Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 57

Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 57
Episode 57: AOA: January 7, 2016

It’s the new year. All the bros are gathered in the classroom. Kim Hee-chul and Kang Ho-dong are on time for once, which confuses the other bros. Kang Ho-dong says that Hee-chul is always just plain late, while he comes late as part of his concept.

Kim Hee-chul, “Who do you think you are? Tak Jae-hoon?” 

Lee Soo-geun tells Hee-chul not to talk like that to Ho-dong. Kang Ho-dong now has two JTBC programs that have a combined ratings of 8%. That means that Seo Jang-hoon has to guest on <Let’s Eat Dinner Together> because of the bet he made in March. 

Someone walks in. It’s Teacher Jang aka Kim Giri. He tells Kim Young-chul to get ready to transfer to 5% High School. 

Teacher Jang is here to reveal their report cards. Earlier in the day, they each filled out a report where they evaluated themselves and their classmates on their performance over the past year. 

Kang Ho-dong gave himself a C because even though he’s doing well, he wanted to encourage himself to work harder. He gave everyone else an A, except for Kim Young-chul and Min Kyung-hoon who got Cs and Kim Hee-chul who got an F. Kang Ho-dong says he gave his classmates what he predicted they’d give him. 

Lee Soo-geun gave himself a C as well because he radiates energy like vitamin C. Kim Heechul quips that he though C was casino. He gave Kang Ho-dong an A because he created the catchphrase, “I praise you.” He gave Lee Sang-min an “ABCDEF” because he started out at F but walked up step by step to A. Seo Jang-hoon gets an A for “Aay~ it’s meaningless.” Kim Young-chul a D for Dang. Kim Hee-chul a C for condition which he needs to take better care of since he’s gotten busy, but his true grade is A. Min Kyung-hoon got a B for being a manner babo. 

Kim Young-chul gave himself a B. All the bros laugh at him. He gave Kang Ho-dong a C, and Seo Jang-hoon and Lee Sang-min a D, because they “did worse than him.” Cue more laughter. Lee Soo-geun gets an A because Kim Young-chul is envious of him. Kim Hee-chul a B because he’s similar to himself, and Min Kyung-hoon gets a B as well.

Min Kyung-hoon gave himself a B. He gave everyone else an A except Kim Young-chul who he didn’t grade. He just wrote down pass since he didn’t get a chance to see him do anything. 

Next, Lee Sang-min gave himself a C because he’s still a variety rookie. He gave Kang Ho-dong a C for not being as funny as his past. 

Seo Jang-hoon gave himself a C. He gave Kang Ho-dong an A for being a good bro. Lee Sang-min and Young-chul get a B. Lee Soo-geun and Hee-chul an A. Min Kyung-hoon gets an A as well because he’s good at diffusing awkward situations.

Kim Heechul gave everyone an A. Under the comments section, he wrote, “Does well from his place” and “the same as above” for everyone else. 

Teacher Jang reveals his true identity as JTBC announcer Jang Seong-kyu and says to follow him on his social media

Today’s Guests

After Teacher Jang walks out, Seolhyeon walks in like “Excuse Me,” which is the title of their latest song. Today’s transfer students are AOA from Heart Attack High School. Six out of seven members are here because Choa is out sick with the cold. 

They start the day by dancing to their hit songs “Miniskirt” and “Heart Attack.”

Chanmi says that she thinks the bros don’t know their names other than Seolhyeon and Jimin, so she’ll give Seolhyeon’s hair band to the bro who gets all their names right. The bros argue that they don’t want a used hair band. 

Lee Sang-min just wants to know if he can auction it off. Chanmi says that she’ll give only him special permission, because she knows he’s desperate for money.

Min Kyung-hoon tries first. Kim Hee-chul jokes that there’s a Japanese member. Kim Hee-chul adds that she’s friends with Momo. Min Kyung-hoon, “Momo is Japanese? I just thought she had ban enunciation.”

Kang Ho-dong just guesses random old people names like Sachiko. 

Seo Jang-hoon gets their names right, and recites them without missing a beat. He puts on the pink hair band and Kim Heechul roasts him for looking like a sushi chef. 

Kim Hee-chul jokes that Jimin is the girl from <Unpretty Rapstar> and <The Avengers.> (It’s a reference to her Samuel L Jackson resemblance.) 

Four people raise their hands, Mina, Yuna, Hyejeong, and Chanmi. The say that their goal today is to become more famous than Seolhyeon Unnie. 

Their motivation for entering the school is to give the MCs a heart attack. As for their childhood dreams:

  • Seolhyeon – a happy person (she’s happiest when she’s busy)
  • Mina – Kim Go-eun because she wants to meet Gong Yoo
  • Jimin – Have her own house since they’ve been living in a dorm
  • Hyejeong – a person who can afford things

Guess About Me Quiz

Q: The AOA members stand in an order. The MCs have to guess which order it is. 

A: From left to right, it’s the order of best/healthiest natural hair. 

AOA announces that the bro who gets the most answers right will get a kiss on the cheek from each AOA member. Seo Jang-hoon takes off his coat. 

Q: Mina says she almost got caught by CEO Han making a huge mistake. What was it?

A: She said to the CEO, “Sung-ho ya~ you’re having a hard time right? My life is harder.” She then prayed to his cross necklace and went home. Both of them were drunk at the time and didn’t remember, but the next day, people at work asked her about it. She was having a hard time because she was competing again 70 other idols that debuted at the same time.

Q: Hyejeong asks what she was known for in high school.

A: After just a few seconds, Seo Jang-hoon correctly guesses cheerleading.

Q: Hyejeong says that she has a difficulty because she’s so tall. What is it?

A: She’s tall, but her feet are small at 230 mm, so she has trouble balancing. 

Q: Seolhyeon asks, “I can’t live without this. What is it?”

A: It’s a blanket. The other AOA members joke that it’s so dirty that they tried to take it away from her.

Q: Seolhyeon asks, “I have too much of this, so it’s annoying. What is it?”

A: Curiosity. She limits herself to asking just ten questions a day. 

Q: Seolhyeon has a mole in a strange place. Where?

A: Her tongue. 

Q: Yuna asks what the AOA did to help make their cat dance in “Like a Cat” more realistic.

A: They watched <TV Animal Farm>.

Q: Jimin asks, “What do I do when I’m mad?”

A: She gets rid of sweater pills. She’s once done it for four hours straight. 

Q: Jimin asks what her habit is.

A: She chews her cuticles.

Q: Chanmi says she had an accident on her first day as a trainee. 

A: She opened a door and broke the handle. 

Q: Chamni says that Seolhyeon Unnie and her really wanted to do something on <Knowing Bros>. What is it?

A: It’s guessing songs based on the dance. 

The winner, Seo Jang-hoon, is told that he’ll get kisses on his cheek. He sits down on a chair and closes his eyes. Jimin sticks a piece of paper on his cheek. It’s a card with six lipstick marks on it from each of the AOA members.

Chemistry Lessons

Teacher Jang comes back and introduces himself as the chemistry teacher by doing Seolhyun’s famous pose. He asks them to write “chemistry” in English which Seolhyun manages on the first try. 

Next, they play a game to test the chemistry of each AOA and Knowing Bros pair. It’s a round of hot potato. Teacher Jang will ask each pair questions, and when the two guess the same answer, they can pass the bomb.

Kang Ho-dong and Mina are first to get bombed. 

For round two, Kang Ho-dong starts by stalling, and just says, “I don’t know” for every question to use up the time, so that there’s no way it will be able to return to them before the bomb explodes.

It backfires though because he didn’t stall long enough. The bomb comes right back to them and explodes. As punishment, he and his partner Mina get another round of Indian rice. (the thing where everyone hits them while they say Indian rice. I have no idea where that phrase comes from though. It seems kind of random and I never thought to question it when I did it as a kid.)

Lee Soo-geun and Chanmi get the next bomb. This time though, they notice that there’s an envelope inside. Lee Soo-geun opens it up and finds a 1,000,000 won gift certificate.

Lee Soo-geun and Chanmi both vote that between the two of them, Chanmi should get the prize. 

The episode ends with a performance of AOA’s two new songs, “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing.”

Next Week: Rain and EXID’s Hani


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