The Man Who Leapt Charts Recap: Episode 12

The Man Who Leapt Charts Recap: Episode 12
Episode 12: 2017 Best Girl Group Center: January 21, 2017

KBS N usually takes a while to upload <The Man Who Leapt Charts>, so this recap as well as any other future recaps of this show are going to be a few weeks off as well. 

Btw, I’m usually not a fan of ranking shows, but I like Lee Sang-min so much, that I’ll watch this show for him, and some of the topics are fun in a turn your brain off and just watch sort of way. 

Episode 12 ranked the best girl group centers of 2017.

#12 – Wondergirls’ Sunmi

Sunmi debuted at just 15 years old (in Korean age) and was known for her 4-dimensional personality. She’s also known for her great body proportions at a height of 166 cm with 88 cm of that being her legs. (FYI 75 cm for legs is average for that height.) Her infamous barefoot performances probably made her legs look even longer on top of that.

#11 – G-Friend’s Yerin

Yerin became an international sensation when Time Magazine picked up the story about her girl group falling over and over during a performance of “Me Gustas Tu.”  Her good looks also helped get her group’s name out there.

#10 – Lovelyz’s Kei

A cutie who’s even cute with her “a’choo” sneezing sound. She has a lot of aegyo. Her lovely personality combined with a frail body makes men go crazy with a sense of protection over her. She’s not only the visual center, but also her group’s main vocal. 

#9 – Black Pink’s Jenny

Black Pink is YG’s first girl group in 7 years following 2NE1. All of Black Pink’s group members are good looking, although I guess I was wrong when I thought Jisoo was the center. My favorite is Lisa though. Jenny is nicknamed the female G-Dragon and was even in one of his music videos. She has cat like milky eyes and is good at English.

#8 – A Pink’s Jung Eun-ji

Euni-ji is one of the best girl group main vocals. Eun-ji is known for her tomboy personality and Gyeongsang Province regional accent. She brought stardom to A Pink with her accent aegyo.

She’s also an acting genius even though she didn’t learn acting until <Reply 1997>. 

#7  – IOI’s Jeon Somi

A middle schooler with powerful dance skills. She has 11 shaped abs and is known for her fresh, vitamin like personality. She was a cubby taekwondo cutie but is growing up into a beautiful lady. 

#6 – Sistar’s Hyolyn

Hyolyn was known since her audition days for her vocal talent and husky voice. A lot of people are envious of her tan skin, which Hyolyn doesn’t really understand because if they’re so envious, why don’t they just go out in the sun and tan too? It’s not that hard right?

She’s a strong unnie who becomes innocent once her makeup is removed. She’s also famous for her love for animals and volunteers at animal shelters regularly. Korean’s Mariah Carey. 

#5 Twice’s Tzuyu

Twice has hit it big with “Like Ooh Aah,” “Cheer Up,” and  “TT” which is why Tzuyu makes it so high up on the list. Before becoming an idol, Tzuyu was already known in Taiwan for her looks and was scouted by JYP through that reputation. She’s often compared to Suzy and Seolhyun as the next girl group star. She’s so beautiful that her everyday life is a photoshoot.

#4 – AOA’s Seolhyun

Seolhyun is famous for her S line as well as her innocent face and glamorous body. Her SK telecom cardboard cutouts were even sold in China. However, she weighed 60 kg pre-debut and was put on a strict diet by her entertainment agency.  She now checks her weight multiple times a day, and even considered giving up being a celebrity due to stress from dieting. She works hard to maintain her pretty body. 

#3 – Mamamoo’s Solar

Another main vocal. Solar is known for looking like Squirtle and IU. She also has a great body and even modeled for an underwear company. She’s not afraid to ruin her image. Solar originally planned to be a flight attendant, but realized it wasn’t right for her. 

#2 – Girls Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon has the largest fandom among Korean female idols. She had success with her group, subgroup, and as a solo singer. A grand slam! She’s known for cute looks and aegyo. I’m surprised Yoona didn’t make this list, maybe it’s because she’s more active in China these days than Korea?

#1 – Red Velvet’s Irene

A “visual genius.” She was a famous ulzzang in her hometown of Daegu. Even idols want to look like her. Unfortunately, the concept for “Happiness” made her look ugly, so it wasn’t until “Ice Cream Cake” and “Dumb Dumb” that people realized her beauty. 


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