Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 61

Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 61
Episode 61 – Jo Woo-jong & Jung So-min – February 4, 2017

This is the first episode airing at the new time slot. The show now airs a couple hours earlier at 8:50 PM. Lee Soo-geun jokes that his dad can finally watch <Knowing Bros> because he used to go to bed before the show aired.

Kang Ho-dong is late as usual. He runs into the classroom and punches Min Kyung-hoon yelling, “Are you human? You traitor!” He had promised not to do any other variety shows. Min Kyung-hoon replies, “That was last year.” Seo Jang-hoon defends him saying that he did say at his end of year concert that he was going to do just one more show this year.

Min Kyung-hoon tries to change the subject saying, “The <Let’s Eat Dinner Together> writer keeps pressuring me to go on the show.” Kim Heechul exclaims, “Me too!” Min Kyung-hoon continues, “I said no, so she said she would tell Kang Ho-dong to threaten me.” Heechul adds,”Me too. Let’s not ever go on the show!” Seo Jang-hoon says grumpily, “Just slowly go on one at a time.” Min Kyung-hoon and Kim Heechul feel betrayed by the bat. 

Congratulations are in order as Lee Sang-min filmed another CF. He’s getting so close to repaying off his debt now. The rest of the MCs talk about trying to get more CFs for themselves.

Today’s Guests

While Kang Ho-dong is arguing about CFs, today’s guests walk in. There’s actress Jung So-min from Sound of Your Heart High School and broadcast personality Jo Woo-jong from Free Announcer High School.

Jung So-min says she has the power to hear people’s thoughts (like in her webdrama, <The Sound of Your Heart>. She says to Kim Young-chul, “You’re feeling at ease today because of the guests right? Well you’re not going to be around next week.” (He promised to leave the show if it passed 5% in ratings.) 

Lee Soo-geun asks how old she is and Jung So-min says she’s is 29 years old, but still plays high schoolers. Seo Jang-hoon tells her it’s okay. Min Kyung-hoon is like, “Bleh, you sound like an ajusshi.” Seo Jang-hoon, “Why you so rude to your dad? You hitting puberty?” Kim Heechul jabs, “If you’re his dad, then where’s his mom?”  😐 

Jung So-min is asked to choose her ideal type among the seven Knowing Bros. She says there are two. Seo Jang-hoon and Kim Young-chul. How odd?

Kim Heechul brushes it off and asks, “Fine whatever. Hey Woo-jong, let’s hear your ideal type.”

Jo Woo-jong answers, “It’s Heechul.” Kim Heechul doesn’t seem to be happy about it though.

They compare Jo Woo-jong to Jun Hyun-moo since both of them were announcers turned tv personalities and Jo Woo-jong says he can do Jun Hyun-moo’s infamous vitamin drink CF dance too. He does a pretty decent version, but everyone just laughs at him. Lee Soo-geun says, “Hey, pretend like you’re not out of breath because that part might get edited out.” LOL.

It’s time for the guests to read out their entrance application forms.

Jung So-min goes first, and Seo Jang-hoon comments that his pet Maltese is named Seo So-min and his manager’s name is So-min too. What a coincidence. She mentions her new movie, <Father is Weird> starring actor Kim Young-chul. Ah! So that’s why she said comedian Kim Young-chul was her ideal type. She just wanted to give a nod to her new movie. The Knowing Bros have fun imitating actor Kim Young-chul’s legendary catchphrase, “You insulted me.”

Jung So-min crossed out the section that asked for her “childhood dream” and rewrote “current dream” which is to walk around with a boyfriend with their fingers clasped. Kim Young-chul walks up to try to hold her hands, but she screams out as he reaches out for her hands. Kim Heechul pretends to arrest the pervert. Kim Young-chul, “But I didn’t do anything wrong!!!” This time, Heechul asks if he can hold hands and tries. She doesn’t scream at all. Seo Jang-hoon tries too, but Jung So-min screams out, “Ah! His hands are really big!” Together, they look like a dad walking his child to school.

Jo Woo-jong gets ridiculed for writing such detailed responses to his entrance application form. He wrote two lines for each question. For his childhood dream, he wrote that he wanted to be one of Korea’s top five MCs. He says the current top five are, “Yoo Jae-suk . . . ” The MCs interrupt and ask him why he started with Yoo Jae-suk. Jo Woo-jong starts over with, “Kang Ho-dong, Yoo Jae-suk, Shin Dong-yub, and uh fine Kim Gura too . . .” The MCs are like, “uh fine Kim Gura too?” Seo Jang-hoon defends his long time buddy saying, “Kim Gura is definitely a top MC. He won a Daesang (Grand Prize Award) last year.”

Jo Woo-jong defends himself comparing the MCs to ranks like in a fish tank, saying the special ranks are Kang Ho-dong, Yoo Jae-suk, Shin Dong-yub and rank one are Kim Gura, Lee Soo-geun, and Kim Seong-joo. Rank two are Seo Jang-hoon while Lee Sang min and Jo Woo-jong are both on rank three. Kim Young-chul is all the way on the bottom in the sewers right before going to the Han River. 

Kang Ho-dong then asks, “Answer honestly. Do you have a girlfriend?” Jo Woo-jong replies, “Well there’s someone that I like.” Heechul asks, “How many years have you been dating?” Jo Woo-jong replies,” I didn’t say I have a girlfriend . . . There’s just someone I like.” The MCs clap. Eventually, Jo Woo-jong admits to having a girlfriend, and this is the first time he’s mentioned her on air. The Knowing Bros spend the next five minutes asking for details. 

  • Is she a celebrity or not? → not a “regular” person
  • How many years younger is she? → less than 10 years
  • Did you start dating before or after you became a free agent → before
Guess About Me Quiz: Jung So-min

For the quiz segment, Jung So-min’s first question is “What did I say when my ex boyfriend said we should break up?”

  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “I really didn’t cheat on you.”
  • Kang Ho-dong guesses, “It’s a misunderstanding. It was just a guy I know.”
  • Jo Woo-jong guesses, “Take that back. ” (Correct Answer)

They continued dating a few more months then broke up for good.

Jung So-min’s next question is “My father was really against my major of Korean dance, so what did I do about that?” She shows a bit of her dance skills, but it’s been ten years since she stopped. She’s actually quite decent though.

  • Kim Young-chul guesses, “You went on a TV competition.”
  • Kim Heechul guesses, “You went on Challenge Golden Bell.” (Correct Answer)

Jung So-min says she started acting because she wanted to work on her expression skills. She even attended Korea National University of Arts with actor Lee Jae-hoon. Her third question is, “What was my constant childhood dream?”

  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “Reading someone’s mind,”
  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “Being able to communicate with animals.” (Correct Answer)

Last question. “I can beat you all at this. What is it?”

  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Staring contest.”
  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “The rocks-paper-scissors block and hit game”(Correct Answer)

They take some time to play the game. She quickly beats Kang Ho-dong, Kim Heechul, Jo Woo-jong, and Lee Sang-min. The Knowing Bros say they’ll go to her movie premiere if she can beat them all.  Seo Jang-hoon comes up, and she screams out in shock. How can she reach up to hit him. Well . . . she does it easily. It’s five wins a row now. Then suddenly, Min Kyung-hoon beats her and is like, “Who me?” Lee Soo-geun and Min Kyung-hoon finish up. Lee Soo-geun beats Min Kyung-hoon.

There are two winners for Jun So-min’s quiz, Seo Jang-hoon and Ji Woo-jong. The prize is a neck warmer that she knitted herself, and Seo Jang-hoon complains that his neck hurts, so she decides to give it to him. Flashback to the infamous time Seo Jang-hoon hurt himself while he was a basketball star and had to wear a neck brace. 

Guess About Me Quiz: Jo Woo-jong

It’s Jo Woo-jong’s turn now. His first question is, “What did someone say to make my heart sink most after I became a free agent?”

  • Kim Heechul guesses, “You became a free agent to do that?”
  • Kim Young-chul guesses, “You’ll end after one year.”
  • Jung So-min guesses, “You’re over now.”
  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “Are you going to buy mom a house now?”
  • Lee Samg Min guesses, “We’re moving now?” (Correct Answer)

His parent’s house is really old, so he kept telling his parents that once he became a free agent, he’d send them to a bigger house, and they said no he didn’t have to, but once he actually became a free agent, that was the first thing his mom asked about. He hasn’t been able to buy them a new house yet. He says he thinks he’ll be able to after a year. Kim Heechul responds, “Puhahahahahha. What a funny guy.”

Jo Woo-jong then asks, “What did I do after being upset about breaking up with my girlfriend?”

  • Jung So-min guesses, “Bungee jumping.”
  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “You went to an ice fishing festival?”
  • Kang Ho-dong guesses, “Took off your shirt and starting running down the street.”
  • Jung So-min guesses, “You rolled around on the street?” (Correct Answer)

Jo Woo-jong reenacts the scene starring Jung So-min as his ex-girlfriend. This was when he was 23. His girlfriend told him she couldn’t meet up with him because she was grounded so he says he waited for his girlfriend for three hours in Gangnam and then saw her walking around with another man. She told him that guy was her boyfriend. When Jo Woo-jong asked, “What about me?” She replied, “You are just you.”

He was so devastated that he just fell to the ground and rolled around until he got caught on a manhole.

Skit: JTBC Announcer Final Interviews

JTBC “Director” Jang Sung-kyu comes in. This guy is hilarious, my favorite parts of <Knowing Bros> is when he shows up. Each of the MCs and guests do self introductions. 

It’s time for tests. There are two types of tests, with each candidate being given a test randomly. 

  • Test 1 – Improv News Making – Tests the candidate’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations. They are given three words, one at a time, and have to create a coherent story. 
  • Test 2 – Talking Skills Test – The candidate has finished his report and still has 30 seconds left to fill. Must end the report naturally. 

Jo Woo-jong starts with test 1. He’s given the words scandal, ingrown toenail, and carbonara. He does a decent job, but the MCs give him flack for being boring.

Lee Soo-geun then does test 2. He says they have a new segment. He spins around in his swivel chair and the audience has to guess whether his chair will stop with him facing forward, backwards, or sideways. OMG! so funny. 

Kang Ho-dong gets test 1. His words are spicy seafood noodles, skinny jeans, and mermaid. His news story is a bit incoherent.

Min Kyung-hoon gets test 1. He talks about Cinderella, athlete’s foot, and jealousy. 

Kim Heechul gets test 1 as well. Snowman, smelly feet, makgeolli.

Jung So-min gets test 1 too. I want to see more of the other test! She stumbles on her first word mustache and just pauses not knowing what to say, and then once she gets her next words “first birthday party” and “snoring” she comes up with a decent story about the first baby born with a mustache. 

JTBC “Director” Jang Sung-kyu then announces which of them passed and will be moving on to round two. They are

  • Kang Ho-dong
  • Min Kyung-hoon
  • Seo Jang-hoon
  • Jung So-min 
  • Jo Woo-jong

The mission for round two is to test whether the candidates can continue a news story despite numerous obstacles.

Seo Jang-hoon goes first. He stands in front of a green screen which is supposed to be at the Han River. Two kids come and play badminton. A grandma tries to sell stuff. He gets distracted. 

Min Kyung-hoon is at the seafood market and argues with grandma Lee Soo-geun. Fail.

Jo Woo-jong is in Myungdong. Fail.

Jung So-min is at a park. Heechul sprays some “snow” at her and she fails.

Kang Ho-dong is at the seafood market. He keeps talking even when someone throws a bucket over his head. 

Kang Ho-dong wins. 

Next Week: Shindong and Leeteuk


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