Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 54

Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 54
Episode 54: December 10, 2016

*Note: This is a new show that I’ve just added to my recap lineup, so there will be a bit of trial and error until I get used to writing for this show’s format. That’s why today’s recap is a bit on the shorter side. 

The show starts with Kim Hee-chul and Min Kyung-hoon’s “Sweet Dream” playing in the background. Kim Hee-chul walks in calling Min Kyung-hoon the music gangster. Kyung-hoon messaged him in the middle of the night to say they were at number one. It’s his first time in ten years being at the top of the charts. 

Lee Sang-min adds that <Knowing Bros> was recently voted in top three for favorite broadcasts in a poll by Gallup Korea. “Kim Hee-chul, “Yeah, but we were number one.” *fist pump with Min Kyung-hoon*

Kim Hee-chul put a letter from a fan in Kim Young-chul’s desk. He put it in his desk so that he can get a little bit more screentime. The fan says she got into college after getting strength from watching . She drew a picture of all the MCs.

Today’s Guests

Today’s guests are Han Seung-yeon and Chun Jung-myung, which is a random combo.

Min Kyung-hoon, “Hello! We used to do radio together.” Han Seung-yeon, “Who me?” Min Kyung-hoon, “Yeah, aren’t you Kara’s Han Seung-yeon?” She doesn’t remember him because it was eight years ago.

Her recently ended drama <Age of Youth> actually had a few scenes where the characters watched <Knowing Bros>.

Chun Jung-myung is having difficulty speaking informally to everyone. He says he has stage fright. Kim Hee-chul, “That’s why when we went to the clubs, he just danced just a little like this.” Kim Hee-chul tells him to slap Kang Ho-dong and get over his fear of speaking informally. 

The MCs tell Han Seung-yeon to chose who’s the best boyfriend, pretend they all have the same amount of money, aren’t divorced, and are all twenty.

Han Seung-yeon, “HAHAHAAA. How are you guys twenty?” She chooses Lee Sang-min because he’s sexy when talking about cars. 

Now, Chun Jung-myung has to choose who he’d want to date if he were a woman. Chun Jung-myung, “Kang Ho-dong, I like sturdy men.”

Han Seung-yeon is 29 and her childhood goal is to get married before she’s 40. After being prompted, she says she definitely doesn’t want to marry Seo Jang-hoon because he’s too tall. There’s a 47 cm difference. Seo Jang-hoon, “Don’t worry, you’re not my type either. I think Kang Min-kyung is pretty.”

Chun Jung-myung’s childhood dream was Seo Jang-hoon. He wanted to be a basketball player. He tries “shooting baskets” with the “hoops” being the MC’s heads. He hits Lee Soo-geun and Kang Ho-dong in one try. 

He says he doesn’t want to be desk partners with Kim Young-chul because he was so loud in the dressing room that he thought he was fighting. 

Guess About Me Quiz

Han Seung-yeon brought in some homemade lemon drink as a prize.

Q: I recently did something Min Kyung-hoon would be jealous of. What was it?

A: She kissed Ryu Hwa-young during her drama . It was the most watched clip of their show. 

Q: Kang Ho-dong was once shocked at one of my hidden skills. What was it?

A: Concentration skills.

Chun Jung-myung’s prize is a kiss on the cheek and a fainting experiencing.

Q: I almost died because of Park Jin-young. Why?

A: Fell in the Han River while dancing to “She was Pretty.”

Q: What is my most flustering sleeping habit?

A: Did a military wake up. 

Q: What is the reason I decided to act in my new film <Life Risking Romance> in five minutes without even reading the script?

A: Because of Ha Ji-won

Lee Sang-min asks if he can call her. He does and she picks up. She’s at the office drinking coffee and eating pepero. She lists out all the names of the MCs. It seems like she actually does watch .

Q: I once risked my life because of dating. Why? 

A: Was showering at his girlfriends house when her gangster dad suddenly came home. He was so flustered that he just put on his underwear and hid in the wardrobe, but the wardrobe collapsed, so the dad found him and beat him. Never heard so many curses before in his life. 

Q: There was a big accident while I was surfing. What was it?

A: His nipple fell off while paddling due to the friction with the surf board. 

Q: What was the hardship I suffered a while practicing jiu-jitsu?

A: Had to spar 40-50 people in a row.

Chun Jung-myung spars a bit with the MCs. 

Three No’s Skit

Han Seung-yeon posts on her social media that she’s looking for a bodyguard.

Kang Ho-dong shows off his strength by lifting up Seo Jang-hoon.

Kim Young-chul shows off his English skill, “Hello, I’m bodyguard. This is speaking. I can protect you . . . right now!”

She has a couple conditions for her bodyguard.

Condition 1: Has to have a good impression.

She does a test where the MCs have to keep smiling while Han Seung-yeon smacks them with a hat string. 

Four people pass. Min Kyung-hoon, Lee Sang-min, Lee Soo-jeun, and Chun Jung-myung

Condition 2: Has to be able to save her life.

Han Seung-yeon has them show that they can save her from timed “bombs” by popping balloons with darts. The balloons are supposed to represent bombs. They have one minute each. 

Min Kyung-hoon pops all the balloons. 

Chun Jung-myung does as well, but he wins because he finished two seconds faster. 

Han Seung-yeon says she had a lot of fun. Chun Jung-myung says he had so much fun that he almost risked his life. Come watch his movie. 


Next Week: Mamamoo and Heo Kyung-hwan


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