Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 37

Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 37
Episode 37: Hip & Swag Girl Crush: November 9, 2016

Today’s opening is all about the “swag.” MCs Honey Lee and Kim Jung-min are wearing dark eye and lip makeup. Even MC Hwang Min-young took off his glasses and put on a leather jacket to look tough.

Honey Lee talks about women who even women fall for. Sometimes you see someone and you just want to copy her makeup. These days “Girl Crush” is the trend in Korea.

There are two guests for today’s show. It’s Nada (Wa$$up) and Yuk Jidam who are two rappers from <Unpretty Rapstar>. They’re both “Strong Unnies” and tend to wear heavy makeup.


Nada actually made an appearance on a previous episode of <Get It Beauty> back before she was famous. Her makeup was a lot lighter then. I actually like her old style much better. Nada’s really pretty, but I often feel like she ruins it with too much makeup.


Honey Lee asks her guests what they think of each other’s makeup. Yuk Jidam calls out Nada’s grey mop hair. Nada makes fun of Yuk Jidam’s wedding dress. She says it was shocking.

Kim Jung-min asks each rapper to brag about their own makeup.

Yuk Jidam says that even though Nada’s style looks good on her, it’s not something she can wear on a first date. Whereas her own makeup is normal enough for everyday wear.

Nada says she likes her own makeup. She started drawing in her eyebrows since fifth grade of elementary school because she has thin eyebrows. Because of all that experience, she’s really good at eyebrow makeup.

What’s In Your Makeup Pouch?

The ladies reveal what they carry in their makeup pouches.

Yuk Jidam’s first. She says that she has to always have her pouch with her, otherwise she feels anxious. Yuk Jidam uses the Giverny Milchak Fix Chiffon Pact – 02 for touch ups.

밀착 픽스 쉬폰 팩트 02

She also has some fake eyelashes. MC Hwang Min-young notes that you’re supposed to cover them up with a plastic bag or case, but Yuk Jidam just has her eyelashes out in the open, so a few have fallen out. Hwang Min-young then takes out a lighter. Oh so she’s a smoker. Yuk Jidam denies it. She says she just uses the lighter for heating up her eyelash curler.

Yuk Jidam also has MAC Eye Shadow X 9: Burgundy Times Nine, which is a great palette for the fall.

아이섀도 팔레트 버건디 타임스 나인

Nada still has the pouch she got from <Get It Beauty>. Her eyebrow makeup is the Laneige Brow Shaping Kit (#1 All Brow Color). The one on the right is almost all used up.

브로우 셰이핑 키트 #1호 모든 눈썹 색상용

We also see Nada’s infamous lipstick collection as seen on <Unpretty Rapstar>. The one she claims that people asked about most is her green lipstick. It’s a limited edition, Mehron Lipstick Green. She also has MAC Stallion Liptensity Lipstick and MAC Galaxy Grey Liptensity Lipstick. Honey Lee is also wearing the black one today.

LIPSTICK (초록색 립)-리미티드 상품립텐시티 립스틱 #stallion립텐시티 립스틱 #galaxy grey

Kim Jung Min tries on one of Nada’s lipsticks and she turns into a 90’s rock star. Nada puts some green lipstick on MC Hwang Min-young too. The other MCs make fun of him for looking like the green Teletubby.


This is a Competition: Round One

For today’s main segment, the MCs have two battles set up. For the first round, Nada and Yuk Jidam have to borrow pouches from the audience members to apply make up on a model. They can’t see inside the pouch until they’ve chosen, so they have to base it on the audience member’s current makeup.


They’ll be a rap battle too. The winner gets to pick two make up pouches, while the loser only gets one. The topic of the battle is “Get It Beauty.”

The audience members get to vote for the winner.

Honey Lee, “Drop the beat.”


Nada raps on the Fugees beat, ‘Ready or Not.” She’s uses a lot of Engrish, but you really can’t go wrong with this beat.

Yuk Jidam’s good as usual, full of onomatopoeia, but her rap isn’t as catchy.


The audience members have two banners, a pink one for Yuk Jidam and a blue one for Nada. The audience members throw onto the stage the color banner for the winner, just like in <Unpretty Rapstar>.

It looks like blue won by a landslide.


Since Nada won the rap battle, she gets to use two makeup pouches from the audience members.

Nada goes with the two tannest girl’s makeup pouches, while Yuk Jidam goes for the largest pouch.


Nada’s first pouch only has brown peach makeup and a couple colored lipsticks. The second one is much better. It has a highlighter which Nada needs for contouring. It also has a nice pallet for eye makeup.

Yuk Jidam’s has blush, tint, eyeliner, etc. It has everything she needs.


They each have five minutes to transform a model into a girl crush style. The models already have basic makeup on, so five minutes it’s too difficult.

Both ladies start by darkening the eyes. I suppose that is the easiest way to toughen up someone’s image.


Yuk Jidam uses burgundy eyes and dry rose lip color with burgundy in the middle.

Nada went with brown eyebrows and changed her model’s lips to a dark red color.


It’s time for the audience to vote. It’s 12 votes for Yuk Jidam and 15 for Nada. Nada wins again!

This is a Competition: Round Two

The winner of the first round gets first pick at one of the three MC’s makeup pouches. There’s Honey Lee’s, Kim Jung-min’s, and Hwang Young-min’s. He quickly adds though that it’s not his personal makeup, he just prepared some for today’s segment.


Nada get’s to choose one of the MC pouches first. Nada goes for Honey Lee’s since she liked her makeup style today. Yuk Jidam picks Kim Jung-min’s pouch.



Yuk Jidam’s makeup is titled “Push and Pull makeup.” She says she has dry skin, so she always mixes her foundation with cream or oil. Next, she uses a sponge that she first dips in water to apply the foundation. Then she goes for her eyebrows. She uses a guideline, then eye shadow. She likes to mix various colors for her eye shadow.

For her eyeliner, she starts on the inside of her eyelids and adds wings that extend out. She uses burgundy eyeliner on top of her black liner. Then she burns a wooden stick to curl her eyelashes.

She shakes her mascara side to side while applying it to make it thicker. Highlighter is important for her. She adds highlighter right under her eyebrows to make that area look deeper. For her lips, she uses dry rose color with a mix of burgundy.


Nada’s look is titled “Star Nada.” For her base, she uses a lighter color for her T-zone. She says that angles are very important for girl crush makeup. She makes the duck face for contouring. The most important is her eyebrows. She uses angular lines, unlike most Koreans who go for straight eyebrows. She draws straight lines for her eyeliner, then applies mascara then uses her fingers to smudge them a bit.



For her lips, she goes with some concealer to lighten the color, then applies chocolate lipstick on top. Finally, she adds gold glitter to her makeup. Her routine is a lot shorter than Yuk Jidam’s.


It’s time to vote for the better makeup artist. The audience votes for Nada again! She gets a present with a ton of goodies. I’m so jealous.


Talking Mirror

Today’s segment features the super pretty actress Jo Bo-ah. She talks about the role she’s currently playing in <Sweet Stranger and Me>.


She had dark skin as a child, but it’s now pretty light. She says she tried to create healthy skin, and that naturally lightened it. Hm…I’m not sure if I believe that.

For healthy skin, she believes it’s important to treat it from the inside out.

Every morning she has “sparkle juice” made of carbonated water, lemons, and various fruits/veggies. She makes ice cubes of celery, bok choy, carrots, sesame leaves, and apples, which she just throws into a tumbler filled with homemade lemon carbonated water and drinks the concoction as the ice cubes melt. get-it-beauty-episode-37-g


She recommends Botanic Heal Derma Intensive Panthenol Cream which she applies all over her face and neck for moisturizing and reducing wrinkles.

더마 인텐시브 판테놀 크림

Jo Bo-ah also uses Botanic Heal Derma Water Ceramic Ample Cushion for lightening her skin. She likes that it makes her skin look elastic.

더마 워터 세라마이드 앰플 쿠션

*Note: It doesn’t look like any of the products today were sponsored.



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