Daily News Round-up: April 10, 2017

Daily News Round-up: April 10, 2017

For the Daily News Round-up, I round up and summarize the stories on the front page of the Naver TV & Entertainment News section. Most of the stories there are actually about Kdramas and general celebrity gossip, so I just pick out the ones that are variety show related.

Cast of Crime Scene Season 3 Revealed

Season three will have five fixed cast members. There’s film director Jang Jin, TV personality Park Ji-yoon, actor Kim Ji-hoon, comedian Yang Se-hyung, and Apink member Jung Eun-ji. 

Jang Jin was a fan favorite from season two for his fun acting and and sharp deductive skills while Park Ji-yoon was also fairly popular since she was on both seasons one and two. 

Kim Ji-hoon had a cameo on season 2, and he’s an actor, so he should be pretty interesting as well. 

The production team said that for the upcoming season, they’ve been working to develop better story lines and more reasoning tools. Also, they’ll be using cases that are relevant to recent social issues, so that it’ll be more relateable to viewers. The first episode airs April 28th at 9 PM. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “What about Hong Jin-ho????”
  • “kyah!!!! Jang Jin!!!”
  • “Where’s Hong Jin-ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “What about Hong Jin-ho. I’m glad though Jeon Hyun-moo’s not on it.”
  • “I like them all. I’m going to have to watch it live.”

Source: News 1

No Hong-chul and Haha to Host New Show on MBC

Friends and rivals No Hong-chul and Haha will be MCing a pilot variety show on MBC. Filming will begin next week. 

There aren’t a lot of details out yet,  but it’ll be a sort of training institute to help celebrities work on their variety skills. (I guess it’ll be similar to tvN’s “Variety Show Employment Agency.”) This is subject to change though, since the show is still in the planning stages. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “I get the feeling that the pilot won’t get picked up.”
  • “I remember the Haha vs Hong-chul special (on Infinite Challenge).”
  • “Both of them have lost their style lately.”
  • “Haha is definitely not a good MC. He just works off of others.”
  • “Is Haha going to promote his businesses here too?”

Source: OSEN

Han Hye-jin Denies Reports of  Returning to My Ugly Duckling

There were rumors of Han Hye-jin re-joining the MCs of “My Ugly Duckling.” They were fueled by reports that she hasn’t officially left the show, she’s just taking a break. Also, her soccer player husband, Ki Sung-yeung, should be finishing up his season with Swansea City in May, so many fans speculated she would be returning to the show then. However, earlier today, Han Hye-jin’s agency Namoo Actors denied the rumors that she would be returning to the show. 

Han Hye-jin left the show last December to move abroad to England and spend more time with her husband.

Her agency also explained that there’s no exact date planned for when the couple will return to Korea. 

“My Ugly Duckling” has gotten a lot of positive feedback for having a rotating system of special MCs, so that’s another reason why it’s unlikely that Han Hye-jin will return.

Also, starting this week, “My Ugly Duckling” will change time slots from Fridays to Sundays at 9:15 PM.

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “There’s no difference with her gone.”
  • “Looks like they’re waiting for the right timing.”
  • “I don’t think they’ll be much of an impact even if she returns.”
  • “You made a good decision.”
  • “I completely forgot that Han Hye-jin used to be on the show.”

Source: OSEN

Tiger JK and Bizzy Confirmed as Show Me the Money 6 Producers

Show Me the Money producers have been trying to get Tiger JK on the show since season one, and it looks like they’ve finally made it happen. Tiger Jk and Bizzy will be joining Zico and Dean as producers. 

I guess he was testing out the waters when he appeared as a guest producer on Mnet’s “High School Rapper.” Show Me the Money 6 plans to air in mid 2017. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “The legend has finally arrived.”
  • “I think it would be good to keep Yoon Mi-rae in reserve and then use her as a guest feature~”
  • “The weight of the show went up drastically . . . Show Me the Money 6 did well.”
  • “I spent my middle school years falling for Drunken Tiger kekekekekeke. Good times.”
  • “Korea’s hip hop legend is coming on. I must watch it!”

Source: Sports Chosun


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