Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 36

Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 36

Episode 36: November 2, 2016

It’s the 2016 Trend Hair Show “hosted” by MC Hwang Min-young.


The PDs set up a runway, and the female MCs come out one by one, showing off their trendy new hairstyles.


Luna has side swept hair, which is popular these days among Hollywood starlets for it’s ability to show off a sexy neckline.

Kim Jung-min has a funky hair style that is supposedly popular in Paris, but I think it just makes her look like a French poodle.

Honey Lee goes for a Greek goddess look with small braids along the top of her head.

Here’s another look at their hairstyles.

MC Honey Lee makes fun of Hwang Min-young’s MCing skills. Seems like he was a bit nervous today.

MC Kim Jung-min asks, “When you go to the hair salon with a photo of a hairstyle you like, does your hair turn out the way you planned?”

An audience member response, “No. I wanted to look like Kang Ye-bin, but it turned out like Kim Jun-min . . . not that your hair is bad . . . it looks good on you . . . just not good on me . . . hehe.”

Honey Lee says to have good hair, first you need to have a healthy scalp.

How to Have a Healthy Scalp

MC Kim Jung-min says she knows a little bit about scalp care and uses a mist to keep hers from getting dry. MC Luna says she worries about dead skin cells. MC Min-young says he’s getting old, so he’s started dying his grey hairs. Aw.


Today’s expert is hair stylist Beom-ho. Here’s his blog and here’s his instagram. Beon-ho says, now that it’s fall, a lot of people worry about their skin drying out, but not enough people worry about their scalps.

He emphasizes the importance of proper scalp care. Just like how you scrub your body, you need to scrub your scalp.

Kim Jung-min asks the audience if they have ever tried a scalp scrub? What about deep cleansing?

The audience is silent.

Beom-ho, “Do you guys even know what a scalp is?” LOL.

Honey Lee says that most people don’t know much about scalp care, so this will be an informative topic for them.


One hour prior to the episode filming, all the audience members had their scalps analyzed.

Today’s expert Beom-ho was hard at work, coming in early to do all of this.

These photos are actually a bit graphic. Eek!


The one on the left is a picture of a healthy scalp. You can see that it’s healthy because the scalp is mostly clear, and there are 2-3 hairs clumped together per pore. When the scalp starts to get clunky with dead skin and sweat, the hairs start to fall out until there are only 1-2 hairs per pore, just like in the photo on the right. It’s very important to clear your scalp of bodily wastes. (I’m assuming this means sweat and dead skin cells).


The unhealthy scalp belongs to a 21 year old audience member. Her scalp is 30 years old. From a distance, her hair looks pretty normal, so I guess they wanted to emphasize that you can’t really tell how healthy a scalp is with your bare eyes.


They show another example of an unhealthy scalp. This one has very pores that look clogged and there’s even a very thin hair coming out of one of the pores. It’s so thin because the dead skin got in the way of it growing properly.

This kind of scalp makes it difficult for you to have a voluminous hair style.

MC Hwang Min-young also adds that it’s important to protect your scalp from ultraviolet rays because your head gets most of the sun, so even if you have a lot of hair, some of it will get through to your scalp.

Our expert Beom-ho says that today he’s prepared a few basic and a few advanced methods for scalp care without having to go to an expensive spa.

Self Scalp Care: Basic Methods


Beom-ho brings in a heavy box. There are some basalt rocks and a cloth inside.


There first basic self scalp care method is a basalt necklace massage. Put some basalt rocks in a microwave, rice cooker, or some sort of heater and place them inside a cloth then wrap it around your neck, like a necklace.

The blood that goes to your scalp has to first pass through your neck, so this basalt necklace helps with better blood circulation and muscle relaxation. Make sure the rocks on the back of your neck are particularly warm, because that is the most effective location for the basalt rocks.


There second basic self scalp care method is a scalp massage.

  1. Start by placing your pinky fingers on your hair line.
  2. Place your thumbs on your temples, and space out the rest of your fingers evenly between your pinky fingers and thumbs.
  3. Push down and upwards towards the crown of your head for three seconds.
  4. Release the pressure and rest for three seconds.
  5. Move your hands slightly upwards towards the crown of your head and push down again for three seconds.
  6. Release the pressure and rest for three seconds.
  7. Keep repeating steps 5 & 6 as you move up and up towards the top of your head.

This helps with circulation which will clear out your pores.


Kim Jung-min then asks about bad habits.

Beom-ho says a lot people tap their scalp with their hair brushes, mistakenly thinking that it helps with circulation. Don’t do that. Brushing it often is okay, but don’t hit your head with the brush.

Another bad habit is that many people think that using hot air to dry your hair is bad, and will instead use the cold air function on hairdryers. While that may be enough to dry your hair, it usually isn’t enough to fully dry your scalp, which leads to bacteria and mold.

Self Scalp Care: Advanced Methods

Moving on to some more time consuming methods.

The first advanced method is the scalp salt scrub. Salt is a very natural method for sterilization. It’s better than shampoos because shampoos have a lot of harsh chemicals that take away moisture. Shampoos are for daily care, and scrubs are for special care.


Beom-ho says he uses this product once a week before he shampoos his hair. The MCs say they like it because they can see the bits of salt in it.

It’s the Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Scaler.


For the scalp salt scrub

  1. Spray some water onto your scalp, and put on a hair cap so that your scalp can soak for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Apply the salt scrub to your hair line at the crown of your head.
  3. Use your fingers to spread the salt scrub throughout your scalp.
  4. Massage your scalp using the method mentioned earlier in the show.
  5. Wet your hair and scrub your hair so that it forms lots of bubbles then rinse.

This process opens up your pores, so after doing the scalp scrub, it’s best to use a special shampoo to nourish your scalp. Beom-ho recommends the Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Shampoo.폴리젠 샴푸Most scalp shampoos cool your head, but this one also adds elasticity which is good for preventing balding.

The hair model says she feels refreshed and her hair feels much lighter after the salt scrub.

They check her scalp again, and it looks pretty clear.


The second advanced method is the green frog drying method. It’s bad to use a hair dryer right after taking a shower. You need to first try to get rid of as much water as possible with a towel. Get it to the point where your hair is no longer dripping. This means that you’ve gotten rid of 30% of the water in your hair.


Pull your hair to the side, so that you’re drying your scalp rather than your hair. Once your scalp is dry, you can dry your hair. Basically dry the inside first, then the outside.

It’s called the green frog method because there’s a Korean folk tale about a green frog that always did the opposite of what his mom told him to do. In this drying method, your dry your scalp and not your hair. It doesn’t really sound like an advanced method to me, but I’m not complaining. The easier, the better.

Honey Lee asks about scalp getting oilier throughout the day.

Our expert, Beom-ho takes out his “healing” cotton swabs which are the Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Easy Swab.

폴리젠 이지스왑

You just rub your scalp with them, usually along the crown of your head. They’re basically like the facial blotting sheets you use on your face, except for your head.


A Fall Hairstyle

Beom-ho also offers to talk about trendy hairstyles for the fall. He shows a layered cut. Kim Jung-min complains that she’s tried this style before and it was super uncomfortable.


Beom-ho defends his style saying it’s a little different from most, because he connects the layers so it doesn’t feel like the short layer is just hanging there. He also curls it slightly, so that it feels like the hair has some movement.

I think it looks a bit meh, but all the people in the studio say it looks really good.


Talking Mirror

This week’s talking mirror segment features actress Jeon So-min of <Princess Aurora> fame who also was on this segment two years ago. She looked a bit tacky back in 2014, but she looks really good now.


Jeon So-min’s beauty tip is eating well. She recommends nato. This one is made of black beans, so it’s much darker than regular nato.

She says you have to mix it with chopsticks for 30 seconds, so that you get more mucous. She mixes it with rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, wasabi, a raw egg yolk, and finally some sesame seeds.


Her second beauty tip is a pore scaling cleansing method. Since she has to wear makeup for many hours a day, she often does deep cleansing. She likes to place cotton pads full of eye makeup remover and leave them on her eyelids to soak.  She also recommends the POINT Deep Clean Pore Mask Cleanser and follows up with the POINT Deep Clean Blackhead Remover Oil Gel which she massages onto her face for three minutes.

포인트 딥클린 모공 마스크포인트 블랙헤드 리무버 젤

Jeon So-min’s third beauty tip is cucumbers. She had a lot of acne in middle and high school, and used cucumbers to treat it. she makes a facial scrub by grinding one cucumber, and mixing it with one tablespoon of flour and one tablespoon of honey. Then she applies it onto her face and leaves it for 20 minutes.


BTW. The Dr.FORHAIR products are sponsored products for this week’s episode and the POINT products were sponsored last week, so keep that in mind.



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