Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 62

Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 62
Episode 62 – Leeteuk & Shindong – February 11, 2017
Knowing Bros Opening

The camera pans in on a framed sign on the wall that states the school lesson which is, “Don’t be rational, be true to your instincts.”

Lee Soo-geun has gotten a new hair cut ala Gong Yoo.

Kang Ho-dong walks in last screaming, “Kim Young-chul! Kim Young-chul! Are you going to just let them look down on you again. My pitiful baby! Are you going to stand for hearing them call you ‘no fun?'” Kang Ho-dong’s referring to his appearance on the pilot variety show <The King Of Comedy> where apparently there was a vote for funniest comedian, and he got a measly single vote. The Knowing Bros say they’re they only ones allowed to make fun of Kim Young-chul, no one else. Kim Heechul says, “If he leaves, none of us can fill his waste basket role.” Lee Sang-min adds that they need a “zero worth member” so that the rest can have a standard to judge themselves against.. 

Seo Jang-hoon notes that Kim Young-chul came out with an English textbook and has been working hard. Lee Soo-geun says, “He’s very hardworking. He’s a funny guy who’s just pretending not to be funny. How amazing!” Kim Young-chul, “You guys are starting to see through my act. This is American style~” No one finds his joke funny though. 

Seo Jang hoon told them last week to come up with new items to commemorate the show’s new time slot.

Lee Sang min writes on the chalkboard, “Knowing Singer.” He wants everyone to recruit their favorite legendary singers as guestd and be their managers.

Kang Ho-dong wants to do <Let’s Eat Dinner Together>. Seo Jang-hoon is like then I’m going to do <Knowing Ugly Duckling>. 

Min Kyung-hoon says they shoul go to a real school and do the Guess About Me Quiz with actual students. Lee Soo-geun thinks it’s a good diea. 

Today’s Guests

Leeteuk and Shindong walk in cheering loudly. They both greet Kang Ho-dong first and do a Lunar New Year’s bow. They chant together, “We love you Kang Ho-dong. Milky white skin Kang Ho-dong.” Kang Ho-dong just tells them to be casual today, like they’re equals.

Leeteuk and Shindong do the intro from the now defunct <Strong Heart> and <Star King> saying it airs on Tuesdays. Kang Ho-dong tells them to attack Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon today. Leeteuk says today either he, Shindong or Heechul will die. They know too many of each other’s secrets. Leeteuk then compliments Kang Ho-dong saying he’s not a toothless tiger. He’s a master variety star with legendary shows such as 1N2D, X-man, and Love Letter.

Min Kyung-hoon retorts, “Then he used up all his luck early. So you guys are part of Kang Ho-dong’s crew?”

Kang Ho-dong tells Min Kyung-hoon to be careful with his words because they are his crew.

Leeteuk says that the Knowing Bros look down on Kang Ho-dong too much and came here to defend Ho-dong. They do another <Star King> related ad lib. 

Kim Heechul says, “Stop it. You guys are embarrassing me!”

It’s time to read aloud the transfer application forms. Shindong’s real name is Shin Dong-hee, and his talent agency is Ho-dong’s Right Arm Entertainment. His nickname is stir-fried spicy pork because that’s what he would eat all the time. Shindong says he was annoyed at all the eating broadcasts that popped up after he went to the army. Kim Heechul advises him, “Go on <Lets Eat Dinner Together.>” Shindong replies, “What’s that?” OMG! So much for being Ho-dong’ right hand.

Shindong repeats, ” Ho-dong’s Right Arm Entertainment.” Kang Ho-dong replies coldly, “I’m left handed.” Shindong apologizes. Kang Ho-dong says, “Go on reflection for one year.”

Kim Heechul notes, ‘That’s the same amount of time as you.” LOL!

Leeteuk gets mad on Kang Ho-dong’s behalf, but Ho-dong tells him to control his anger. 

Shindong says he doesn’t want to be deskmates with Kang Ho-dong because they look too similar. Shindong says of the 100 kg or so celebrities, he’s the best looking. Kang Ho-dong retorts, “But you’re not all natural.” Shindong replies, “But I was good looking before too.” Kim Hee-chul makes fun of Kang Ho-dong saying he’s not even good looking for a wrestler.

Shindong’s special talent is balancing things on his finger. He balances a desk. Lee Soo-geunis also good at balancing, but with his foot. He tries balancing a broom on his foot, but it hits him in the face and, Lee Soo-geun falls over.

Leeteuk is from Lee Soo-man High School, Lee Soo-man Middle School, Lee Soo-man Elementary School, and Ho-dong Pre-school. Leeteuk says the roots are the most important, so that’s why Kang Ho-dong is his pre-school. He says back when he missed Kang Ho-dong, he kept going to the restaurant Kang Ho-dong really liked. Seo Jang-hoon asks, “Why didn’t you just go to his house? Leeteuk, “I don’t know where he lives.” 

Leeteuk says he doesn’t want to be desk mates with Kim Heechul because they know too many of each other’s fatal secrets. 

Seo Jang-hoon asks Leetuek if Heechul dated anyone noteworthy. Leeteuk says Hecchul doesn’t date the women he acts close with on TV. Kang Ho-dong asks about the ex-gf that he made cry. Leeteuk asks Shindong, “Was there someone like that?” Shindong, *whisper, whisper.* The three Super Junior members have a mini-huddle to discuss if they can reveal this. Lee Soo-geun tries to get in the hiddle, but Shindong just whispers, “There’s no way I’m telling you.”

Leeteuk says that he, Heechul, and Trax’s Jay used to go to nightclubs often, and Heechul was super popular among the older women. He talks about the nuna that Heechul once mentioned on <Ya Shim Man Man>. They broke up after watching Lion King in a DVD room because she kept touching Heechul during the movie. This was right after Mufasa died and Heechul was sad, so he didn’t want to be touched. Also, this was before Heechul’s first kiss, so he was scared of her. 

Leeteuk says that Heechul was really chic, and when women would approach him at the nightclub, he would boss them around telling them to buy them ricecakes and feed him. It only worked because he was good looking. 

Guess About Me Quiz: Shindong

Although most other guests let the conversation flow naturally to this segment. Leeteuk and Shindong yell, “Guess About Me Quiz” just as Kang Ho-dong taught them. They say they have to loudly announce the start of every segment. 

For this quiz segment, Shindong’s first question is “Why did I cry in front of my friends in college?”

  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “You were so drunk, you peed in your pants.”
  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “You talked with a girl you liked with your fly open.”
  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “You confessed to a professor you liked and got rejected.”
  • Kim Heechul guesses, “There was no toilet paper in the bathroom”
  • Kang Ho-dong guesses, “You ate too much and blocked the toilet causing it to overflow.” (Correct Answer)

In college, Shindong majored in dance, and was at a get together at a female classmate’s house, and used her bathroom, but accidentally clogged the toilet and the water spilled all over the bathroom floor. It was just three months into the school year, so he didn’t know what to do, and was super embarrassed. He tried to fix it, but couldn’t, so the female classmate yelled at him. He was so upset that he ran out and cried. Seo Jang-hoon says, “If you did that at my house, I would have just moved.” 

The next question is “While on <Ppo Ppo Ppo> the PD suddenly stopped filming and whispered something to me. What was it?”

  • Kim Heechul guesses, “The toilet overflowed.”
  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “Your nipples are exposed.” (Correct Answer)

He was wearing a silk shirt, and his nipples were poking through too much. The PD escorted him away while covering his chest with his arm. Shindong says he wears patches over his nipples but they still poke through. He also talks about how there were no ad  libs allowed in <Ppo Ppo Ppo> because it confused the child actors. <Ppo Ppo Ppo> was a classic kids show kind of like <Sesame Street> The child actors back then are now in high school, and recently contacted Shindong to say hello. He was shocked at how quickly they grew up.

The third question is, “What is my strange talent?”

  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “You can guess who’s dating or not.”
  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Palm reading.”
  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “You can tell fortunes.” (Correct Answer)

His grandmother is a shaman, just like Lee Soo-geun’s mom. He used to be able to tell which girl group members would do well or poorly. He looks at the Knowing Bros and says he sees something around Kim Young-chul about his American advancement. He thinks he will go to the US. Shindong says, “If he leaves the show, it’s not because he’s getting kicked out. He’ll leave through his own will.”

Shindong also says that he doesn’t see Seo Jang-hoon getting remarried. He says his aura is really bright though. Kang Ho-dong’s aura is really bright too. Lee Soo-geun jokes, “But Lee Sang-min is the one with the most debt.” (light/bright and debt are homonyms in Korean.) Shindong ends this talk saying he’s Catholic.

His fourth question is, “What is my other famous talent that I can beat everyone at?”

  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “Perfect pitch?”
  • Kim Young-chul guesses, “Guessing food with your eyes closed.”
  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Guessing brands of chicken with your eyes closed.” (Correct Answer)

They do a quiz with Shindong, Lee Soo-geun, and Min Kyung-hoon to guess the brands of various chicken by smell. Shindong and Min Kyung-hoon get the first one which is BBQ. For the second, Shindong and Lee Soo-geun guess Kyochon while Min Kyung-hoon guesses Pelicana. It was Kyochon. For the third, Shindong and Min Kyung-hoon guess Goobne while Lee Soo-geun goes with Pelicana. It was Goobne. Seo Jang-hoon is busy eating the chicken. For the fourth Shindong and Min Kyung-hoon  guesses Jang something chicken?. I’m not sure which brand this one is, but that’s the correct answer. Lee Soo-geun guesses another brand I’m not familiar with. 

Guess About Me Quiz: Leeteuk

Leeteuk’s first question is “Kang Ho-dong told me to do this if I want to be an MC.”

  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “Be by my side for five years.”
  • Kim Young-chul guesses, “Do reactions well.”
  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “Just laugh next to me.”
  • Shindong guesses, “Clap next to me for 10 years.”
  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “Give me 20% of your appearance fees for 10 years.”
  • Shindong guesses, “Yell loudly next to me for 10 years.” (Correct Answer)

For the first six months that Leeteuk became a fixed MC on <Star King>, Kang Ho-dong ignored him. He then called Leetuek into dressing room, and said he tested him for the past six months to see how hard he’d work. Kim Heechul says, “That’s why I ignored him for six months on Knowing Bro. To get revenge.”

Leeteuk also admits that Kang Ho-dong hit him often during <Star King> days. He once fell asleep during waiting and got punched. Kang Ho-dong said, “I know you’re tired, but the viewers don’t. When you’re in front of the cameras, you always have to always work hard.” 

Leeteuk then asks, “I once had a big fight with Heechul. We were starting to fight physically, and then Heechul suddenly said what to stop the fight?”

  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Sorry Sorry.”
  • Kim Young-chul guesses, “It’s been 10 years.” (Correct Answer)

He says that he and Kim Heechul have conflicting personalities. Kim Heechul says thing right away whereas Leeteuk holds things in. They both took off their shirts to fight, but Heechul started sobbing, “It’s been 10 years.” 

The next question is, “What is Heechul’s secret that only I know?”

  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “He sleeps with his mouth open.”
  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “He sleeps withhis  mouth open, because he thinks it makes his breath smell less bad.” (Correct Answer)

When he was a trainee, the nunas would call often Heechul to hang out, so he was always conscious of his breath. 

The last question is, “What did I realize while doing <Star King>?”

  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “The world is big and full of lots of nunas.”
  • Lee Sang min guesses, “How to win at rocks-paper-scissors.” (Correct Answer)

Since it’s from <Star King> Leeteuk and Kang Ho-dong team up against the other seven to play rocks-paper-scissors.

Leeteuk and Kang Ho-dong have a team huddle to discuss strategy. Leeteuk tries his hand first, but he just loses over and over. Kang Ho-dong takes over. He does poorly too. 

Leeteuk says when men and women play, men usually put out scissors and women choose paper. When there’s a tie with rocks, the brain tells you to choose paper next. 

Skit: Knowing Brothers Fortress: Prelude to the Battle

(Sorry, but I’m low on time today, so unfortunately no recap for the skit.)

Next Week: “Romeo and Juliet” with Lee Joon and Seohyeon


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