Competition shows include anything with an elimination. The elimination can be done through a viewing audience, the show’s own participants, a panel of judges, or some combination of the three. Competition shows include game shows, music shows, dance shows, sports shows, etc.

Society Game Recap: Episode 12

January 2, 2017 12

Episode 12: January 1, 2016: Final Episode Last Week: Madong’s leader Lee Byeong-kwan chose Lee Hae-sung over Hyun Kyung-ryul, but Jung In-jik was unconvinced. Hyun Read More

Society Game Recap: Episode 11

December 27, 2016 2

Episode 11: December 25, 2016 Last Week: Hyun Kyung-ryul unsuccessfully tried to become the Madong leader by bribing Lee Byeong-kwan. Madong (Orange) won the Rolling Read More

Society Game Recap: Episode 9

December 13, 2016 5

Episode 9: December 11, 2016 Last Week: Lee Byeong-kwan became the new leader of Madong. A second player exchange was announced, and MJ tried to convince Read More

Society Game Recap: Episode 8

December 6, 2016 16

Episode 8: December 4, 2016 Last Week: Pharaoh found the leader’s nameplate. Madong lost the team challenge after a valiant but ultimately unsuccessful effort by Read More

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