Announcement: State of the Blog 3

Announcement: State of the Blog 3

Hello Readers!

I just wanted to let you know that this blog is not being neglected. I’ve been working very diligently during the weekdays trying to work on some maintenance issues, mostly regarding the very slow page load speed. I don’t know much about stuff like that, so the trial and error approach I’ve been using has been pretty time consuming.

I’ve managed to cut the page load speed by half, but it’s still way too long. I’m still working on cutting it down even more, so thank you for being patient over the last couple of weeks while the blog wasn’t being properly updated. 

-KVR 🙂



  1. Amanda O.

    Hi KVR,

    I’d like to suggest that you recap a show– It’s called “Hello Counselor”, at least in the English YouTube versions, however, I’ve also heard it called “Annyonghaseyo” or “National Counseling Session”. It’s hosted by Shin Dongyup, Lee Yongja, Jung Chanwoo, Kim Taegyun, and Choi Taejun. It’s where people write in their concerns and the hosts help try to resolve them.

    I know you must be busy but it’s a show that’s been going for pretty long, and I personally think would be interesting.

    And please keep recapping Running Man.

    Thank you. 😀

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Hi Amanda,

      I love hearing about what other people enjoy watching, so thank you for your comment! I watch Missing 9 where Choi Taejun plays a serial killer, so I find it hilarious watching how kind and helpful he tries to be on Hello Counselor.

      I’m planning on adding more shows in mid-March, so I’ll consider adding Hello Counselor then.



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