Daily News Round-up: April 26, 2017

Cable ChannelS OnStyle and OLIVE to BE REStructured

CJ E&M Corportation, an entertainment and media contents company known for its popular cable channels such as Mnet and tvN, will be reostructuring two of its channels, OnStyle and O’live.

The content of OnStyle will be expanded to include more than just style. It’s name will also be changed. The top contender for the name change is currently SIA. SIA will begin airing in the later half of this year.

OnStyle began airing in February 2002 and synidicated popular foreign shows such as “Project Runway” and then later began creatin and broadcast its own shows such as “Project Runway Korea,” “Korea’s Next Top Model,” and “Get It Beauty.” Its beauty and fashion shows were popular among women in their twenties and thirties. However, today, most of the channel’s programs are struggling, even it’s flagshop program “Get It Beauty” often fails to reach 1% ratings.

A representative from CJ E&M said that this will be a total renovation of the channel.

Additionally, O’live TV, which is a food and cooking challenge, will be expanding its content to general lifestyle, and will be airing new variety shows starting the May, which includes shows like “Island Muskateers.”

Source: Ilgan Sports


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

OnStyle used to air a lot of fun American dramas and there were a lot of other fun shows too, but these days there’s nothing to watch.

Please air “Project Runway Korea” and “Top Model Korea”~~!!!

Isn’t SiA the name of an awards ceremony?

Olive is fine now the way it is. Just leave it alone.

About ten years ago, I liked that OnStyle used to air a lot of American variety shows. I really like The Apprentice and Next Top Model.

OnStyle was revolutionary when it first aired . . . Jang Jin-young’s channel ads, Top Model, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, etc . . . it felt like a new world, but now bye bye~

Hyori's B&B Open for Business

JTBC’s “Hyori’s B&B” plans to begin filming in May and air in June. It’s a reality show where Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang-soon

Source: Herald Economy


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Even though it’s true that the generation where shows succeeded just because it had Lee Hyori has passed for most people, atleast I’ll be watching for Lee Hyori.

I’m truly looking forward to it . . . It feels like a combination of Three Meals a Day, Youn’s Kitchen, and Newlyweds Diary.

I don’t know how the program will end up, but I’m looking forward to it.


The contestants of “KPop Star 6” are currently under discussion to join various entertainment agencies.

On April 25th, Loen Entertainment signed Lee Soo-min and is preparing her for an offical debut. Lee Soo-min had previously participated in “Produce 101” where she placed 31st. She also gained attention on “Kpop Star” for her outstanding vocal skills and strong stage performances. She made it to the semifinals while in a group called Minari with Jeon Min-joo and Go Ara.

Eleven year old biracial singer Hanbyul signed with YG Entertainment and will undergo a training period with the label due to her young age. During “KPop Star,” Yang Hyun-suk often praised Hanbyul for her dancing skills.

The winners of “KPop Star,” Boyfriend, is currently discussing signing with YG.

Similarly, “KPop Star 6” contestants Jeon Min-joo and Lee Soo-hyun are currently preparing thier debut as professional singers.

Source: My Daily




Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

JYP has over 20 female trainees, so that’s probably why they didn’t recruit anyone. It seems like YG keeps doing media play about Boyfriend.

I personally think the young ones should go to JYP to study and learn msic. I saw on broadcasts that they make the trainees write book reports and keep an eye on their grades.

Lee Soo-min fighting! <3

I heard that one of the members of Boyfriend already signed with YG.

Lee Soo-min was originally Fantagio?

I hope that Boyfriend doesn’t break up. I personally think their style fits YG.