2016 SAF SBS Entertainment Awards

2016 SAF SBS Entertainment Awards
2016 SBS Entertainment Awards: December 25, 2016

*Note: For the acceptance speeches, I only wrote down the highlights and not the full speeches since it takes too much time to translate the full thank you lists. 

Part One

The show starts with Yang Se-hyung and Kim Shin-young turning on a Godfather parody clip with Lee Kyung-kyu sitting in a Bodyfriend massage chair. Their product placement is all over SBS these days. 

Yoon Jung-soo walks in to the “Godfather’s” office talking about how so many show couples have turned into real couples like Kim Kook-jin and Kang Su-ji. 

After he walks out, four Twice members then walk in asking if they can perform during the SBS Entertainment Awards. Lee Kyung-kyu tells them they’re so cute they should do the opening and closing.

Kim Young-chul is next and he’s mad that he’s not a Daesang candidate this year. Actually, he’s not nominated for any SBS awards.

He’s followed by Kang Ho-dong who says SBS called him to be the MC even though he doesn’t currently have any SBS programs right now. Lee Kyung-kyu admits that he doesn’t have any SBS programs either, but they should just host anyways. 

Now we get introduced to this year’s hosts, Lee Kyung-kyu, Lee Si-young, and Kang Ho-dong. The hosts talk about how they’ve prepared something special for those who go over their acceptance speeches. Whenever the winners go over the time limit, the hosts will be blasted with air. 

We get a montage of the first Daesang candidate, Kim Gook Jin. The other nominees are

  • Kim Gook-jin – Flaming Youth
  • Kim Gura – Same Bed Different Dreams
  • Yoo Jae-suk – Running Man, Same Bed Different Dreams
  • Kim Byung-man – Law of the Jungle
  • Shin Dong-yup – My Ugly Duckling, TV Animal Farm

Yang Se-hyung interviews Kim Gook-jin in a super close interview. Kim Gook-jin says that he’s not expecting anything but cleared a space in his house anyways. 

Yoo Jae-suk and Choi Min-ho present the Male Rookie Award. 

Male Rookie Award 

  • Kangnam – Law of the Jungle
  • Kim Min-seok – Inkigayo
  • Dong Gang-rok – People Looking for a Laugh
  • Yoo Byung-jae – Flower Crew

Kangnam, “Mom! I got an award! Also my Aunts! I got an award. I went to the jungle five times, but I still didn’t expect an award.”

Yoo Byung-jae, “Mom! I got an award! (He’s imitating Kangnam) I didn’t expect this at all because I didn’t do anything. Thank you everyone. Thank you. Thank you.” 

Yoo Jae-suk and Choi Min-ho also present the Female Rookie Award. 

Female Rookie Award 

  • Gong Seung-yeon, Jeong-yeon – Inkigayo
  • Lee Si-young – 3 Chef Kings
  • Lee Yeon-su – Burning Youth
  • Jang Da-un – People Looking for a Laugh

Lee Yeon-su, “You don’t find dreams, you build them. I love Burning Youth.”

Gong Seung-yeon, “Thank you Inkigayo. We’ll work harder.”

Jeong-yeon, “We’ll work hard.”

Yang Se-hyung then interviews Kim Gura while lying down on the ground. Kim Gura says he expects Mr. Yoo or the other Mr. Kim to win the Daesang.

Choi Sung-guk and Kim Wan Sun present the Radio DJ Award. They wish that more people would listen to the radio these days.

Radio DJ Award 

  • Park So-hyun – Love Game

Park So-hyun, “I’m very lacking to be bale to do a live broadcast, so thank you. Merry Christmas and thank you God.”

Next, Twice performs “Cheer up” and “TT” featuring rap by Park Soo-hong. They must be tired performing back to back at the KBS and SBS awards. 

The third interview for the Daesang candidate is Yoo Jae-suk. Yang Se-hyung jumps on Jae-suk’s arms because he heard that he’s been working out. He makes Jae-suk walk up the stairs while carrying him.

Kim Kook-jin and Kang Su-ji present the Best Couple Award. They got it last year, so maybe that’s why they’re not in the running.

Best Couple Award

  • Kim Kwang-gyu & Kim Wan-sun – Burning Youth
  • Park Hyung-il & Park Soon-ja – Jagiya
  • Baek Jong-won & Kim Joon Hyung – 3 Chef Kings
  • Seo Kang-joon & Jota – Law of the Jungle

Park Hyung-il, “I’ve become best friends with my mother in law.”

Park Soon-ja, “Through Jagiya, I’ve come to think of my son in law as my own son.”

Kim Kwang-gyu, “I always wanted to go on a school trip. Burning Love is like that trip I never went on.”

Kim Wan-sun, “Please keep watching Burning Youth.”

The next Daesang candidate is Kim Byung-man. Yang Se-hyung calls him cute because he’s even shorter than him. Kim Byung-man says he’s better at work that the other candidates. Kim Byung-man, “It’s so dark right now.” Yang Se-hyung is blocking his eyes. 

Bodyfriend CEO Park Sang-hyun and actress Gong Seung-yeon present the Best Friend Award. They all get a massage chair as a prize. How lucky!

Best Friend Award

  • Flower Crew

Kang Seung-yoon, “I’ll work hard to be your best friend. Please watch Flower Crew.”

The last Daesang candidate is Shin Dong-yup. Yang Se-hyung sits in between Shin Dong-yup’s legs. If he wins, this would be his first win at SBS. Shin Dong-yup thinks Kim Gook-jin is the most likely candidate. Shin Dong-yup says he likes My Ugly Duckling more than TV Animal Farm.

Kim Kwang-kyu and Leeteuk present the Scene Stealer Award. 

Scene Stealer Award 

  • Choi Sung-guk – Burning Youth
  • Jo Se-ho – Flower Crew

Choi Sung-guk, “I haven’t received a lot of awards. I recently filmed a show where I thought about the greatest moment of my life. It was when Kim Gook-jin made me seaweed soup for my birthday. I’m so greatful for Burning Youth.”

Jo Se-ho, “Thank you. This is a big award for me. Thank you.”

Writer Award

  • Yook So-young – My Ugly Duckling
  • Park Jing-ah – Curious Story Y, The Unanswered, TV Animal Farm
  • Lee Jae-gook – Kim Chang-Ryul’s Old School

The comedians of People Looking for Laughter have a skit prepared. They try to photoshop the five Daesang candidates’ faces but fail. I think this might be a parody of one of the skits on that show, but I’m not sure. 

Jo Se-ho and Yoo Byung-jae present the Producer Award.

Producer Award

  • Park Soo-hong – My Ugly Duckling
  • Kim Joon-hyung – 3 Chef Kings

Park Soo-hong, “I thought this award was for producers. Why did I get this? This is my first award from SBS. Thank you mom.”

Kim Joon-hyung, “I will try to bring a new type of entertainment. Dad got an award.”

The next is the Special Award presented by Kim Joon-hyung and Kim Ji-min. It’s weird how he just got an award and is presenting right after. 

Special Award

  • Baek Jong-won – 3 Chef Kings

Baek Jong-won, “3 Chef Kings is really all about the viewers. It’s a tough program because of all the travelling to local places, so thank you to the production team. We’ll work hard to find more hidden gems.”

Part Two

Part Two starts off with a performance of Girlfriend’s “You and Me.”

Lee Tae-im and Kangnam are the next presenters. Lee Tae-im says she’s preparing for a new drama. They present the Mobile Icon Award.

Mobile Icon Award

  • Yang Se-hyung

Yang Se-hyung, “This award is for mobile content. A lot of people don’t like me, but I’m working hard because there are still some who like me. Ever since I was seven, I wanted to be a comedian. Thank you.”

There’s a clip of Jealousy Incarnate narrating the next awards. 

This and That Award goes to the following people

  • Tony Ahn – My Ugly Duckling
  • Yoo Byung-jae – Flower Crew
  • Lee Kwang-soo – Running Man
  • Heo Ji-woong – My Ugly Duckling
  • Park Soo-hong – My Ugly Duckling

Seo Jang-hoon and Nara present Best Entertainer Award. This one is for those who aren’t originally entertainers. 

Best Entertainer Award

  • Kim Min-seok – Inkigayo
  • Seolhyeon –  Law of the Jungle
  • Kim Hwan – Jagiya, Law of the Jungle

Kim Min-seok, “Hello. I was a little sad I didn’t get the rookie award. Inkigayo isn’t a grueling program, so I’m grateful. Thank you for letting me be the MC.”

Seolhyeon, “Thank you for this good award. Thank you Kim Byung-man.”

Kim Hwan, “I’m doing five SBS programs right now, I’ll work hard to get to 7 or 8.”

Heo Ji-woong and Tony Ahn present this year’s Program Award (Variety).

Program Award (Variety)

  • My Ugly Duckling

PD Kwak Seung-yeon, “We’ll work hard.”

Program Award (Lifestyle & Documentary)

  • The Unanswered

PD, “There are six teams working on this show. It’s mentally taxing. Thank you to the viewers for helping us. We’ll do our best to find the truth especially about Park Geun-hye.”

Star Award

  • Park Jin-young – Kpop Star

Park Jin-young, “Thank you. I recently ate with a village elder who always watches Kpop Star. In the new year, I hope that we can make a fair program.”

Park Soo-hong and Hwang Seok-jeong present the Excellence Award (Comedy) to the comedians of People Looking for Laughter. 

Excellence Award (Comedy)

  • Kim Won-gu – Oh My God Girl, The Day in History
  • Kim Jeong-hwan – Do It for Me, Ssaljeon
  • Kim Jin-gon – The Pain of Creativity, Take Care of Aggashi
  • Hong Hyeon-hui – The Girl in Fantasy

Kim Jin-gon, “I just bought these pants for the award show. I had to get them shortened. Thank you. Yoonah said if I get the award I have to buy her lobster. Since you eat it all, I hope you’d buy it instead. I love you mom, dad, nuna, and niblings.” 

Kim Jeong-hwan, “News and comedy are neck and neck these days, I’ll work hard to make comedy funnier.”

Excellence Award (Reality Show & Talk Show)

  • Sung Dae-hyeon – Jagiya, Finding Genius
  • Jeon Hyun-moo – Kpop Star, Fantastic Duo
  • Cultwo – Finding Genius
  • Tony Ahn – My Ugly Duckling

Sung Dae-hyeon, “Thank you but i don’t know if I deserve this award. I’m really lacking compared to the other people here. I’m very introverted, but because of Jagiya I received a lot of love. Thank you Kim Won-hee. Thank you CP for giving me this chance. Thank you SBS CEO.”

Jeon Hyun-moo, “This is my first award from SBS. Fantastic Duo has a season two.”

Excellence Award (Variety Show)

  • Ku Bon-seung – Burning Youth
  • Kim Wan-sun – Burning Youth
  • Seo Jang-hoon – My Ugly Duckling, Flower Crew
  • Ahn Jung-hwan – Flower Crew

Seo Jang-hoon, “Thank you. I got the Rookie Award last year and feel bad again for getting another award. I used to feel like SBS was the rival team, but now it’s my home team.”

For the third musical performance of the night, Jeon In-kwon and the Daesang candidates all sing his iconic song, “Don’t Worry Dear.”

Kim Gura and Kang Ye-won present the Top Excellence Award. Kang Ye-won 

Top Excellence Award (Comedy Show)

  • Lee Eung-hyeong – The Girl in the Fantasy, With Men
  • Choi Guk – The Pain of Creativity 
  • Hong Yoon-hwa – Baek Housewife TV, Yoon-hwa is Seven Years Old, Take Care of Aggashi
  • Hwang Hyeon-hui – Ssaljul – Deokhoo’s World

Hong Yoon-hwa, “I am ready to make people laugh whenever, wherever. I hope you only have laughter in 2017.”

Top Excellence Award (Reality Show & Talk Show)

  • Kim Gun-mo – My Ugly Duckling, Fantastic Duo
  • Kim Joon-hyung – 3 Top Chefs
  • Park Soo-hong – My Ugly Duckling
  • Han Hye-jin – My Ugly Duckling

Kim Gun-mo is absent due to the flu. 

Top Excellence Award (Variety Show)

  • Kang Su-ji – Burning Youth
  • Lee Kwang-soo – Running Man
  • Jo Se-ho – Flower Crew
  • Haha – Running Man

Asia’s Prince, “I don’t know what to say. *cries* I’m sorry. Thank you and good work to the Running Man team. I was very happy. Thank you for the past seven years from when I was 25 to 32.”

SBS’s CEO Park Jeong-hoon and Seolhyeon present the Daesang. SBS CEO, “There were some mistakes we made, we’ll do what we can to right the wrongs. We’ll work hard to create healthy programs in the new year.”


  • Kim Gook-jin – Flaming Youth
  • Kim Gura – Same Bed Different Dreams
  • Yoo Jae-suk – Running Man, Same Bed Different Dreams
  • Kim Byung-man – Law of the Jungle
  • Shin Dong-yup – My Ugly Duckling, TV Animal Farm

Shin Dong-yup, “It’s a lie if I said I wasn’t hoping for the award. I didn’t know if I’d get it because My Ugly Duckling started late in the year. At the end of the year, I’m used to hosting at various networks while watching everyone else get the Daesang. It’s incomparably much better getting the award. I made my debut in SBS and it’s my first SBS award in 26 years. I feel like I’m getting praised by my father. Also, My Ugly Duckling brings me lots of happiness as it makes me think of my own mother. Thank you to my mother in the heavens and my father who is currently at the hospital.”


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