High School Rapper Recap: Episode 5

High School Rapper Recap: Episode 5
Episode 5 – March 10, 2017
Final Regional Representative Selection Rounds

The 1:1:1 battles continue from episode four. There are two regions left, Gwangju & Jeolla Province and Busan & Gyeongsang Province. 

Gwangju & Jeolla Province (Mustard Uniforms) – Mentor Yang Dong-geun

Choi Seo-hyun vs. ??? vs. ???

The winner is Choi Seo-hyun. No one else from the battle even gets any screen time. Not surprised Choi Seo-hyun, The Yoo Ah-in lookalike, won because he was first in his regional auditions. 

Hwang In-yong vs. ??? vs. ???

The winner is Hwang In-yong.

Lee Ki-woong vs. ??? vs. ???

The winner is Lee Ki-woong. 

Busan & Gyeongsang Province (Blue Uniforms) – Deepflow

Jo Won-woo vs. ??? vs. ???

The winner is of course Jo Won-woo. Swings says he’s a candidate for first place. I can’t believe his battle didn’t get more airtime. I’d say there are four frontrunners Jo Won-woo, Yoon Byeong-ho, Choi Ha-min, and Yang Hong-won. It’s a shame that Jo Won-woo doesn’t get nearly as much airtime as the other three. 

Lee Hyun-woo vs. Jeong min-seong vs. Park Ga-ram

The winner is Jeong Min-seong.

Lee Dong-min vs. ??? vs. ???

The winner is Lee Dong-min. Dong-min says, “I lost my breath because I’m fat, I’ll lose weight for next time.”

Wow, these two regions got less than five minutes combined for their 1:1:1 battles. There weren’t even any clips of their practices or rehearsals either. Mnet really gave them the shaft. 

Also, all four female students got eliminated this round. 

There’s then a series of clips from the eliminated rappers. A writer asks each of the various students how they feel about getting cut. Lee Su-rin (Luda) says, “I had a lot of fun. There’s nothing I was disappointed about. I think it was a warm up for the things I need to do in the future.” 

Oh Dam-ryul (Chin Chilla) says, “We all like music and hip hop . . .”

Kim Sun-woo continues, “so we all have a lot of dreams and I hope you think of use as students who know to chase those dreams.”

Lee Ji-eun says, “I learned a lot about writing lyrics through High School Rapper.”

Regional Battles

The next round is team battles between the six regions. This battle will be in two rounds. The region with the higher total score moves on, while the team with the lower one gets eliminated.

Wow, this is a really quick turnaroiund. “Show Me the Money” gives the rappers a few rounds, but “High School Rapper” has eliminations after every battle. 

We’re at a concert set, Haha and Jeong Jun-ha introduce the guest judges. There are 14, but since they don’t introduce them one by one, I couldn’t figure them all out. 

LOL how Mnet gave a fake edit of Swings shaking his head at Kisum like he doesn’t think she deserve to be a judge. There’s no way Swings actually did that though, because all the guest judges walked in at the same time, so Swings wouldn’t have been able to react. Nice one though Mnet. The judges include

  • Kisum
  • Tymee
  • Basic
  • Don Mills
  • Hash Swan
  • Killagramz
  • Zizo
  • BoiB
  • Woo Taewoon
  • Geegooin
  • Neoksal

Each jusdge will be scoring out of 25 points, so there will be 350 points in total. It’s 700 points after two rounds. 

Seoul Gangseo vs East Gyeongin

The first two regions to battle it out are the two strongest. Seoul Gangseo and East Gyeongin. The mentors of the two groups do a bit of trash talking.

Swings tells the audience, “Giriboy is a producer, so he doesn’t really know what to do in these situations.”

Giriboy retorts back, “I saw their rehearsals and thought they were uncreative.”

Flashback to practice. Swings calls his crew out to eat a fancy lunch. He tells them round one is a duo mission. Swings gets to picks Yoon Byeong-ho (Bully the Ba$tard) and Kim Kang-woo. He tells them to take care of the sly Giriboy and greasy talking Seo Chulgoo. Swings seems pissed at Giriboy for calling him over the hill.

The second round is a solo featuring the mentors. It’s of course Choi Ha-min for round two.

Meanwhile, Giriboy and Seo Chulgo also meet with their mentees. 

Mark and Kim Yoon-ho are in round one, while Yang Hong-won will be in round two. They talk about their opponents, but the mentors can’t remember the third person on team East Gyeongin. Kim Yoon-ho is like, “There’s the bald one.” Giriboy, “Yeah, the fat one.”

It’s practice time in the studio. Swings is harshly criticizing Kim Kang-woo for his bad habits. He needs to fix his scratchy voice and screeching sounds.  Apparently during Kang-woo’s 1:1:1 battle, Swings told all three were terrible. Yoon Byeong-ho says he’s going to work hard, but isn’t really interested in working together. He starts criticizing Kim Kang-woo a lot too. Kang-woo is sweating. Swings is impressed with Yoon Byeong-ho’s passion though. 

Then behind the stage at MCountdown, Mark introduces his teammates Yang Hong-won and Kim Yoon-ho to NCT Dream. 

Mark has a busy schedule, so Kim Yoon-ho is worried about their lack of practice. Kim Yoon-ho says he doesn’t mind though because he understands that Mark is busy. It’s not like Mark is just playing around. 

Poor Kim Yoon-ho waits for Mark while standing out in the cold. They then practice in a van while Mark is on his way to another work event? 

It’s show time.

Seoul Gangseo is up first. Mark and Kim Yoon-ho’s song is titled “Sing Sang Song.”

Yoon-ho starts first. Uh oh. He just sounds like a talented high school rapper which is not enough to beat Bully. The same for Mark. The “Sing Sang Song” hook is catchy though. 

As they finish, Kim Yoon-ho apologizes to his team for making a mistake in his lyrics. It wasn’t too noticeable though. Mark says, “I think we could have done a better job with everything.”

Btw, Lee Su-rin’s (Luda) in the audience. Glad to see him back on the TV. 

Swings gives pep talk before his mentees go up, “You don’t want to get dissed right? This is your opportunity. Just do as you usually do.”

Yoon Byeong-ho (Bully the Ba$tard) and Kim Kang-woo’s song is “Major Depression.”

OMG. It’s “Slaughter” I’ve been listening to this song nonstop all week. It’s my favorite Bully song. Yoon Byeong-ho kills it. Kim Kang-woo misses his lyrics a bit. LOL when Yoon Byeong-ho walks right up to Yang Hong-won and tells him to run away. Yang Hong-won is just like, “I knew he was gonna do something like that.”

Yoon Byeong-ho does his speed rap bit, although now I’m kind of disappointed that he just pretty much rapped his “Slaughter” as is. I wish he had changed the lyrics a bit to suit “High School Rapper.”

Kim Yoon-ho comments, “I think I’ll have to call Byeong-ho hyung. He did really well.”

Guest judge Don Mills says, “I think the black team is better, but I was impressed with Mark’s dance skills and Yoon-ho was cute too.”

Kissum says, “This battle is about a perfect duo, but Mark’s team felt more like a duo.”

The score is out of a possible 350 points. 

  • Seoul Gangseo (Mark and Kim Yoon-ho) – 278 points
  • East Gyeongin (Yoon Byeong-ho and Kim Kang-woo) – 295 points

Yoon Byeong-ho says in his interview, “I don’t lose. I’m not the kind to lose. I’m the best. You saw today.”

Mark says, “I was happy there wasn’t a huge gap in the score.”

Round Two: Choi Ha-min vs Yang Hong-won

We get a short preview, but this battle gets pushed back to the end of the episode.

Busan & Gyeongsang Province vs. Gwangju & Jeolla Province. 

It the second battle now. Busan & Gyeongsang Province vs. Gwangju & Jeolla Province. 

At VMC studios, Deepflow explains the rules of their regional battle. Round one is a one person freestyle battle. Jo Won-woo’s like, “A freestyle battle?” 

Yang Dong-geun announces the same news to his team. They’re all worried about going up against Jo Won-woo. Choi Seo-hyeon volunteers saying he’s not confident, but who knows. He says he feels sick though thinking about it. 

Back at VMC studios, Deepflow asks Jo Won-woo for a freestyle diss on the spot. He turns on a beat, Jo Won-woo calls him baldy and says he’s a better rapper. Deepflow says, “Yeah you’ll win.”

YDG brings a freestyle teacher for Choi Seo-hyeon. It’s Zizo. Choi Seo-hyeon’s like, “Daebak!” Zizo says that Jo Won-woo is known for rapping fast, so they should use that to their advantage.

Round One: Jo Won-woo vs. Choi Seo-hyeon 

Battle time. Both round one rappersa shaved their heads. LOL. Jo Won-woo is up first. The other team’s mentor comes up with ten words, and Mnet randomly chose five of them to use in the freestyle rap. Jo Won-woo’s words are

  • dad
  • mom
  • part time job
  • education
  • outcast

Jo Won-woo just yo yo yos. I was worried for a moment that he was choking with all those yos, but he sounds good. He raps, “I’ll start with a self diss, I started from the bottom, from a part time job . . . I’m gonna educate you, so go back to drinking your mom’s milk.” 

Choi Seo-heyon’s random words are

  • Yang Dong-geun
  • Gwangju
  • reprt card
  • microphone
  • girlfriend

Choi Seo-hyeon says he’s not a freestyle rapper, so he’s just going to rap peacefully. He does a good job linking the words, but the rap just doesn’t have as much impact as Jo Won-woo’s. 

Don Mills says he was inspired by the young rappers and does his own freestyle rap. Haha asks Zizo to do one too. That’s gollowed by Seo Chulgoo. Jo Won-woo was way better than all three of them though. 

It’s score time.

  • Busan & Gyeongsang Province (Jo Won-woo) – 284 points
  • Gwangju & Jeolla Province (Choi Seo-hyeon) – 245 points

Choi Seo-hyeon says, “I’m going to start practicing freestyle from today. I really am, and I’d like to battle again someday.”

Round Two: New Song Battle with Mentors

It’s rehearsals for round two. The mentors and all three of the mentees will be rapping a newly made song. Deepflow brings his A game. YDG snickers to his mentees that their choreography looks awkward. 

Gwangju & Jeolla rehearsals. YDG tells them to run laps and do jumping jacks before they rap. 

Deepflow’s team is super confident that they’ll win. However, Yang Dong-geun’s team says they purposely only showed 40% of their stage during their rehearsal. They want to surprise the other team when they actually walk up to their faces during the actual performance. 

Busan & Gyeongsang Province is up first. Deepflow walks up to she stage rapping, followed by his three mentees. They call YDG a broken belt. Jo Won-woo has great flow as usual.

The song is a bit boring though. The MC Gree lookalike, Jung In-seol, forgets his lyrics a bit but does manage to find his place. The chubby guy Lee Dong-min is pretty good too.

Gwangju & Jeolla Province is up next. Gwangju & Jeolla Province sounds passionate. Yang Dong-geun gets right in Deepflow’s face.

Busan’s Lee Ki-hoon butts heads with Gwangju’s Lee Dong-min and apparently Dong-min got super pissed about that. 

They sound good as a team, but don’t have any standout rappers. Oh wait I take that back. It’s picking up. Choi Seo-hyeon is doing well. He’s got a lot of swag as he walks up and down the stage. 

Guest judge Killagramz is like, “Dong-min fighting to us.” Haha says, “I know why you said that.” *hint it has to do with their weight. 

The score is

  • Busan & Gyeongsang Province – 300 points (584 points total)
  • Gwangju & Jeolla Province – 295 points (540 points total)

Back to Round Two of Seoul Gangseo and East Gyeongin. 

It’s the aces of each team. Yang Hong-won vs Choi Ha-min. They had the top two scores during the regional audtitions. Hong-won had 283 points and Choi Ha-min got 274 points, although it’s not really a fair comparison because they had different audiences . 

Seoul Gangseo team is behind by 17 points which is not a huge lead, but it isn’t small either.

We hear most of Yang Hong-won’s rap, but the bulk of the battle of course this gets pushed back to the next episode. 

Next Week: Yang Hong-won vs Choi Ha-min. Also, West Gyeongin and Seoul Gangdong. 



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