Battle Trip Recap: Episode 24

Battle Trip Recap: Episode 24

Episode 24: October 22, 2016

Last week’s episode was part one of the Autumn Korean Vacation MC Special where Kim Sook and Park So-hyun got a record breaking 94 votes for their “Overnight Tour” in Jeolla Province. Today’s episode concludes the MC Special with San E and Hwang Gwanghee in Gyeongsang Province.


In the studio, Sung Shi-kung taunts Lee Hwi-jae, “If you’re going to keep losing, why don’t we just change the name of the show from <Battle Trip> to just <Trip>?”



It’s an uphill battle, but San E and Hwang Kwanghee commence their “Meet Meat Tour” in Gyeongsang Province at the Mungyeong Saejae Provincial Park in Mungyeong City. It’s part of a well known film location for historical dramas and movies such as <The Moon Embracing the Sun>, <Sungkyunkwan Scandal>, and <Masquerade> just to name a few. I’ve never been to this particular set in Mungyeong before, but I like to go to historical sets like this one because they get used so often that I often see places that I recognize in dramas and movies.


While pretending to be scholars from the Joseon Dynasty, Hwang Kwanghee speaks down to San E and the two bicker about who’s the senior of the two. Hwang Kwanghee says that ZE:A debuted in January 2010. San E debuted in September 2010. In order to punish him for his insolence, Hwang Kwanghee drags San E over to a Joseon style torture stand and beats him.


Just like Kim Sook and Park So-hyun, San E and Hwang Kwanghee try on some Korean traditional hanboks. They film their own mini-music video.


For lunch, the two go to a Korean BBQ restaurant. The water there is infused with mineral rocks, which are supposedly even more mineraly in Mungyeong. Gwanghee insists that he can taste the minerals. San E, “Whatchou talkin’ bout? It just tastes like water.” Heh.

They then have various cuts of Korean beef which is known for being fattier than imported beef. It’s kind of like wagyu beef, but with a little bit less fat.

The food is delicious and Hwang Gwanghee brags that even the scenery is nice there. San E, “Whatchou talkin’ bout? There’s just a parking lot under construction.” Hwang Gwanghee, “Let’s just pretend it’s nice and ask the PD to add CG.”


The PDs add in a cow licking mineral rocks. Ha. That’s one of the things I really like about Korean variety shows. I wonder why other countries don’t use CGs.


The duo then decide they have to do something more active if they want to beat Kim Sook and Park So-hyun. They check out the zip-line which is a little expensive at 55,000 won (~55 USD), but it’s not too bad when you consider that it’s a nine part course that lasts roughly two hours.

The zip-line is located deep in the forest, so it has some amazing natural scenery. Hwang Kwanghee says he saw some deer while zip-lining which is pretty cool, but then he adds that he also saw bears and lions and tigers, so I’m a bit skeptical about whether he actually saw any wildlife there.


Next, they go to a shooting range which costs 17,000 won (~17 USD) per person after a 10% discount from a package set with the zip-line.

San E’s confident that he can beat Hwang Gwanghee, “I don’t know if Gwanghee can even hold a gun properly.” Ironically, San E doesn’t get a single shot, while Hwang Gwanghee manages to shoot a couple discs.


The evening is spent in Ulsan City. For dinner, they have raw beef that is seasoned like spicy raw fish soup. I’ve never heard of raw beef being served that way before, so it must be something unique to that restaurant. Hwang Gwanghee says it has a refreshing taste, kind of like cold buckwheat noodles. They also have bibimbap with whale meat which tastes like a cross between tuna and mackerel. Whale is a somewhat common delicacy in Gyeongsang Province.

Kim Sook keeps trying to comment on the food, since she’s from the area, but gets yelled at by Sung Shi-kyung for helping the other team.

The highlight here is the eunyang bulgogi which along with gwangyang bulgogi and Seoul bulgogi, is one of the three main types of bulgogi. Eonyang Bulgogi comes from Ulsan. It’s thin slices of meat that is mixed with garlic and sesame oil. It’s then squeezed and shredded by hand into a ball and comes out tender and meaty.

Hwang Gwanghee calls comedian Kim Young-chul, who’s a local for some more travel tips. He tells them to go to his high school crush’s restaurant. It’s a seafood restaurant located by the sea.


I’ve never really though of Ulsan as a beach city, because it’s so industrialized, but the ocean here does look pretty nice. There’s a grassy field perfect for flying kites. The two sneak up on a random tourist to photobomb.


The trip ends in the Yeongnam Alps for some paragliding. Unfortunately, it’s too windy for them to try it, but Hwang Gwanghee goes back to Ulsan on another day to do so. I’m surprised that paragliding takes only about 20 minutes. They must fall pretty quickly, although I’ve never tried paragliding before, so I don’t really know if that’s fast or not.

It’s time for votes. Can they pass Kim Sook and Park So-hyun’s 94? Nope. It’s just 69 votes. San E still gives Hwang Gwanghee a hug though. Aw.

Next week: <Battle Trip> goes to Thailand.


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