Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 516

Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 516
Episode 516: Your Name Is Special – Part Two: January 21, 2017

Last week, the Infinite Challenge MCs embarked on a new challenge to find people who didn’t know of them in the “Your Name Is Special – Part One.” Haha, Kwang-hee, and Yoo Jae-suk all took their turns in part one, and part two will focus on the remaining three MCs.

But first, the MCs are gathered at the studio to talk about how the first part went. The MCs comment that Haha is dressed like the Grim Reaper from <The Lonely Shinning Goblin>. Haha doesn’t watch the show though, so he instead jokes that he was trying to be trot singer Tae Jin-ah who’s known for almost always wearing his hat. Either way, it doesn’t seems like the Goblin references are going to slow down any time soon. I don’t think I’ve watched a single variety show during the past month that hasn’t referenced that kdrama.

Yoo Jae-suk then asks Park Myung-soo to be kinder to his dongsaengs. “Don’t react so harshly to their jokes.” Jeong Jun-ha adds that if Park Myung-soo has something to be upset about, he should instead send a text message like him. Yang Se-hyung says, “Knock twice if you think we crossed a line.” Haha adds, “Yeah that’s better than how you knee us all the time.” 

Park Myung-soo suddenly asks who the new cast member is since Hwang Kwang-hee is leaving soon. Kwang-hee makes a disappointed face. Also, Hwang Kwang-hee is looking for a new agency. He says a lot of agencies are contacting him, and one even sent him text messages with the contract conditions because they want him so badly.

The MCs then talk about how the first three “Your Name Is” missions turned out. Jeong Jun-ha asks if Kim Jong-min is the new fixed cast member because he’s been on <Infinite Challenge> so often lately. Haha jokes, “Jong-min ah~ Jun-ha’s going to send you a text message soon.” I love how passive aggressive these adult men are being. So hilarious.

Yoo Jae-suk shares that he finished his mission when a 91 year old grandma didn’t recognize him. He says she only sleeps 4-5 hours and watches TV the rest of the time, but she still didn’t know Yoo Jae-suk, even though she knew Kim Jong-min. Haha asks, “So you lost to Jong-min?”

Haha then talks about his own mission with help from actor Choi Min-young. He says he wanted to help Choi Min-young get more airtime since it’s been a long time since he was on TV, but his segment ended before he even left his neighborhood. *Haha tears up* Haha says, “I’m famous, but I must not be popular.” The staff members allegedly high fived each other because they got to finish work so early. Haha’s filming ended right after lunch while Yoo Jae-suk says he went all the way until the sun was about to set.

Haha then suddenly calls Kim Jong-min. I guess this makes three Kim Jong-min appearances in a row on <Infinite Challenge>. Haha, “Hey Kim Jong-min! I heard you stepped on Yoo Jae-suk. You think you’re big now?” Kim Jong-min says he’s busy working and Yoo Jae-suk responds that they don’t have any filming starting next week. 😐 Haha warns, “You just wait three months, we’ll overtake you in popularity.”

Today’s mission will center on Yang Se-hyung, Jeong Jun-ha, and Park Myung-soo. Yang Se-hyung says he became a professional comedian when he was in his last year of high school, so it’s been 15 years since he’s been on TV. Haha is going to help Yang Se-hyung while Yoo Jae-suk is going with Jeong Jun-ha and Park Myung-soo. Part two will be separated into these two teams. And what about Hwang Kwang-hee? Kwang-hee says he’s busy since he needs to go look for a new agency.

Yang Se-hyung warns Haha, “Cancel your dinner plans. I think we’ll be out until 2 or 3 AM.”

A quick reminder of the “Your Name Is” mission – The MCs will ask people over the age of 5 to identify their names. They will be able to use their catchphrases, signature dance moves, or other talents as hints. If they find someone who can’t identify their name through a multiple choice question, they are done filming for the day. Today’s protagonists are:  

  • Park Myung-soo: a 25 year veteran, a 2012 MBC Daesang winner, a long-run comedian
  • Jeong Jun-ha: a 24 year veteran, a 2016 MBC Grand Excellence Award winner, an ambidextrous multi-entertainer
  • Yang Se-hyung: a 15 year veteran, a 2016 MBC Popularity Award winner, the hottest variety trend

It’s 10 AM. Park Myung-soo and Jeong Jun-ha along with Yoo Jae-suk get in a van to head for their first location. The three bicker about whether they should go to Moran Market or Gyeongdong Market. They decide to go to Gyeongdong Market because it’s known for oriental medicine which means that there will be a lot of elderly people there, and it’s closer. Park Myung-soo notes that he debuted in 1993, Jeong Jun-ha debuted in 1994, and Yoo Jae-suk debuted in 1991 even though he’s the youngest of the three.

We see an old clip of Park Myung-soo from his rookie days, and he sound shockingly polite. The three then bicker about who actually debuted first, because of their random appearances as extras on variety shows. 

Since filming continues until they complete their mission, Jeong Jun-ha worries that they’ll have to film for a month. Park Myung-soo tells Jae-suk to take off his gloves. He’s ridiculous for wearing them indoors. There goes that passive agressive behavior again. 

Meanwhile, at 11 AM. We get another Goblin reference as Haha walks out. Haha’s never seen the show, so he starts walking scarily like a monster of some sort. Yang Se-hyung, “No, the goblin just walks normally on that show.” LOL.

The two of them get in Yang Se-hyung’s car to pick up a guest. They’re currently at the ritzy Apgujeong District in Gangnam, Seoul where Yang Se-hyung says even <Comedy Big League> rookies get noticed. It’s a trendy place with a lot of people in their 20s and 30s. Haha asks, “Should I cancel my dinner plans.” Yang Se-hyung replies, “Not just yet.” Where did his confidence go?

They say hello to random people on the street. Some ajummas recognize Haha, but don’t know Yang Se-hyung’s name. Haha, “Yeah . . . I think I’m going to make some lunch plans.” Yang Se-hyung says “People would know my name if I went with a silly name like onion. It’s only because Haha is an easy to remember name.” Pft. Excuses, excuses. 

They arrive at a hair salon. Haha proclaims that their guest is Yang Se-hyung? Actually it’s singer Baek Chung-kang who Haha always makes fun of for looking just like Yang Se-hyung. Haha likes them a lot because when the three of them are together, Haha looks that much taller. He wants to take a selfie. Haha, “Do you have any dinner plans?” Baek Chung-kang, “No, I don’t.” Haha, “Make some.” LOL.

Meanwhile, Hwang Kwang-hee is outside the JYP building. He calls Jackson to come outside. Hwang Kwang-hee asks, “Do I fit in JYP?” Jackson replies, “I don’t think so. You’re YG style.” Jackson is so excited to be on <Infinite Challenge> that he even does the <Infinite Challenge> hand gesture without being asked.

Next, Hwang Kwang-hee checks out FNC Entertainment and SM Entertainment. They’re all located in the same neighborhood and he shows the cameras a Kpop map with all the nearby entertainment agencies on it. He then even goes to the YG Entertainment building. Poor Kwang-hee, he wishes he were part of a bigger agency. But actually on second thought, I feel much worse for the other ZE:A members. Kwang-hee will probably be okay.

The trio of Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myung-soo, and Jeong Jun-ha arrive at Gyeongdong Market where there are a lot of elderly people. Some grandmas recognize the three celebrities and ask to shake their hands. They know Yoo Jae-suk and “Park Myung-sook” but it takes a bit of thinking to get Jeong Jun-ha’s name. They know his songs though. 

They next target a grandpa. Park Myung-soo walks up and starts talking to him. Park Myung-soo asks, “What are you here to buy?” He just kind of him ignores Myung-soo. Park Myung-soo awkwardly asks, “Do you know me?” The grandpa surprisingly replies, “Of course I do!” He doesn’t know his name though. Park Myung-soo starts the multiple choice question asking, “Am I Park Myung-soo . . . ,” but the grandpa cuts him off saying that’s right. It seems like he isn’t really in the mood for a long chat.

Jeong Jun-ha is up next. He walks up to a grandma who just got off a bus. She’s surprised and happy to meet a celebrity. She can’t recall his name though at first, but then a bunch of grandmas gather around who know who he is. It’s Jeong Jun-ha! They say he’s taller and better looking than on TV. 

The three decide to get back on the bus and switch locations since everyone at the market knows who they are. Yoo Jae-suk tells the cameras though that they just barely passed in this location and the other two complain, “What do you mean just barely!!!” Park Myung-soo punches the seat in front of him while yelling out Yoo Jae-suk’s name. They head for Imjingak Pavilion.

Meanwhile, in Gangnam, Yang Se-hyung hides his face behind his hands. He’s embarrassed to be out in public because of how “famous” he is. Haha jokes that his two companions should be on <The Return of Superman>. Just like the twins Seo-jun and Seo-eun, Yang Se-hyung and Baek Chung-kang are short. Plus they look alike. Haha feels bad that Baek Chung-kang isn’t going to get much screentime. Baek Chung-kang asks worriedly, “Did you really finish your segment before lunch?” Haha tells him to come back on <Infinite Challenge> during their next music festival, this isn’t his time. 

They go to Garosugil which is a popular shopping and dining area for young people. Baek Chung-kang says that people don’t really recognize him openly, but he sometimes sees them whispering.

Haha calls his wife saying that they’ll have dinner together. Byul asks, “What time is dinner?” Yang Se-hyung replies, “10-11 PM.” There’s the arrogant Se-hyung back again. They arrive at Garosugil, but there aren’t a lot of people there. In a nod to the grim reaper from <The Lonely Shining Goblin>, Haha looks for a grave site. Yang Se-hyung tells Haha to look for someone he thinks won’t recognize him. Then he’ll approach them and ask. They’ll rinse and repeat until 3 AM. 

People on the street start taking photos with their phones. Yang Se-hyun humbly claps his hands together saying, “Hello, thank you, and happy new year.” A crowd is starting to follow them around. Then, Haha falls back as some people ask him for photos. As Yang Se-hyung and Baek Chung-kang keep walking, the crowd thins. Ah! so everyone was just staring at them because of Haha.

Yang Se-hyung and Baek Chung-kang look on awkwardly. There sure are a lot of Chinese fans. Yang Se-hyung is like, “Oh that’s only because of Running Man.” Haha comes back apologizing for taking up too much of their time. Haha then finds a sunny spot and says, “This is a good spot to make your grave.” 

They spot and ask an older woman wearing a fur coat if she recognizes Yang Se-hyung. Yang Se-hyung initially protests saying they’re starting out with too difficult a task, but Haha counters that he asked a lot of elderly people as well during his own mission. Haha asks her if she knows Yang Se-hyung. She doesn’t, so Haha starts the multiple choice question. Is his name

  1. Park Bo-gum
  2. Song Joong-ki
  3. Yang Se-hyung
  4. Baek Chung-kang

She guesses Song Joong-ki. Haha asks if she watches TV. She doesn’t. She knows Haha’s name though, and asks for a photo. Yang Se-hyung offers to take the picture. She says she watches <Infinite Challenge>. Yang Se-hyung notes dryly, “You must not have watched it recently then.”

Yang Se-hyung’s segment ends just 15 minutes after they started his mission, so he runs away screaming out in embarrassment, and then even starts rolling on the floor. Baek Chung-kang goes to calm him down saying, “It’s okay. This is just the beginning.” No Chung-kang, this isn’t the beginning. This is the end. It seems like he didn’t fully understand today’s mission.

Haha then gathers his fans to chant, “Yang Se-hyung! Yang Se-hyung! Yang Se-hyung is so handsome!” Haha asks another woman if she knows that “cute” guy’s name. She doesn’t. He even does the Yang Se Party dance and she still doesn’t know of him. Yang Se-hyun, “Is this Secretly Greatly, the hidden camera prank show?” Haha asks if she knows his name. She doesn’t but then starts laughing, “Hahahaha.” Haha responds, “Oh that’s right!” Yang Se-hyung, “Pft! Then I’m changing my name to hehehe.” 

Baek Chung-kang says he came at 8 AM for today’s filming. Baek Chung-kang even prepared a dance, so Haha tells him to do the dance for the segment’s closing. Baek Chung-kang and Yang Se-hyung find a less crowded spot on the street and dance to GD and Taeyang’s “Good Boy.”

They get back in the car. Baek Chung-kang asks, “Is this really the end? I guess the PD must have felt bad for the guest, so they decide to go for one more round and head to Chinatown at Baek Chung-kang’s suggestion. 

Back to the Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myung-soo, and Jeong-Jun-ha trio. Jeong Jun-ha is sleeping on the way to Imjingak Pavillion which is right by North Korea. Once they arrive, they see that there’s hardly anyone on the streets. It’s too cold outside. Park Myung-soo says to keep going north, towards the DMZ. They arrive as far north as they can go without special security clearance.

Meanwhile, Yang Se-hyung, Haha, Baek Chung-kang are driving to Chintown. They talk about their height. Baek Chung-kang’s profile says he’s 165 cm tall. Yang Se-hyung tells him not to lie. He must to 162 or 163 cm since he’s shorter than him. Yang Se-hyung, “You’ll be 150 cm when you take off your shoes.” Baek Chung-kang insists, “HYUNG!” 

Haha replies, “If I could, I would take a cm off myself and give it to you guys. Even 0.5 cm is precious to guys like us.” It’s hilarious watching Haha act all high and mighty about how “tall” he is. 

While they’re at an intersection, Haha rolls down the windows and asks the driver in the car next to them if he recognizes them. He knows them saying his name is “Yang Se-chan . . . Uh  . . . I mean Yang Se-hyung.” (Yang Se-chan is his brother and he’s also a comedian.)

They arrive at Chinatown in Incheon City. There are a lot of young people here too, so they’re excited to see the celebrities. Yang Se-hyung is so happy to have so many fans that he says he’s going to move from Seoul to Incheon. Haha then approaches a middle aged woman and asks of the two, who is Yang Se-hyung. She chooses Baek Chung-kang! She even does the Yang Se Party dance, but still doesn’t recognize which one is him. It took them 1.5 hours to drive there, but they found someone who didn’t recognize Yang Se-hyung in just 10 minutes. womp womp. 

Since they’re done for the day, again, they head to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and Haha asks the waitress just for fun again which of the two is Baek Chung-kang. She chooses Yang Se-hyung. Haha laughs. The waitress asks, “Am I wrong? Sorry, I’m so busy these days.” She feels guilty for not recognizing him and then adds while pointing at Yang Se-hyung, “He’s handsome.” 

Yoo Jae-suk finds a residential village nearby. Park Myung-soo gets out of the bus and asks an elderly couple if they recognize him. The grandpa is nearly blind, but he recognizes Park Myung-soo from his voice. When Park Myung-soo asks for some recommendations for locals who wouldn’t recognize him, he says, “Don’t ask, just leave. There’s isn’t any one in this world that doesn’t know Park Myung-soo.” This is actually quite touching. It’s implied here that many elderly people watch a lot of TV, since they don’t have much else to do with their time. Comedians like Park Myung-soo probably bring a lot of laughter into their lives.

Jeong Jun-ha then gets off the bus too and asks if they know who he is. The grandma doesn’t know his name, but the grandma hears his voice and is like, “Eating broadcast!” They get his name right during the multiple choice question. They ask again for someone who doesn’t watch TV. The elderly couple recommends they try the local community center, since the people there are too busy playing card games to watch TV.

At the community center, they talk to an elderly woman. Jeong Jun-ha pretends he got lost and needs directions to head back to Seoul. The woman has no idea this is part of <Infinite Challegne> filming and just talks to him like an ordinary citizen. Jeong Jun-ha asks if she’s seen him somewhere. Grandma replies, “I don’t know.” She watches TV often though. Jeong Jun-ha asks if she recognizes his snaggletooth. Nope. he even tries his catch phrase, “If you don’t know me, you’re killing me twice.” She laughs, but this is the first time she’s heard it. Jun-ha is sad. Jeong Jun-ha fails.

Park Myung-soo comes out next, and the grandma knows him. She asks, “You’re on MBC right?” She doesn’t know his name though. Park Myung-soo starts the multiple choice. She points to the wrong name (She picks actor Park Sang-myun). Yoo Jae-suk then comes off the bus. She of course recognizes him and realizes that they must be filming for a show. She suddenly asks, “Is this going on air?” She then tries to run away. The three MCs chase after her to finish questioning her and Park Myung-soo takes off his coat for the grandma since it’s cold outside. 

They then go inside the community center. The elderly people there are excited to see some celebrities. The three give the people there a big bow saying, “Happy new year. Be healthy and live long.”

We then get a summary of how long it took everyone to complete their missions. 

  • Yoo Jae-suk – 7 hours
  • Jeong Jun-ha & Park Myung-soo – 6 hours
  • Hwang Kwang-hee – 5 hours
  • Haha- 3 hours
  • Yang Se-hyung – 15 minutes

We’re back at the Sangam MBC headquarters.

The MCs wrap up the “Your Name Is” Special and announce that the show will be taking a seven week break from broadcast. Next week is Lunar New Years and Jeong Jun-ha and Kwon Sang-woo’s pilot show <40s Puberty> will air for three weeks, then the next four weeks will air recut highlights of <Infinite Challenge> which will including BTS footage. It’ll be time for the production to brainstorm new ideas and possibly come up with some big changes. 


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