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Variety Show Recaps

This site provides recaps for shows airing on an assortment of basic and cable channels including

National television networks

  EBS – Educational Broadcasting System

  KBS – Korean Broadcasting System

  MBC – Munhwa Broadcasting System

  SBS –  Seoul Broadcasting System

General programming cable networks



  TV Chosun

  Channel A

CJ E&M networks







News Bites

KVR Provides news regarding variety shows including upcoming shows, cast member additions and changes, and more. 

This site strives to provide accurate and up to date information without bias.



Our Story

Korean Variety Recaps is a recap and news blog for Korean TV shows. It was founded with the intention of providing reviews, commentary, and news for international audiences, particularly while they wait for subtitles for their favorite variety shows. 

Korean Variety Recaps was founded in October 2016. 

The Writer

The Writer

Korean Variety Recaps

KVR first started watching Korean TV with the variety dating show “War of the Roses” and became an active variety fan through classics such as “Family Outing,” “X-man,” and “Love Letter.” Recent favorites include “Society Game” and “God of Music.” KVR currently lives in Seoul, South Korea and can be contacted at admin@koreanvarietyrecaps.com