Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 512

Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 512
Episode 512: Let’s Praise Them & Our Great Heritage III: December 24, 2016

Over the past three episodes, the <Infinite Challenge> crew went through the Santa Academy where they competed in various challenges to see who was the most competent Santa. They then did missions to accrue gifts and asked viewers for suggestions for who to give those presents to.

The reindeer outfits have had a bit of an upgrade compared to the week before. Last week, Jeong Jun-ha asked for a fly hole for their reindeer suits and Yang Se-hyung asked for a better nose, which has now turned into an LED nose. They have fingers too now. 

Since today’s episode is named after the now defunct variety show <Let’s Praise Them>, the MCs decide to praise each other in the show opening. 

Yang Se-hyung helped <Infinite Challenge> out of a slump. Hwang Kwang-hee is starting to fit in and bring laughter to viewers. Yoo Jae-suk wants Park Myung-soo to be healthy and live long. 

They’ve got a huge truck full of presents. It’s supposed to be bright and shiny, but the numbers inside have already fallen off. The presents include some pretty awesome items like an AC, fridge, laptop, massage tools, drone, various gift sets, etc.

I’m quite excited to see the present recipients. There were 5,500 requests sent in to <Infinite Challenge>’s homepage. 

Hero #1: Bus Accident Samaritans 

The first group are the people who helped 21 children involved in an accident when their pre-school bus crashed in a tunnel. 

The heroes are originally from Busan, but came to Seoul for a citizen award. The set-up is that some university reporters want to interview them for their school paper, so they asked him to come to a coffee shop. It’s an avatar interview with the <Infinite Challenge> MCs controlling the college reporters. 

The five men who helped are

  • Kim Ho-shin – used a hammer to break the bus windows
  • Lee Dong-gyu – used a golf club
  • Jo Kyung-soo – provided the black box footage
  • Kim Soo-young – helped with the rescue
  • Kim Hae-suk – helped with the rescue

Question 1: Do you know that you’re heroes? Please do an acrostic poem with the word “hero.” How about “hammer?” 

The heroes are like, “Uh . .  . nope.” They don’t want to do the poems. Luckily, the reporters defuse the awkward atmosphere by saying they just wanted to help lighten the mood with the poems. 

Question 2: Would you do this again if you saw another accident?

They all say that of course they would.

The reporters tell them that they have presents prepared, and the <Infinite Challenge> MCs walk down from the second floor in their wacky outfits. Luckily, the heroes all seem to recognize them. I was worried that they might not since a couple of them are a bit older. 

They all then relocate to the second floor of the coffee shop to talk about the bus accident. 

At first none of the kids cried because they were so shocked, but once one kid started to cry, they all cried. 

The MCs then take the heroes to the parking lot where some cheerleaders and the humongous truck await them. They’ve managed to fix the numbers since the opening. Haha explains the presents include a fridge, laptop, massage set, drone, and a combined gift set. 

All of the presents are pretty awesome except for the last guy who gets that the soy sauce, bleach, and body wash set. Hahaha. He’s like, “I’m not a homemaker.” Yoo Jae-suk, “Why don’t you give it to your mom?” Hwang Kwang-hee says that it’s a great present because it’ll bring him lots of luck. That’s the set that Hwang Kwang-hee got at the last minute in the present challenge episdoe two weeks ago. It was a LOL moment that was one of the first times Kwang-hee got praised for comedic timing, and ever since that moment, people have complimented him for doing well on <Infinite Challenge>. 

There’s a caption though that reads that they actually gave him a gift set worth 200,000 won (~200 USD).

Hero #2: Eo-jin 

The MCs take a bus to their second gift recipient who is an elementary school student who prevented the security men from her apartment complex from getting laid off. Meh. I actually think this one is kind of useless. Unless the elementary school student personally got a part time job and used that to pay extra maintenance fees for the security guard’s salaries, it’s not really exemplary. If a business can’t afford to pay extra employees, I really don’t see the praiseworthiness of pressuring them to do so.

The Infinite Challenge production staff put an announcement on the apartment elevator saying that the apartment is considering laying off the security guards again.

The hero’s mother is waiting outside the apartment and talks about how her daughter was reading a notice that used the word “downsize.” The hero didn’t know what that meant and asked her mom which sparked her curiosity in the matter. 

The hero, Eo-jin, gets on the elevator, but then gets off without noticing anything. Hwang Kwang-hee gets inside a box, and a security man then calls the hero on the intercom to come downstairs to pick up a package.

The little hero goes to pick up her package and sees the second notice about downsizing again. She votes no and is about to pick up the box when she suddenly goes to call her mom for help. The box is too heavy for her to carry by herself. She looks at the box again and notices the label that it’s for her. Kwang-hee shakes the box from inside. 

He jumps out. “Merry Christmas, Infinite . . .” *he falls down*

The rest of the <Infinite Challenge> crew walks out singing a carol. Yoo Jae-suk asks her how she felt seeing the notice. She was shocked seeing it again. 

Yoo Jae-suk asks if there’s anything she wants.

She replies, “There isn’t anything I really want. I’d just be grateful for whatever I receive. 

After being prompted, the mom says it’s been 7-8 years since they bought their fridge, but she doesn’t want a new one yet because it’s bad for the environment. I like this mom. 

They relocate to the parking lot where the truck once again waits for them. 

Park Myung-soo and Jeong Jun-ha are waiting inside the truck.

Eo-jin says she wants a laptop and picks slot number three because that’s her house password. Sh!! You’re not supposed to say stuff like that on TV.

Park Myung-soo switches the laptop to slot number three so that it goes to Eo-jin. 

Then, she thinks about picking slot number two. There’s a washing machine in slot number two, so Park Myung-soo can’t switch spots easily. Phew. She goes with number three. 

Oh wait she changes it to number five. Park Myung-soo almost drops the TV in slot five, and catches it as it hits him in the face. Poor guy. He exchanges the TV with the laptop. 

They reveal slot number five! Yay! It is the laptop.

They ask Eo-jin to guess what’s in the other slots. She guesses that slot number three had the fridge. Soo & Ha make the switch. She’s shocked to see she was right. Everyone’s like, “Daebak! You must have sixth sense.”

Yang Se-hyung, “Can you guess what’s in number two? Now that two slots are open, Soo & Ha are visible in the truck switching things around, so the MCs distract Eo-jin by telling her to look at the cameras.

She soon realizes that the reindeer are in there. She says she kept hearing banging sounds inside the truck, so that’s what that was.

Before he leaves, Yoo Jae-suk drops off the massage set with the security guard. I guess they really need to add in the product placement. It’s the same massage tool Jeong Jun-ha used while in Canada for the polar bear special.

Hero #3: Hyo-rib’s Parents

The next hero was suggested by Hyo-rib who is an 18 year old student that wrote in about her parents who run a designated driver company that donates their profits. They’ve donated 20,000,000 won (~20,0000 USD) so far, mostly for scholarships. Their goals is to give 300 scholarships this year. 

While driving to the next location, Park Myung-soo tries to take off his reindeer outfit. Jeong Jun-ha is the only one still wearing his reindeer head. I actually think the costumes look pretty warm and cozy.

Hwang Kwang-hee calls Hyo-rib down to the bus. They’re surprised to see it’s a girl because she had a deep voice on the phone. She’s 179 cm tall. Yang Se-chan notes that she’s more than 10 cm taller than him. 

She says she’s a regular viewer of the <Infinite Challnege>, but didn’t really think she’d get chosen, but she’s glad because her parents have to work with a lot of drunk people. They’re hardworking people, but the daughter says it’s heartbreaking listening her mom getting yelled at by drunk people who call in. Her parents are at work right now, so they drive over to meet up with her mom first. 

The MCs walk in to the office and explain the concept of today’s show to the mom. Haha and Jeong Jun-ha then pretend to be drunk and call the dad for a a designated driver to take them to Sangam District (where MBC headquarters is located). They gargle with some soju so they smell like alcohol.

While the rest of the MCs are waiting on the bus, they ask Hyo-rib which idols she likes. She responds, “BTS.” Park Myung-soo asks her if any of her friends like Kwang-hee.

She responds, “There probably are some somewhere.” LOL.

Sangam District is 44 kms away, which is pretty far. The dad happily banters that means they’ll have a nice long drive. I think he’s excited to see some celebrities. 

Haha asks to turn on the radio. Hyo-rib sent in her story to MBC radio. “Hello, I’m an 18 year old student. My dad is a designated driver, When I was younger, I was embarrassed, but now I’m proud because they help so many people. I am so thankful for him working rain or snow. I’ve wanted to say this for a long time, I love you dad.” The song request is Jeon In-kwon’s “Don’t Worry, My Dear” which is a song her dad likes a lot. 

Hyo-rib says their computer monitor at work broke, so it would be nice if they could get a new one. This time Park Myung-soo and Yang Se-hyung are inside the truck controlling the presents and their relevant slots. 

The dad arrives at Sangam District where Yoo Jae-suk pretends he’s filming for a new show. At first, the dad doesn’t suspect a thing because it’s common for shows to be filmed in Sangam District. He’s just excited to get to see another celebrity.

Then his daughter runs out and cheerleaders surround him. A whole marching band even comes out. 

It’s time to open up the truck and choose a present. The daughter goes with slot number 3. Park Myung-soo has to move a 100 kg washing machine so that he can put the computer there. The dad of course gets the computer. The MCs have him guess what’s behind the other slots, they guess it correctly until they figure out that there were reindeer.

The dad calls the mom to tell her the good news about the computer. 

Infinite Challenge will be giving more gifts away separately. We see a short montage of the Infinite Challenge crew delivering more gifts to more heroes. 

Our Great Heritage III

The last ten minutes of this show is dedicated to continuing the hop hop special from about a month back. Yoo Jae-suk is at the Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Memorial Hall again. It’s a day after the original history lessons, which means that this part was filmed a long time ago. Yoo Jae-suk waits for Dok2 and brings him inside the memorial hall where the history lecturer Seol Min-suk gives him catch up lessons. 

Lecturer Seol Min-suk gives Dok2 a short test. He asks for the name of the first Korean dynasty. Dok2, “Goguryeo?” It’s actually something else that starts with Go. It’s Gojoseon. Dok2 didn’t know this. 🙁

The second question is multiple choice. What was the war that Lee Sun-shin fought in?

  • the byoengja horan
  • the Korean war
  • the Vietnam War
  • the Imjin War

Korea was once under Japanese occupation for 31 years. Who is the person that died during the March 1st Independence movement?

Dok2, “Yoo Kwan-sun.”

Teacher Seol Min-suk, “I thought your history knowledge was elemetary school level?”

Dok2, “Don’t people learn this before elementary school?” These questions are really insulting. They’re the equivalent of an American adult being asked what was the name of the second president of the United States is and being expected not to know it.  

Dok2 doesn’t look too happy. He’s really quiet and expressionless. Yoo Jae-suk asks him to be more animated like DinDin. I’m actually really surprised that Dok2 is a guest on this show. He was on Radio Star where he said he hates going on traditional variety shows because of the expectation to overreact. I wonder what made him change his mind.

Next week: Hip hop performances


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