Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 35

Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 35

Episode 35: October 26, 2016 


How to Apply Makeup Well

MC Kim Jung-min is “late” for the show’s opening. She was fixing her makeup again and again because it just wouldn’t set properly, and so she ended up being late.


This is the perfect segue into today’s topic which is all about how to apply makeup well and the issues that prevent it from setting properly.

The audience members write down their biggest obstacles to a good makeup routine. Some of those include stress, pimples, dry skin, the change of seasons, etc.

Honey Lee, “I think one of the biggest obstacles is improper cleansing. Even if you use the best skincare products. It’s not enough.”


Cleansing Methods That Will Make You Beautiful


Today’s beauty expert is the makeup artist Sundeok. Here are the links to her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She’s here to talk about a proper cleansing routine, which she is extremely meticulous about. In fact, she uses over 20 cleansing products regularly. There are deep cleansing and light cleansing foams. On certain days she’ll use oil based products and water based products on other days depending on her condition. There are even times when she’ll use a mix of the two.

Makeup artist Sundeok has three main tips for proper cleansing.


Tip 1: When cleansing, don’t scrub your face too harshly. 

Luna, “I thought it was good for your skin to massage it.”

Sundeok, “You spend all day getting dirt and dust on your hands. The more you touch your face, the more those things get into your skin.”

Tip 2: Don’t wipe your face using dry cottons pads.

Most people will pump cleanser onto the middle of cotton pads and then end up touching their faces with the dry corners of the pad. Even if you end up using more than you need, make sure to wet the cotton pads completely. Sundeok says she often even uses baby wipes instead of traditional cotton pads.

Tip 3: Use appropriate cleansing methods according to the situation, and not your skin type.

This refers to things like whether you’re using a lot of makeup or how humid the day is.

Luna, “So that means I need to have five or six cleaners in my arsenal…”

Sundeok, “Yes, I think so.”

Honey Lee, “Could you tell us about tip #3 in detail?”

Sundeok, “Of course.”


Cleansing Techniques for Everyday Makeup


Start with an oil based cleanser. The POINT Deep Clean Cleansing Oil is a one-in-all oil cleanser that you can use without using a separate makeup remover. A lot of people prefer to use a separate make up remover when washing up because it gets rid of makeup faster, but that’s not necessary with the POINT Deep Clean Cleansing Oil.

Apply the oil based cleanser first onto a cotton pad and dab the points with makeup such as the eyes. The POINT Deep Clean Cleansing Oil contains moringa seeds, tea tree oil, green tea, and jojoba seed oil, so it feels a bit lighter than most other oil based cleansers. It’s particularly good for those who have oily skin, because of how light it is.

Next, use a mist to wash your face. It’s less harsh on your skin than water. Once you spray the mist on your face, rub it gently on your skin with your hands. Sundeok recommends the Hera Relaxing Facial Mist.

Then use a baby wipe to clean your face, rubbing from inside to outside. This seems a little icky to me to use on your face, but okay, what do I know. I just wash my face with soap and water.


Finally, use a foam cleanser such as the POINT Morning Start Cleanser, rub your hands together so that you get a lot of bubbles. Apply to your T-zone first, gently, like you’re putting on cream. You’ll get a milky feeling on your face.

The model says she feels a bit more moist with this routine than her usual cleansing routine.



Cleansing Techniques for Heavy Makeup


The second model says she wears a lot of makeup when she goes on dates. She’s got on a lot of eyeliner and dark lipstick.

Sundeok says water based cleansers are better for removing heavy makeup. Just make sure to thoroughly soak your cotton pads so you’re not scrubbing your face with dry corners.

Cleansing water such as the POINT Deep Clean Cleansing Water will get most of your makeup off. Afterwards, use a deep cleaner for blackhead and whitehead removal. Lightly rub it onto your face.

To wipe all of this, use the cleansing water again. Sundeok doesn’t use any water at all.

The model says that she usually uses a foam cleanser twice because her makeup doesn’t get removed well, but this routine feels much fresher.


Cleansing Techniques for Sensitive Days


This routine is for when your skin is feeling particularly irritable. Use a nourishing cream first. It calms down skin and makes you feel moist. Sundeok uses the Forencos Wonderwerk Marula Cream.

Finish off with some cleansing water.



Cleansing Techniques for the Morning

Now we move on to morning cleansing routines.

The <Get It Beauty> staff put out a survey on morning cleansing routines. They asked 180 women in their 20s and 30s.

  • 46.7% Use the same products as in the evening
  • 38.5% Use a portion of their evening products
  • 21.1% Use morning cleansing products
  • 1.7% Wash with just water


Sundeok says that evening products focus on getting rid of bodily waste like sweat whereas morning products are less harsh.

Kim Jung-min, “Is there really such a big difference?”

Honey Lee, “We’ve prepared a test to see.”

We cut to a prepared video of Minjae from Sonamoo who shows the cameras her own evening routine. She starts with a cleansing tissue followed by cleansing foam. She uses a tool to measure how good her skin is. After her evening cleansing, her face is moisture 21 % and oil 9%. After sleeping for 8 hours, it’s moisture 48% and oil 65%.


She uses a morning care cleansing foam on one side of her face, and her evening cleansing foam on the other. The side with the evening cleanser is 25% moisture and 13% oil while the  morning cleaner is 30% moisture, 20% oil.

Minjae, ” I was surprised by how much moist it felt.”


Self Make-up to Make You More Photogenic

Sundeok says to start with a low ph product, preferably between 4.5-5.5 pH such as the Hera Relaxing Facial Mist.

Then use a face oil like the L’Occitane Shea Butter Fabulous Oil to massage your face. Start with your eyes rolling your temples, cheekbones, chin line, rolling, the go back to release any stress near your nose.

Then tone up with the FORENCOS Wonderwerk Marula Cream.

Because photos don’t catch that much detail, Sundeok recommends basic, but sharp looking makeup. She uses ARTdeLAB face tension foundation hot pink 21, MAC Teddy Pencil Brown, ARTdeLAB Style Direction Mascara, and RMK Irresistible Bright Lips Lipsticks 04 Apricot


Here are the end results. The model’s make up style looks very Korean.


Today’s Blind Test


The blind test is for five popular body oils. The four MCs along with Minjae from Sonamoo and Rena from D’Holic have participated in the blind test. They look are four different criteria, moisturizing ability, applicability, end feeling, and scent.



The results are in. Ironically, one of the cheapest brands came in first, while the most expensive came in last.

1st Happy Bath Body Oil

2nd Spa of the World Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil

3rd Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil

4th Loccitane Shea Butter Fabulous Oil

5th Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil


Celebrity’s Talking Mirror

Today’s Talking Mirror segment features actress Lim Semi who shows off her yoga routine.

She says she gets a lot of neck wrinkles because her neck is so long, but the show doesn’t tell us the brand of oil she uses. 🙁





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