Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 39

Get It Beauty Recap: Episode 39
Episode 39: November 23, 2016


In today’s opening Honey Lee says, “There’s only one month left in 2016.” Now that it’s almost December, it’s time for festivities. Today’s show will help viewers become the queen of the party.

*side note: Luna is missing again. She’s been MIA for three episodes now. I wonder why she suddenly disappeared. While channel flipping, I saw her on Honey Lee’s music show <Pan Stealer>, so it’s not like she doesn’t have time for shows or had a fight with the other MCs. How strange.

Today’s First Guest

Cut to a video clip of today’s special guest doing some shopping. It’s Girl’s Day Sojin. She’s out looking for party clothes and accessories for end of the year parties. She like booties since they’re easy to walk in. She also says layered ring are popular these days. She particularly likes thumb rings because when you make a toast, people will notice them.


Sojin then goes to a nail salon.

Today’s Second Guest

Today’s topic is all about nails, so the second guest is nail artist Tamina. Here’s her instagram. She’s worked with a lot of celebrities including Sistar’s Bora and various SNSD members.


She’s brought a pallet with trends for winter 2016. She has some Christmas and winter themes, as well as trendy burgundy. Stone art is really trendy these days too.



get-it-beauty-episode-39-bbbbbbBut just as important as the accessories, are proper nail care. Tamina says that healthy nails are light pink and slightly shiny. Of course having nails with a long body is better for nail art, but that doesn’t mean that people with short nails can’t do nail art. Just avoid French nails if you have short nails. Black or red looks especially good or short nails.

The audience members ask a few questions.

The first question is about cutting nails. Tamina explains how to cut nails properly. MC Kim Jung-min interjects , wondering why such a simple thing such as cutting nails needs an explanation.


Tamina says that it doesn’t matter whether you use round nail clippers or straight ones, but if you plan to file your nails afterwards, use a straight nail clipper. As for nail files, using the proper the grit is important. Most nail files will have the grit number written on them. The higher the number, the softer the friction. 180 grit is appropriate for healthy nails, but if you have weak nails, around 200 grit is preferable. It is of course best to purchase a double sided nail file with two different grits, so that you can use various levels of grit according to the condition of your nails each day.


Another audience members asks about her cuticles. Hers grows out so quickly, so is there a better way to care for them?

Tamina says not to stress cuticles too much, or else they will grow back unevenly. When treating cuticles, dip your fingers in water for a couple of minutes, then use a gauze towel to rub your cuticles. If your cuticles are still messy, use a nipper to cut them, but use a nipper sparingly as it’s not good for your cuticles.


Hound Tooth Check Nail Design

Tamina goes into some current trends in nail designs. Hound Tooth is trendy both in fashion and nails.

She recommends using an all in one nail gel which means that it includes base, color, and top gel. After wiping down your nails, first use a light beige color to apply all over your nails, then use a black color polish on 1/3 of your nails. Then apply the beige color again on the remaining 2/3 of each nail while mixing the black and beige in the middle. Since your nail brush will get dirty, make sure to wipe it off on a paper towel when you’re done. Use a small brush to draw mini squares on top. All the MCs complain that this is way too hard and intricate, but Tamina says that it’ll look fine even if the squares aren’t perfect, so it isn’t as hard as it seems at first. Then draw diagonal lines along those squares to create the hound tooth look.
get-it-beauty-episode-39-cccc get-it-beauty-episode-39-ccccc

Dashing Diva Magic All-In-1 Color Gel #046 – On the Fringe

Dashing Diva Magic All-In-1 Color Gel #001 – Vanilla Twilight

매직원스텝젤 #046 - 온 더 프린지 매직원스텝젤 #054 - 바닐라 트와일라잇


3D Stone Nails

The three-dimensional flashy style is also popular these days. Start with a black all in one nail gel which is a good color for making stones stand out. Use a builder gel which is used as a sort of glue. You have to do it quickly because the builder gel does dry somewhat fast. She likes to use little stones in between larger ones to help the bigger stones stay in place. The MCs all try their hand at the stones. It’s actually harder than it looks as Sojin has a hard time getting the stones to stay still.

4D Nails & Water Ball Nails

Next we have “4D” nails which are really just 3D nails. There are lazy egg characters, pom pom, velvet pieces, and furry ones. get-it-beauty-episode-39-ddd


Tamina also created some water ball nails which literally contain water inside that moves around when you shake your nails. Tamina made one after MC Hwang Min-young’s cat “Salt.”

It’s so cute that the male MC even gets excited about doing his nails.

The process for making water balls is pretty complicated, so I won’t list it out here, but there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. Tamina also makes some Christmas themed water balls for the show.

get-it-beauty-episode-39-ddddd get-it-beauty-episode-39-dddddd

Quick & Easy Nails

For those that don’t have much time, Tamina shares several quick & easy nail sets. All you need to do is stick them on your fingers like stickers. It’s best not to reuse these. Each time you apply them, you can leave them on for 3-5 days. Also, clip and file the nails after applying them, to give them a more natural fit.


Dashing Diva Magic Press Premium Series #06 – Moonlight Tone

Dashing Diva Magic Press #G45 – Black Lunula

Dashing Diva Magic Press #G13 – Navy Glass

Dashing Diva Magic Press #G27 – Crimson Red


매직프레스 프리미엄시리즈 #06 - 문라이트 스톤 매직프레스 #G45 - 블랙루놀라

매직프레스 #G13 - 네이비 글래스매직프레스 #G27 - 크림슨 레드

There are also little pieces you can add for a more elaborate look.


Dashing Diva Bejeweled #01

Dashing Diva Bejeweled #03

비쥬얼드 #01 [DKBJ01] 비쥬얼드 #03 [DKBJ03]

Talking Mirror


Today’s segment features actress Seo Ji-hye. She says she hasn’t had soda, hamburgers, or ramen in three years. No pain, no gain.

Tip 1: coffee beans

The caffeine in coffee beans helps you get rid of cellulite. Mix it with body oil until it gets to a texture of a body scrub, then rub on your arms, legs, or other areas with cellulite.


Tip 2: the best latte cushion

The Milky Dress Thrill Beige Coffee Cushion contains base, sun cream, foundation, and highlighter.

트릴베이지 커피쿠션

Tip 3: the best Multi-Lip product

When she was younger she used mostly lip balm, but older unnies taught her the importance of lipstick. The Milky Dress Baby Make Color Pop Tint – Scarlet Red is a cream type, so it’s moisturizing. You can apply multiple layers of it for a darker, sexier look.


바비메이크 컬러 팝 틴트_스칼렛 레드

Tip 4: Perfume

I’m not sure which brand this is, but her tip is that she mixes two scents for her own signature scent.


FYI: Today’s sponsor was Dashing Diva.




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