Daily News Round-up: April 17, 2017

Daily News Round-up: April 17, 2017

Lee Sang-min's Mother Talks About Son's Debt and Divorce

During Her First Appearance on My Ugly Duckling

Lee Sang-min’s mother recently joined the cast of “My Ugly Duckling” where she talked about her son’s divorce and 6.98 billion won debt. (~6.98 million USD)

On the episode of “My Ugly Duckling” that aired on April 16th, the MCs asked her what the ugliest thing her son did was. She carefully replied, “There’s a lot. There’s too much.”

Lee Sang-min’s mother said when she first heard about his 6.98 billion won debt, she could’t rest or even drink water until she managed to get him on the phone. She had mistakenly thought the police arrested those who were bankrupt.

She added that she was more shocked by the fact that he was bankrupt rather than the actual amount of debt. She still trembles from the thought of it today.

She also honestly confessed that she was against his divorce due to his age.

During the April 16th episode of “My Ugly Duckling,” Lee Sang-min’s mother watched her son move into a new house which she shockingly had not known about. MC Seo Jang-hoon asked, “Even I knew about it, but his own mother didn’t?” Lee Sang-min’s mother responded, “He thinks of me even less than Seo Jang-hoon. That’s not right.” She then later noted that he probably didn’t tell her because she might worry about it.

Seo Jang-hoon comforted her by telling her that she doesn’t have to worry anymore as Lee Sang-min is very busy working these days. He’s working diligently in order to pay off his debt faster. He doesn’t even attend dinner get togethers because he’s too busy working.

Lee Sang-min’s mother also talked about asking her son to petition for insolvency since he was having such a difficult time with his debt, but Lee Sang-min had replied that he would just work hard to pay it off.

Source: TV Report


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments

Even if celebrities get paid a lot, it’s not easy to pay off 6.9 billion won. However, it’s probably easier than non-celebrities. He said he wanted to pay it off through his work . . . let’s cheer him on ~

Sang-min hyung seemed arrogant and pretentious when I first saw him but the more I see him, he seems like a nice guy. He doesn’t do anything immoral on broadcasts and is careful of his words and actions so he’s likable. I hope he hurries up and pays off his debt.

Mr. Lee Sang-min must have had it hard, but his mother as well~~ Continue appearing on My Ugly Duckling and only walk on the flower path~~

He must have almost finished paying it off. Fighting!!

Lee Sang-min is amazing, he doesn’t ask for handouts and works hard on his own. It’s been 12 years since he went into debt and never filed for bankruptcy! That’s really amazing. I’m cheering for Lee Sang-min.

We Got Married to Conclude Season 4

Will Go On Hiatus Before Airing Season 5

Despite earlier reports that “We Got Married” would be cancelled for good, the show producers recently announced they would merely be ending the current season after May 6th and will be returning for a new season.

The virtual marriage show began in 2008, and the fourth season currently follows Gong Myeong & Jeong Hye-sung, Sleepy & Lee Guk-joo, and Choi Min-yong & Jang Do-yeon.

According to a member of the MBC variety department, “As the show has been airing for a long time, we decided to end season four to take some time to change up our show for a new season. This is not the end, but a new beginning.”

It has not yet been decided what will air while “We Got Married” is on hiatus.

Source: TV Report


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Do whatever you want.

Please just stop . . .

Cancel it.

10 years is a long time.

It ended just as Choi Min-yong and Jang Do-yeon joined. kekeke The secret to We Got Married’s ratings is that it airs right before Infinite Challenge. A change isn’t going to do anything.



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