Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 526

Episode 526: 2018 Pyeongchang Special – Part Three: April 22, 2017

Show Opening

Last week, Park Bo-gum temporarily joined the Infinite Challenge Crew in order to fill in for Hwang Kwang-hee who’s now away serving his mandatory military services. They continued their Hanamana Battle where the Handsome Losers beat the Ugly Winners in bobsledding by a tiny margin. They’ll be continuing their battle this week with more promotions for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

It’s March 23rd, and the crew is at the Gangneung Ice Hockey center. Haha is pretty good at skating. Park Myung-soo’s terrible and claims it’s because his shoes are too big. Yoo Jae-suk then mentions that Park Bo-gum prepared a special cake after he heard Jeong Jun-ha’s birthday had passed recently. I’ve never been a fan of Park Bo-gum because there’s something about his face that seemed a bit unnatural and fake to me, but hearing that makes me think I was wrong all along. I guess he truly is a nice guy.

Being on an ice rink again, Haha recalls playing hide and seek with “Yuna” back when she appeared on Infinite Challenge eight years ago. Yoo Jae-suk chastises Haha and tells him to call her Ms. Yuna, because she’s not a kid anymore. She’s even the spokesperson for Pyeongchang Olympics. I guess that random shoutout is supposed to serve as a teaser for the end of the show.

Ice Hockey

The crew is at the ice rink to play some hockey.

The PD then introduces a few professional athletes the Infinite Challenge crew will be playing today. There’s Lee Young-jun, who enters with some fancy skating moves and finishes by splashing Park Myung-soo with some ice. Shin Hyung-yoon does the same thing to poor Myung-soo. Goalie Park Gye-hoon skates in looking like Optimus Prime with all his gear. He attacks Myung-soo too. Why are they all picking on him? Just bad luck for Myung-soo? Yoo Jae-suk tells Park Bo-gum to get revenge, but he just hugs the athletes instead. Korea’s not really known for ice hockey, but apparently these guys are pretty good because they won a one silver medal at the most recent Asian Games.

In professional hockey, there are six people per team. There’s one goalie, two defense, and three offence, and the game is divided into three 20 minute periods, but today’ they’ll be playing six Infinite Challenge players versus those three professions atheletes. Even though there’s twice as many of them, and the Infinite Challenge team has two mannequins at their goal to help, they can’t keep up with the pros. Even the professional team’s goalie skates out and scores because he doesn’t need to defend his own goal. They get three goals in a row.

But then, somehow Yang Se-hyung manages to get one goal in among all the commotion. He does a victory lap.

By the end of the first period, the score is 4:1.

In the second period, the PDs decide to give the professional athletes a handicap. They take away the hockey sticks and give them modified ones instead. There’s one each with a paddle, a ladle and a back scratcher. LOL.

As soon as the second period starts, Haha gets a goal in, taking advantage of the fact that the pros need some time to adjust to their new hockey sticks. Park Bo-gum gets one in too. The pros can’t defend properly because the new sticks are too difficult to control the puck with.

After a few minutes though, the profesionals show off why they’re pros and manage to figure out how to use their lades and back scratchers. The score is 6:3 at the end of the second period.

In period three, Jeong Jun-ha manages to tip in a goal under the goalie’s armpit. Yang Se-hyung gets one in too.

The game ends with a score 7:5 with the professional team winning.

All of the Infinite Challenge guys are out of energy. Park Bo-gum wipes sweat off Park Myung-soo with a towel. Is this guy for real? Now, I’m starting to realize why the guys keep calling him an angel.

Fashion Show Time

One week later, Park Bo-gum continues to guest on Infinite Challenge. They’re in some auditorium doing a fashion contest because during last week’s filming, Jeong Jun-ha and Yang Se-hyung bickered over who had the worst fashion sense. Yang Se-hyung is wearing a shirt he bought from Jo Se-ho for 50,000 won which he claims is a steal because the retail price was almost ten times that.

Today, Jeong Jun-ha and Yang Se-hyung will be playing a round of “Please Take Care of My Closet.” The PDs went to their actual closets and took out their actual clothes to see who can come up with the best outfits, just like on that show “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.”

Yang Se-hyung’s closet has lots of bow ties which he claims he uses for all the parties he attends. He has some skin colored underwear too. Why? Maybe for some comedy skits where he pretends to be naked? Yang Se-hyung’s mission is to style Park Bo-gum for a campus look. He gives him a blue sweater paired with red plaid colored shirt and red skinny jeans. It looks good, like something the male protagonist would wear in a Kpop music video. The screenshots don’t really do them justice because in the video clips, Park Bo-gum looks like he’s wearing a high end brand, while Yang Se-hyung makes the clothes look like they’re from a fast fashion brand.

It’s Jeong Jun-ha’s turn. The narrator introduces his closet as “Itaewon Big size market.” It’s a joke because Koreans used to be pretty skinny, and so the only place to get large sized clothes was in Itaewon District where lots of Americans lived. Although, that’s not really the case anymore, because there are lots of large Koreans nowadays. Jeong Jun-ha’s closet has lots of old jackets and Hawaiian flower print shirts. His mission is to style Park Bo-gum in an outfit for a coffee date. He brings out a sweater with super long sleeves. Park Bo-gum tries on the same thing and of course he looks better wearing it than Jeong Jun-ha. Yang Se-hyung puts on the same outfit and drowns in the sleeves.

Speed Skating Battle

Next, the crew relocates to the Seonhak International Ice Rink. They’ll be playing a version of speed skating with helmets that look like Hersey kisses.

It’s speed skating in teams. The two teams will start on opposite sides of the rink, and the goal is to catch up to the other team and eliminate them by pulling out their tales, The team with the last person standing wins.

It starts off slow but then the Handsome Losers begin closing in on the Ugly Winners. Park Myung-soo falls and gets eliminated first. I guess skating really isn’t his thing. Park Bo-gum also catches Jeong Jun-ha. Now, there’s just Haha left for the Ugly Winners. He eliminates Yoo Jae-suk and Yang Se-hyung out. It’s just Haha and Park Bo-gum left now. After nine laps, Park Bo-gum runs out of energy. Haha catches up to him and gets the win.

Since the Handsome Losers won bobsledding last week and the Ugly Winners won speed skating, it’s now a tie.

Curling Battle

The final round and tie breaker will be a curling battle.

PD Kim Tae-ho introduces two people who will be helping today, it’s professional curling athletes Kang Soo-yeon and Shin Mi-sung. They explain the rules of the game and that they need to be flexible and have a good sense of balance. Yang se-hyung says, “That’s me because I’m short!”

Kang Soo-yeon demonstrates how to glide across the ice, and it looks really cool. It’s not as easy as it looks though, as none of the Infinite Challenge crew can manage to do it properly. They just wobble all over the place.

The Ugly Winners and the Handsome Losers will be battling each other with one pro on each team. It’ll be 4 vs 4.

The Infinite Challenge crew of course is terrible at throwing the stone. Many of them don’t even manage to land near the house target. Jeong Jun-ha unfortunately hits the other teams’s stone into the middle of the target which ends up giving them the win.

The Handsome Losers win the battle.

The PD says there’s a present for the winning team, but it’s only for one person, so he’ll bring out three cakes, and Yoo Jae-suk, Park Bo-gum, and Yang Se-hyung can decide which cake they each want. The one to blow out the candles first wins the right to carry the sacred Olympic torch in the 2018 Winter Games. Wow, that’s a really amazing prize.

The cakes pretty much all look the same, so they just choose randomly.

Yoo Jae-suk blows his out easily whilewhile Yang Se-yung and Park Bo-gum’s keep lighting up after getting blown out. They must have had trick candles. Yoo Jae-suk gets the Olympic torch.

That’s it for Park Bo-gum who says goodbye to the crew and thanks them for the great memories. I wonder if they ate the cake afterwards.

Kim Yuna

Today’s episode has one last cut at the Sangam MBC Studios. The two players from the Handsome Losers get another prize which is meeting a special guest. Yoo Jae-suk and Yang Se-hyung wonder who it is when suddenly Kim Yuna walks in. She met Yoo Jae-suk eight years ago when she was on Infinite Challege, but this is Yang Se-hyung’s first time seeing her in person. Yang Se-hyung remarks there are two suns there. So bright. Kim Yuna just laughs at Yang Se-hyung’s joke.

Now that she’s retired, Yang Se-hyung wonders what she does in her free time. Yuna says she’s been busy being the Pyeongchang Olympics ambassador and spends a lot of time in Gangneung and Pyeongchang. She also just hangs out with her friends and has drinks with them just like everyone else. Yang Se-hyun is incredulous and asks where she hangs out. Yuna responds, “Apgujeong, Cheongdam, and Hannam.” These are all super rich neighborhoods. Yang Se-hyung then asks if she hangs out with bodyguards. Yuna chokes on her drink.

Kim Yuna says she’s also been busy helping up and coming figure skater Choi Da-bin with her choreography.

She’s mainly here to give Yoo Jae-suk some tips on his torch relay. She notes that anyone can apply to do it. She’s done it twice in the 2006 and 2010 Olympics. Kim Yuna says you have to be careful because it’s real fire. Yoo Jae-suk wants to know if he should wear short sleeve so he doesn’t burn his clothes. Kim Yuna responds, “But it’ll be cold in November . . .” Yoo Jae-suk also asks for advice out how to pace himself for the long relay. Kim Yuna, “Huh? It’s only 200 meters . . . ” LOL

The torch will leave Greece on October 24th and arrive in Korea on November 11th for a 101 day relay.

Kim Yuna ends the segment saying it’s been 30 years since Korea has hosted the Olympics, so the Pyeongchang Olympics will be meaningful and asks the viewers to pay special interest.

Yang Se-hyung laments that this it the last time he’ll probably ever see Kim Yuna.

End of show.

Next Week: A chase!



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