High School Rapper Recap: Episode 4

High School Rapper Recap: Episode 4
Episode 4 – March 3, 2017

Mentor Selection

MCs Haha and Jeong Jun-ha announce that it’s time to choose mentors and ask the six mentors to say something to promote themselves.

Deepflow says, “Those who like VMC know that I’m good at discovering new rappers.” 

Jessi says, “Because I can sing too, if you choose me, we’ll make good music.”

Giriboy says, “I can make custom beats for you whenever.”

Deepflow adds, “I have a lot of beat too.”

Swings says, “Students learn and grow. If you want to learn and grow together, pick me.”

The teams get to pick in order of their scores from last week’s cypher battle. Almost everyone wants Swings as their mentor. I thought Deepflow would be another popular choice, but maybe these kids are too young to know him? It’s surprising Jessi gets picked second. Yang Dong-geun shakes his head in shame when he doesn’t get picked until the end. He totally deserves it though. He was a terrible mentor in <Show Me the Money> where he abandoned his mentorees multiple times and just told them to come up with the raps themselves.

The mentor list is 

  • East Gyeongin – Swings
  • West Gyeongin – Jessi
  • Seoul Gangseo – Giriboy & Seo Chulgoo (Xitsuh)
  • Seoul Gangdong – Mad Clown
  • Busan & Gyeongsang Province – Deepflow
  • Gwangju & Jeolla Province – Yang Dong-geun
Team Bonding and First Mission Reveal

Next we get a few scenes of each of the teams doing bonding activities with their mentors. Seoul Gangseo, Giriboy, and Seo Chulgoo meet up at a basketball court. 

Deepflow takes the train all the way down to Busan. So cute how the mentorees make placards and wait for him at Busan Station. They then show him around and ask Deepflow if he knows various slang expressions from the region.

Yang Dong-geun takes his kids hiking at Mudeungsan Mountain. He says he feels like a student teacher taking them here on a field trip. Then he admits that he’s old enough to actually be a school principal.

Swings takes his East Gyeongin students to eat pork cutlets. Lee Su-rin is like, “How do I eat this?” Lee Byeong-ho, “Just chew it.” What kind of question is that?

Jessi takes them to a small amusement park. Since it’s West Gyeongin, I’m assuming that’s Wolmido park. They then go do kareoke.

Mad Clown also decides to go hiking. He takes the Seoul Gangdong kids to Woo-myun Mountain. Once they get to the top, he gives them homemade rice balls. There’s a “Tower of Hope” that Mad Clown throws a rock on. It falls, but Johnny catches it. On the second try, it sticks to the top. 

The mentors then announce the first mission. It’s the final regional representative selection competition. It’s 1:1:1 battles with only one person surviving to the next round. That means that each team is going to get cut from nine to three rappers. That’s so harsh.  

Everyone’s like, “OMG! Oh No!!! Augh!” and then Lee Su-rin is like, “Well eliminations were coming anyways. Whatever. I’m confident.” 

Final Regional Representative Selection Rounds

The show cuts right to the day of the 1:1:1 battles The first region to go is Seoul Gangdong. 

Seoul Gangdong (Tan Uniforms) – Mad Clown

Kim Sun-jae vs. Jo Min-wook vs. Johny.

Flashback to practice. The top three rappers from each team get to pick their opponents. Kim Sun-jae was ranked first in Seoul Gangdong, so he gets first pick. He decides to pick weak links which makes sense. You don’t want to eliminate the best rappers since they’ll end up being your teammate in the next round. He goes for Johny, and then chooses Jo Min-wook for his other opponent? I can’t believe he chose Jo min-wook who was in second place! Seems like Kim Sun-jae went with pride over logic. 

The rap battle starts. Johny’s flow is a bit lacking. I can tell he’s trying hard, but his skill level just isn’t there. It’s like watching a kid at a school talent show. Jo Min-wook is decent, but nothing special. He just raps about how he’s a good rapper, “I fly on the stage, I’ll show you. I’m the rap version of Park Ji-sung. I’m tough.” Kim Sun-jae raps about pretty much the same thing saying, “I’m the boss of the beat,” but he has the best vocal tone and pronunciation of the three.

After the beat ends, Johny’s like, “Can I just rap four more meters.” He raps about how the hyungs are better than him, but he’s still Johny Kwanny, versatile Johny. Cute kid, but his skill level is cringe-worthy. 

Swings says, “Jo Min-wook, you did well, I always liked you, but you lacked confidence compared to the other two. Kim Sun-jae, you did well, you were the best.”

It’s weird how they don’t show Mad Clown’s feedback when he’s this group’s mentor. Swings is getting way too much screen time. Mad Clown picks Kim Sun-jae as the winner. 

Bang Jae-min vs. Lee Ji-eun vs. Park Eo-jin

Lee Ji-eun is really passionate about this competition to the point that she comes off a bit as overbearing. During practice, she keeps telling the other two to hurry up and just pick a beat already.

Bang Jae-min says he chose to go up against Lee Ji-eun because she’s a girl. OOOh. Those are fighting words. Lee Ji-eun tells the cameras that she almost cried when she heard that.

After rehearsals, Mad Clown says the Lee Ji-eun did the best. Bang Jae-min looked like he lacked confidence. I hope she proves Jae-min wrong for calling her out for being a girl.

The rap battle starts. Park Eo-jin gets two lines out, and then forgets the rest. Whomp whomp. Looks like he’s out. Bang Jae-min is okay, I wish his pronunciation were clearer though. Lee Ji-eun has a lot of swag, and does a little performance where she pushes the two boys out of the way just before she starts her rap, but her flow just is way too weak.

This battle wasn’t bad, but just nothing special either. Haha asks whose idea it was to have Lee Ji-eun push the boys away. It was Bang Jae-min’s idea? I thought he was looking down on her for being a girl. Hm . . . maybe it was just a case of evil Mnet editing then? 

Mad Clown says Lee Ji-eun had good delivery and flow. He also says he hadn’t realized Bang Jae-min had such good flow, but he needs to work on his tone. He chooses Bang Jae-min as the winner.

Jang Yong-jun vs. Kim Seon-woo vs. Seong Shi-heon

The third Seoul Gangdong performance gets edited it out. I’m assuming it’s because the winner was Jang Yong-jun (No:el) who left the show due to his behavior controversy.

Seoul Gangseo (Red Uniforms) – Giriboy and Seo Chulgoo

Flashback to to team bonding event at the basketball court. The first, second, and fourth place rappers choose their opponents. 

Shin Sang-ho vs. Mark vs. Kim Jong-bum

The show is giving Mark a lot of screen time, which is expected, but I’m surprised that they decided to give him the angel edit. We get a montage of other rappers complimenting Mark’s rap skills.

We get a sneak peak of the rehearsals. Mark says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” just like CJamm from <Show Me the Money>. Then there are more shots of teammates watching the rehearsals and praising Mark. Seo Chulgoo favors Shin Sang-ho while Giriboy wants Mark to move to the next round. 

It’s show time. Mark starts off, “Hey you there with the yellow hair, you celebrity. The one one TV.” It sounds pretty good, but then he goes back into his mumbo jumbo rap. I have no idea what he’s trying to say after that. It sounds to me like just a bunch of non sequiturs. Shin Sang-ho is good. He’s got a strong presence.  

Swings says, “Mark, I can see you have a strong will to prove yourself. That’s real hip hop. “

Jessi says she likes the guy on the right. (Shin Sang-ho.)

Giriboy and Seo Chulgoo are conflicted but ultimately go with Mark. 

Yang Hong-won (Young B) vs. Han Ji-seok vs. Kang Seung-wan

This battle gets pushed back to the end of the episode.

Kim Yoon-ho vs. Lee Seung-pyo vs. Park Hwi-chan  

This battle got cut, but the winner is apparently Kim Yoon-ho.

West Gyeongin (Gray Uniforms) – Jessi

Oh Dam-ryul (Chin Chilla) vs. Park Go-hoon vs. Kim Dong-hyun (MC Gree)

I thought Oh Dam-ryul (Chin Chilla) was really impressive last episode. He’s the one who was like, “Chilla the Young Wave~” Park Go-hoon was in fourth place, so he must be pretty decent too.

Flashback to practice. Kim Dong-hyun (MC Gree) is sick and at the hospital. Meanwhile, at the practice room, Oh Dam-ryul and Park Go-hoon try to work on their song. They get a call from Kim Dong-hyun. Oh Dam-ryul speaks really formally to him which is unusual among kids. He even calls him Mr. Dong-hyun. I guess they must not be close? 

Then during rehearsals, it’s only Oh Dam-ryul and Park Go-hoon. They never got a chance to practice with Kim Dong-hyun. Just before the battle starts, MC Gree says he’s feeling sick, but he’ll do his best. It’ll be a battle of wills.

The rap starts. Chilla the Young Waves! Oh Dam-ryul is killing it. “If your girl touches me, she’ll get burned. Sorry~” He then forgets his lyrics but is able to recover. Oh no. He forgot his lyrics a second time. Augh! Park Go-hoon goes next and isn’t able to say more than a few words. Kim Dong-hyun misses his timing since he’s never rehearsed with them, so Oh Dam-ryul jumps in to help. Kim Dong-hyun finds his place and he sounds fine. 

Deepflow says, “Only Dong-hyun rapped properly, so he’s the only one who deserves to get chosen, but Oh Dam-ryul was outstanding with even just the few lines he rapped.”

Jessi decides to go with Kim Dong-hyun (MC Gree). NOOOO!!!!!  Oh Dam-ryul (Chin Chilla) is way too good to get cut this early even if he did mess up. 

Oh Dam-ryul says, “I have something to say. Don’t look down on Kim Dong-hyun when you haven’t even heard him rap.”

Kim Dong-hyun, “I almost missed my spot, but Dam-ryul helped me with the timing, so I feel good about winning, but I’m also a bit sad.” 

Kim Kyu-hyeon vs. Oh Dong-hwan vs. Kim Hye-joong

This battle got cut, but the winner was Kim Kyu-hyeon. 

Shin Sang-ik vs. Kim Tae-yeob vs. Kim Chan-soo

This battle also got cut, but the winner was Kim Tae-yeob. 

East Gyeongin (Brown Uniforms) – Swings

Lee Su-rin (Luda) vs. Yoon Byung-ho (Bully the Ba$tard) vs. Kim Mi-jung

During the team selections, it looks like no one wanted to go up against Lee Su-rin or Yoon Byung-ho, so the two crewmates end up in the same battle. Oh No! That means either Luda or Bully is getting eliminated. These two plus Choi Ha-min would have been the dream team. Kim Ji-jung is like, “I’m so pissed.”

Neither Luda or Bully are too upset about it though. They both think they can beat each other. Swings compliments the two a lot during rehearsals. Kim Mi-jung doesn’t get much air time. 

Right before the battle starts, Lee Soo-rin (Luda) is like, “Byung-ho’s not feeling well today, so it’s a good day to beat him.” 

Yoon Byung-ho (Bully the Ba$tard) retorts back, “No, not at all. I’m at 100%.” LOL. These two are so funny.

Battle Start. Kim Mi-jung is better than I  expected. I’d put her at the same level as Kim Dong-hyeon and Mark. 

Lee Soo-rin (Luda) is good as always. He has a interesting style. “You guys are all rapper wannabes.” Love how he just spins around and nods his head along while the other two rap.

Yoon Byung-ho (Bully the Ba$tard) brings the energy. “I’m doing the rap you guys look down on. I pray that I don’t fall.”

Swings says, “I liked Byung-ho’s passion and desire to keep going up high. Su-rin, I didn’t know about Dickids Crew until recently, but you truly seemed like the leader.”

Swings chooses Yoon Byung-ho (Bully the Ba$tard). 

Lee Su-rin isn’t too shaken up. He tells Young B and Byung-ho that he’ll expel them if they don’t get first place. 

Kim Kang-woo vs. Choi Seok-hyun vs. Kim Ha-on

This battle got cut, but the winner is apparently Kim Kang-woo.

Mnet then shows a battle montage for Yang Hong-won and Choi Ha-min. We see clips of their two performances so far from the previous episodes. These two are already getting the winners’ edit. 

Seoul Gangseo (Red Uniforms) – Giriboy and Seo Chulgoo

Yang Hong-won (Young B) vs. Han Ji-seok vs. Kang Seung-wan

Yang Hong-won talks about feeling the bitterness after flubbing his performance last episode. He’s a bit worried because this beat isn’t really his style. He had to go with it because his two opponents both wanted it. 

The rap battle starts. Han Ji-seok and Kang Seung-wan both sounds like little kids next to Yang Hong-won (Young B). 

Yang Hong-won apparently misses a word, but says he just held on and staed focused, so this time he didn’t mess up. A writer asks other students if they noticed. No one noticed that he messed up. 

Giriboy and Seo Chulgoo of course choose Yang Hong-won. Giriboy says they picked him because he’s the winner. He says, “The winner is already determined and everyone else is just here to fill in the picture.”

Swings says, “I think he’s right. Yang Hong-won is something different. So show us. Show us that Giriboy is wrong.”

Jo Won-woo is like, “I don’t think he’s that impressive.” So true. Yang Hong-won is good, but he’s not leagues above everyone else. I’d say the contenders for winner are Yang Hong-won, Lee Byung-ho, Jo Won-woo, and Choi Ha-min, and there’s no clear frontrunner just yet. (Oh Dam-ryun and Lee Su-rin were just as good, but they’re already eliminated.)

East Gyeongin (Brown Uniforms) – Swings

Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum) vs. Hwang Hyun-woo vs. Choi Shin-hyun

This is the battle I’ve been looking forward to most. 

At the Just Music studio, Hwang Hyun-woo is confident. We flashback to his regional audition where he bragged about his second cousin being CL of 2NE1. He then tells the cameras, “I don’t want to be known as CL’s relative because I want to go up with my own ability.” Puhahaha. Then don’t mention that you’re related to her? If they’re only second cousins, then no one would even know if he didn’t mention it. They’re not even that close in relation.

Choi Shin-hyun seems to be fanboying Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum). Choi Ha-min says he’ll buy him some tasty food.

Their song is titled “Life Goes On” because they’ll keep making music even after High School Rapper. 

The battles starts. Hwang Hyun-woo raps about how “he doesn’t care” like his second cousin CL. OMG! Dude. Stop mentioning her. No one cares. 

Choi Ha-min (Osshun Gum) sounds really peaceful, like he’s not really trying, It picks up a little later though. 

Swings is like, “Choi Ha-min has a lot of pride, so he didn’t feel he needed to try that hard this round.”

Mad Clown and Deepflow compliment Choi Ha-min’s producing abilities. Jo Won-woo seems to be a fan too.

Apparently though, Choi Ha-min forgot his lyrics, so he just freestyled his rap. Ah! so it wasn’t that he didn’t try. No one could tell he messed up though. 

Swings chooses Choi Ha-min as the winner. 

A writer interviews Choi Ha-min on his thoughts. He tries to be super polite and messes up. Asks to start over, “At first we were awkward and didn’t know each other well, so we had conflicts, but . . . I’ll start over . . . since we all want to succeed as rappers, I hope we all work hard and meet each other again someday on the stage.” He’s really conscious of his image. Not in a bad way though. 

The final regional reps are

  • Seoul Gangseo (Red) – Mark, Yang Hong-won, Kim Yoon-ho
  • West Gyeongin (Grey) – Kim Kyu-hyeon, Kim Dong-hyeon (MC Gree), Kim Tae-yeob
  • East Gyeongin (Brown) – Kim Tae-yeob  – Choi Ha-min, Yoon Byung-ho
  • Seoul Gangdong (Tan) – Kim Sun-jae, Bang Jae-min, (YJY quit)
  • Busan & Gyeongsang Province (Blue) –  ???
  • Gwangju & Jeolla Province (Mustard) – ???

Next Week: Busan and Gwangju final regional rep selections and team battles. 



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    Where is Kim Sun Woo from Seoul Gangdong (Tan Uniforms) ???

    • Korean Variety Recaps

      Kim Sun-woo went up against Jang Yong-jun in his 1:1:1 rap battle. Because of Jang Yong-jun’s behavior controversy, Mnet edited him out from the show, and their 1:1:1 battle never aired.

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