Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 527

Episode 527: Truth Game 2: April 29, 2017

Show Opening

The cast members arrive one by one at a high tech set. There are lots of big screens with the Infinite Challenge logo and the words “Truth Game.” In the middle of the set, there’s something that looks like your standard dentist chair. Haha jokes that it’s finally time to pull out Jeong Jun-ha’s over-sized front teeth.

Yoo Jae-suk then randomly mentions that Haha was appointed an honorary ambassador of Mapo District because a few episode back, he used “Mapo Sheriff” as his ID at the PC cafe. He says he got a call from the local police station and will help patrol and protect the district. Although, if he actually did that, he probably wouldn’t be much help as he’d just get mobbed by fans. It would still be cool though if he actually did it.

PD Kim Tae-ho then tells the crew that today, they’ll be testing how much they trust each other. Park Myung-soo says he doesn’t trust “the ones who just recently joined,” but he could even give up an organ for the ones he’s spent the last decade with aka Yoo Jae-suk and Jeong Jun-ha. Yang Se-hyung is sad.

The PD then says according to research from USC, people lie 200 times a day. Is that right? It sounds way too high. The MCs then admit that they do lie a lot on broadcasts saying things like they feel good when they’re don’t or that they’re working hard when they’re not.

The PD says they lie the most during chase, so he had some experts analyze their lying habits. He called in Kim Hyung-hee, a behavioral psychology analysis expert who’s the head of the Korean Body Language Research Center. He analyzed video clips of the Infinite Challenge cast from previous chase specials and found that when lying

  • Park Myung-soo lies with his entire body. He touches the back of his head, shakes his legs, clasps his hands, and his pupils shake.
  • Jeong Jun-ha gets fine wrinkles, stutters, and blinks often.
  • Yoo Jae-suk often pushes up his glasses, gulps, and touches his nose.
  • Haha’s face becomes asymmetrical and he overacts his words and gestures.
  • Yang Se-hyung takes a step backwards, lifts up his heels, and moves his lower body.

PD Kim Tae-ho then tells the crew that they’ll start the day with a credit rating test. Each of the Infinite Challenge cast members will be asked a series of yes or no questions to test how many times they lie. The have an actual lie detector set up and not that red and white toy one they often use in variety shows.

Park Myung-soo is up first. The other Infinite Challenge cast members ask him a few questions while he’s hooked up to a machine that measures his vital signs.

Q: I am doing Infinite Challenge for the money.

PMS: No. (He’s lying though.)

Q: There was a time when I wanted to go back home as soon as filming started.

PMS: Yes. That’s today. (He’s telling the truth.)

Q: I once lied saying I had another appointment because I didn’t want to do extra filming for Infinite Challenge.

PMS: Yes. (It’s the truth, and he’s not ashamed at all to admit it.)

Q: I think Yoo Jae-suk who works diligently is more unlikable than the PD who wants to do extra filming.

PMS: NO! (He’s lying. hehe)

Q: I’ve dissed the PDs and/or writers behind their back.

PMS: Yes. (It’s the truth.)

Q: I want to go home now.

PMS: YES!!! (It’s the truth.)

Next up is Jeong Jun-ha. He’s already starting to get worried.

Q: After filming ended, I’ve written a message to a cast member, and then erased it rather than sending it.

JJH: Yes. (It’s the truth)

Q: The target of the message was Haha.

JJH: Yes. (It’s the truth.)

Q: I have a qualm with Haha that I haven’t resolved yet.

JJH: No. (It’s a lie.) Jeong Jun-ha then admits there are one or two issues still.

Q: There’s one cast member who doesn’t deserve his appearance fee.

JJH: No. (It’s a lie.)

Haha asks who it is. Jeong Jun-ha gestures towards PMS.

Q: I’d rather my yukgaejang ramen sell well than Infinite Challenge have good ratings.

JJH: No. Not at all. (It’s a lie.) I had no idea he owned a brand of ramen. I’ll have to check it out the next time I go to the grocery store. In Korea, large supermarkets have an entire aisle with both sides filled up with various ramen brands, so I might have walked past it every time and just not noticed. There are almost 100 different brands at my local grocery store.

It’s Yoo Jae-suk’s turn.

Q: There is a cast member I sometimes want to send home.

YJS: Yes. (It’s the truth.)

Q: There was a time when I wanted to change all the cast members.

YJS: No. (It’s the truth.)

Q: There was a time when I wanted to change one or two cast members.

YJS: Yes. (It’s the truth.)

Q: That cast member is sitting to the right of Haha.

YJS: No. (It’s a lie.) That means Yoo Jae-suk is talking about either Jeong Jun-ha or Park Myung-soo. Park Myung-soo then switches seats to Haha’s left.

Q: He’s still sitting on the right.

YJS: No. (It’s the truth.) That means it’s Park Myung-soo.

Q: I only want to film Infinite Challenge with the current cast members and not any other shows with them.

YJS: No. (It’s a lie.) He even gulps and then adds that seeing them once a week is enough.

Haha’s turn.

Q: I like the Running Man crew better that the Infinite Challenge Crew.

HH: No. (It’s a lie.) Haha says that’s weird and sighs.

Q: You’ve swore after getting a text from Jeong Jun-ha.

HH: Yes. (It’s the truth.) He says he said all possible curses at the time.

Q: I want to be the boss like Yoo Jae-suk.

HH: No. (It’s the truth.) I’m surprised that Haha doesn’t seem to be as ambitious as I thought.

Q: Do you think Jae-suk, Jun-ha, and Myung-soo are all equal to you?

HH: No! (It’s the truth.) Haha is refreshingly honest with this one.

Yang Se-hyung is up last.

Q: You’ve swore after getting a text from Jeong Jun-ha.

YSH: No. (It’s a lie.)

Q: I wasn’t completely happy about going to the club with Jeong Jun-ha.

YSH: Yes. (It’s the truth.) He says Jeong Jun-ha kept taking photos of everything and dresses weird too.

Q: There’s someone here you don’t want to hang out with privately.

YSH: No. (It’s a lie.) He then admits that he’s never contacted Park Myung-soo outside of the show. Park Myung-soo then tells Yang Se-hyung that he cares about Yang Se-hyung and loves him. Yang Se-hyung  replies that he loves him too, but it’s a lie. LOL.

Q: I think I’m the funniest on Infinite Challenge these days.

YSH: No. (It’s a lie.)

After the round of credit ratings, here’s the tally of how many times everyone lied.

PD Kim Tae-ho then says this is all related to today’s mission which is a chase without lying. The cast members complain that it won’t be fun if they aren’t allowed to lie. The PD ignores their complaints and continues explaining that there will be a designated chaser, but he won’t tell them how many chasers there are. They will have three hours in today’s chase and can’t leave the Yeoido District of Seoul. They will have to call each other to find their locations, and there will be a penalty for each time they lie.

The PDs will determine whether or not they lied by tracking their heartbeats and doing behavioral analysis. However, the chaser can lie about his identity. If the chaser gets everyone out, then he wins. Of the non chasers, the one who lies the fewest times wins.

The winner will get 3 million won (~3,000 USD). They will be leaving the MBC building in two minute intervals in order of the number of times they lied during the yes or no question credit test.

Haha walks out of the MBC building first and is followed by some guy dressed in a black hoodie. He starts mimicking Haha’s moves, and Haha realizes it’s his “shadow.” He doesn’t know why he’s following him though. Haha tries to hide, but the shadow chases after him. It’s going to be a huge liability, as the shadows are going to get in the way. Haha then takes out a paper that tells him his role in the chase. Is he a chaser or will he be chased? We don’t find out yet.

Park Myung-soo walks out of the building next when suddenly he’s chased by two men dressed in black plus glasses and baseball caps just like him. He’s shocked and tries to run away until he too figures out they’re his shadows. Park Myung-soo reads over his mission paper, but we don’t get to see this one either. Park Myung-soo decides to head for the Han River.

Yoo Jae-suk’s two shadows have glasses and silly noses because they’re supposed to look like him. lol. Yoo Jae-suk doesn’t have a big nose though, that’s Ji Suk-jin.

Yang Se-hyung has three shadows since he lied three times. He checks his mission paper. He does cartwheels and hits his head on a tree, laughing as his shadows copy him. It’s actually quite cute watching the little Se-hyungs react to his antics.

Jeong Jun-ha has four bulky guys following him. He thinks they’re funny. What’s his mission? We don’t find out just yet.

Haha then calls Park Myung-soo and asks if he’s the chaser. Park Myung-soo is like “U-u-u-u-h.” They’re not supposed to lie, so they both try to not give anything away and just blabber random sounds.

Meanwhile, Yoo Jae-suk is at the Yeoido Hangang Park. He gets a call from Park Myung-soo who’s nearby and the two decide to meet up by the 63 Building. Park Myung-soo then calls Yang Se-hyung, who proceeds to ask him question after question. Where are you? Are you the chaser?

While talking to Yang Se-hyung, Park Myung-soo spots Yoo Jae-suk and hangs up so he can run. Park Myung-soo then realizes that there’s no need for him to run. Why was he running? He stops and gives Yoo Jae-suk a handshake.

Just then, Haha calls Yoo Jae-suk and they try to figure out who’s the chaser. Haha asks if he’s alone and Yoo Jae-suk responds truthfully he’s with Park Myung-soo. This chase is going to be difficult because they can’t lie. Park Myung-soo kicks Yoo Jae-suk in between his legs, and it’s expecially funny because all of his shadows have to do it to Yoo Jae-suk’s shadows too. Poor guys.

Yoo Jae-suk then calls Jeong Jun-ha who’s still in front of the MBC Building. Jeong Jun-ha decides to head towards them and calls Haha who’s currently near the 63 building. A caption reads that despite the many mentions, this is not a PPL for the 63 Building.

It’s hilarious watching Jeong Jun-ha’s shadows mimic his run.

Yang Se-hyung then calls Jeong Jun-ha who says he has four shadows and asks Yang Se-hyung if he has three shadows. Surprised, Yang Se-hyung asks how he knew and Jeong Jun-ha replies that he saw him. That’s a lie, and Jeong Jun-ha gets a fifth shadow. I guess the penalty for lying is an additional shadow.

Yang Se-hyung then talks to Haha and tells him he’s alone. Yang Se-hyung technically isn’t alone, he has his shadows, so the PDs give him an extra one for lying. Okay, so you have to be literally telling the truth every time? This is going to be tricky.

Park Myung-soo then calls Yoo Jae-suk again who says he hasn’t run into anyone yet. It’s a lie. He’s met up up with Park Myung-soo. Yoo Jae-suk protests that it’s not a lie because he talking to Park Myung-soo himself, so obviously he was talking about people other than him. The PD doesn’t back down. Now, Yoo Jae-suk is up to three shadows.

It’s currently 3 pm which means lots of kids are getting out of school. Yoo Jae-suk walks by a girl and pats her on the head which of course all the shadows copy. Yoo Jae-suk is flustered and tells them not to do that because they scared her. Then, another kid walks by saying nonchalantly, “Oh, it’s Infinite Challenge.” Another kid gives Yoo Jae-suk a sausage snack and when Yoo Jae-suk puts his hand out to take it, the shadows all put out their hands as well. The kid thinks they’re asking for some and gives all three of them some sausages. What a polite kid.

Yeoido is known for its roads lined with cherry blossoms, so there are a bunch of shots of the pretty trees. It’s a bit past peak season though, so they’re not as full as they were a few weeks ago.

Park Myung-soo then goes to a coffee shop and buys coffee for his three shadows too. He talks to Yang Se-hyung and accidentally tells him the wrong number of shadows, saying he has six instead of three, he corrects himself right away, but it still counts as a lie. He now has four shadows.

Yang Se-hyung then decides to call Haha since he only has one shadow. He wants to increase his shadow count because the one with the fewest shadows wins. Yang Se-hyung asks Haha what he thought about Jeong Jun-ha during the credit rating test earlier that day. He tries to pressure him into lying because of course Haha won’t badmouth Jeong Jun-ha too much on air.

Haha catches on to what Yang Se-hyung is trying to do though and hangs up. Next, Yang Se-hyung tries calling Yoo Jae-suk asks about the cast member he wanted to change. Yang Se-hyung asks if it was “X.” Yoo Jae-suk responds, “No.” Yang Se-hyung then asks if it was, “X.” Yoo Jae-suk responds, “No” again. He gets two shadows because his heart rate says he was lying. Yang Se-hyung jumps in glee for successfully raising his opponent’s shadow count..

Next, Jeong Jun-ha calls Haha and asks if he’s the chaser. They have a round of telling each other that they love each other despite all the bickering they do. Then Haha admits that he did hate him sometimes. Jeong Jun-ha, “Well I hated you more, more!!!” Jeong Jun-ha then adds that he used to hate him, but now he’s more understanding of Haha. As the two have a heartfelt conversation on the phone, a random woman walks by and says, “Jeong Jun-ha is so handsome.” The PD gives Jeong Jun-ha a shadow despite Jeong Jun-ha’s protests that he wasn’t even the one doing the lying. He now has seven shadows.

Meanwhile, Park Myung-soo is on the phone with Yang Se-hyung who’s still trying to up everyone else’s shadow count. Yang Se-hyung asks about the member change, “Do you think Yoo Jae-suk was talking about you?” Park Myung-soo agrees. Then Park Myung-soo is like, “Well two can play at that game” and asks Yang Se-hyung if he’d be willing to give up all his other programs for Infinite Challenge. Yang Se-hyung hesitates and asks Park Myung-soo the same question. Park Myung-soo says yes but his heartbeat reveals he’s lying, so he gets another shadow.

Park Myung-soo is frustrated and feels like he can’t win so he decides to just throw the game. He’s just going to get as many shadows as he can and goes on a rampage. He calls Haha and says over and over that he’s the chaser. Haha is just like “huh?” Park Myung-soo then calls Yoo Jae-suk to tell him that Jeong Jun-ha is the chaser and he got caught by him. He tells Yang Se-hyung to run away from Jeong Jun-ha. He then hilariously tries to go to a public bathroom, and most of his shadows have to wait outside because they can’t fit.

Yoo Jae-suk decides to go on a motor boat to flee, he’ll be safe there because the chaser won’t know how to find him, but he realizes that he has to pay for his six shadows too, so it comes out to a whopping 70,000 won for the boat rental. He also buys some drinks and signs for his credit card, and all the shadows hilarious sign as well. Yoo Jae-suk is like, “Hey! I already signed, you don’t need to sign it too.”

Yoo Jae-suk then calls Yang Se-hyung to warn him about Park Myung-soo. They realize that somethings off because there’s no way Park Myung-soo would call them all to announce he got caught.

Meanwhile, Jeong Jun-ha tells his shadows to act like one person. He tells them, “We’re one.” That’s a lie because technically they’re each individuals. He gets another shadow. tsk tsk.

Yang Se-hyung then video calls Yoo Jae-suk and notices his shadows look funny. Why do they have something weird on their noses? Yang Se-hyung says, “You made a fatal mistake showing me your shadows.” Yoo Jae-suk just guffaws saying it doesn’t mean anything other than that they’re that way to look like him. Poor Jae-suk is the only one with ugly shadows.

Yang Se-hyung then calls Haha and says Park Myung-soo told him that the chaser spreads like a contagion, so it must have spread from Park Myung-soo to Yoo Jae-suk since they met up. He deduces that today’s chase is supposed to be zombie themed and acts scared.

Yoo Jae-suk has so many shadows now. There’s eight of them. They’re tired, so Yoo Jae-suk tells them to have some water. They can’t though, until Yoo Jae-suk realizes he has to drink himself to make them drink too. He takes a sip, but the shadow on the end doesn’t have any water. Yoo Jae-suk tries to turn and give him his water bottle, but all the shadows just spin around. Finally, Yoo Jae-suk realizes he should just pour it into the mouth of the guy next to him, and then the guy on the end will be able to drink. It works, but shadow number 2 just douses number 3 in the mouth. Poor guy. Yoo Jae-suk chastises him lightly, “Look while you pour!”

Haha is patrolling around Yeoido in a cab when he spots Yang Se-hyung. Yang Se-hyung runs away, so Haha realizes that he must not be the chaser. The two then meet up. Haha gets out of the cab, and Yang Se-hyung tries to run away again. He’s easily scared. Haha then calls Yang Se-hyung saying he’s sorry for scaring him and just wanted to check if he was the chaser.

Haha and Yang Se-hyung finally meet up. Yang Se-hyung is on the phone with Park Myung-soo when suddenly Haha grabs his neck and whispers in his ear that he’s the chaser. Yang Se-hyung’s face turns white. OMG so creepy. Haha then says, “I’m kidding, teehee~” and Yang Se-hyung falls to the ground in relief. LOL as his shadows all fall with him.

Haha gets a shadow for his lying, but it was sooooo worth it to see Yang Se-hyung’s hilarious reaction.

Meanwhile, Park Myung-soo and his shadows. Puhahaha. So many. He continues to call the others and make things up, so he can get more and more shadows. I wonder if the PDs are prepared for this. Do they just have extras on standby following them around behind the cameras?

There’s a huge crowd gathered watching Park Myung-soo and all his shadows. Park Myung-soo says he only has six, but that’s definitely a lie, I can’t tell exactly how many there. There’s maybe 20 now?

Everyone’s getting tired, so they decide to meet up back at the MBC Building.

Then the scene flashbacks to two hours ago, and we see the mission cards one by one and it turns out that no one was the chaser. It’s was all a ruse by the PDs. Ah, so today’s real mission is to just lie as little as possible and have the fewest shadows. All of the mission cards say the same thing. “You are not the chaser. Note: You cannot leave Yeoido District.”

Park Myung-soo then walks to MBC with his shadows. Darth Vader music plays as the army marches on.

As he too walks towards MBC, Haha sees Park Myung-soo’s massive shadow army and gets scared away.

Then, Park Myung-soo and Yoo Jae-suk spot each other. Yoo Jae-suk runs away as fast as he can because he doesn’t trust Park Myung-soo despite him yelling that he’s not the chaser. Yoo Jae-suk then video calls Jeong Jun-ha to warn him, but the two end up running into each other too. Yoo Jae-suk keeps running though as Jeong Jun-ha chases after him because he can’t trust anyone. There are just a few seconds left until times up. Yoo Jae-suk plans to keep running until it ends.

The race ends and the final tally of shadows is

Yang Se-hyung – 6

Haha – 9

Yoo Jae-suk – 11

Jeong Jun-ha – 15

Park Myung-soo – 26

The five of them then meet inside the MBC building and the PD reveals to them that there was no actual chaser. The PD continues that today’s theme was all about deduction, suspicious, and prejudice. Haha asks incredulously, “What do you mean prejudice!?!?! You’re the one who told us there was a chaser!!!” PD responds, “Technically I said I wouldn’t tell you how many chasers there were, and it turned out there were zero.” How sly.

Now, it’s time to see who gets the 3 million won prize money. They’ll be playing “The Bell of Truth” and they will get to play in order according to the results of the shadow count. Only one person will get the prize money, so once someone gets it, the people at the end won’t get a chance at the prize. The game rules are as follows, each contestant will be asked a question, if he tells the truth, he will get the prize, if he lies, he will get a terrible punishment.

Yang Se-hyung is up first since he had the fewest number of shadows. The question is “I will gladly donate this prize money to those in need.”

Yang Se-hyung hems and haws but ultimately says yes. He gets splashed with water. In addition to his heart rate spiking, we clearly see him fidgeting with his feet.

Since Yang Se-hyun failed to get the prize, the number two player gets a chance at it. Haha walks out to the bell and doesn’t understand why it’s so hard to tell the truth. Yang Se-hyung says he accidentally thought about something else and was distracted. The PD then asks Haha the same question, “I will gladly donate this prize money to those in need.”

Haha says to the PD, “Ah~ hyung . . . I would . . . I could do that . . . uh. *sighs* Yes. I want to, really.” It’s another lie and Haha gets soaked.

It’s Yoo Jae-suk’s turn. The PD asks, “I will gladly donate this prize money to those in need. Yoo Jae-suk replies “Yes.” It’s the truth!!! Haha and Yang Se-hyung are pissed. They’re like, “Of course Yoo Jae-suk would say that. How boring!!!” He gets the money to donate, but the PD decides they should trick the remaining two and see how they react. The pretend like Yoo Jae-suk got caught lying too, and so the 3 million won is still up for grabs.

It’s Jeong Jun-ha’s turn next. He says yes, but its a lie.

Now it’s just Park Myung-soo left. Park Myung-soo thinks about it and then shamelessly responds, “No.” It’s the truth, but then he quickly regrets it after seeing everyone else said yes and worries about his image tanking. He wants to do a redo and thinks maybe it’ll be better if he gets hit with the water.

Unbeknownst to him though, he doesn’t actually get the prize, since Yoo Jae-suk already got it. The 3 million won gets donated in his name.

All in all, I’d say today was a great episode, not a legendary episode like I was hoping, but it was still pretty good. I really like the idea of shadows as it led to some unique slapstick humor. It was also really nice to see that Yoo Jae-suk, Park Myung-soo, and Yang Se-hyung personally paid for drinks for their shadows as it sounds like a tough job following and mimicking them for three hours straight.

I also liked how Park Myung-soo just gave up in the middle and just decided to play his own way. Shaking things up is what made Noh Hong-chul so fun to watch during chase specials, so at least this time around we had Park Myung-soo to do it.

Next Week: A fun spring outing on an island with the locals with Seo Hyun-jin.


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