Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 521

Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 521
Episode 521: Hanamana Showdown – Part One: March 18, 2017

After seven long weeks, “Infinite Challenge” is finally back!!!

The shows starts off with a cold open where Park Myung-soo walks into a PC cafe. It’s 9 AM on February 19th. 

We then flashback to the February 9th filming from one of the Legend special episodes, where Yoo Jae-suk announced they were going to a PC cafe after filming ended that day. Haha and Yoo Jae-suk made fun of each other trying to act like they know a thing or two about computer games. Haha bragged about playing Cart Rider while Yoo Jae-suk thought LOL was still the most popular game. Yang Se-hyung looks down on both of them, telling them they might as well just play minesweeper. LOL indeed.

Back at the PC cafe, Park Myung-soo can’t figure out how to turn on the computer. Haha and Hwang Kwanghee arrive next and ask the employee how to pay. The employee directs Haha towards a machine. Haha tries to weasel out of paying and get Kwanghee to pay instead saying, “I don’t have any cash.” The employee deadpans, “You can use your credit card.”

Yoo Jae-suk arrives next. He’s shocked that the keyboards there light up and the monitors are as big as TV screens. He’s also excited about the snacks and is even more shocked to find that you order from the computers and not the snack counter.

Hwang Kwang-hee remarks, “Wow~ technology!” I’m really going to miss this guy even though he might not have been the funniest cast member. So sad that he just has one or two more episodes of Infinite Challenge and a single Radio Star appearance left to air.

Jeong Jun-ha then walks in eyeing the food by the counter. Yoo Jae-suk tells him he has to order at his computer. Jeong Jun-ha thinks he’s lying. These old folks prefer the old fashioned way of just paying the person at the counter. 

The five of them eagerly waiting for Yang Se-hyung who is practically a pro gamer. In fact, he got his big break on “Comedy Big League” where he did a sketch playing a PC cafe addict character that he based on his own experiences. 

Yang Se-hyung finally arrives and takes out his personal keyboard. He says this is normal for people who play games regularly. Yang Se-hyung says, “When you plug it in, it lights up.” Haha remarks, “These ones here do that too.” Yang Se-hyung replies, “Yeah, but these ones only light up in a single color.”

Yang Se-hyung then helps set up everyone’s computer, and it takes almost an hour for everyone to create an account. They need to get a verification code through their cellphones or email, but Haha can’t even find the @ symbol. Yang Se-hyung supervises his five cast mates and is surprisingly patient with these noobs. 

Yoo Jae-suk can’t remember his email password because he wrote them down somewhere at home. He is really showing his age today.

There are more antics of the oldies trying to login to the computer. I’m surprised that Hwang Kwang-hee has such a hard time too. He seems like he’s young enough that he would play computer games every once in  a while. Haha then exclaims, “Bangya bangya bangya” in happiness when he finally finishes making his account.

They then log into Overwatch and make their characters. 

Oooh, Yang Se-hyung’s rainbow keyboard is really cool. I had no idea such a thing even existed. Actually, I should probably admit that I am just as clueless as these guys when it comes to computer games. The last time I really played any computer games was the original Maple Story.

All six of them work together to play on a team. I’m not too familiar with Overwatch, but it does looks complicated. Yang Se-hyung creates a room and tells the other to follow him. Haha can’t figure out how to move his character because his cursor is stuck on the messenger. 

The battle starts. Yoo Jae-suk dies right away while Haha is stuck in some room. Haha and Park Myung-soo’s computers then turn off mid-battle because they used up their two hours of PC cafe time. They fail the battle mission. 

The six of them then decide to go for a snack break. They buy some ramen and squid snacks.

Yang Se-hyung resets everyone’s computers and adds more time for another round of Overwatch. 

Park Myung-soo is super focused this time. The PC cafe then employee brings out the cooked ramen during the middle of the game, so they eat in front of their computers. They finally win a battle. All stand up to cheer. 

Park Myung-soo says it’s surprisingly fun. He’s found a new source of fun in his life. Yang Se-hyung acknowledges he did well. 

Yang Se-hyung then says they were just playing against computers, so it was just only practice. Now, it’s time to play against real people. Of course they die pretty easily against real players. Yang Se-hyung’s pride is hurt. Everyone takes this loss hard.

They then decide to do something else, and finally leave the PC cafe after 3 hours. 

Yoo Jae-suk suggests they try some classic games. Yoo Jae-suk wants to play Street Fighter. They get in a van and drive to an arcade. 

Yang Se-hyung says he’ll fulfill a wish for anyone who can beat him at Street Fighter. His hands are super fast. It’s Yoo Jae-suk vs Yang Se-hyung. Yang Se-hyung just annoyingly yells over and over, “Hadoken, hadoken, hadoken.” Haha tries next. Yang Se-hyung again yells, “Hadoken, hadoken, hadoken . . . jump, you idiot.” Yang Se-hyung wins at Street Fighter. No one can beat him.

They then check out the crane machines. They go for the one filled mostly with Pokemon dolls like Pikachus, Psyducks, and Bulbasaurs. Yoo Jae-suk of course gets a doll right away. He’s a pro at this game as seen on the last few episodes of “Running Man.”

Park Myung-soo miraculously gets a Pikachu. How lucky. He gets another one. Jeong Jun-ha steals it. Poor Myung-soo. At one point, Yang Se-hyung comments that they’ve spent about 40,000 won (~40 USD) already. They must have played a lot. 

They then decide to play in teams. The first team to get a doll wins.

The two teams are

  • Yoo Jae-suk, Yang Se-hyung, Hwang Kwanghee
  • Park Myung-soo, Jeong Jun-ha, Haha

Haha fails. Yoo Jae-suk fails. Then, Park Myung-soo finally gets one. Team Myung-soo for the win. 

They then go back in the van, and Yoo Jae-suk drives then to a bowling alley. Haha had said he could beat everyone back during the February 9th filming, so they decide to play in teams and the losers get their foreheads slapped on video while they apologize to the winners and get upload the video onto SNS.

Of course there’s plenty of smack talk on the way to the bowling alley. Yang Se-hyung says, “I think Yoo Jae-suk acts up more than his skills should allow.”

Park Myung-soo adds, “He’s only good at MCing.”

They arrive at the bowling alley, each with a doll on their jackets. How cute.

Yang Se-hyung brought his own bowling shoes. He is extra prepared for the games today.

The second round of games starts. It’s the same two teams as from the crane game. Park Myung-soo, Jeong Jun-ha, and Haha are on one team while Yoo Jae-suk, Yang Se-hyung, and Hwang Kwanghee are on another.

Park Myung-soo is terrible. He starts off with a gutter ball, and gets just one pin on his second bowl. Yoo Jae-suk throws the ball at the lane, but somehow manages to get nine pins. Haha is decent too. He gets eight pins. 

Yang Se-hyung gets six. Jeong Jun-ha teases, “Why did you even buy your own bowling shoes.”

Yang Se-hyung then gets the spare. “I bought them so I could do spares!” hahaha. That gets my vote for funniest ad lib of the episode. 

Park Myung-soo gets another gutter ball. Jeong Jun-ha too. Their team is really terrible. Team Yoo Jae-suk is leading by quite a bit.

Park Myung-soo then miraculously gets a spare. Then another one. Another spare. And another spare. Another one. That’s six spares in a row. Was he faking being bad in the beginning? Team Park Myung-soo comes from behind and takes the lead.

It’s the last bowl. Team Jae-suk has 262 points vs Team Myung-soo with 293 points. The only way to save the game is for Yoo Jae-suk to get the next spare. The other team sings “Grasshopper, grasshopper” to mess with him. The show goes into slow motion. Yoo Jae-suk gets a gutter ball. Whomp whomp. Yang Se-hyung and Hwang Kwanghee fall to the floor. 

The final score for each player is

  • Park Myung-soo: 129 points
  • Yang Se-hyung: 117 points
  • Hwang Kwanghee: 94
  • Haha: 90 points
  • Yoo Jae-suk: 85 points
  • Jeong Jun-ha: 83 points

The three losers get on their knees, but stay silent. Park Myung-soo then threatens to drop a bowling ball on their knees unless they start apologizing right away. Yoo Jae-suk, Yang Se-hyung, and Hwang Kwanghee say, “We won’t fool around anymore.” They get their foreheads flicked.

The six guys take a break to eat and drive to a rural restaurant for some chicken stew. While waiting for their food, Yang Se-hyung suddenly laughs in shock at how he kept losing all day. 

After they finish eating, they decide to play a round of Blue Marble which is a Korean knock off version of Monopoly. The losing team will get smacked in the face with the winners’ feet.

It’s a bit boring watching them play, but then Yang Se-hyung plays a key move by landing on and purchasing the Seoul slot. Haha gets two high cost spots of the same color which ends up overturning Yang Se-hyung’s lead and offers to save one person if they admit loss now. They don’t take the bite.

Suddenly, Team Yoo Jae-suk realizes that someone moved their team’s piece incorrectly. There’s a commotion as they blame each other and try to find the culprit who moved it. We the viewers see that it was Jeong Jun-ha accidentally who actually did it, but the “Infinite Challenge” MCs don’t know who to blame, and just keep playing as is.

Eventually, Team Park Myung-soo wins their third game of the day with 1,500,000 won. Poor Team Yoo Jae-suk decides who gets foot slapped by who with rocks-paper scissors.

Team Park Myung-soo takes off their socks. Their feet stink up the room. Hwang Kwang-hee goes with Haha. Yoo Jae-suk gets Jeong Jun-ha. Poor Yang Se-hyung gets stuck with Park Myung-soo. Each get slapped on the face with foot. It’s funny how it’s edited so that they only show them about to get slapped and the direct aftermath. Instead of the slap, they cut to a shot of a mortar hitting some rice cake batter, probably because it seemed too rude to show a foot slapping someone’s face on air. 

Yoo Jae-suk walks out of the restaurant saying to his teammates, “All we got were coins and Pikachus. This isn’t the end. Don’t betray me.”

I was expecting an explosive, exciting, legendary episode after the long hiatus, but on second thought, this kind of low key return was nice too. It was surprisingly entertaining watching these guys play everyday games. 

I know that “Infinite Challenge” has some big challenges coming up based on their picks from the Jeong Jun-ha Daesang special, so it’s good that they’re pacing themselves. 

Next Week: Clay shooting and soccer.


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