Daily News Round-up: April 5, 2017

Daily News Round-up: April 5, 2017

For the Daily News Round-up, I round up and summarize the stories on the front page of the Naver TV & Entertainment News section. Most of the stories there are actually about Kdramas and general celebrity gossip, so I just pick out the ones that are variety show related.

Cooperation 7 Fails Expectations with a Measly 1% Rating

tvN’s “Cooperation 7” debuted on March 26th with a star studded lineup of Lee Kyung-kyu, Park Myung-soo, Kim Gura, Seo Jang-hoom, Eun Ji-won, Kwon Hyuk-soo, and Lee Ki-kwang, but the first two episodes received low ratings and criticisms from viewers.

While the show’s predecessor “New Journey to the West 3” usually averaged between 3-4% ratings, episode one of “Cooperation 7” had 1.201% ratings and episode two had 1.002% (Neilson Korea). 

Viewers criticized the show for lacking a clear concept and purpose. “Cooperation 7” was touted as a show where veteran comedians try to become the best duo, however many viewers think that is too vague for a show concept. In the first two episodes, the cast members chose teams with the odd man out being paired with a guest. The teams were then handcuffed to each other and spent the day getting dressed, eating, and cutting each others fingernails and toenails.

One of the major complaints was that there was no rhyme or reason for the handcuffs which served as an obstacle that quickly got stale. 

Also, although the target audience for “Cooperation 7” is young people who are used to fast paced video clips and mobile shows, the pacing of “Cooperation 7” was old and slow. 

The silver lining is that the show still has time to improve. The first two episodes came from a single filming, so it’s likely that show will adjust it’s concept as time goes on.

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “I’m not watching it because of Kim Gura.”
  • “Going to the bathroom together and washing each other’s feet . . . . it’s too dirty.”
  • “This confirms that Park Myung-soo lacks potential outside of Infinite Challenge.”
  • “New Journey to the West just had a surprisingly high rating. It’s just that people have high expectations for tvN shows. 1% really isn’t that terrible. I think if the production tweaks it well and find their strengths, they’ll be able to do well.”

Source: Ilgan Sports

Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin’s Dating Scandal Creates More Controversy About the Reality of Reality Shows

Yesterday, Actors Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin confirmed they have been dating since last year. 

This led to much controversy as Lee Joon-gi recently appeared on the reality show “Candy in my Ear 2” where he was paired with actress Park Min-young. The show is about celebrities finding a soul mate like relationship by talking to someone and getting to knew them through a phone. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Those who are dating . . . please don’t go on these types of shows.”
  • “Although it’s not so bad that we need to start questioning all variety shows, I think it was a bit immoral of Lee Joon-gi. . Did he really how to go on that kind of show and pretend like he was fluttered and falling in love . .  As someone who thought of Lee Joon-go positively, it’s a shame.”
  • “Even though a show is just a show, he shouldn’t have gone on Candy In My Ear . . He played the viewers.”
  • “We know that it’s just a show. But there were a lot of celebrities who went on and drew the line at friendship, but Lee Joon-gi had to act like he was falling in love! Pretending there was something between them! That’s why the viewers are annoyed.”

Source: Ilgan Sports

First Round of Show Me the Money 6 Producers Confirmed

Earlier today, Zico and Dean were confirmed as producers for the upcoming season of “Show Me the Money.” Zico was a producer on season 4 and said he is looking forward to being able to present some good songs to fellow rappers and will try his best to create more sophisticated music than season 4. 

This is Dean’s first time on the show. He’s hoping for some artists with individual colors and wants to bring more alternative style to hip hop. 

Season 6 began auditions on March 6 and will continue to April 16. Going to LA and NYC. 

FYI past winners were

  • Season 1: Loco
  • Season 2: Soul Dive
  • Season 3: Bobby
  • Season 4: Basick
  • Season 5: BewhY

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “The combo of Zico and Dean is crazy. They’ll eat up the charts.”
  • “As long as Swings doesn’t go on the show.”
  • “Please take out Swings.”
  • “They’ll sweep the charts.”
  • “This team will be popular among the contestants . . . they’re the best . .”

Source: Sports Donga

Special Interview with Weekly Idol PD to Celebrate Its 300th Episode

Weekly Idol will celebrate it’s 300th episode on April 26th. During it’s seven year history, the show has had three main PDs, and here’s some highlights from an interview with the current head PD, Yoon Mi-jin.

Q: What was the show’s most dangerous moment?

A: The most dangerous was of course when Jeong Hyung-don took a break since he and Defconn are the symbols of Weekly Idol. However, the show was able to survive thanks to an idol relay system of hosts including Sung-gyu, Sunny, and Bomi as well as six months of co-hosts Heechul and Hani. I’d like to expressed gratitude once again to them all. 

Q: What’s the recipe to the show’s longevity?

A: It’s always a burden trying to find new and fresh aspects as the show is on its seventh year. I’m always worried when we try out new segments. However, regardless of what new things we try, I try to keep the DNA of Weekly Idol intact. We’re also trying to create opportunities for the many rookie singers. For examples, last year we started the “5959 Wojuju” segment to help rookies, however, it’s still a bit lacking. We’re always contemplating how to maintain a good balance for the show. 

Q: What would you like from the MCs?

A: I don’t expect anything special except for them to stay with the show for a long time. That’s because they’re already perfect as they are. 

Q: Are there any guests that you would like to have?

A: Last year, I had hoped for Seck Kies, Shinhwa, and Big Bang and was lucky to have them all. This year, there aren’t any particular guests, I just want to have a variety in the type of guests especially since groups like Athena Angels, Bulbbalgansachungi and Akdong Musician got positive feedback. It would be interesting to have some foreign groups as well. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Honestly, Weekly Idol is all about Jeong Hyung-don and Defconn . . The show can’t exist without the two. The two built the show.”
  • “Required course for idol oktakus. It’s like the Bible to them.”
  • “Weekly Idol was the best with DoniBBoniConiHooni.
  • “It’s survived this long because of Defconn Hyung who quietly watched over it.”

Source: Ilgan Sports


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