2017 Lunar New Year Specials Lineup

2017 Lunar New Year Specials Lineup
2017 Lunar New Year Specials Lineup

*Note: This post will be updated as I find more information.



Syndrome Man 신드롬맨-나만 그런가? / KBS

Broadcast Time: Friday January 27th – 6 PM

Hosts: Kim Gura, Kim Min-jong, Kim Heechul, Jung Yong-hwa

Guests: Choi Min-soo, Solbi

Synopsis: Four MCs will observe the daily lives of various guest celebrities and diagnose their syndromes. The MCs will pick the celebrity with the most relateable syndrome to appoint as the “super syndrome.”


Girl Group Victory 걸그룹 대첩 가문의 영광

Broadcast Time: Monday January 30th – 6 PM / KBS

Hosts: Yang Se-hyung, Leetuek, Min Kyung-hoon

Cast Members: Apink, DIA, EXID, GFriend, Gugudan, LABOUM, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet, and WJSN

Synopsis: 9 girl groups will compete through live collaboration performances of popular karaoke songs.




Heaven’s Office (내 생애 단 하나의 기억 – 천국사무소) / SBS

Broadcast Time: TBD

Hosts: TBD

Guest: Ahn Jae-wook

Synopsis: The Heaven Office is a virtual space that celebrities must pass by before going to heaven. Here they must first register their residence by looking back on their life. They can only take one of their memories with them to heaven.


Once Again, Even If I Don’t Know / Elementary School Student Teacher (몰라도 다시 한번 / 초등학쌤) 

Broadcast Time: TBD / SBS

Hosts: Kang Ho-dong

Cast Members: Momo, Amber, Kangnam, Ten (NCT), Henry, The 8

Synopsis: Six foreign celebrities will be paired up with elementary school students to study for the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean).


Unexpected Mystery Club (뜻밖의 미스터리 클럽)

Broadcast Time: TBD

Cast Members: Sung Shi-kyung, Kim Eui-sung, Han Hye-jin, Shindong, Tyler Rasch

Synopsis: The cast will look at real life mysterious and try to solve them.


King of Comedy (희극지왕)

Broadcast Time: TBD / SBS

Hosts: Lee Kyung-kyu

Cast Members: Park Mi-sun, Yoon Jung-soo, Ji Sang-ryeol, Kim Young-chul, Kim Soo-yong, Shin Bong-sun, Jang Do-yeon, Lee Sang-jun, Ahn Shi-woo, Nam Ho-yeon, Hong Yoon-hwa, Hong Hyeon-hui

Synopsis: TBD


Boat Horn Clenched Fists (주먹 쥐고 뱃고동)

Broadcast Time: TBD / SBS

Cast Members: Kim Byung-man, Yook Joong-wan, Lee Sang-min, Kim Jong-min, Kang Ye-won, Yook Sung-jae

Synopsis: Cast members will study marine biology and find new fish species. 




Insolent Housemates (발칙한 동거, 빈방있음)

Broadcast Time: Friday January 27th – Saturday January 28th

Guests: P.O. (Block B), Kim Shin-young, Hong Jin-young / WJSN, Oh Se-deuk / Han Eun-jung, Kim Gura

Synopsis: Celebrities will put their spare rooms up for rent to other celebrities with personalities that are different from them. At the last day of their contract, they will choose Yes or No to continue their stay.


Oppa’s Thoughts 오빠생각

Broadcast Time: TBD

Cast Members: Tak Jae-hoon, Yang Se-hyung, Yoo Se-yoon, Yang Se-chan, Solbi, Lee Sang-jun, Lee Mal-nyeon, Kyungri, Joy, Cha Eun-woo, Yoon Kyun-sang, Chae Soo-bin

Synopsis: Yoon Kyun-sang and Chae Soo-bin submit requests to two team led by Yoo Se-yoon and Yang Se-hyung to create viral videos for them. 


2017 Idol Star Athletics Championship (설특집 2017 아육대)

Broadcast Time: TBD 

Hosts: Jeon Hyun-moo, Lee Soo-geun, Jung Eun-ji (Apink)

Cast Members: see chart below

Synopsis: This year’s competition will feature aerobic dance, archery, rhythmic gymnastics, and track and field.


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