Infinite Challenge Recap: Episode 533

Infinite Challenge Episode 533: The Adventures of Five Boys: June 10, 2017

Opening: Jeong Jun-ha Daesang Project

Today’s episode starts at the studio where all five of the MCs do the Infinite Challenge chant and gesture, except for Park Myung-soo who’s not feeling too enthusiastic. Yoo Jae-suk calls him out and asks the staff members to play back each of the individual audio files. Four of the MCs, namely Yoo Jae-suk, Jeong Jun-ha, Haha, and Yang Se-hyung dutifully all yelled out “Infinite Challenge” while Park Myung-soo just yelled a single moan? Not even sure what to call that sound he made but he does apologize and redo the chant with more heart.

Why is Park Myung-soo in such a bad mood? Well in addition to just always being in a bad mood, apparently he’s still not over last week’s episode where Park Myung-soo’s wife made an unexpected cameo during Haha’s Mapo District Sheriff segment.

Yoo Jae-suk then tells the viewers that they will begin doing the Jeong Jun-ha Daesang Project that they started in Episode 514. The six challenges they had decided on to help Jeong Jun-ha get the Daesand in 2017 were

  1. Park Myung-soo – Go to Easter Island and compare head sizes with its famous statues.
  2. Haha – Do a survival battle with Bear Grylls.
  3. Yang Se-hyung – Catch catfish with the Dogon people.
  4. Hwang Kwang-hee – Act in an American TV drama.
  5. Yoo Jae-suk – Play foot volleyball against Messi.
  6. Jeong Jun-ha – Sail the Han River on a wooden raft.

Yoo Jae-suk is surprised that the PD really decided to go forward with this project given the lukewarm response the Jeong Jun-ha Daesang Project had with viewers, but okay…

They’ll be starting off with the raft challenge on the Han River. Because of the dams, the trip will be broken up into four legs and will take 3-5 days. That means Jeong Jun-ha has to sleep and eat on the raft.

A staff member gives each of the MCs a sketchbook to draw their ideal rafts.

Yoo Jae-suk’s looks like a kid drew it. It’s so simple looking and just has a hammock. Park Myung-soo drew a cannon and jet pack because apparently you have to watch out for those Somalian pirates . . . even on the Han River. Haha wants a disco ball and massage chair with a Daesang trophy dangling from the top as a sort of motivator. Yang Se-hyung has a staircase for all the wild animals to join them like crocodiles . . . .although luckily there are no crocodiles in Korea.

Then we cut to a professional crew putting together a raft based on the five MCs’ ideas. They saw actual trees to put together an actual raft and spend an entire day constructing it.

The five MCs then arrive in Yanggu County in Gangwon Province. Everyone is wearing suits except for Jeong Jun-ha who’s in a tracksuit. It’ll take Jeong Jun-ha 5 days and 4 nights to paddle all the way to Seoul. Poor guy. If he makes it, I’d say he definitely deserves to at least be nominated for a daesang this year.

We then see the raft which has a disco ball, staircase, daesang trophy, floaty tubes, and a bathroom which is really just a hole with some privacy walls. Yoo Jae-suk hypes up the trip saying its a childhood fantasy just like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

Jeong Jun-ha brought a huge backpack filled with towels, five different kinds of sunscreen, and soju, although Jeong Jun-ha quickly adds that the soju was a gift. Yang Se-hyung then just empties the whole backpack out on to the ground where we see lots of clothes and clean underwear.

Because this is a serious undertaking, the Infinite Challenge crew, brought out expert Lee Sang-yong who made the same trek back in 2008. He traveled 180 km which took him about 180,000 paddles, although he used a much smaller canoe as opposed to Jeong Jun-ha’s huge raft. The expert is a bit concerned thought because there’s not much water in the river . . . it’s been a while since it’s rained heavily in Korea. The expert wishes Jeong Jun-ha good luck and takes a step behind the cameras.

It’s time for Jeong Jun-ha to set sail. Jeong Jun-ha says he’s cleared his schedule so he can arrive safely. He tells the viewers not to worry. Cue the mini parade to send Jeong Jun-ha off.

All of the MCs go onto the raft to say their goodbyes when suddenly, the PD cuts off the line anchoring the raft to the shore and all the MCs depart on the raft. Of course, this leads to a lot of commotion and yelling because none of the other MCs were aware they were going on the raft too! They were just here to watch Jeong Jun-ha and send him off. Park Myung-soo and Haha yell out that they all have other schedules tomorrow.

There’s a second line attaching the raft to a motor boat that has been pulling the raft towards the middle of the river. Then, they PDs cut off the motorboat rope too. The five MCs are now completely stranded on the raft. Yang Se-hyun cries out that he had absolutely no idea. The PDs were so crafty telling them to wear suits today and making them feel like they were just here to observe.

They’re now 200 meters off shore and need to paddle all the way to Seoul? I would definitely not be happy paddling in a stuffy suit.

PD Kim Tae-ho then informs them that they won’t be paddling all 160 km to Seoul together. The experts said that the first leg would be tough, so he just wanted the other four to help Jeong Jun-ha with the first 10% of the course. He then informs them that the trophy hanging from the top of the raft is for the “Best Program” award, and says this is a good challenge to try to help the show get that award.

There’s a box at one end of the raft that’s locked. Yang Se-hyung jokes that there must be a celebrity guest in there which would be hilarious timing. PD Kim Tae-ho says he’s he actual put lots of useful stuff in the box and the key is in the bathroom toilet. Good thing no one’s used it yet. Jeong Jun-ha finds the key and opens the box to find life vests, helmets, paddles, etc.

Suddenly, the wind starts to blow heavily and all the inflatable swans and tubes attached to the end of the raft start rolling over. The boat is moving quickly. It’s getting hectic trying to control the boat.

They do somehow manage to get some control of it, until PD Kim Tae-ho informs them that they’ve been going the wrong way, away from Seoul.

Yang Se-hyung tries to take control of the sail, but they crash into land. This is a trainwreck . . . . or rather a shipwreck. hehe

The wind keeps pushing them the wrong way, farther and farther from Seoul. Jeong Jun-ha is just glad he’s not here alone. Yang Se-hyung eventually manages to figure out how to turn the sail around slightly.

The wind continues to push the raft in the wrong direction, and because there’s been a drought, the raft can’t go any further back, so the PDs decide to intervene and pull the raft a bit by motor boat. The MCs aren’t happy even with the help though. Yoo Jae-suk complains he won’t ever wear suits again because he doesn’t know what trick the PDs will pull on them next time. Haha adds, “Not even to the awards ceremony!”

As the motorboat pulls the raft along, I love how they play the Pirates of the Caribbean BG music. How appropriate. But it’s not all easy. The raft starts to topple over, as water pour in on one side.

Water has gotten in the canoes holding the rafts up so they realize they need to stop for safety reasons. The five MCs get off the raft and into the motorboats and head for the shore.

Once they arrive on the shore, Jeong Jun-ha is just glad that he wasn’t doing it alone. That would have been a total disaster. PD Kim Tae-ho is so flustered with the result of this rafting project that he actually buckled his life vest up incorrectly.

Park Myung-soo muses that failure is the mother of success. And I guess that’s it for this “adventure.”

It’s too bad because it seems like they spent a lot of money building the raft. There’s a notice saying that they’ll try again this summer.

Bowling with Kim Soo-hyun

It’s a new day, and the five MCs are at the studio again. Yoo Jae-suk tells the viewers that the staff is working on fixing the raft, but it’s raining so they can’t do the challenge just now, so they came up with another idea.

A few episodes ago, episode 529 to be precise, Haha called Kim Soo-hyun to go bowling, and he surprisingly agreed to come on “Infinite Challenge” to bowl.

Jeong Jun-ha asks about his variety skills. Haha says Kim Soo-hyun works hard on varieties. Jeong Jun-ha says he’ll feel a bit uncomfortable around such a star, and the MCs bicker about how to treat Kim Soo-hyun, whether they should treat him like an A-lister or a maknae.

Haha wants to invite some of Kim Soo-hyun’s friends too like Jeon Ji-hyun. Jeong Jun-ha then brags that he’s chummy with her because they once attended the same cooking class. How random.

They’ll be bowling at Kim Soo-hyun’s usual place. Yang Se-hyung is unhappy about giving up the home field advantage, but that’s probably the least they can do for such an A-list guest.

The MCs then go to the bowling alley. They start to warm up and practice when Park Myung-soo suddenly starts yelling like a monkey. “Kim Soo-hyun” has arrived.

Kim Soo-hyun is wearing casual clothes and carrying a suitcase? It looks like he’s brought lots of equipment. I thought all you needed was a bowling ball? Kim Soo-hyun looks so good even without makeup and casual clothes. He’s just wearing a cap, T-shirt, and cargo pants. Of course the MCs then joke that they all look like squids and assorted seafood next to him.

Kim Soo-hyun says he usually bowls 190-200.

It’s hilarious seeing Yang Se-hyung’s bag versus Kim Soo-hyun’s suitcase. The MCs try to hype Yang Se-hyung up saying his bag looks just as good. We then get to see inside Kim Soo-hyun’s suitcase which has various bowling balls. He says something about heavy oil and how different balls are used with different oils? I didn’t really understand that part. I thought they only difference was in the weight of the balls, but I guess there’s much more to it than that.

Kim Soo-hyun says he came to this bowling alley often when he was preparing for the professional certification tests. Kim Soo-hyun says he likes bowling because it’s a sport where you fight yourself and not others.

He then talks a bit about how contrary to popular opinion, he does indeed work these days. He had some interview and a showcase too. Lucky guy. I wish I had a job where I only had to work a few days a month.

Kim Soo-hyun then puts on bandages on his fingers and his special gloves. All the MCs are like “Me too! I want special bandages too!”

He then does three warm up frames to get a feel for the lane which he explains is standard procedure. Kim Soo-hyun drops the bowling ball, saying oops, but it’s a strike. He then throws the ball without looking and it’s a spare. Is he kidding around?

He does another no look throw. It’s another strike. Okay…he must be doing it on purpose. What a showoff. Hmph!

Yoo Jae-suk mentions a YouTube video where a bowler threw a strike while a bunch of people stood with their legs spread over the lanes. Kim Soo-hyun laughs at the absurdity, but gives it his best shot. He gets a strike!

Now it’s time to play for real. They decide to play Infinite Challenge vs Kim Soo-hyun. The Infinite Challenge team will bowl three times per frame. If Infinite Challenge wins, Kim Soo-hyun has to appear on the show one more time. If Kim Soo-hyun wins, they’ll give him a gift.

Frame one. Kim Soo-hyun starts off with a strike. All five MCs just stare with their mouths open.

Haha ties his hair up. It’s time to get serious. He gets 3 pins. Jeong Jun-ha is next. He gets a gutter ball. Park Myung-soo hits him on the shoulder and then bowls four pins.

Frame two. Kim Soo-hyun gets another strike. Yoo Jae-suk gets 7 pins. Yang gets the spare and notes that he’s good at bowling too and is even coincidentally dressed like Kim Soo-hyun as both are wearing gray t-shirts.

Frame three. Kim Soo-hyun gets a third strike. Haha gets a strike. Maybe there’s hope for this team.

Frame four. Kim Soo-hyun gets 8 pins , but it’s an easy spare for him. Meanwhile, Jeong Jun-ha gets seven pins. Park Myung-soo gets the spare.

Fifth frame.  Kim Soo-hyun gets a strike.  Yang Se-hyung gets a spare.

Fast forward….After ten frames, the final score is Infinite Challenge 133 to Kim Soo-hyun 173. He really smoked them even with a handicap.

The decide to play one more rounds and the Infinite Challenge MCs discuss what advantage they should get this time. Yoo Jae-suk wants their team to be able to bowl five times per frame. PD Kim Tae-ho decides they should stick with the three bowls, but this time he’ll give them an extra 50 point lead.

Play another round. Now it’s real. The MCs pretend like the previous game was just a practice round.

Frame one. Kim Soo-hyun starts with a strike. Haha gets eight pins. Yoo Jae-suk gets one. Yang gets the other.

Frame two. Kim Soo-hyun gets just nine pins and then the spare. He does a no look spare which is a jab at politician Kim Moo-sung’s notorious no look pass.

Yoo Jae-suk gets seven pins, but then Park Myung-soo gets nothing. Haha gets nothing.

Frame three. Kim Soo-hyun gets another spare.

Jeong Jun-ha takes Kim Soo-hyun’s gloves hoping it’ll help. Jeong Jun-ha is left handed though, so there really was no point in using the glove.

After 7 frames, the score is 137 to 128 with Kim Soo-hyun in the lead.

Kim Soo-hyun then misses two spares in a row. Yoo Jae-suk manged to get a strike.

With just the 10th and final frame left, the score is 160 to 158 with Kim Soo-hyun  in the lead by just two pins.

Kim Soo-hyun gets a strike. It’s now It’s 180 to 158, but Park Myung-soo fails to get the spare and extend their opportunity. The game ends 180 to 172.

The MCs then thank Kim Soo-hyun for coming on the show with such short notice. Since he won the game, they’ll be sending him his gift and he should expect to be surprised, but we don’t find out exactly what the gift is.

I think Kim Soo-hyun was a decent guest, but Yang Se-hyung really shined this episode. Without Yang Se-hyung, the second half of the episode would just be watching a bunch of average guys and one talented guy bowling. I liked all the little antics Yang Se-hyung made and his imitation of Kim Soo-hyun.

Next Week: Jeju Island with Lee Hyori!


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