High School Rapper Recap: Episode 3

High School Rapper Recap: Episode 3
Episode 3 – February 24, 2017

It’s time for the regional preliminaries for the final two districts. There’s Busan City & Gyeongsang Province which is the hometown of Simon Dominic, Cheetah, Basic, Heize, Jung Sang-soo, etc. The second region is Gwangju City & Jeolla Province, hometown of Black Nut, Defconn, Ugly Nut, Yoobin, etc.

The Busan City & Gyeongsang Province takes place in the Dong-A University Gymnasium in Busan and is hosted by Jeong Jun-ha. The judges are Swings, Deepflow, Mad Clown, Giriboy, and Seo Chulgoo. 

The first contestant is a jolly Lee Dong-min from Busan Jungang High School – Year 3. Contestants are supposed to wear their school uniforms to the auditions, so a writer asks why he isn’t wearing his. He says it doesn’t fit. He can only close three of the buttons on his uniform. He’s trying to lose weight, but it’s hard.

Lee Dong-min is part of his school’s hip hop club and we see them practicing on the street. Their fans of Simon Dominic. Then we go to a club. It looks like Lee Dong-min is a fast rapper. Lee Soo-rin (Luda) says Dong-min is good enough to get first place.

Time for his regional audition. He asks for the audience to cheer. He’s okay. He has good presence, but the lyrics are a bit boring. Mad Clown says, “You were really good, the best in the region. I gave you a perfect score.” Swings says, “You have good depth, even among the pros. I got sucked in when you said ‘Uh.’ Finally, as someone who suffered from high obesity and lost 16 kg, let’s both eat a proper amount of pork cutlets.”

He gets 238 points which puts him in first place. Second place is currently at 214 points, although I’m not sure who it is because it’s someone who get edited out.  

Meanwhile, Haha’s in a local gymnasium for the Gwangju City & Jeolla Province regional. The judges are Swings, Deepflow, Mad Clown, Giriboy, and Seo Chulgoo. While the Busan & Gyeongsang Province is known for being conservative, Seo Chul-goo says the people in this area is known for being sensitive.

First up is Choi Seo-hyeon from Mokpo Deogin High School – Year 3. He humbly says he looks like BewhY. Then Seo Chulgoo notes he also looks like actor Yoo Ah-in which is definitely more accurate. He’s here to get acknowledged by his parents. He’s decent. There’s lots of cursing though which is annoying to listen to because Mnet edits it out, so sometimes it just sounds like he’s skipping lyrics. He reminds me a bit of an old grandpa with his mannerisms. 

Swings says, “You look like you know what rap is. You’re on a different level from the other people here.” He gets 249 points and is in 1st place.  

Back to Busan & Gyeongsang Province. It’s Jung In-seol from Gacheon High School – Year 3. He introduces himself as “MC Gree.” He was on <Show Me the Money 5> and got noted for looking like MC Gree. Gil told him he was no good.

Cut to Jung In-seol rapping on a tractor. He lives way in the countryside. His dad hung up a banner in front of his school cheering him on. How cute. He says he’s part of the last graduating class, and his high school is getting shut down due to the decreasing population. He wants to do well on <High School Rapper> and make his school proud.

He tells the judges that since he’s from the countryside, he was shocked the first time he went to the nearby city of Daegu. He was awestruck by the subway and wrote a song using that as an analogy. 

He raps about how it was just yesterday that he was an immature middle school student riding on the subway for the first time. The lyrics are like a story. They’re really good. Much better than all the other kids talking about how hardcore they are. Mad Clown says, “I can see why Gil eliminated you. I think you’re not good technically, but the lyrics were good and I enjoyed it.” Swings says, “I agree. You know how to paint a picture, I personally hope you pass.” He gets 5th place.  

Back to Gwangju & Jeolla Province. It’s Choi Yi-seung-woo from Korea Game Science High School – Year 1. We get to see him at school, which is a really unique place specializing in making video games. It looks pretty cool. He says he wanted to do game and rap as a hobby, but now if he has to pick just one, he’d go with rap. He says his song is flashy, it’s called “Rooftop.” It’s okay. Swings says, “I think your hairstyle is so cute.” Deepflow says, “I feel like you’re a genius. The lyrics were very three dimensional.” He gets 2nd place with 190 points which is actually a pretty low score since all the other regions had well over 200 points for the top three. It looks like this region is going to be the weakest link.

Meanwhile, there’s some random kid gesturing come here and jumping while others are performing. The judges are curious about him. His name is Shin Yo-chan. He didn’t get to audition because he’s still in middle school. He says he plans to go on <Show Me the Money 6>, and came to see what “bastards” are here to do the show. Haha asks him for a rap. He takes out a notebook and read off of it. He’s a joke. Everyone cheers though. 

The final contestant for Busan & Gyeongsang Province is Jo Won-woo from Daegu Kyungsang High School – Year 1. He’s the most famous kid rapper in Daegu. He won in the freestyle battle SRS where Seo Chulgoo was a judge. Seo Chulgoo says he unexpectedly blew everyone away. Dramatic music plays as other contestants talk about how good he is.

He starts rapping. Oooh. He’s got good flow and an old school feel. The judges look really happy. Swings says in an interview that Jo Won-woo is one of the front-runners. He gets 262 points which of course puts him in 1st place. 

We then get to see the nine rappers from each district. Barely saw any rappers from these two districts though. There are three girls who make it in the top nine of these two regionals. One of them is even in second place, but neither got an screen time. Maybe it’s because they’re not good looking?

It’s a shame that Mnet only gave screen time to the three good looking girls, even though two of them failed miserably. 

The judges and the nine finalists from each of the six regions show up at the infamous CJ E&M warehouse where they film <Show Me the Money> and <Unpretty Rapstar>. It’s infamous because I used to live next to the set. Haha!

Jessi notes that the set got a lot nicer compared to when she was here for <Unpretty Rapstar>.

Haha and Jeong Jun-ha both host this next round together. Haha says there were hearts and love lines blossoming in his districts. Jeong Jun-ha asks about Jikiri, which is the boy band Haha debuted with. None of these high school rappers seem to know what he’s talking about since Jikiri is from 2001. Haha swears at Jeong Jun-ha to shut up.

Today is a battle for choosing mentors. There’ll be a three round cypher battle. For each round, one contestant from each of the six districts will compete and be given a score. The combined scores after three rounds will determine the order for choosing mentors.

Btw, each district has their own uniform.

  • West Gyeongin – grey
  • East Gyeongin – brown
  • Seoul Gangseo – red
  • Seoul Gangdong – tan
  • Busan & Gyeongsang Province – blue
  • Gwangju & Jeolla Province – green

Round one is a cypher battle between the 3rd place rappers. That means we get

  • Yoon Byung-ho (Bully Da Ba$tard) – East Gyeongin 
  • Park Hwi-chan – Seoul Gangseo
  • Bang Jae-min – Seoul Gangdong
  • Oh Dam-ryul – West Gyeongin
  • Lee Dong-min – Busan & Gyeongsang Province
  • Park Sung-gon – Gwangju & Jella Province

Everyone’s afraid of Yoon Byung-ho (Bully Da Ba$tard). I love how his crewmate Lee Soo-rin (Luda) cheers him on by doing some shadow boxing. He tells him, “You can definitely win this.”

The beats are 8ky 6lu’s “Fuck Yeah” and Fetty Wap’s “679.”

Lee Dong-min is practicing his lyrics in the back. Then Lee Dong-min grabs the mic. He starts alright, but he flubs a bit. His teammate Jo Won-woo looks down feeling the embarrassment second hand. Bang Jae-min is next (the mic tapping dude from episode one). He does well. He’s a clean rapper, but that might also be his downfall because that kind of rapping gets boring after a while.

Park Hwi-chan pretty much gets edited out, and instead the camera zooms in on Oh Dam-ryul during Hwi-chan’s rap. Cut back to this regionals where Oh Dam-ryul dissed all the bad rappers like MC Gree. 

It looks like Oh Dam-ryul and Yoon Byung-ho are the two front runners. Yoon Byung-ho goes up next and walks up to the judges. Oh Dam-ryul then goes next. He kills it with his first line, “Chill out young ways?” He’s got so much style and raps about how the ladies like him. Jessi’s like, “I like him.” He even does a little dance when he’s done. 

Haha asks who thinks he’s first. Yoon Byung-ho and Oh Dam-ryul both raise their hands. The score is 

  1. Oh Dam-ryul (West Gyeongin) – 93 points
  2. Yoon Byung-ho (East Gyeongin) – 82 points 
  3. Bang Jae-min (Seoul Gangdong) – ??? points
  4. Park Hwi-chan (Seoul Gangseo) – ??? points
  5. Park Sung-gon (Gwangju & Jella Province) – ??? points
  6. Lee Dong-min (Busan & Gyeongsang Province) – ??? points

Yoon Byung-ho (Bully Da Ba$tard) is pissed. He asks his crewmate Lee Su-rin (Luda) if he was that bad. Lee Su-rin insists that he did a good job, “You got seconds place. Don’t worry, you got a good score.” 

For round two, Judge YDG calls out for the 6th place rappers to do their cyphers. There’s

  • Johnny – Seoul Gangsdong
  • Mark – Seoul Gangseo
  • Choi Seok-hyun – East Gyeongin
  • MC Gree – West Gyeongin
  • Seong Yong-hyeong – Busan & Gyeongsang Province
  • Park Min – Gwangju & Jeolla Province

The beats are DJ Bob&Fabobeatz’s “Twerk 4 It” and the Notorious B.I.G’s “Hypnotize.”

Choi Seok-hyun kills it. His teammates are bouncing up and down in their seats. MC Gree is next. He’s looking nervous. He does pretty well, almost as good as the first guy. He’s flow isn’t as good as Choi Seok-hyun’s but his lyrics are on point. Johnny tells everyone to put their hands up. He tries to rhyme in the beginning, but then not in the end. Mark is underwhelming. He’s seems a bit off beat? I have no idea what he’s trying to say. His lyrics make no sense. It picks up towards the end though. 

Swings says there was more balance this group. He tells MC Gree that his flow is good, but he needs to work on his vocalization. Deepflow says Mark did much better than last time. Jessi says MC Gree did the best. She thinks he has lots of potential. Seo Chulgoo likes Choi Seok-hyun and gave him the highest score. Deepflow and Mad Clown compliment him too. 

  1. Choi Seok-hyun (East Gyeongin) – 84 points
  2. Kim Dong-hyeong aka MC Gree (West Gyeongin) – 75 points (tied for 2nd)
  3. Mark (Seoul Gangseo) – 75 points (tied for 2nd)
  4. Johnny (Seoul Gangdong) – 56 points
  5. Park Min (Gwangju & Jeolla Province) – ??? points
  6. Sung Yong-hyun (Busan & Gyeongsang Province) – ??? points

The final round is of course the 1st place rappers. That means its

  • Kim Sun-woo – Seoul Gangdong
  • Yang Hong-won (Young B) – Seoul Gangseo
  • Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum) – East Gyeongin
  • Kim Kyu-hyun – West Gyeongin
  • Jo Won-woo – Busan – Gyeongsang Province
  • Choi Seo-hyun – Gwangju & Jeolla Province

It’s hilarious how Yoon Byung-ho (Bully Da Ba$tard) and Lee Su-rin (Luda) tells Jo Won-woo to go easy. The two came off so cocky during their regional auditions, but it’s pretty obvious that they have a lot of friends here and it’s just Mnet’s evil editing. 

The tracks are Kid Ink’s “Be Real ” and 

Kim Sun-woo starts. He’s good of course but is no match for Jo Won-woo who spits fire. Jessi calls him scary. Kim Kyu-hyun is good too. This is going to be a hard round to judge. There’s definitely a huge difference in class between these 1st place rappers and the two groups before them.

Yang Hong-won goes “yeah, yeah, yeah” way too many times, like he’s missed the beat. He’s a bit tongue tied since he usually doesn’t rap trap. Everyone’s shocked, his teammates give him the thumbs up anyways. Yang Hong-won says he was embarrassed. Choi Ha-min kills it, and the reactions from his teammates are fun to watch. Choi Ha-min had a laid back rap during his regional audition, but he’s so fast here. 

Jessi says she gave Choi Ha-min the highest score. She was shocked at how good everyone was. 1st place really is different. Swings says Choi Ha-min was really good, he’s going to be successful. Giriboy adds that he didn’t notice anyone other than Choi Ha-min. Mad Clown and Deepflow add on to the Choi Ha-min parade.

  1. Choi Ha-min aka Osshun Gum (East Gyeongin) – ??? points 
  2. Jo Won-woo (Busan & Gyeongsang Province) – ??? points
  3. Kim Kyu-hyun (West Gyeongin) – ??? points
  4. Kim Sun-woo (Seoul Gangdong) – ??? points
  5. Yang Hong-won (Young B) (Seoul Gangseo)- ??? points
  6. Choi Seo-hyun (Gwangju & Jeolla Province) – ??? points

Lee Soo-rin aka Luda shouts, “OSSHUN!” Haha tells him to quiet down and pretends to shoot a tranquilizer at him. Lee Soo-rin pretends to faint. How cute. 

The final team scores are 

  1. East Gyeongin – 272 points
  2. West Gyeongin – 259 points
  3. Seoul Gangseo – 219 points
  4. Seoul Gangdong – 212 points
  5. Busan & Gyeongsang Province – 177 points
  6. Gwangju & Jeolla Province – 163 points

So far my favorite rappers are Choi Ha-min and Oh Dam-ryul. I love watching Lee Soo-rin’s reactions too. Once I have some more free time, I think I’m gonna learn how to make gifs just because of this guy. So hilarious to watch. Even though he didn’t rap this episode, he hard carried with his reactions. 

I’m also stanning East Gyeonggi Province (Brown Team) with Choi Ha-min, Yoon Byung-ho (Bully Da Ba$tard), Lee Su-rin (Luda), and Choi Seok-hyun. 

I think Mnet made a really good decision turning this competition a team battle. It’s fun watching the kids cheering their teammates on, and it’s a gimmick that makes it stand out from <Show Me the Money>. 

Next Week: Choosing mentors and eliminations



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