Daily News Round-up: April 19, 2017

Daily News Round-up: April 19, 2017

Lee Hyori to Make Comeback through JTBC's "Hyori's B&B"


Lee Hyori is currently planning a new variety show on cable channel JTBC titled, “Hyori’s B&B.”

In the show, Hyori and her hsuand Lee Sang-soon will open their actual home in Jeju Island as a B&B. Everyone will be allowed to stay for free.

“Hyori’s B&B” will begin filming in mid May and air in June.

Lee Hyori is also planning a music comeback in June.

Source: OSEN


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Oh it seems like it’ll be fun!!!

I trust in Lee Hyori’s variety shows.

Wow kekekeke even ordinary people can eat there??? I want to go there!!!! Even though I probably cant. :'( Lee Hyori fits variety shows.

Kim Heechul and Yura Confirmed as New MCs for Life Bar

Will be Joining Shin Dong-yup and Kim Jun-hyun

tvN’s “Life Bar” will be returning from hiatus on May 11th with MCs Shin Dong-yup, Kim Heechul, Girl’s Days’s Yua, and Kim Jun-hyun.

The show originally aired with MCs Shin Dong-yup, Tak Jae-hoon, and Kim Jun-hyun who hosted the show for four months until the show went on a break following the April 13th episode.

Shin Hyeon-hee and Kim Root from indie band Seenroot will also be joining the cast as “part time employees.” The two are known for their unique personalities, which the PDs hope to bring to the show.

Kim Heechul is currrently known for his witty humor on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” and MBC’s “Secretly Greatly” while Yura showed a lot of variety skills when she was the final guest on “Life Bar.”

Source: OSEN

Kim Yuna to Guest on Infinite Challenge

For the First Time in 8 years

MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” is currently airing its 2018 Pyeongchang Special where Park Bo-gum and the cast of Infinite Challenge are competing in various winter Olympic sports. They tried their hand at bobsledding last week and will continue their competition with ice hockey this week.

Furthermore, Kim Yuna will be guesting on the show for the first time in 8 years.

The episode will air on April 22nd at 6:20 PM.

Source: OSEN


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Kim Yuna and Park Bo-gum, Infinite Challenge is amazing. I will be watching the broadcast live.

Wow. I must watch this.

I’m really looking forward to Kim Yuna.

God Yuna. I must watch it live.

It’s not just a short cameo right? This is her third time on the show!! I wanted to see her on Infinite Challenge one more time. I’m so happy I get to see her again.

Choi Min-yong and Jang Do-yeon to Complete Finally Filming Today

Choi Min-yon and Jang Do-yeon will be filming their final scenes together today at Kukhwa Island.

The two joined the show and began filming on March 2nd, and will be ending their stint as a married couple after just one and a half months as season four of “We Got Married” will be ending on May 6th. 

Ther first episode aired on March 11 and showed the couple meeting for the first time on Kukhwa Island.

The two quickly became popular for cold guy Choi Min-yong’s romantic antics and Jang Do-yeon’s shyness.

Source: Star News


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

I’m going to miss this couple.

They said to paddle while the water is flowing but they’re just breaking the boat instead. What is MBC doing . . .

It was really fun watching this couple live on the island.

They seemed relaxed and peaceful on the island. Choi Min-young :'(

I wish they would film “With You” instead . . they don’t get enough screen time on “We Got Married” and why did they recruit a new couple when they were ending the show anyways. Are they playing around?