While all shows on this website are all technically variety shows, this category is reserved for the most traditional of Korean variety TV. Basically, there is a permanent cast that does wacky challenges. While there may be multi-part arcs, for the most part, these shows are non-episodic.

Running Man Recap: Episode 335

January 23, 2017 1

Episode 335: Ji Suk-jin’s Week – Big Nose’s Counterattack: January 22, 2017 The Member’s Week Special continues as planned. This week it’s Ji Suk-jin’s turn. He tells Read More

Running Man Recap: Episode 334

January 16, 2017 8

Episode 334: Kim Jong-kook’s Week – Marrying Off the Tiger: January 15, 2017 Kim Jong-kook is the second protagonist for the 2017 Members’ Week Project. Unlike Read More

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