himself, realizing that this doesn’t make any sense. Is he writing in past tense or present tense?

Dong-gu writes, “Because memories are precious, you from 2018 must be thinking of this moment and missing it . . . so you have to live happily. Also, to present me . . . I hope you are happy.”

Then they head back down on the cable car.

Team Kim Joon-ho has time for one last mission, so they go for “The Mission is ____.” The head to Seopirang where Team Kim Jong-min was at the beginning of today’s episode. This is the mural village with 33 steps to the top. On each step, there is a quote from novelist Park Kyong-ni.

The team arrives at the top of the stairs, and the PD asks about the quotes on the stairs on the way up. Cha Tae-hyun says to bet just one pear and get it over with so they can get a chance to look at the stairs again. 

They get the same question Team Kim Jong-min got last episode. The first quote is, “It’s not that there aren’t simple joys, but love ____. You must love ____. You must bear with the way it is.” They have no idea, so they just guess Cha Tae-hyun’s daughter, “Soo-jin.” It’s obviously wrong, and the correct answer is sadness. 

They go back down the steps, taking photos with their cellphones. Time’s up. The PD tells them to stop looking, and head back up the stairs, but Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Joon-ho try to sneak extra looks at their photos. A PD warns Kim Joon-ho to stop, but he just replies, “No, I got a text from my mom.” 

This round, they decide to bet 8 pears. It’s promising because Cha Tae-hyun definitely saw this next quote. The second question is “____  is a repository made up by the accumulation of experience and time.” Unfortunately, everyone claims that this wasn’t theirs. Oh no! They don’t remember. Time is ticking. They have just 30 seconds to respond. They go with reminiscences, but the right answer is memory.

Team Kim Joon-ho decides to do one more, this time they’ll bet just one pear.  The third question is “There is no one who doesn’t long for ____. ____ is the basis of life. Especially for the literati since the memories of the childhood are their seed capital. 

This one was definitely in Cha Tae-hyung’s section. Defconn guesses it’s hometown. Yes! Finally someone got one. Kim Joon-ho wants to keep betting, but they’re out of time and have to move to the next location. 

Both teams head to the Tongyeong Boat Terminal. During the drive there, Kim Joon-ho calls Ilyoung PD and tries to negotiate the interest from 100% down to 20%. The PD says 50%, and if they can’t pay it back by the end of the race, one team member has to jump into the ocean. Kim Joon-ho keeps trying to negotiate it further down. PD then says at 30% all three of them have to jump. Kim Joon-ho says it’s a deal.

The two teams meet up at the terminal to head to Hansan Island where the famous Battle of Hansan took place. The get on a boat and a few of the cast members feed crackers to seagulls. One even takes a bite out of their hands. I’ve been on this exact boat, and the seagulls really do chase boats and eat out of your hands. It’s really fun. 

Meanwhile, Kim Joon-ho and Jung Joon-young are asleep in the seating area of the boat. They must have been really tired. 

The crew arrives at Hansan Island. From the dock, it’s a twenty minute walk to Jeseungdang which was the naval headquarters of the surrounding three provinces during the Imjin War. There’s even a rebuilt pavilion called Suru where Admiral Lee Soon-shin actually stood to watch to sea currents. 

During the Imjin War, there were three major fights, the Siege of Haengju, the Siege of Jinju, and the Battle of Hansan Island.

For this final round of “I Still Have Twelve Ships” there will be three rounds, with one person per team competing in each round. The two other team mates will bet pears on who they think will win. 

Round One: Turtle Ship 

Round one is Kim Jong-min versus Cha Tae-hyun. It’s a chicken fight, except this version is done barefoot on a pressure mat because apparently the pricky parts of the mat are like the prickly shell of Admiral Lee Soon-shin’s Turtle Ships. PD adds that they have to have both hands on their leg at all times. Team Kim Joon-ho bets that Kim Jong-min will win while Team Jong-min bets against their teammate. The two players don’t know who their teammates bet on, so they don’t know if they should try their best or not. 

The chicken fight starts, but Kim Jong-min falls over on his own. Jung Joon-young and Yoon Dong-gu cheer. Kim Jong-min takes a minute to realize that his team bet that Cha Tae-hyun would win and then joins in on the cheering. 

Kim Joon-ho is a sore loser and makes fun of Kim Jong-min for pretending to lose so obviously. Kim Jong-min insists that he wasn’t pretending, and it really is that painful to jump on the pressure mat. 

The PD offers a bonus round Kim Joon-ho vs Kim Jong-min. The winner gets two pear

They start, and Kim Joon-ho admits pretty much right away that it is super painful to jump on it. Both just stand there hoping the other hurts himself while jumping around on the mat. Finally, Kim Joon-ho inches forward, but he’s in pain. Kim Jong-min falls over after just standing. Kim Joon-ho admits that Kim Jong-min must not have been faking it. 

Round Two: Quiz Mission. 

The next round is a quiz game, except there’s just one question. Team Kim Joon-ho bets three pears on Yoon Dong-gu. Team Kim Jong-min also bets two pears on Yoon Dong-gu. 

The question is “Admiral Lee Soon-shin was appointed the head of three provinces and led Korea to big victory. How old was he when he passed the state exam for civil servants?”

Yoon Dong-gu raises his hand first and guesses “40 years old.” It’s wrong. Defconn is smart enough to guess that his team would have bet on the brainy Yoon Dong-gu to win, so he makes up a ridiculous guess, “12 years old?” Of course that’s wrong.

Then Yoon Dong-gu guess, “41 years old.” That’s wrong too. Defconn says, “30 . . . uh  . . . 32 years old.” He changes his answer after looking at the PD’s expression. He’s intentionally trying to get it wrong, but that ends up being the correct answer. LOL.

The episode ends with Team Kim Joon-ho at -4 pears and Team Kim Jong-min with 5 pears. 

The scenery this episode was really beautiful. I actually got a bit distracted and stopped paying attention during some of the games to look around.

I can’t wait to go back to Tongyeong this summer and have some Chungmu kimbap. 

Next Week: Disco party in Tongyeong City. 


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