Daily News Round-up: March 8, 2017

Daily News Round-up: March 8, 2017

I often waste a ton of time on Naver, so I thought why not turn that into something useful for my blog readers?

For the Daily News Round-up, I rounded up and summarized the stories on the front page of the Naver TV & Entertainment News section. Most of the stories there are actually about Kdramas and general celebrity gossip, so I just picked out the ones that were variety show related.

Lee Kyung-kyu to Appear on “Law of the Jungle”

SBS recently announced that comedian Lee Kyung-kyu will appear on the New Zealand season of “Law of the Jungle.” The head PD, Min Seok-hong first discussed plans with Lee Kyung-kyu during last year’s SBS Entertainment Awards, and it took three months of discussions to get him to agree. 

PD Min Seok-hong said because “Law of the Jungle” is a long running program, he’s always looking for fresh, new characters to shake things up. 

The New Zealand season plans to start filming at the end of March. It will air after the conclusion of the Sumartra season which will begin airing this Friday, March 10. 

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Wow! He’s really going to be part of a panel. Seems like he put down his pride. That must have been tough for him. How amazing.”
  • “Hahaha, looks like it’ll be a lot of fun.”
  • “Even though he seems like he doesn’t put much effort into broadcasts, he actually does.” 

Source: OSEN

“High School Rapper” Rudals to Make His Official Debut on March 9

Lee Kyeong-min aka Rudals is making his debut on March 9 through an “official” mixtape. The mixtape was self produced, written, and recorded, and he even designed his own cover art. 

The 19 year old was highly praised by the judges of “High School Rapper” and is the first from the show to debut.

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “fighting!”

Source: OSEN

“Dad Is Daughter” to Use Footage of Park Myung-soo from “Infinite Challenge”

During the “Infinite Challenge Dreams” special (episode 456), Park Myung-soo filmed alongside actors Yoon Je-moon and Jung So-min in a scene at a convenience store. This footage will finally be revealed when the movie is released in April.

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “Well duh! Of course they’ll use it. They paid 13,000,000 won (~13,000 USD) for his appearance fee.” 

Source: WowTV

Jeong Hyung-don Confesses Emotionally on “Carefree Travelers” that He Took a Photo with his Unconscious Mother

On the episode of JTBC’s “Carefree Travelers” that aired yesterday, March 7th, Jeong Hyung-don shared a sad story about his recently deceased mother. After arriving at their lodgings, Jeong Hyung-don enviously watched Kim Seong-joo call his family members.  

Jeong Hyung-don then mentioned how he signed for over 10 surgeries for his unconscious mother. Yet, his family did not gather once, until she was about to pass away. 

He went to the hospital everyday for the 30 minute visitation period and then waited there six hours for the next visiting period. When he went home the next day, he looked through his phone for photos of his mother, but only found two even though he had thousands of photos of his kids. Thus, he decided to take a photo with his mother while she was unconscious in a hospital bed. Jeong Hyung-don lamented that he did not have more photos of his mother.

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

  • “So that’s why he seemed so lost on the broadcast. Cheer up!”
  • “That must have been hard to talk about.”
  • “Even though I’ve gotten married, and had kids, I still don’t want to think about losing my mother.”

Source: XSportsNews

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