Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 38

Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 38
Episode 38: The Most Famous Department Store Brands: November 16, 2016


In Korean department stores, the luxury makeup brands are usually located on the first floor. Today, the <Get It Beauty> set is arranged like the first floor of a department store. MC Hwang Min-young is a store employee while Honey Lee and Kim Jung-min act out as picky customers.

The first floor of a Korean department store always looks very luxurious. It’s got great lighting that makes everything look pretty. Honey Lee comments how the employees there always look great from morning through the evening.


Today’s guests are three makeup artists from three different makeup brands.

  • Son Min-ki (Dior)
  • Kim Hye-rim (MAC)
  • Yeo Hyeong-seok (Nars)


Yeo Hyeong-seok’s (Nars) tip for when debating between colors is to take a photo without a filter. That way, you can compare them more easily. It’s particularly useful for comparing lipstick and base makeup.


Son Min-ki (Dior)’s tip is for when people try to go for lighter foundation. When choosing base or foundation always test it, then take a walk around the department store before you go back to buy it.

Kim Hye-rim (MAC) says to always take a photo of your makeup vanity, so that you can choose more quickly when buying new products and not duplicate colors.


Kim Jung-min asks Makeup artist Kim Hye-rim if there’s anyone in the audience whose color palette she wants to change.

She picks an innocent looking audience member. She has mostly monotone makeup. Makeup artist Kim Hye-rim goes for a dry rose lipstick. She starts applying the lipstick on the inside of the lips first, and uses a brush to spread it outwards. The audience member says she doesn’t usually wear lipstick, but likes this one a lot.

Makeup artist Kim Hye-rim also talks about shading. Most people go for a brown tone, but the trend these days is dry rose color.

MLBB Makeup for 2016 F/W by Kim Hye-rim (MAC)

Makeup artist Kim Hye-rim (MAC) shows her “My Lips But Better” makeup which is a simple routine that emphasizes the lips.


  • Step 1: Mix face oil and pearl base cream and apply. Start from the inside of your cheeks and spread outwards.
  • Step 2: Use a cushion foundation brush to cover pores and blemishes. Use a powder foundation along your face line to push down on oily parts of the skin.
  • Step 3: Use hairspray on a screw brush to lift up the inner corners or your eyebrows for a trendy look that emphasizes individual eyebrow hairs.
  • Step 4: Use a peach tone eye shadow for a younger fresher look. Use a darker eye shadow to lightly tap onto your eyelids. Use a brush to blend a lighter one on top. Apply dark eyeliner thickly and smudge with a brush.
  • Step 5: Use MLBB lipstick as blush.
  • Step 6: Apply lipstick to the insides of your lips and use a brush to create a gradient. Kim Hye-rim recommends Marsala color for the fall.
  • Step 7: Use oil and apply with a natural wool brush which is good for dry skin in the fall.

The oil used in steps 1 and 7 is the MAC Prep + Prime Essential Oils.

포렙+프라임 에션셜 오일


Q&A Time

The MCs give the audience members time to ask the three makeup artists questions.

Question 1: Do you get sponsored by your companies, or do you have to buy the products yourself?

Kim Hye-rim (MAC): We get a limited budget, and we can use the testers in the store.

Question 2: How do you maintain your makeup all day long?

Son Min-ki (Dior): I use a clean brush adjustment technique.


Makeup artist Son Min-ki (Dior) takes out his brush and picks an audience member to touch up. He picked her because she has very oily skin. He takes out a clean brush and circles her cheeks to get rid of oils and dust. The area below the eyes are the most important because the skin there is so thin. He then adds some highlighter and colored lip balm.

Audience member, “I can definitely tell the difference between before and after.

Question 3: What’s a good tip for getting a lot of samples?

Yeo Hyeong-seok (Nars) Go to the person with the most brushes. That person is the most likely to have the most experience and have the power to give you more samples.

Fall Sky Makeup by Yeo Hyeong-seok (Nars)

Makeup artist Yeo Hyeong-seok (Nars) says that the “Bodacious” look is trending in 2016 F/W.

He’ll use one thin brush and then his hands to apply the rest of his makeup routine. He wants to focus on lip contouring, but first it’s important to have clear looking skin to make the lips stand out.


  • Step 1: Use three shades of concealer. Apply a light concealer for the T-zone and under the eyes. Then a medium concealer for trouble areas and the corners of the mouth. Finally, a dark concealer to shade the edges of the face. Nars’ philosophy is to not use brushes. They instead use the joystick technique where you dab with your fingers like you’re using a joystick. Using hands makes the makeup look more natural and is easier for the average person to do. Use all of yout fingers to blend the bits of concealer.
  • Step 2: Use a dry rose color lip pencil thickly on the eyelids. (Kim Jung-min comments on how the dry rose color is so different from brand to brand.) Use a brush to create a gradient.
  • Step 3: Use a bright brown eye shadow for layering. It should look like a fall sunset. Use the same dry rose color lip pencil from step 2 as blush, and blend using your fingers.
  • Step 4: Use liquid lipstick starting from the insides of your lips. Use the same dry rose color lip pencil again on the edges of lips. Then use concealer on the edges of lips to clean up the edges.


Brand Recommendations

MC Kim Jung-min asks the makeup artists, “Do you use makeup from other brands?

Son Min-ki (Dior) likes the MAC Strobe Cream Hydratant Lumineux

스트롭 크림

Kim Hye-rim (MAC) likes Nars concealers. It’s easy to apply.

Yeo Hyeong-seok (Nars) recommends Dior Cushion Foundations.

Simple but Luxurious Makeup by Son Min-ki (Dior)


  • Step 1: Start with perfume because women are flowers. How very Dior.
  • Step 2: Apply essence as base, which makes skin look brighter. The trend these day is light looking makeup.
  • Step 3: Apply green stick primer on cheeks. Use blue primer as a highlighter if desired. Orange for dark circles. Use yellow under the orange to make the blend more natural looking. Yellow also near nose and mouth. Stick primer is easier to use than creams.
  • Step 4: Lips need to be soft to get the right color, so start with some lip balm.
  • Step 5: Use colored lip balm on cheeks.
  • Step 6: Gratuitously apply black eye shadow on eyelids, use a pearl eye shadow for gradation. Because of the large amount of eye shadow, there’s no need for eyeliner, just add mascara.
  • Step 7: Finish with rose lipstick.

The MCs comment on how Dior’s style is very princess like.


The makeup artists comment how today was an educational day for them too as they learned about other brands.

Talking Mirror Segment

Today’s Talking Mirror features actress Park Jin-joo who’s known for the 2011 film <Sunny> and the 2016 drama <Jealousy Incarnate> as well as her recent stint on <King of Masked Singer>. She says she went on a recommendation from Honey Lee who she became close with after they were both on the drama <Modern Farmer>.


Honey Lee wants to know her secret for looking so young. She calls her college classmate Park Seo-jun. He doesn’t pick up. Next, she tries Go Kyung-pyo who she asks to tell about her charms as a woman. He’s never thought about her as a woman. LOL.

She shares her tips for youthful beauty.

Tip #1: Clean makeup within five minutes of arriving at home. Since many people don’t have time or are lazy, she recommends cleansing tissues such as 23years old Clean Zinc Towelette for Daily. She likes it because it’s thick. She uses one for general cleansing. and one wiping base makeup.

클린 징크 타월레트 포 데일리Tip #2: Get rid of dead skin cells at least once a week. She uses some skin cell removing cream, but doesn’t reveal the brand.


Tip #3: Use one facepack every other day. She uses the 23years old Rose Gold 24 Mask

로즈골드 24 마스크

Park Jin-joo concludes her segment saying that laughter is the best recipe for youth.


*Note: This episode was sponsored by Mac, Nars, and Dior.


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