Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 514

Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 514
Episode 514: Jeong Jun-ha Daesang Project: January 7, 2016

Although Jeong Jun-ha was nominated for the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards, he came home empty handed. I think expectations were high seeing how Kim Jong-min, who is basically his babo counterpart on <1 Night 2 Days>, had gotten a Daesang just a few days earlier at the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards

The filming for today’s episode takes place on December 31, 2016, just two days after the MBC Entertainment Awards, so everyone’s still feeling the loss. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Jae-suk gets congratulated on once again taking home the Daesang (Grand Prize). Yang Se-hyung also got the Popularity Award, and Jeong Jun-ha got the Top Excellence Award which is basically the runner-up award to the Daesang. Park Myung-soo is quiet, not having received anything, so Haha instead congratulates him on his announcement that he’s expecting a second child. 

Park Myung-soo says he wasn’t even thinking of another kid, so Haha sarcastically jabs at him saying, “You’re a real man. I thought you were practically dead.” Jeong Jun-ha adds that he’s given hope to a lot of older people. Yoo Jae-suk laughs along, but he must be feeling sad on the inside since he’s been trying for years to have another kid. 

We flashback to the MBC Entertainment Awards show where several of the <Infinite Challenge> cast members presented awards. During their skits prior to revealing the winners, Yang Se-hyung roasted Jeong Jun-ha about expecting to get the Daesang. Jeong Jun-ha admits that he did expect it just a little. Then while Haha is presenting, he says Jeong Jun-ha was acting cocky when he greeted them earlier that day and heard him practicing in the bathroom. 

Park Myung-soo got the Daesang in 2012, and says that at the time, he knew he’d win because of the way people were treating him. 

Back in the studio, Park Myung-soo asks if it was true that Jeong Jun-ha was practicing his speech in the bathroom. Yang Se-Hyunseo says he heard him vocalizing. 

Yoo Jae-suk says he’s just happy that two people from <Infinite Challenge> were nominated. Park Myung-soo says he didn’t get anything because women don’t like him. He did get a radio award though from KBS. Park Myung-soo gets accused of being a sore loser since he didn’t go to the after dinner, but he says his wife was lying sick in bed and went to support her. 

Jeong Jun-ha’s Top Excellence Award acceptance speech was really long, like he really did prepare a Daesang speech. The music even came on telling him to hurry up. 

Since he ran out of time, and didn’t get to talk properly, the MCs ask him to do the speech again. Park Myung-soo wants to do one too since he didn’t get a speech, which makes sense since he didn’t get an award from MBC.

They give Jeong Jun-ha a mic from the awards ceremony for the Top Excellence Award. Park Myung-soo intervenes and tells his wife to be healthy. Jeong Jun-ha takes back the mic and says thank you for the Daesang which is hilarious and sad because the MCs told him to redo his speech for the Top Excellence Award. It seems he really did prepare for the Daesang speech. Jeong Jun-ha thanks each of the members one by one, followed by words of thanks to his wife and parents. 

Hwang Kwang-hee says he also had something prepared since he was nominated for Excellence Award which went to Heo Kyung-hwan instead. Hwang Kwang-hee says, “I had no idea I’d get the award, so I wrote a few things down.” You didn’t think you’d win, but you wrote out a speech? Those two do not compute. He gives an overly eloquent speech where he just cuts and pastes from a bunch of other people’s speeches. The MCs make fun of his copycat ways, but he gives such a heartfelt delivery that they congratulate him at the end, and offer to give him 100 <Infinite Challenge> calendars for his troubles since he didn’t get a real award. 

Next, Jeong Jun-ha says that he was pumped up because his entourage told him that he’d get it. His stylist Song Eun-jeong said she had a feeling and she’s never been wrong about that kind of thing. The MCs call her out to explain herself. She complains that she has no makeup on and doesn’t want to go on air, so the MCs tell her that they’ll CG some makeup on her face. Stylist Eun-jeong says, “I knew that it would be now or never for Jeong Jun-ha.”

Yang Se-hyung says that back when he wasn’t famous yet, she told him that he would make it big, so she really is good at predicting things. 

The MCs also note that every time there is something going on with Jeong Jun-ha, the cable counterpart to MBC, MBC every1, airs the Kimchi Pancake Special where Jeong Jun-ha did such a terrible job cooking that he pissed off the chef that was working with him. The episode airs so often, that netizens wondered if MBC every1 plays it on purpose to make Jeong Jun-ha look bad.

Yoo Jae-suk calls PD Choi Ja-young of MBC every1, who says she has no idea what the netizens are talking about. They simply have a series of best episodes for every <Infinite Challenge> cast member, and the Kimchi Pancake Special is one of the best for Jeong Jun-ha. He yells, “How is that the best, its the worst!” She responds that it’s because it made him seem human. Also, after the Deserted Island episodes, he didn’t have many main episodes, so it was hard to fill their list of Jeong Jun-ha centric episodes. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know?

The PD says he wasn’t very active in 2016, so she hopes that he has more luck in the new year, so that they can come up with more, better Jeong Jun-ha centric episodes. 

At the dinner get together following the 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards ceremony, Jeong Jun-ha asked in frustration what he has to do to get the Daesang. With that, Yoo Ja-suk announces that the question sparked the Get Jeong Jun-ha the Daesang Project. The other members complain that it’s too much Jeong Jun-ha.

Jeong Jun-ha also complains that he was just saying it to be funny, but that’s why the dinner ended early, and the staff members headed right to a meeting. 

The MCs get on a bus and head somewhere to find someone who will help them figure out how Jeong Jun-ha can get the Daesang in 2017. Yoo Jae-suk has gotten 14 Daesang so far, so it’d probably be most useful to just ask him. The PD jokes that he has so many, that he uses the trophies to play dominoes. Yoo Jae-suk got his first Daesang in 2005 when he was 35 years old. 

Jeong Jun-ha randomly muses while looking at the black window of the van, “You’re so good looking.” The other MCs smack him.

The MCs wait at a coffee shop for their mystery guest to appear. It’s Lee Kyung-kyu whos been doing variety shows for 37 years, so he knows what he’s talking about. Park Myung-soo asks him how many times he’s gotten the Daesang. He doesn’t know. I guess there were too many to count. The last time he got one was in 2014. 

Proving his variety acumen, the MCs exclaim that everything he predicted in the <Infinite Challenge> Entertainment General Assembly Special came true. He said he wants to film a show while lying down which he did in <My Little Television>, and he was also a panel member. Jeong Jun-has asks which shows he was a panel member on. Lee Kyung-kyu says that Jeong Jun-ha didn’t do well because he’s not interested in others. He was on was <Radio Star>, but even I don’t remember that and I’m an avid fan of <Radio Star>. 

Lee Kyung-kyu adds that 2016 wasn’t too eventful, it was just more of 2015, but Yang Se-hyung did well in the end of 2016. He reminds him of a young version of himself.

Lee Kyung-kyu tells Jeong Jun-ha that there needs to be a deep valley in order for there to be high mountains. Jeong Jun-ha doesn’t have enough depth. He just acts according to his stomach. He also advises that in order to get the Daesang, he has to do well in the fall, which would be in between September, October and November. That’s because it’s closer to the award ceremony and the summer is so hot that no one remembers what happens then anyways.

He also has to threaten to quit a few times too, to create controversy and interest. Lee Kyung-kyu warns, “But don’t put it on SNS, just say it to the internal production staff, especially the maknae writers. If you make it public, you’ll end up really getting fired.” 

Next, they head to the KYT Entertainment office to meet up with Kim Jong-min who was this year’s KBS Daesang winner. Shin-ji is there too. Are they working on a new album? The MCs comment that he’s the first idiot to get the Daesang and the first 79er to get it as well. 

The MCs note that he gave hope to a lot of hope to comedians that even they could get it themselves one day. Yoo Jae-suk asks if he had a dream the night before. He didn’t. Jeong Jun-ha says he dreamed of some big animal. The MCs say it’s a birth dream since many Koreans believe that dreams of animal or fruit predict a birth in the family.

Kim Jong-min says his parents cried when they heard he won the Daesang, but he hasn’t seen them in person yet because he’s had so many interviews to do. As for some changes since he’s gotten the award . . . everyone he meets congratulates him and tells him that he’s good looking. He even says he tries to be more careful with his words now. How? He just doesn’t talk. Shin-ji complains that during their concerts, she has to do all the commentary. Oh. So they’re just practicing for concerts. I was hoping that they were working on some new songs.

Yang Se-hyung says the Kim Jong-min Special on <1 Night 2 Days> was a huge factor in his getting the Daesang. It even aired in November which Lee Kyung-kyu said was the most influential time of the year. Yoo Jae-suk asks how Jeong Jun-ha can get the Daesang too. Kim Jong-min hems and then says, “Just do the same thing as last year.” This guy really doesn’t have much going on up there, does he?

Yoo Jae-suk asks Jeong Jun-ha if he has any questions for Kim Jong-min. He’s quiet. Yang Se-hyung, “Why? does it hurt your pride to ask?” Kim Jong-min tells his viewers that he got a lot of love in 2016, and will try hard to entertain them again in 2017. 

The last location for today’s episode is inside a set. Yoo Jae-suk humbly reminds the viewers that this arc isn’t necessarily to get Jeong Jun-ha the Daesang. They just want to answer his question, “What exactly do I need to do to get the Daesang?” so they asked the same question on SNS and here are some of the responses

  • Go to Easter Island and compare head sizes with its famous statues.
  • Sail the Han River on a wooden raft. (It would take 4-5 days.)
  • Reattempt <Show Me the Money>.
  • Act in an American TV drama.
  • Participate in the male version of <Produce 101>.
  • Live on Anuta Island of the Solomon Islands.
  • Participate in a cycling race while riding a backwards bicycle.
  • Do a survival battle with Bear Grylls.
  • Fish for tuna.
  • Reattempt the Milan Fashion Show.
  • Participate in the preliminaries for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 
  • Participate in the Las Vegas Pacific Circus.
  • Participate in the Tough Guy Competition.
  • Play foot volleyball against Messi.
  • Catch catfish with the Dogon people.

Each of these challenges is written on a basket and the cast members each drop a ball pinball machine style. They have to work with Jeong Jun-ha on the one they land on.

  • Park Myung soo – Go to Easter Island and compare head sizes with its famous statues.
  • Haha – Do a survival battle with Bear Grylls.
  • Yang Se-hyung – Catch catfish with the Dogon people.
  • Hwang Kwang-hee – Act in an American TV drama.
  • Yoo Jae-suk – Play foot volleyball against Messi.
  • Jeong Jun-ha – Sail the Han River on a wooden raft.

Next Week: Actress Bae Doona gives audition tips for Hollywood, soccer player Bae Seung-ho talks about Messi, and Director Hong Won-ki, who shot a music video on Easter Island for Seo Tae-ji, believes in UFOs.



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