Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 63

Knowing Bros Recap: Episode 63
Episode 63 – Seohyun & Lee Joon – February 18, 2017
Knowing Bros Opening

Today’s class lesson is “I want to see Jae-suk.”

Kang Ho-dong walks in asking, “What do you think about that?” He’s asking about how so many guests have made marriage announcements after coming on <Knowing Bros>. There was Rain, Lim Chang-jung, and Jo Woo-jong.

Kim Heechul then holds up a printout of a message from a “cute” 18 year old fan who asked about how to marry Seo Jang-hoon. The fan fell in love with him after seeing how funny he is on TV. There is a 26 year age gap, so Seo Jang-hoon is like, “Well, the mother in law would be my age.” Heechul then reveals that the fan is a boy. Seo Jang-hoon says he’s not interested in men. Heechul pouts,”But when you’re drunk you’re always hugging and kissing me.” Seo Jang-hoon says, “I wasn’t the only one!!!”

Today’s Guests

Today’s guests are Lee Joon from Reborn As An Actor High School and Seohyun from The Best in the Universe Girl’s Generation High School. The Knowing Bros are of course more excited about the female guest, except for Heechul who complains that Seohyun is just as boring as Red Velvet’s Irene. They’re even the same age. Seohyun tells him to watch himself and says she’s single and knows that there are a lot of singles here, so she fits right in. She says hello to Seo Jang-hoon in particular. They have the same surname. 

Seohyun then asks, “Are you guys ready to have fun?” Heechul says no, and she responds by dancing to her new song, “Don’t Say No.” I had no idea she had a new solo song. That must be why she’s on a lot of variety shows these days. 

Since Seohyun danced, the Knowing Bros ask Lee Joon to do something too. Kang Ho-dong says he won’t because he has the actor’s disease and won’t be on broadcasts unless it’s a TV drama. Kang Ho-dong says, “Know your place. You’re just a good looking version of Kim Jong-min.” Seo Jang-hoon asks, “Why do you keep dissing Kim Jong-min? Are you jealous because he got the grand prize?”

Min Kyung-hoon says he’s never seen anything with Lee Joon. Lee Soo-geun defends him, “No, he doesn’t have the actor’s disease because his voice sounds so light (and ditzy.)”

Kim Heechul notes that Seohyun’s never had a boyfriend. Seohyun responds, “That’s not true.” She says he “retired” from celebrity life after they broke up. I think she’s joking though. Kim Heechul makes fun of her again saying Lee Soo-man never wanted her to go on variety shows. She and Irene are the worst two when it comes to being boring. Seohyun hits him with a toy hammer. At first she hits him lightly, but then when he calls her boring and predictable again, she hits him hard.

The Knowing Bros ask her what an 18 year old boy can do to marry Seo Jang-hoon. Seohyun just responds, “That a big problem!”

They ask the same question to Lee Joon who says he understands how the kid must feel because Lee Joon says he wanted to marry Moon Hee-joon when he was in middle school. Kim Heechul says, “So that’s why you were dissing Crayon Pop in the waiting room. I heard you don’t even wear helmets when driving.”

Transfer Applications

It’s time to read off the transfer application forms. Lee Joon’s real name is Lee Chang-seon. His strength is that he’s good at sitting Indian style. He can even walk on his hands with his legs in that position. Lee Joon, Kim Young-chul, and Min Kyung-hoon do a race. Lee Joon tries so hard to win that Kim Young-chul says, “I believe you when you say you don’t have the actor’s disease.”

Seohyun says her nickname is Kim Seohyun. That’s what the unnies of Girl’s Generation call her. Kim Heechul says, “What a boring nickname.” Seohyun replies, “You’re really pissing me off.” LOL Kang Ho-dong tells her to cry, so the viewers will send hate messages to Heechul. Kim Heechul says she sent him Kakao messages for advice before coming on the show. Seohyun responds that he pissed her off while talking through Kakao messages too. She was worried about talking informally since she even talks formally to the Girls Generations’s unnies. 

She says the most rebellious thing she’s done was put on a costume and hang out in Itaewon district during Halloween. The Knowing Bros ask incredulously, “You just walked around? Did you at least hit people?” 

Seohyun then says she doesn’t want to be partners with Kim Young-chul because his teeth and eyes are burdensome to look at. 

They ask her who she wants to marry out of the Knowing Bros judging only by their looks and personalities. She picks Seo Jang-hoon because he seems tall and trustworthy. 

For her weakness, she wrote, “Nothing.” She says she’s just joking and actually has a lot of flaws. Kang Ho-dong asks, “Are you taking this application as a joke?”

She’s good at sword dancing and takes out a couple of swords from her backpack. Lee Soo-geun notes that his mom owns many of those kinds of swords. Lee Joon tries his hand at it too since he practiced martial arts. Min Kyung-hoon does a variety version where he just swings the swords around like a silly kid. 

Guess About Me Quiz: Seohyun

For the quiz segment, Seohyun’s first question is, “While doing about 100 musical performances, I realized that I’m confident in this.” 

  • Kim Heechul guesses, “Not smoking.”
  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “Kiss scenes.” (Correct Answer)

Seohyun is shocked that they got it so quickly. She says she did it 4-5 times per show during <Gone with the Wind>. Kang Ho-dong asks if her first kiss was through a relationship or an acting scene. She doesn’t want to answer. Min Kyung-hoon says his first kiss was during his second year of high school. Kim Heechul says his was with that DVD Room Nuna when he was 21 years old. 

The Knowing Bros then ask Lee Joon how he does his “love” scenes. Lee Joon, “I just do them for real.” Everyone’s like, “WTF?!?!” Oh wait, he thought they were asking about kiss scenes. 

Seohyun’s next question is, “I met Kang Ho-dong when I was six. What did he say to me?”

  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Do you have something to eat in your pocket?”
  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “Tell your mom to bring 300,000 won.”
  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “You’ll be Miss Korea when you grow up.”
  • Kang Ho-dong guesses, “Let’s meet on TV in the future.” (Correct Answer)

She says she even got his autograph. Lee Joon says when he first met Kang Ho-dong, he said, “There are tigers in your eyes. Just like Rain.”

Seohyun recently found her diary from elementary school, and there was a tear print in it. She asks, “Why did I cry?”

  • Lee Joon guesses, “You didn’t want to go to middle school.”
  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “An actor you like died on a TV show.”
  • Heechul guesses, “The lead character Heojun died on the TV show.” (Correct Answer)

Seohyun then asks, “Last year I filmed a historical drama and it was so difficult why?”

  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “You had to wear a wig.”
  • Kim Heechul guesses, “Because of moths.”
  • Kim Heechul guesses, “Because moths kept flying into your clothes.” (Correct Answer)

The last question is, “I’m good at something. What is it?”

  • Lee Joon guesses, “Dubbing.” (Correct Answer)

She did voice acting in the Korean version of <Despicable Me>. Lee Joon also did dubbing for the zombie film, <Seoul Station> He says one of his lines where every other word is a swear, shocking everyone in the room. They all walk out of the classroom in anger, and Kang Ho-dong even slams the door on the way out. Lee Joon is alone in the classroom wondering what he did wrong. 

Kim Heechul got the most questions right, so Seohyun has to give him a peck on the cheek. She tells him to turn around and uses a doll to kiss him. Kim Heechul’s more excited about the doll than he is about Seohyun. She says she bought it herself in France and the doll’s name is Sophia. 

Guess About Me Quiz: Lee Joon

It’s Lee Joon’s turn. He asks, “I often think about this while walking.”

  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “Women.”
  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Looking for money on the floor.”
  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Trying not to fall.”
  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “Wondering when you will die.”
  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Trying not to step on the cracks in the sidewalk.” (Correct Answer)

He says he thinks he’ll be luckier that way. The next question is, “What do I do after waking up?” 

  • Seo Jang-hoon guesses, “Smoke an e-cigarette.”
  • Kim Heechul guesses, “Asks her if she slept well.”
  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “Film yourself sleeping and watch it.”
  • Lee Sang-min guesses, “Interpreting your dreams online.”
  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “Go to the places you dreamed about.” (Correct Answer)

For example, if he ate macaroons, he goes to buy some. He says he often dreams about eating things and Lee Sang-min says that means he has a lot of sexual desire. (It’s interesting that the show hasn’t steered away from its adult humor, even with the earlier time slot.)

Lee Joon was a big Fin.K.L fan especially Sung Yuri, but one time he dreamed about Lee Hyori and switched to being her fan.

Lee Joon then asks, “There’s a unique type of race I want to try with you guys. What is it?”

  • Lee Soo-geun guesses, “Turtle, slow racing.”
  • Min Kyung-hoon guesses, “Racing while lying down.” (Correct Answer)

They then have a competition. The rules are to race to the wall and come back for a full lap. The first heat is Kang Ho-dong, Kim Young-chul, and Seo Jang-hoon. Young-chul beats the two former athletes by a landslide. 

Round two is Min Kyung-hoon, Seohyun, and Kim Heechul. Seohyun is pretty fast and wins her heat, but Kim Heechul is a close second.

Round three is Lee Sang-min, Lee Joon, and Lee Soo-geun. Lee Joon wins, but the Knowing Bros tease him that the other winners were faster.

The final round is Lee Joon, Seohyun, and Kim Young-chul. All three are about the same speed, until the get to the turn where Lee Joon wins by a little bit, but the others complain that Kim Young-chul hit Seohyun’s head on the way back, which is why Lee Joon won. 

The do a redo round between Lee Joon and Seohyun. Seohyun is in the lead in the first half, but Lee Joon catches up after the turn. It’s a photo finish, and Seohyun wins by just a tiny margin. 

Skit: Knowing Brothers Theater Club: Recruiting New Members

Today’s skit is an audition for <Romeo and Juliet.> 

While waiting for the auditioner to arrive, Kang Ho-dong does some hilarious angry acting.

Min Kyung-hoon says he practiced a line from Song Joon-ki’s <Descendants of the Son>. Lee Joon laughs at his poor acting skills. 

Seohyun then walks in saying she’s Juliet and looking to cast a Romeo. 

They do 1:1 improv game with Seohyeon.

Min Kyung-hoon pretends to be a stalker. Lee Sang-min supposedly stole her wallet. Lee Soo-geun gets bullied for his lunch money. Kim Heechul gets bitten by zombies and dances to “Thriller.”

Kim Young-chul gets fired from <Knowing Bros>. Seo Jang-hoon gets broken up with because Seohyun started dating Kang Ho-dong. Lee Joon cheats on Seohyun and gets caught.

Seohyun says everyone passes and moves on to round two.

For the second test, they do the famous, “Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo” scene. Each Knowing Bros has to do something funny and then catch a bread roll with their mouth to prove their love.

Seohyun throws the bread far for everyone except Lee Joon, where she just places the bread in Lee Joon’s mouth, so of course he gets to play Romeo in the actual performance.

The performance is divided into three parts. The first is the famous balcony scene, but the lines have been changed to a bunch of cheesy lines put together from popular Korean dramas. 

In the second scene, Lee Joon fights and kills Kang Ho-dong who’s Tybalt. 

The final scene is the famous death scene. Except when Romeo stabs himself, fairy Seo Jang-hoon says he’s not dead. He just needs the Goblins’ bride to pull out the sword. It doesn’t work, and Seo Jang-hoon says it’s because he’s the Goblin’s bride. The play ends with a performance of Seohyun’s “Don’t Say No.”

Next Week: Kang Ye-won and Han Chae-ah


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