Daily News Round-up: March 21, 2017

Daily News Round-up: March 21, 2017

For the Daily News Round-up, I round up and summarize the stories on the front page of the Naver TV & Entertainment News section. Most of the stories there are actually about Kdramas and general celebrity gossip, so I just pick out the ones that are variety show related.’

Youn’s Kitchen to Air First Episode on Friday March 24th

Actors Shin Goo, Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin, and Jung Yoo-mi ran a small, low budget restaurant on an island near Bali, Indonesia for the upcoming variety show “Youn’s Kitchen.” They filmed overseas for 10 days with 7 days actually running the restaurant. The roles were distributed as follows

  • CEO Yoon Yeo-jung
  • Director Lee Seo-jin
  • Assistant Jung Yoo-mi
  • Part Time Worker Shin Goo

Yesterday, they held a press conference at the Times Square shopping mall in Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul. 

PD Na Young-seok said he wanted to create a show where the cast worked hard during the day and played at night by the beach, so that viewers could achieve satisfaction by proxy. He also added that he wanted to create something different from “Flowers Over Youth” and “Three Meals a Day,” but because of his filming style, it ended up being similar. However, the content of actors running a restaurant overseas should be fresh and unique. 

PD Na Young-seok noted that CEO Yoon Yeo-jung was not as good at cooking as he expected, while Yoon Yeo-jung admitted that they weren’t able to make a profit because they ordered ingredients that were too expensive and she drank too much wine. She also she was a fan of PD Na since “1 Night 2 Days” and would participate in anything he asked of her even if it were something like “We Got Married.” 

Shin Goo was casted urgently after the restaurant opened and joined the cast in the middle of filming. He was in charge of taking orders and serving and gave himself a score of 65 points due to his limited English skills. The only English he knew were hello, welcome, do you want some water, and enjoy your meal. If there were any difficult situations like one regarding orders for vegetarian dishes, he had to get assistance from Lee Seo-jin. 

Jung Yoo-mi said she was interested in participating because she admired veteran actress Yoon Yeo-jung. Although this was her first variety show, she wasn’t really concious of the cameras because she was too busy running the restaurant to think about filming. She said she enoyed it, but wished they had spent a few more days there.

Meanwhile, Yoon Yeo-jung praised Lee Seo-joon for his ability to play a supporting role from behind the scenes. 

The first episode will air on April 24th at 9:20 PM.

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Ah Yoomvely. She’s so lovely.”
  • “Jung Yoo-mi lovely~~~ Isn’t it her first variety show? Fighting.”
  • “I trust in Na PD. . . . looking forward to it.”
  • “It looks really fun.”

Source: Sports Chosun

Law of the Jungle in Wild New Zealand Cast List Complete

Because of the large number of cast members, the Wild New Zealand cast will depart in two rounds which have not yet been finalized. 

  • Kim Byung-man
  • Kangnam
  • Lee Kyung-kyu
  • Actor Park Chul-min
  • Sung Hoon
  • UEE (After School)
  • Soyou (Sistar)
  • Jung Eunji (A Pink)
  • Actor Lee Jae-yoon
  • Yang Dong-geun
  • Microdot
  • Shindong (Super Junior)
  • Mark (Got7)

They plan to leave on April 31st and will air sometime in May. 

Source: OSEN

Kim Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon to Guest on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”

On March 19th, Kim Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon filmed “Let’s Eat Dinner Together.” Although the two protested on “Knowing Brothers” that they would never appear on the show, this completes appearances from all six of the other cast members of “Knowing Brothers.”

The recent episode on March 1st featuring Kim Young-chul and Lee Sang-min had the show’s highest rating at 5.586%, so expectations are high for Kim Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon. 

The episode will air on April 12th at 10:50 PM. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Kekekekeke they eventually ended up coming on the show.”
  • “Min Kyung-hoon said he wouldn’t go on the show kekekekekeke.”
  • “They kept insisting, but the two went on~ I will definitely watch the new episode!!! I’m so jealous of whoever’s house they went to!!”
  • “Lee Kyung-kyu on “Knowing Brothers,” The Knowing Brothers full cast on “Let’s Eat Dinner Together,” a fair exchange?”

Source: OSEN

Cool’s Lee Jae-hoon to Appear on Fantastic Duo 2

Earlier today, Singer Lee Jae-hoon posted a photo on his Instagram, and wrote “#FantasticDuo I hope a lot of people who are confident in the song “All For You” participate~^^”

Lee Jae-hoon plans to film his segment on April 4th at the SBS open studio in Deungchon District, Seoul. One lucky participate will be able to sing a duet with him. 

Fantastic Duo 2 will air its first episode on March 26th. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Wow~~ Lee Jae-hoon. Totally looking forward to it~ ^^”
  • “It’s time he appeared on the show. Definitely looking forward to it.”
  • “Ah, it’s such welcome news.”
  • When Lee Jae-hoon was on King of Masked singer, he just had fun singing and didn’t seem greedy to win, but he was almost talented enough to be the King.”
  • “Lee Jae-hoon is the one top when it comes to singing songs effortlessly. Although he’s not terrifyingly good at singing, no one can follow his ability to sing so effortlessly.”

Source: Star News

Season 16 of “Rude Miss Young-ae” Coming Soon, Plans for a Shocking Change

The production team for the long running drama/sitcom “Rude Miss Young-ae” is currently putting together a script and schedule for season 16. They announced that the upcoming season will feature some shocking changes. 

“Rude Miss Young-ae” first aired in April 2007, making this season the show’s 10th year anniversary. 

After many seasons of being an “old maid” and being involved in failed love triangles, season 15 ended with Young-ae hinting at her pregnancy with fiance Lee Seung-joon. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Honestly, it seemed like they were going to keep Young-ae as an old maid and only changed it due to netizen complaints. I hope this season isn’t too soap opera like.”
  • “This season would be trash if they stick another random guy in for another love triangle.”
  • “They’ll probably get married this time, right?”
  • “I look forward to seeing working mom Young-ae!! I’m glad there are no more love triangles. I also want to see Young-chae and Hyung-kyu succeed!!!!!”
  • “What love triangle are they going to create this time?”

Source: Sports Chosun


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