Daily News Round-up: April 12, 2017


“New Journey to the West” will be filming in India.

While the cast and crew of “New Journey to the West” filmed in China for the first three seasons, the fourth season will take place in India. According to Ilgan Sports, PD Na Young-seok along with several crew members have already completed scouting the location. The crew will begin filming in early May.

According to PD Shin Hyo-jeong, the cast will be searching for Buddhist scriptures in India. Since there were cast changes in the previous two seasons, this time, the show decided to change locations to add variety to the show. PD Shin Hyo-jeong declined offering more specifics about the location because privacy is required in order for the crew to film freely. She thanks fans for their interest, but they need secrecy in order to play games and race outside. 

Season four will air in June. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “I want to watch New Journey to the West.”
  • “India is a good choice!!! Travel safely. New Journey to the West is really fun.” 
  • “I trust in New Journey to the West. I hope season four is a success too.”
  • “We all suspected India.”

Source: Ilgan Sports

Tak Jae-hoon to Leave Life Bar

Co-MC Tak Jae-hoon will soon be leaving tvN’s “Life Bar.” The show plans to go on hiatus next week and will be creating a new concept for when it re-airs in mid May. 

Tak Jae-hoon was one of the originals MCs starting last December along with Shin Dong-yup and Kim Joon-hyeon. 

“Life Bar’s” last episode with on will feature Girls Day and will air tomorrow on April 13th. 


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “They had surprisingly bad chemistry, so I watched at first, but stopped watching it.”

  • “Tak Jae-hoon needs to leave. He has no role and just makes dad jokes.” 

  • “Tak Jae-hoon was funniest when he did God of Music with Lee Sang-min, but he’s not funny in any other shows. It would be good if he did another show with Lee Sang-min.”

  • “The concept is to have an honest talk with guests while having drinks, but he’s on the side making jabs, Tak Jae-hoon’s lost his touch.”

Source: Sports Seoul


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