Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 510

Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 510
Episode 510: Santa Academy II: December 10, 2016

This episode continues from the previous week’s episode where “Santa Claus” asked one of the <Infinite Challenge> members to help him deliver some presents in Korea. In order to choose which one will be the honorary Santa, the MCs will go over a series of tests to find the most qualified.

But first, in the studio, the MCs ask each other what they want for Christmas.

  • Hwang Kwang-hee – iPhone 7
  • Jeong Jun-ha – electric heating mat
  • Yoo Jae-suk – a second child (Jeong Jun-ha says he wants a second child too)

The <Infinite Challenge> writers asked 150 five-seven year olds what the present they most want from Santa is. Jeong Jun-ha and Haha guess that it’s a cellphone. The top three results are

  • toy – 40%
  • cell phone – 6%
  • food: marshmallow, seaweed, candy – 5%

One of the unique answers was “living happily.” Haha says that this morning he told his son Dream, “I love you.” Dream replied, “I love you more.” Haha, “No I love you more.” Dream then said, “Bless you,” which made Haha teary.

Jeong Jun-ha gets made fun of by the other MCs about how he just wanted snacks when he was a kid. His father sold American products and got arrested by the police. An officer came by bicycle to catch him? Huh? This conversation really meandered, also, it must have been a really rural district if the officer just rode a bike.

Yang Se-hyun says he lived by a field in the mountains. He used to heat up knives and place them in his shoes for fun. Basically, he’d make makeshift ice skates. The other MCs don’t believe him.

The <Infinite Challenge> writers also asked the children what present they wish Santa would give to their mother and fathers. They wrote these down these wishes in notes that the MCs read aloud. Here are a few.

“Santa, please give my parents happiness because they keep fighting.”

“”Beer because my mom and dad really like beer.”

“Santa, give my dad an exercise machine because he is really round.”

“Santa, give health to mom and strength to dad because I want to live with them for a long time.”

“Please give my parents love, and please keep giving them love because I love my mom and dad.”

Course 1: Understanding  childlike innocence.

Now we go back to the Santa qualification tests. The first one continues the test of childlike innocence from last week. The MCs have to guess what various pictures drawn by children represent. The first round is with Haha’s son Dream’s drawing.

He draws a cookie, fireworks, duck meat, and stick. Yoo Jae-suk, “That’s a cookie? Uh. . . “

The next set is by four year old Roha, who is Jeong Jun-ha’s son. The answers are shark, dad, fart, pee and Jeong Jun-ha’s nipples.

The final set is by other children.

The answers are Earth, subway station map, the solar system, GPS, and merry-go-round.

Park Myung-soo wins this round with four correct responses and gets a special silver bell badge.

Course 2: Relay Present Wrapping 

The next course in the Santa Academy is present wrapping skills. Yang Se-hyung, “Don’t elves do the present wrapping?”

Jeong Jun-ha and Park Myung-soo used to work at factories packaging markers and whisky bottles, so they have a bit of experience. Haha also did delivery packing for a day during the Extreme Jobs special.

The MCs need to stand in a conveyor belt and collectively wrap a present. Each person needs to decide on the fly what they should do like bubble wrap, gift wrapping, ribbon, boxing, etc. They get 10 seconds per person. Every time they complete a present, everyone will get a silver bell badge.

The order is Yang Se-hyung → Jeong Jun-ha → Haha → Yoo Jae-suk → Park Myung-soo → Hwang Kwang-hee

They get a potted plant, an extra-large teddy bear, silly putty, a bomb, and some ripe persimmon. They fail miserable at every present though. 10 seconds is way too short to be able to do much of anything.

They decide to change the order to Park Myung-soo → Jeong Jun-ha → Haha → Yoo Jae-suk → Yang Se-hyung → Hwang Kwang-hee.

They just fail miserably with this order too.

No badges this round.

Course 3: Agility Test

The MCs spend a few minutes singing “Jingle Bell Rock” as a segway into the next test.

For the agility test, the MCs each have 10 seconds to grab a present and bring it back to the home base which is under a closing garage door. They get to keep the present they get and a viewer also gets one as well. If they fail to retrieve one in 10 seconds, they have to pay out of their own pocket for that gift. There are toys, shoes, electronics, etc. They’re all empty boxes though, so it shouldn’t be too heavy to carry.  The more expensive gifts are located farther from home base.

Before they start, the MCs do a chance game and pull boxes out of a Santa’s bag to decide whether they get a handicap or an advantage.

  • Yang Se-hyung – bicycle
  • Jeong Ju-ha – webbed feet
  • Haha – binocular helmet
  • Park Myung-soo – extra 2 seconds
  • Hwang Kwang-hee – extra 4 seconds
  • Yoo Jae-suk  – rollerblades + boxing gloves

Park Myung-soo goes first. He has 12 seconds. He grabs one of the big boxes and tries to make it through by sliding through the gate as the door closes in on him, but the box gets stuck. He has to gift a computer to one of their viewers.

Park Myung-soo advises the others to just throw the gift across, don’t try to get yourself across first. Yoo Jae-suk, “Then why did you try to get your body across first?” Park Myung-soo, “Because I was the first, so I didn’t know better!!!”

Yang Se-hyung has a weird bike. He keeps falling off and only gets a few feet towards the gifts. The handle bar is on backwards. Yoo Jae-suk yells at him. Haha, “He didn’t even grab anything, so I guess he just has to pay for the stuff he knocked over.” It’s some jars of soy sauce and a toy robot.

Haha’s having a hard time with the binocular helmet. Everything looks so far away. He almost makes it, but his head gets stuck in the sliding door. He has to gift a laptop.

Yoo Jae-suk is not very good at rollerblades. He takes his glasses off as a precaution. Jeong Jun-ha, “Ah, he’s so ugly. He looks like a skull.” He ends up crashing into the garage door. Yoo Jae-suk has to gift a drone.

No one’s been successful so far.

Jeong Jun-ha, “I need to give Roha the robot.” The other MCs complain that he should be thinking of their viewers, not Roha. They suggest the massage tool. Jeong Jun-ha, “but my Roha doesn’t need a massage tool.” He falls over just before the door.

It’s Hwang Kwang-hee’s turn. He’s the most likely to succeed with an advantage of and extra 4 seconds. He’s going for the fridge which is one of the most expensive items. Kwang-hee falls over, but manages to grab one of the cheap items in front of the door and make it under. He gets a pack of body lotion.

It’s a cheap present, but at least he got something. Hwang Kwang-hee get’s a silver bell badge for his efforts.

Course 4: Slippery Slippery Roof Climbing

This time “White Christmas” is their segway song.

Santa’s hardest task is climbing roofs covered in slippery snow. The MCs need to climb to the top of an inflatable slide and ring a bell located inside a wreathe at the top. There are elves throwing snow bombs from the bottom and elves spraying water at the top. Two people go at a time and they have three minutes to ring the bell.

No one makes it in the first round, so Yo Jae-suk suggests that all six of them try together. They’ll use team work to get to the top. Yang Se-hyung and Yoo Jae-suk hold on to a rope, while the others climb up them.

Since they all made it together, tveryone gets a silver bell badge. Now, Park Myung-soo and Hwang Kwang-have two while everyone else has one.

Course 5: Speedy, Precise Sled Delivery

The MCs sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Since it’s the last round, this one is worth two silver bell badges.

First the MCs sled down a hill as fast as they can to decide who gets which bonus gifts such as a TV, fridge, AC unit, etc. This round is about delivery the most presents. Each sled has ten presents, plus one extra special present, and each MC has to ride down a bumpy hill while holding on to as many presents as they can.

Park Myung-soo gets three.

Yang Se-hyung loses all of his on one bump.

Yoo Jae-suk gets four.

Haha gets one.

Jeong Jun-ha gets two.

Hwang Kwang-hee gets zero

And the winner and is . . . Yoo Jae-suk.

The rest of the <Infinite Challenge> MCs dress up as reindeer and have to pull Yoo Jae-suk on a sled.  In this episode’s closing, The MCs ask those who want to recommend gift recipients to leave a note on their message board.


Next Week: Big Bang!


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