Daily News Round-up: April 24, 2017

Daily News Round-up: April 24, 2017

Yoon's Kitchen Plans for a Season 2

Set to Film in the Philippines

“Youn’s Kitchen” is currently in the planning stages for a season two. Although they are still in the early stages of planning, the production team has confirmed that it will be filmed in the Philippines.

The first season of “Youn’s Kitchen” filmed in Lombok which is an Indonesian island east of Bali with Youn Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yoo-mi, and Shin Goo.

The first episode of “Youn’s Kitchen” had a ratings of 6.2%, but it has more than doubled since, with the fifth and most recent episode having a ratings of 13.3% .

The fresh concept and ability to give satisfaction by proxy drew in viewers, making it the number one Friday variety show, which is a huge feat for a cable show.

Source: My Daily


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

But safety in the Philippines is  . . . :'(

I want to see Cha Seung-won’s Kitchen

Do they do delivery?

Please give them bodyguards.

Yoo-mi is so lovely <3

My Ugly Duckling Becomes Top Sunday Variety Show

Breaks 18% Ratings After Just Two Weeks

According to Nielson Korea, “My Ugly Duckling” is  the new #1 variety program on Syndays.

The show originally aired on Friday Nights, but changed to Sundays starting on April 16th. The April 23rd broadcast hit 12.6% for part one and 18.5% for part two, while the April 16th broadcast had an average rating of 18.9 percent.

On the April 23rd broadcast. Lee Sang-min moved into a creditors home where he paid to lease 1/4 of the unit. He then proceeded to remodel it himself. He showed his cooking skills with his personal recipe for his special korean beef ramen.

Source: X Sports News


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

It’s all due to changing the cast member to Lee Sang-min. They need to get rid of Tony and Park Soo-hong too. It’s not that I don’t like them . . . It’s just they’ve reached a wall for things to show. They need new cast members!! If they change the cast they can pass 20% ratings. This is coming from a huge fan of “My Ugly Duckling.”

There’s nothing good to watch on Sundays kekekeke except for this show . . .

I don’t know why they’re waiting for Han Hye-jin. Just keep using guest MCs like now. Shouldn’t Han Hye-jin quit if she has to stay in England long term?

Now I recall what Ahn Jae-wook said yesterday. If Sang-min was like everyone else, he would have suffered his pride, but he continues to work hard, and it’s good to see . . . I feel for him and think he is a great person.

It’s all because of Lee Sang-min. 1/4 rental . . .

Overflowing Determination . . . Running Man's Jeon So-min

Will She Win the Rookie Entertainment Award?

Rookie variety personalitiy Jeon So-min is gaining popularity for her unique personality.

Source: OSEN


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Hey! Where did Jeon So-min go off to again? (Note: this is a quote from yesterday’s episode)

Yoo Jae-suk’s team was really funny. Running Man is fun.

Running Man is really fun. The Osaka team hard carried. kekeke

Yoo Jae-suk hyung was completely funny.

It was funnier because Yoo Jae-suk treated her like his little sister rather than a female guest. kekeke You never know what she’ll do! That makes it funny. kekeke

So Yi-hyun and In Gyo-jin Pregnant with Second Child

Actress So Yi-hyun is currently pregnant with her second child. She and her husband gained attention on “The Return of Superman” for being a happy couple.

So Yi-hyun is currently playing the lead in the KBS2 drama “Women’s Secret” while In Gyo-jin is currently acting in the KBS2 drama “Perfect Wife.”

The two have one daughter named Ha-eun.

Source: Sports World


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:


Congratulations^^ The husband must be really happy.

There is no couple better than them. Congratulations on the second child~~

In Gyo-jin is going to cry again. kekeke

In Gyo-jin kekekeke He’s so funny in “Perfect Wife” I laugh so much whenever he’s on.

2PM's Joon-ho to Appear on "I Live Alone"

2PM’s Lee Joon-ho will be appearing as a guest on the upcoming Rainbow Live segment of “I Live Alone.” This is the first time that a 2PM member is appearing on the show.

Lee Joon-ho currently lives alone with a cat.

He gained a lot of fans for his recent appearance as the villain on “Chief Kim” and was a guest on last week’s Radio Star.

The episdoe will air on April 28th.

Source: OSEN


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Wow we’ll be able to see that amazing house that Kyuhyun talked about keke

kekekeke I Live Alone is worth watching these days.

Joon-ho. I enjoyed him in Chief Kim. He seems like a good person. I look forward to it.

Wow I must watch it live.

I wish he gets the best couple award with Nam Goong-min at this year’s award ceremoney. Fighting!!