Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 525

Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 525
Episode 525: 2018 Pyeongchang Special – Part Two: April 15, 2017
Show Opening

The opening continues from last week’s episode with a dance time. Park Bo-gum of course is not a professional dancer, so he just claps and shrugs his shoulders a bit to Twice’s “Knock Knock.” Jeong Jun-ha and Park Myung-soo have to show him how to get down, which of course leads to several minutes of slapstick humor. Park Bo-gum then follows their lead and this time around tries doing some knocking movements and throwing heart shapes at the cameras. 

The MCs then continue to compliment Park Bo-gum and talk about how good looking he is. Park Bo-gum is nice and all, but I can already tell he’s going to be a boring guest. He’s too polite and the MCs are too consumed with keeping him happy to do anything actually funny.

I think they then head to a resort to have some ramen, but this part gets cut out, and we just see them walking out towards the resort parking lot, talking about how they just finished eating. As they walk, facing the camera, Yoo Jae-suk notes how Park Myung-soo has conceded the left of the center spot to Park Bo-gum. He’s always protected his space, until now which goes to show how popular Park Bo-gum is.

Also, Yang Se-hyung brought his own snowboard and brags about how he has 8 years of experience, but based on how he bragged about being so good at bowling that he even owns his own shoes, I’m not so sure I can trust him when he says he’s good at snowboarding. It doesn’t really matter though as Yoo Jae-suk cuts him off saying we won’t have time to see Yang Se-hyung’s snowboarding skills because today’s episode will be completely focused on Park Bo-gum. Poor Yang Se-hyung. Life is rough when you’re not tall and good looking. 

The crew then heads for the slopes where there’s a fork crane holding up an inflatable banana boat. This contraction is supposedly an “ice swing” meant to imitate the movement of riding a bobsled.

Meanwhile, Park Mi-jung from the variety production costs division continues to watch Park Myung-soo and calculate just how much he deserves to get paid this episode. He is currently at 30,000 won, and the MCs joke that he should just leave for the day, before he starts getting reductions for making unfunny jokes. 

Yoo Jae-suk then tries his best to help make Park Bo-gum funny by asking him to make his vocal tone more high pitched and thus humorous. He has the cast member do hellos and asks Park Bo-gum to do the same. After watching the crew do some slapstick introductions, Park Bo-gum ends up saying, “Hello, I’m Park Bo -gum super funny, bang bang!!! Let’s go Bo-gum party~” 

and with that, the opening is finally over. I think this was the longest variety show opening I’ve seen this year or maybe it just felt that way because I’m not really a fan of pretty boy guests. 

It’s time for the first game of the day. The two teams will be riding the ice swing, and the team to fall off first loses. The teams are the same from the Hanamana Special. There’s the

  • Handsome Losers Team – Yoo Jae-suk, Yang Se-hyung, and Park Bo-gum
  • Ugly Winners Team – Park Myung-soo, Jeong Jun-ha, and Haha

For each round, the fork crane will spin the inflatable boat five times around, while the three member teams try their best to hold on. The Ugly Winners Team is up first, and it’s quite fast. Jeong Jun-ha falls off first after 1.5 spins. He claims that it was because he was sitting on the end where the centripetal force is strongest. To add insult to injury, the PD then announces that this was just the easy level!

The Handsome Losers team tries their hand next. Yoo Jae-suk falls off because he was sitting on the end. Ah, so it wasn’t just Jeong Jun-ha making excuses. I guess the end spot really is the toughest to hold on to. So far it’s a tie with both teams having lost one player each, so it’s on to the difficult level. 

In round two, Park Myung-soo manages to hold on for a bit then falls off. Jeong Jun-ha continually gets smacked in the rear by a camera, before eventually falling off. Haha almost makes it to the end but falls just before the five spins are completed. 

Now the Handsome Winners Team just needs one person to hold on to win. Unfortunately, all of them fall off too. It’s a tie for the first game.

The crew then head back to the resort for lunch. They have some delivery food which looks like some sausages, sweet and sour pork, etc.

Yoo Jae-suk notes it was Jeong Jun-ha’s birthday a few days ago on March 18th, and Jeong Jun-ha expected them to prepare a cake for him, but no one did. Poor guy. Haha then cheekily asks Park Bo-gum what he does when he hangs out with his girlfriend. Without missing a beat, Park Bo-gum replies that he wishes he had one. Haha is like “Curses, foiled again!”

After lunch, the crew heads to a bobsled practice track with the Korean Olympic team. There’s coach Lee Yong, pilot Won Yoon-jong, brakeman Jeon Jung-rin, brakeman Oh Jae-han, and pusher Kim Jin-soo. Won Yoon-jong has only been bobsledding for 6 years, so Jeong Jun-ha brags about being his senior since he did it back in an “Infinite Challege” episode way back in 2009. Won Yoon-jong then informs him that he started bobsledding after being inspired by that “Infinite Challenge” episode. Wow, that’s pretty shocking and awesome to hear. 

Time for training. Park Myung-soo tries to show off his pushing moves that he learned in Nagano back in 2009, but the sled and track here a lot more high tech than the one from 2009. Park Myung-soo ends up falling down the track for real. The Olympic team then does a demonstration and it looks super cool. It’s a four person bobsled, and they take 5.83 seconds to clear the mini-track. 

The two teams that practice with a professional in the drivers seat. Park Bo-gum keeps messing up by getting his foot caught on the sled and accidentally kicking his teammates. If I health guy like Bo-gum keeps messing up so much, I guess it must be really difficult. 

Now it’s time for the real deal. The crew get on a bus and head for the actual track that’ll be used in the Olympics. 

Their arrive, and first various Olympic athletes do a demonstration of their sports. There’s luge with athlete Kim Dong-hyun. It’s kind of scary seeing him sitting on a sled with not much protection. He goes 130 km/hr. Next up is skeleton with Kim Ji-soo. The bobsled team also does a demo on the full track. They’re so fast. 

The full course is 1,857 meters and has about a dozen major curves to navigate. While the coach explains the nuiassense of the track, Yoo Jae-suk recognizes an athlete in the crowd who he had met during the “Infinite Challenge” bobsledding episode in Nagano. He’s still an active athlete. How cool. 

Yoo Jae-suk wants to keep talking, but he jokes that Park Bo-gum has to go to the bathroom, so he ends the conversation quickly. 

Cut to the two teams getting ready to go on the track. The Handsome Losers Team is up first.

They have a decent start and all manage to jump in the sled on time, but Park Bo-gum looks like he’s in pain getting hit on the sides as the sled navigates through the curves. Their peak speed was at 117 km/hr and they take 57.87 seconds. Yoo Jae-suk says he almost threw up because of the curves. The coach notes that professional athletes go around 138 km/hr.

 The Ugly Winners Team is up second. The have a slower start because they have trouble pushing the sled. Yoo Jae-suk also jokes that the Handsome team was lighter and faster because Park Bo-gum went to the bathroom three times. The Ugly Team gets 58.91 seconds. 

Now for a second run. The team with the best time from either round wins. The Handsome Team is a bit faster this time around. They get 57.05 seconds. 

Now for the Ugly Winners Team. They are about 30 kg heavier that the Handsome Team which I think means they have an advantage once they get on, but a disadvantage in the beginning when pushing. There’s lots of crashing into the sides. They get 57.24 seconds with a peak speed of 116.9 km/hr. That means the Handsome Losers team finally wins by 0.2 seconds! 

As the episode ends, the coach notes that the Infinite Challenge crew is the first to try the track besides national athletes. There’s less than one year left to the Pyeonchang Winter Olympics, so the various athletes there ask viewers to cheer them on.

Next Week: Ice Hockey with Park Bo-gum. Also Kim Yuna~



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