Daily News Round-up: March 13, 2017

Daily News Round-up: March 13, 2017

For the Daily News Round-up, I round up and summarize the stories on the front page of the Naver TV & Entertainment News section. Most of the stories there are actually about Kdramas and general celebrity gossip, so I just pick out the ones that are variety show related.

Knowing Bros PD Credits the 5% Rating to Kim Hee-sun, The 7 Knowing Bros Are Planning to Make Good on Their Promises

After airing for 1 year and 3 months, “Knowing Bros” has finally surpassed 5% ratings. Early guests of the shows predicted that the show would be cancelled, but the show is now one of cable’s most popular shows. The most recent episode that aired on March 11th reached 5.333% (Neilson Korea, Nationwide) making it the highest rated episode in the show’s history. The second highest episode aired on January 14th featuring Rain and EXID’s Hani with a ratings of 4.8%.

PD Choi Chang-soo said due to the diverse nature of the promises, they’re in the process of figuring out how to carry them out. He also expressed gratitude to Kim Hee-sun for the record ratings.

Last July, after the show surpassed 3% ratings, the Knowing Bros made new promises for if the show reached 5%. 

  • Kang Ho-dong: Dye his hair in red and blue pigtails
  • Seo Jang-hoon: Dress up as Seo Jangmi (Seo Rose) and attend a class at a woman’s university
  • Lee Sang-min: Make a song about Knowing Bros with rappers in their 40s
  • Kim Young-chul: Quit all of his shows
  • Lee Soo-geun: Do an off-road survival game in Europe
  • Kim Heechul: Go to Akihabara and say “NicoNicoNi” with Japanese women
  • Min Kyung-hoon: Go on a high fashion date with a student from Uijeongbu High School (high fashion in this case refers to wearing his underwear over his pants.)

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Bye Chul hyung.”
  • “Kim Young-chul kekeke.”
  • “Is Kim Young-chul quitting all his shows? keke.”
  • “Leave the show and come back every week as a guest. He surprisingly plays a necessary role. K Y C!! Congratulations everyone !!! 5 percent !!!!!” 
  • “Kim Young-chul will probably leave the show for one episode and then come back.”

Source: OSEN

Choi Min-yong and Yoon Bo-mi to Guest on Running Man . . . A Subway Mission with Yoo Jae-suk

Choi Min-yong and Yoon Bo-mi were spotted filming with the Running Man crew on Monday March 13th. They were seen in the subway doing a mission with Yoo Jae-suk, Song Ji-hyo, and Ji Suk-jin. 

Ironically, Yoon Bo-mi recently ended her stint on “We Got Married” with Choi Tae-joon and was replaced by Choi Min-young and Jang Do-yeon.

Also, yesterday’s “Running Man” episode regarding an “Item Pickup Race” was postponed due to Park Geun-hye’s leave of the presidential residence, so it’s still unclear when the Choi Min-yong and Yoon Bo-mi episode will air. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Is Choi Min-yong going to soar again. kekeke. Do well~ !!”
  • “I hope it doesn’t get postponed again ㅠㅠ.
  • “Choi Min-yong is on fire. How good. <3 <3”
  • “Running Man is really good these day. Looking forward to it!!” 
  • “Wow looking forward to Min-yong and Bo-mi.”

Source: Sports Chosun

Kwanghee Enlists Without Much Fanfare

Today, March 13th, Kwanghee arrived at the army training center in Nonsan City, South Chungcheong Province with only his manager. He was seen smiling and told his fans, “I’ll stay healthy in the army. Please don’t forget me.” 

The “Infinite Challenge” team uploaded a photo on their official twitter account along with the words of encouragement “Maknae Kwanghee! You worked hard for the past two years. Stay healthy in the army and come back.” 

Viewers will still be able to see Kwanghee on TV a little bit longer as he still has appearances on upcoming episodes of “Infinite Challenge” and “Radio Star.”

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “After Sixth Man, Kwanghee got a lot of hate. He took in all those curses and worked hard, finally getting praised. Stay healthy. You endured much for two years.”
  • “Kwanghee fighting~
  • “Good job Kwanghee. Ignore the haters.”
  • “It was good to see him give it his all on Infinite Challenge. Stay healthy and see you on Infinite Challenge again.” 

Source: TV Report


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